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  1. That is a bunch of good looking ornaments Dan. Almost puts me in the Christmas mood!
  2. Oh yeah I do like that and need one also. Great design for sure and I may borrow it.
  3. A wonderful job Dan for a wonderful cause!!!
  4. Yes you are right Gerald. I must have had a senior moment.
  5. From what I have read the CBN wheels don't do well with HSS.
  6. Congratulations Gerald and I always like seeing what you make!
  7. I like those also and did try a few but with the setup I had they were not as good as yours.
  8. Harry Potter would be proud Dan. Nice work!
  9. Well I sure don't see anything bad anywhere. Very well don and congrads on the new lathe.
  10. Very nice job on those Dan. I like them both.
  11. I had seen this video before and as an old machinist have seen a couple of folks get shirts caught and pulled into the work piece. One was a sleeve and one was a shirt tail. No major damage to either after they were cut free. Also back in the 70's when long hair was popular one of the guys ended up with a 3" bald and skinned place on the side of his head. These were like 40 and 60 hp metal lathes.
  12. I like that to and it would be worth the time to make one. I think I would thread it to screw on the spindle so it would always be true. Thanks Gerald for sharing it!
  13. Those really came out nice. Sanding sealer before sanding can help with the bleed.
  14. Now that is a beauty and I know there were many, many hours put into that piece!!!
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