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  1. Dadio

    151 years young!

    Thanks guys, you are all a great bunch, I have been busy getting ready for my presentation at the WW club this week on making wooden block planes. Herb
  2. Interesting Video. We are not allowed open burning here except for a BQ. Infact no wood stoves or fire places either. The good old days of land clearing is long gone. That guy missed the chance for hotdogs and marshmellows. Herb
  3. John is right, I have those 2 saws too and you can't go wrong with them, I got them from Lee valley/Veritas. HErb
  4. Yeah, I make a bunch of them at a time, so I can use them once and then throw them away. Herb
  5. You might try making your own,like I did. They use a knife made from an old hacksaw blade. Herb
  6. How does the ball work? Herb
  7. @Chips N Dust Happy Birthday, Kelly, Hope it was a good one. I havn't seen you lately on the forum,I hope everything is fine with you. Herb
  8. Great write up Lew, And good tutorial on the green bowl turning. Very interesting. Herb
  9. I would go Lee Valley/Veritas. Herb
  10. That is sure a neat ball, I think I will order one. Herb
  11. A friend of mine had some dumped in his driveway,but he doesn't burn wood and asked me if I wanted some. I picked out 3 pieces to fool around with. You are right about the hide a key, a good place to hide the house key on the back porch. Herb
  12. Back in the day,when I DID hand sharpen, I used the Norton Silicon Carbide and 3 and one oil, until I grew older and wiser and went to power sharpening. In those days you were graded on your skill level by how well you sharpened hand tools. mainly because there were no power alternatives, I was always near the bottom of the skill pile. But after the power systems arrived on the scene, I made it up from D- to C- . Herb
  13. You could always give away free lifetime subscriptions to TWP. Just saying, Herb
  14. That is good to know, thanks for commenting on it. Herb
  15. You Blew me away on that Steve, I sure hope it drys W/O cracking. Would be a shame after all the work you put into it.
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