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  1. Dadio

    Use for Scraps.

    WOW, never seen a design like that before. Quite nice, you outdid yourself on that one. Good job Steven. Herb
  2. Dadio

    Safety Caps

    I use rasps all the time, They are a handy tool. If you ever make Cabrole legs you will see how they save you a ton of work. I have a whole set,Flat, Half Round,Round, Square, and wood files too. I use them a lot. Herb
  3. Dadio

    If You Happen To Be 70 or 80 and Been

    I don't either too many bare foot people in sandals with stinky feet. Herb
  4. Dadio

    If You Happen To Be 70 or 80 and Been

    We used to have a Boeing Surplus store near me and they had steel bins full of all sizes of resharpened drill bits of all lengths. 50cents /lbs. I stocked up on those in all the different sizes, and will last me a life time. When I was working occasionally I needed the reeeeeally Long bits, I would go to the Electrical supply hopuse and buy Bell Hangers bits that were up to 4' long. Also had some 3' and 4' long bits for drilling snaptie holes thru concrete forms, some times they were bits welded onto drill rod for the larger bits. Herb
  5. Would they be individual doors on each compartment, or bottom to top doors on each column? The individual doors would then require some kind of indexing to show what equipment was in each compartment. Also fitting locks on each door, this could turn into a major project. Herb
  6. Dadio

    What's On Your Work Bench?

    Your going to have to make up a dozen or so on the shelf to hold them over when you retire. Herb
  7. Dadio

    Ornament Display

    Oooh my,Ron, those ornaments are beautiful, and the stands are too. They do each other justice. I see why they are spoken for. Herb
  8. Looks good John I could use some 10' hi ones when you get time in my shop, let me know when they are ready and I will come over and bring some help to load them while I watch. Herb
  9. Dadio

    Women's Veterans Day

    We live in a world of alternate gender and commies here it seems. Herb
  10. Dadio

    Old Tools

    Maybe it is adjusted with a tap on the top end of the blade. Steven Newman might know. Herb
  11. Great pictorial, Keith. The space got smaller after you moved in. Looks like you could use a couple more lights. DO you have room to finish the projects? Herb
  12. Dadio

    Old Tools

    These look the same. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?LH_CAds=&_ex_kw=&_fpos=&_fspt=1&_mPrRngCbx=1&_nkw=stanley+40+scrub+plane&_sacat=&_sadis=&_sop=12&_udhi=&_udlo=&rmvSB=true&_fosrp=1 Herb
  13. Dadio

    Women's Veterans Day

    We had Protests in Seattle to commemorate the flag. Herb
  14. Sure glad you asked and found it Lew, I didn't know we had one of them. Herb

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