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  1. Thanks for the best wishes, it is all healed now and barely visible where it was cut. Herb
  2. You are absolutely right,Al, I only use it for crosscuts, and my table saw is for ripping. When I am already set up ripping and need to crosscut a board, it is just a matter of walking over and whacking it off. If I have a lot of short pieces to cross cut it is faster on the RA saw. Herb
  3. It is a dangerous saw for those who don't know how to use it. I have seen many times people ripping in the wrong direction and the saw grabbing and putting the board thru the wall. But it is like any power tool,they have to be used correctly and safely. I love mine and will never part with it. Herb
  4. Long ago my dentist used one of them to pull a molar, at least it felt like it! Herb
  5. I have done it with soaking the banding,(solid oak 3/8"X 1 1/2"W in wet towels pouring hot water on them. It raises the grain when dry,but can be sanded back smooth. Watch the grain ,it will want to split sometimes ,try to bend the same way the grain is running, The straps are a good idea. You might try to make a form smaller than the actual piece and bend them around that because you are going to get some spring back when you release the clamp. Scarf joints is the best way to go, as mentioned above. Herb
  6. Sorry to hear that Lissa, I hope that your hands return to normal after they operate. Hang in there Gal!. Herb
  7. Ever thought of a hole saw? they have extenders for them too. if you use one spray WD40 on the saw and it will saw easier and not burn or plug up. Herb
  8. Dadio

    Turning Small

    They are setup gauges for setting the heights of blades an bits. They can have other uses too. Herb
  9. Dadio

    Turning Small

    Inspired by this thread, right before Christmas I got busy and glued up a bunch of scraps for future projects. Herb Pictures not in order!
  10. Congratulations to all the winners,and also to all you generous members, to me this is what Christmas is all about. There are a great bunch of guys on this forum. Al, you are going to have to give us a review of the bandsaw after you get it set up. Herb
  11. Just got in from shopping at Harbor Freight. I got out of there for less that $100.00, only $97.56. I was driving by and the car just seemed to drive in there park,and shut off. The only thing I could do was go in the store and let the car take a nap,while I browsed the isles. It seems they have added a lot more stuff. I picked up ,among other things one of those extendable magnet thingys that I use to find the nut off the table saw that seems to want to drop off into the abyss when I change blades. Just saying, Herb
  12. Happy Thanks giving every one, and a special one to John for providing this form, and to Jim for all you do for us,and all the Moderators and all the members. Herb
  13. I'M In. Got to dig into @DuckSoup wallet while I have a chance. On a previous one I won the $500. certificate and applied it to a Supermax sander, sold my Performax for $500. and put that with it to buy the Supermax for $1200. new from the factory. Another time I won the Easy wood turning tool set, and since I didn't have a lathe, donated that to another member. The fun begins again. Herb
  14. My hats off to you guys, I know how hard and dirty of an occupation iron working and welding can be. And I might add that in those times everything had asbestos in it. Lots in the HVAC business too. Herb
  15. My Dad was like you ,Al, He worked 28 years in the shipyard as a welder,and the last 15 as a pipe welder. Those guys wrapped themselves in asbestos and wore suits of it, They wrapped the welds in it to slowly cool them off and literally ate the stuff when the lagers were covering the pipes. He lived to be 94 and died of a heart problem. Herb Herb
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