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  1. Dadio

    It Is Nice To Be Appreciated

    Great experience and a great ending, thanks for relating it to us, glad you were able to meet her expectations. Herb
  2. Dadio

    Hand Tool Bounty

    It just pays to live right,good on you, John. Herb
  3. Dadio

    Free for All Forum Changes

    OK by me, never go theyre. Herb
  4. Dadio

    Tagging Your Content

    OK, Be like that.
  5. Far away from you is closer to me, I like that. Hooray for Harbor Freight. Herb
  6. Dadio

    Graphic Error?

    Mine is the same as lews'. I never noticed it before, because i don't look down there. Win 7 herb
  7. Dadio

    Just a Couple Carved Walking Sticks

    Very,very,very,nice. They are fit for a royalty too. Could never imagine doing anything like that. You have to enjoy your work. Herb
  8. But it is free shipping. Herb
  9. The ones I have are not like that. Herb
  10. You are talking about the squeeze clamps we are talking about the aluminum bar clamps, I agree with you about the squeeze clamps. Herb
  11. Here you go Gene, there are only 5 left. https://www.ebay.com/itm/60-in-Aluminum-F-Style-Bar-Clamp-Garage-Home-Auto-Shop-Construction-Job-Tools/253511114927?hash=item3b0670a0af:g:pSUAAOSwft9asxfV Herb
  12. Mine are all metal pins, at $12-$16. each they do just as good as the $30.-$50. big Brand ones for me. Mine are 5 years old, can't vouch for the latest ones. GO Harbor Freight!!! Herb
  13. Never learn,the first time,sigh. Herb
  14. Is he still your buddy? Herb
  15. How do you know, you don't use them? Herb

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