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  1. On the subject of donuts no eating them on the way in. That’s how you end up deep in the sweets with this group.
  2. That’s no easy task wet and dense. *shivers*. And the wife was wondering why I held on too my forges. Because somethings need to die in a firey inferno. Spiders, wood boring insects, my addiction to skittles and dc pepper, my ex. Did I just say that.......
  3. Nice I though I had cooked the garage hot enough over the weekend I guess not time to make it even hotter in here. I wonder if running two forges would do the trick.
  4. Welcome Sid. You have the same name as my driller when I was a derrickman for Patterson uti. I’m new to woodworking like @Artie but I belong in the specials special section. Or did we call in it the posers poser section not sure. But it’s a great place here everyone gets along and is a little goofy for the most part
  5. Here’s a pic of the little guy....*pokes with fire* my bad
  6. We have a winner and we were all wrong it’s powderpost beetles. The variety that does not care if it’s hard or softwood. Been clearing the shop out the past couple of days and finally found one. Already got the infested wood out and borecare arrives in the morning. Considering all the untreated lumber is in the garage it sucks but it’s a finished garage....not sure that’s going to help but at least I know where to spray now. No signs of them in the house thank god.
  7. Welcome to The Patriot Woodworker Matthew.

  8. You really want to feel sick. Take a look at the Hercules Tool line from HF. They look and feel like a certain black and yellow brand we all know. Lots of rumors that it just run in different colors. Which sounds like it wouldn't be to far from the truth. Don't make spec for high end get repacked as a off brand and they still make money. That's the rumor anyway.
  9. Come to tx we have it by the bucket load. Just chopped down a small one in the yard actually. But it’s not big enough to slab.
  10. Odd question but do you have a problem with the snap ring popping off the height adjustment rod? Or am I the only one that seems to have that issue. It’s my curse with routers they all seem to have a snap ring popping off.
  11. Happy Easter to everyone. Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for missing church today. I have my forge going to heat up the garage. That whole open fire in confined spaces. Not a great idea to leave unattended.
  12. That would be it then. Had some green wood in the shop while I was waiting on the new fence to get put in. It’s install and the wood is out back now. I’ll look up some spray to kill them. Thank you everyone for the help I’ll let you know how it goes in a couple of days.
  13. Kuwait was hot as hell when I passed through into bigger and better things. My brother “deployed” there with the Air Force for 9months. I’d rather go back to Iraq during the surge then be in Kuwait for a summer 120 no thank you.
  14. Feels like it @Woodbutcherbynight it’s like 100% humidity here 24/7 plus 100 degrees equals free garage sauna.

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