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  1. Faith I have in spades ♠️. Very good reminder of it right there. What I dislike is having to remind people what the holiday is about. Everyone is so quick to forget the cost of there freedom. To many in my generation take everything for granted.
  2. I got told the same thing down here in Texas. It’s also why PC on there website is starting to show up as unavailable or regional unavailable. They are also phasing out the poulan chainsaws. Which is a shame I’ve loved having mine. Just don’t turn it it off it acts funny if you try to restart it before it’s had a long time to cool off. Other then that works like a dream.
  3. I’ve only done that funeral detail 16 times the experience was truly humbling. To pay honors to those that gave there all was the greatest honor of my time in the Army. Had a lot of late nights practicing D&C to make sure it was right. I’m truly grateful for having that honor. This time of year always reminds of my two deployments, I never got the chance or maybe I was avoiding facing it. But I never said farewell to my friends when things went south in a bad way. There was always something else to be done. A mission a briefing always something. It may be time to deal with that.
  4. This is true hopefully can knock out a new handle for my grandfathers #4 plane. It’s a Stanley sb4 so nothing to write home about. But it was his before he died and it reminds me of him. So I’ll make it look nice and it can hangout in the plane cabinet as a show piece.
  5. My wife would say she is but we all know who’s really in charge. The CAT
  6. Wow feels like forever since I posted last. Sorry I got super swamped with things happening at home. We had bad weather I twisted my ankle and the bee hive order doubled but I think. It’s all good now. The rest get picked up on Sunday and then I’m going to work on turning for a bit before I take on another big job like that. @lew @Woodbutcherbynight
  7. My vacation over in Iraq we had camel spiders all over the place. They are creepy and big as dinner. They like to chill out in your shadow.
  8. Yea it does work amazingly well and sturdy. The bucket on the other hand not so much.
  9. Nods that’s what I though. I need to replace the plastic bucket on mine soon it’s starting to wear thin
  10. Nice dc looks way better then my sad little shop vac and dust deputy. I do find it funny that people complain about a cyclone system filling up just as fast as running it without one. It’s not meant to slow down how often you empty it just separates it so that the air that exits is hopefully cleaner. I need to look into a 1hp or 1 1/2 someday. I put enough junk into my body as it is. I don’t need anymore help from the dust. Your little separator has a ton of potential uses. Are you running 4inch or 2 inch fittings? At 5 gallons that’s a lot of pressure behind it eith
  11. I most be odd I find the wood first then figure out what I can do with it. Most be from art school it was always find x item and make something from it. Not sure if that makes sense but it’s how I learned to design and be creative. Unless it’s for someone else then I joint 1 edge, fix broken whatever, plane to thickness or rip other edge. Just depends on how flat it is or if it’s a panel. Then plane some more, fix whatever I broke, assembly, de assembly, fix whats messed up, last but not least, somewhere in there something gets made and pretty stuff goes on top.
  12. Lol @Gene Howe I remember breaking out on a kelly rig out in midland, tx. Good times, good pay, but we had tarantulas instead of bees. They would show up for evening tower started, hundreds of them just crawling everywhere. Umm..... Did I mention I have a phobia of spiders. Hard to throw chain when they where on the drill floor. But that didn’t happen to often, maybe cause it was too noisy. Company man used to say they were attracted to the vibrations from drilling. But I’m Not so sure about that. As for the bees or other pest problems check out domyown.com they have a ton of com
  13. @Gerald it most definitely will. From what I read it messes up there ability to fly correctly. So they end up dieing from dehydration and starvation. I could be wrong I’ve read a lot and may have pesticides mixed up. But they do make traps for carpenter bees like the one @lew posted. Then you could just relocate them instead of killing them. It also seems to be the more effective to trap and move, then killing them.
  14. I picked up the Bosch 1617 kit and I’m loving it except for the snap ring that keeps popping off. But that’s something I’ve run into on almost ever router I’ve bought in the last year. Other then that it’s a work horse just, wish I had picked up the table base for it. I also had triton that didn’t want to hold its depth when locked. So I sent it in for repairs and the tech didn’t even open it up too look into the problem. I’ve worked on enough machines, motors, and everything in between to now when someone’s messed with the screws. They told me a little play is to be accepted. I t
  15. That is actually a rather highly debated topic on weather the bocacare can or can’t hurt bees. But no one wants to try it out on a live colony. Not that I think anyone should anyway, it’s one thing to kill a infestation another thing to try it out on insects just doing what they were made to do. What is known is that it has no immediate effect on Carpenter Bees or Carpenter Ants. They can get sprayed and keep on trucking. The problem is what happens when the bee colony sweats there hives to fight off other bee related issues. It could in theory seep out of the wood and into there water supply.
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