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  1. My hats off to you guys, I know how hard and dirty of an occupation iron working and welding can be. And I might add that in those times everything had asbestos in it. Lots in the HVAC business too. Herb
  2. My Dad was like you ,Al, He worked 28 years in the shipyard as a welder,and the last 15 as a pipe welder. Those guys wrapped themselves in asbestos and wore suits of it, They wrapped the welds in it to slowly cool them off and literally ate the stuff when the lagers were covering the pipes. He lived to be 94 and died of a heart problem. Herb Herb
  3. I am not clear either, the DR. had no definite answer. He just told me that if I ever see just a small spot of black in my vision, to rush right in and get it looked at. The sooner they can assess the damage and repair the better. There is a history of glaucoma in my family and I am supposed to go twice a year to have my pressures checked,too. Herb
  4. We have outfit here called student movers, they are University student business that work as movers for money and business credit. There is also Student painters that do house painting inside and out. they come out bid the job, hire other students to do the work under their supervision,and are graded by instructors at the end of the job. Herb
  5. Bummer, Ron, mine was 1/2 down from the top, which is really 1/2 up from the bottom. during the operation, they filled it with argon gas and it filled back with fluid what looked like the top down, but in reality it was from the bottom up, then had bubbles of gas floating around for about a week. Herb
  6. I had the retina reattachment surgery in 2012. Did you have to go through the face down 24/7 for 10 day? What a miserable experience, but glad I got my sight back. Herb
  7. You did a good job matching the cat with that stain,BillyJack Fred you did that desk good with the stain you picked,even though the wood is red oak. We get mostly red oak here, I did get a stash of white oak that was over 55 yrs old one time and that was my first and last experience with it, I will have to say that it was a dream to work with and took a finish that was exceptional. Herb
  8. That material I use as a prefilter in the air filter in the shop that runs all the time while the lights are on. In the house filter I use one made to fit inside the furnace, the same size as the regular furnace filter. It has wires in it that are spaced a certain distance apart and are coated with a material that sets up a static charge which is activated by the air flow, and collects dust and finer particles as the pass by. To clean I vac off and run it thru the dish washer,then dry it and reuse it. They cost me $35.,I bought 2, and are more cost effective than the throw away filters at $12-$20. that have to be changed every 3-6 months. https://www.discountfilters.com/air-filters/bryantcarrier-kfafk0212med-2-pack/p110138/ https://www.amazon.com/16-Lifetime-Permanent-Washable-Filter/dp/B00DCJVHSA Herb
  9. I Use these https://www.discountfilters.com/furnace-filters/ I buy the reusable ones like Gene was describing. Herb
  10. I am 82, and am like you with my back. I take frequent breaks,and even some longer ones for a day or two at a time.But then back to the shop when I feel like it. Herb
  11. Fantastic, Jesse, all your fine pieces surrounding your room. You are a master of intarsia, or what ever it is that you do. thanks for posting the pictures. Herb
  12. My friend replaced the Jacops chuck that came with his new Rikon with a keyless chuck, like this one: https://www.amazon.com/KIPA-Super-Keyless-MT2-JT33-High-Precision/dp/B07PMCLPWM/ref=pd_cp_469_1/147-1417600-2489907?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07PMCLPWM&pd_rd_r=c0114724-0f2c-48c8-a92b-0682adcd71d2&pd_rd_w=joNpe&pd_rd_wg=cTaKI&pf_rd_p=0e5324e1-c848-4872-bbd5-5be6baedf80e&pf_rd_r=Q5HFG60NFC3N5KS5NXXX&psc=1&refRID=Q5HFG60NFC3N5KS5NXXX Herb
  13. Rikon has a variable speed 12" for reason able price,I know a person who has one and really likes it. https://www.amazon.com/RIKON-30-120-13-Inch-Drill-Press/dp/B002FB74WO Also Wen has a good one out at reasonable price too, also variable speed. https://www.amazon.com/WEN-4214-12-Inch-Variable-Speed/dp/B00HQONFY6/ref=pd_cp_469_1/146-0898126-7272253?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00HQONFY6&pd_rd_r=ba28467e-4bfe-4470-8204-23a7ac410194&pd_rd_w=SAkYK&pd_rd_wg=aIHVE&pf_rd_p=0e5324e1-c848-4872-bbd5-5be6baedf80e&pf_rd_r=RKG934RHAKNRPC3QV4M2&psc=1&refRID=RKG934RHAKNRPC3QV4M2 Herb
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