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Found 36 results

  1. What's on your work bench? This is the official topic for images and friendly chatter regarding that all important surface, the personal statement of your shop, the steadfast friend we can always count on, the space of your shop that nobody knows better than you, we are talking about the almighty "Work Bench". Submit your images now! That's right, don't clean it up, don't be embarrassed, the messier the better, or if there is nothing on it at all, that is fine too. If you have not touched your bench in years, and you have taken a break from woodworking and have boxes piled on it, we want that image too! All images are welcome. Spirit of Topic This is a Hit-n-Run topic, as you walk past your bench, whip out your camera or smart phone, and snap a shot, load it up here. No need for text explanations if you don't want too. To kick this off, walk out in your shop and snap a picture of your bench surface now, and lets get this topic rolling. This will be an ongoing topic, for you to share images of your bench top today, and every day. Types of benches Some of us have small benches, some of us have big benches, some of us use a space in our dining room, some may have a picnic table they use for a bench, and some of us may have a bench of all benches, the traditional joiners bench, or a beautiful full cabinet shakers bench. No matter what you call your work surface, no matter what your work surface looks like, we want to see images of your bench! Thank you in advance to the participants!
  2. One good yard sale this morning...dodging rain squalls all day long... 12" level... small marking gauge for a dollar.....then went to a friend of mines, for a stash of Ash, again 20 pieces...and a 7/4 x 6 x 3' slab for a new saw handle....$20... Will try to get the Single Brain Cell Sketch Up back on-line...and see about a new desk to set this computer on... Average length on these boards...6'.....some longer, some shorter....4/4 x 6 with one at 8-10" wide... Stay tuned...
  3. Got a delivery today. Saw some nice crotches in there I may not be able to resist sawing some up for lumber This wood is city clicker lumber. Came from a City out east.
  4. We finally got a break in the rain. Made a trip to the sawmill to pick up a load of poplar we have needed. At the same time left a couple of Cedar logs to get cut. Got it a call to go by and pick up the nice Elm. At least to 14’ logs. Looks like it has some beautiful grain. Now or we can move on with a couple of other jobs we were on hold with because of all the rain. Im looking forward to seeing the beautiful grain patterns in that Elm.
  5. On New Years Day we made our rounds and visited family, and we paid ol pops a visit. He lives in the local mountains, there was even a tad bit of snow left from the last snow he had! After we spent a few hours there we ventured up the mountain some more and let the kids roll in the big snow. But here are a few random shots of dad and his shop. Image below is what is leftover of his cedar pile of wood, he loves making birdhouses, and he sells them locally. Next up is his old 70's vintage Craftsman Band Saw And a late model Craftsman Contractors Table Saw he uses for secondary cuts or he leaves a dado on it at all times. Dad and I, two knuckle heads! Dad and Grandpa A smaller Delta Bench top drill press Delta Rockwell Table Saw with a Bies fence system A good ol Delta Scroll Saw His main go to compressor, he only uses it for finish nails, he doesn't believe in cleaning up so he certainly doesn't need air for that! Yes folks, it does snow in southern California, we actually had about 4" on the ground a few days before this. Over all image of the shop. Dad and I build this shop back in 2004. Rear shot of his shop Another rear shot. And just for kicks and giggles, Dad's home! A restored single wide trailer, we got this place for a song and dance, and pops loves it up in the hills. Thanks folks for sharing a bit of my Dad's place with us, yall come back now ya here!
  6. This popped up as one of my suggested videos. Lots of old 'arn. Early in the video unique method (to me anyway) to sharpen carbide teeth and then to replace a tooth insert. enjoy.
  7. I have always had questions about air dried lumber. I know people buy it and seem to get buy with the higher moisture content but I have always been scared to buy it. I am afraid one day it will explode. LOL So what is your take on buying air dried versus kiln dried lumber? I am not talking about lumber for turning a bowl.
  8. I have to replace the box sill on the house. This is not a load bearing wall. I have 20' to replace. I'm thinking about replacing 8' at a time with putting a nailer board behind each 2x10 for strength. I don't want to take out the whole 20' at once. Not sure if the wall will sag alittle while the 8' is being torn out? Then I would have to toe nail into the box to the bottom of the plywood and wall plate to nail it down again? I've replaced box sills on load bearing walls before where I had to jack up the floor joist. Can anyone tell me if this is the way you would do this? Or any other advise?
  9. Got this a bit ago from one of the guys in our county woodworking club. Besides the mill tour overall, I enjoyed the "mini-tug" sorter/loader and the band-saw automated sharpening station. This is in @Chips N Dust neighborhood. Enjoy! A complete tour of the Hull Oaks Lumber Company in Monroe, Oregon, one of the last steam operated sawmills in the country, from arriving timber to finished product.
  10. I just returned from Woodcraft where I was informed that Yellow Hart is endangered and no longer available. Darn! It was one of my all time favorites
  11. Folks, another long project in our saga of refinancing our home through the VA. We are now neck deep in tear out and rebuild of our entire second story master bedroom balcony and shade structure for the patio below. The wood was dry-rotted, I let it go waaay too long. And now I have it all ripped out, and I got a stack full of wonderful Rough Doug Fir for the project. While I have been performing the structural portion of this project, wife and kids have been painting the boards. We purchased some 6" mini rollers 3/4 nap. The problem is the fibers from the roughsawn lumber coat the rollers to the point that they become a hardened mess almost, just imagine a tiny splinters getting entangled in the nap. We need a thick nap, because the lumber is rough, but at the same time, the nap gets clogged with the fibers. Any suggestions on a type of roller to use are greatly appreciated. Spraying is out of the question because of our proximity to neighbors and we don't really have anywhere to set up for that. Plus, my wife and kids are having some wonderful "bonding" moments during this project, I'd rather keep them painting as a team. Here is a few images of what I am doing. The old balcony and deck and shade structure before. Shade structure is gone. Balcony gone. About two thirds of the lumber is sitting here, the rest is in our shop. The painting operation. This is a complete removal and replace, nothing will be used over, accept the ledgers against the house, they are in great condition and bolted firmly to the home. Thanks VA for forcing me off me arse!
  12. A couple of weeks ago I posted this picture of some logs I got from a lady, carried to the mill to get sawn into lumber. Yesterday I got a call from my sawyer to come pick up the lumber. So we hooked up the 18' trailer and headed out to the saw mill which is about 10 miles from the house. As it turned out most of the logs were White Oak and a couple of Red Oak, two Poplar and two Hickory. He cut away the bad parts on the outside of the logs and looks like we got some good lumber. I had all of it sawn at 5/4 and there are a few pieces thicker. Most of the White Oak is on the front, some Red Oak and Poplar on the back and the Hickory on top. I have about 3' hanging off the back of the trailer. Not bad for $200.00.
  13. Ok, at the moment, we are waiting on a carpet installer to lay new carpet in the house, to replace the fire hose soaked stuff. Takes a while to get things done, after a fire, it would seem. The Boss is unhappy with the size of the current "pantry cupboard" . More of a "Chimney Cupboard" than a Pantry. So...she wants a much wider and tall version built. Told her the following things ( then ducked?) 32" wide wasn't quite do-able, but 31" will do? Still debating on the height of the top.... It WILL have two doors.....how fancy-schmansy they are..... Fixed or adjustable shelves......or a little of both? And, the Boss needs to allow for the costs of the lumber, and hardware. Hoping she doesn't treat this like the last one, and paint it black.,,,,,,
  14. ;Got this today from WOOD Magazine. I'm not a big fan of reclaimed wood (prefer something a little more formal) but if you're ever faced with working with it here are some techniques. Mostly what to do with those cut edges without patina. And remember: * A technique is a trick used more than once -- Georg Poyla * Onions have layers, Ogres have layers. Finish has layers, -- Shrek (well 2/3 of it) http://www.woodmagazine.com/woodworking-how-to/finishes-finishing/finishing-reclaimed-lumber
  15. I am hoping to enlist some extra eyes on this dilemma we are facing with creating certain departments in our wiki. I am currently working on our own wood data base. We all know about the popular and famous "The Wood Database". But in an effort to create one of our own, I need to use the terminology and listings of the properties of the wood. The Wood Database does have all of this, I could copy their structure and format. But I won't and can't. Because well, that would be copying. So in order to be original, and our wiki based on independent "Open Source" research, I need to find a website or research portal that does show those properties such as Tree Size, Specific Gravity, Crushing Weight etc, without scraping the information from a privately owned website. So I am looking for a govt website, or other open source website that I can use for my research in formatting the application that you, the user will use to fill out the menus for the properties of the lumber, and also you'll be able to geolocate the wood species to a world map, and provide an image as well. If anyone comes across an open sources website for research on lumber and wood species that talks about hardness scales, and specific gravity etc, I'd sure appreciate you sharing it to me. Thanks for any help! I know our wiki has been a long work in progress, but it's coming along, at http://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/HomePage It's turned out to be a long term project, I hope to have it open soon for all of you to contribute your factual knowledge too.
  16. This coming Saturday morning. Located just south of the Nash Finch place. 3912 County Road 130 Just about right across from the trailer park. B A R N S A L E ! 9am-4pm. discounts after 2pm. One day only. Might be worth the drive down Rt. 33 to County rd 57.......turn west. Then turn south, barn is on the left ( east side) of the road.
  17. My wife bought a kitchen table and chairs, made in Viet Nam. One of the chair seats had a crack. They sent a replacement. I swapped them out tore the old one apart to see what wood was in it and to see if I could salvage any for small projects. What I got was a light wood like Pine, but had Oak like grain. Anyone have an idea
  18. I just saw a news report that people are poaching the burls growing on the Redwood trees in California. Here is a related item from the NY Times http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/09/us/poachers-attack-beloved-elders-of-california-its-redwoods.html?_r=0 I can't believe that the money grubbing bastards would stoop so low. Please be careful where you buy your burl wood.
  19. At least it looks like, smells like Cherry. A look at the bark? Two pieces with bark, sitting on some pine I had earlier resawn. Not all the Cherry came off the bandsaw... Not the prettiest ones. Some of the others were a bit...worse.. Had a tilt going on too. Will scrub plane these two flat this weekend. Now, about that box? I figure I can get all four sides out of these two boards. I might be able to get at least a top out of the other two.. Might get both the top and bottom? Cut in half, and glue two panels. Laid out some toys...er...tools, to make finger joints with.. Also need to bring the Stanley #45 down to the shop....might have some work for it to do.... As for the rest of the shop, tool wise...maybe a $0.05 tour? An 0-7 and a blue Stanley.. That stool is where I'll be sitting on, while chopping and sawing. Planes are a #7, and a #5 by Stanley There are two other planes at the "ready" Along with a few chisels and squares. Somewhere in there, is a fancy marking knife. Planes are both #3 size, speaking of planes This is the bottom of the Plane Till. There are even a few spokeshaves (3) sitting there. Plane over by the oilstones is a Scrub plane. As for the rest.. Light is from the grinder There are a pair of drawknives hanging up at the top. I did find a piece of cherry I've had in the shop for a few years.... Might be able to make use of it? Next time? Hoping to have a few finger joints chopped, maybe some grooves for a bottom milled. Just the start up, tonight.
  20. Well the historic wood pen turning project is moving along, slowly, but moving. Part of the deal was to make two special presentation boxes for those responsible for securing monies. The main turner involved doesn't have many wood working tools so the box making fell on me. No one had a plan as to what they wanted the boxes to look like. OK, I've made some boxes but I don't feel my skills are really up to what I think they should be for this type of project. Especially with this precious wood. My original design was to have the box larger, but the size of the beams and the number of defects, cracks and nail holes reduced it to around 4" x 7"x 1.5". The pieces are 1/4" thick. The old pine is very brittle but it still contained a surprising amount of sap. The number of knots would not allow me to use the planer and get this thickness, so I used my thickness sander. I had to clean the belt 3 time during the thicknessing process to remove the built up pitch. All of the dovetails are hand cut using a Japanese pull saw. The above picture show one of the "hinges". I used tiny cut nails salvaged from the original structure placed into pre-drilled holes. Right now they are just finger tight. The lid lift is also a little nail. I think this one has to be in a little deeper. I hate it that the round hole shows on the front. Although you can't tell from this picture, the bottom is thicker than the dado it fits into (bottom = 1/4" dado = 1/8"). About an inch of the perimeter is tapered to the edge allowing the fit. I'm not sure what to do with the inside. Maybe a couple of "U" shaped risers to hold the pen off of the bottom. Covering the interior would make for a nice contrast but it almost seems sacrilege to hide the patina. At this point, I am stumped on my next step. My original plan was to inlay a "Carpenter's Mark" in the outside of the top. I made an oval inlay pattern and cut a sample from some Poplar to see how it would look- I made certain I salvaged all of the carpenter's marks, before I made the pen blanks from the beam. Now, the problem. The pine is so brittle- even more so near the surface, that I fear the router inlay kit will splinter the the wood. To help strengthen the "mark", I covered the back of the piece with painters tape and saturated it with thin CA. I'll need to stop at Hobby Lobby tomorrow after school and pick up another bottle- thank goodness they send me 40% off coupons every week! So that's where I'm at, with this part- still needs more sanding! I was thinking about making the second box with a "pencil box" sliding lid.
  21. Upon further review. Seems a better stash has been found. tore down a bed frame into usable parts. Oh, I will still use some of the metal parts. But the metal parts are just to reinforce the workbench. What you see here are six raised panels. Never mind about Buster sitting there. There are also some other parts worth saving some of them a bit long. LOTS of staples that need to go...elsewhere. Will have to bring the saws up out of the Dungeon Shop, and a few clamps. Clamp a piece to the saw bench, and rip or crosscut until I have all the parts for another Tool Chest build. With some better trays, I hope. Oh and there are a few that need to be split Those aren't solid 4x4s, and some are delaminating. Going to split them into the three pieces they are made from. Some will be corner posts. Along with the 1 x 12s, and all that extra Barn siding stuff. It might take a while, but I think I might have the time right now to build it. As for Buster? Brand new handle for a $1 head. Went to Lowes to buy a handle.....nope, they don't sell those kind of handles. However, they would be more than happy to sell me a 2 pound Kobalt version.....for $17...Yeah, right. Took my 2.9 pound hammer head just up the road to the local TSC store, yep even had the correct handle with wedges (3) for.....$5.99 + tax. got it home, installed the new handle, and put it to work, breaking down a bed frame. Must have done it right ( for once) since the head never moved, or flew off. Some days.. you just get...lucky.
  22. Last summer we took a trip to Lake Tahoe and toured the surrounding areas as well, this image is inside the Donner Museum, and I am standing next to a 48" big bad blade. Now what I cannot remember if this was a blade to cut through ice in the nearby Donner Lake, or if it was used in a mill, I don't think this would cut wood very well, so I am leaning towards it being an ice blade to cut ice blocks for the local towns refrigerating needs. But it is was impressive either way. I was going through some memories today of 2014 and found this.
  23. I was up at the sawmill that cut all my lumber yesterday and picked up a load of walnut and cedar post. The cedar post will be used on Green Egg Tables. Now I have got to get it stickered and stacked.
  24. Hi all, Just recently moved back to the Island. Does anyone know a local(ish) source for exotic wood for turning blanks? I'm talking pen, bottle stopper, small bowl size. I don't expect much. I know how limited everything is here but I hate the thought of buying wood sight unseen on the net or driving 100miles to Seattle area. Thanks, Doc
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