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Found 16 results

  1. Need Help, not sure if this is the right forum, so please move if not. My daughter was given a large shopping bag full of drums for a drum or spindle sander, thought I could use them. This bag has everything from 1"x2" to 3"x3" all from Klingspor. I do not have a spingle/drum sander (not at this point). I am not familiar with them, do they have interchangeable drums? can you get drums to fit on a router? Educate me.
  2. can anyone assist on where i might get a new or used main spindle 1330219 for a delta dl40 lathe richard
  3. I posted a couple weeks ago about a shop contacting me to make drop spindles which are used in spinning wool. There are two basic components, the "whorl" which is pretty easy and quick to do. The shaft, which is a little problematic. The shaft needs to be about 12" long and around 5/16" diameter. Kind of difficult and tedious to turn and with a small margin I need to turn them as quickly as possible. Looking for options I bought a dowel jig that uses a drill motor to create a dowel. It works but I got more tearout than I liked, especially on woods like oak or ash. I then did some searching and watched some videos about using a table saw to make dowels. You read that right, you can make a dowel or spindle using your table saw. It works, and it works pretty darn good. Pretty nice finish which will require just a little sanding and it's pretty consistent as far as diameter Produce_5.mp4
  4. With maybe 8 years of bowls and plates, I tried my hand at spindle turning to make these jewelry towers. You will just have to turn your head as I can't figure out how to upright these photos. I'm using a Sorby spindlemaster only because that is what the sales guy put into my introductory set of tools when I got my first lathe. I suspect that as with most of my projects, I could make these twice as good in half the time as I did with these. I turned the center bowl with a bigger diameter hole to slip all the way down to the middle, keeping the spindle in one piece. I like "story wood". The cherry tower for my grand daughter comes from repurposed pieces of a crib that I made for her 17 years ago. The rest of the crib was transformed into a head board and foot board for her. Maybe worth some points for G'dad. Olivewood beads from Jerusalem to add some class upon which to hang the necklaces.
  5. Not too much happening this week- Our Patriot Turners- @forty_caliber turned a couple of bowls from a pecan log. That species surely has some lovely grain. First up is an incredible salad bowl- And then an awesome bread bowl- What’s Coming Up- Cindy Drozda- Click on the above image for the link to registration. For The Newbies- Mike Peace did an Interactive Remote Demonstration for the Fraser Valley Woodturners Guild, British Columbia, Canada. He covered spindle projects and methods of holding the turnings. This is a little long but lots of good information- Craft Supplies USA posted an instructional video for turning a goblet- Expand Your Horizons- Carl Jacobson celebrated Captain Kirk's return to space, this past week. I see social media has been having great fun creating memes about Mr. Shatner's voyage- It is not too early to start thinking about ornament turning! Here's your chance to turn a funnel (bowl) and not have it be a mistake!! My early turning creations tended to be useful kitchen items. Salt and pepper mills, salt cellars, sugar bowls and rolling pins. I never could figure out how to incorporate the Celtic Knot into the hollow vessels. Alan Stratton has solved that problem. All I have to do is build a jig!! New Turning Items- Some new stuff and some stuff on sale- Woodturners Wonders has Rikon and Jet grinders back in stock- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/rikon-grinders And this special deal- https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/all-sanders/products/angle-drill-sanding-bundle Ruth Niles' October newsletter is now available. Ruth shares instructions on how to get setup for selling your turnings on eBay. You can sign up for Ruth's free newsletter at- https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/ Everything Else- Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- Finally finished up with the last batch of rolling pins. Then I realized I am out of holders. Looks like some flat work in my future- Safe turning and stay well
  6. We went to the Springfield OH "extravaganza" this weekend. If you've never heard of it, it's one of the biggest antique, flea markets in the country. It happens twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. I believe there were over 1500 vendors this weekend. We drove about 300 mile round trip to attend, walked and walked for hours and I spent five bucks. I bought a tiny calipers. I told myself it will be great for when I turn finials but really I just thought it was cute. Nickel is for scale.
  7. AndrewB

    Well Now

    I’m fairly pleased with this turn out. I did not use the dovetail jaws on this one just the face plate. I guess you could say it’s okay for a beginner candle stick holder we shall see. I’ve still got to put a coat of wax on it I just finished with the boiled linseed oil how ever I think the wax will just add more too it. I used nothing but carbide tipped tools. I was going for the more rugged beat up kind of look and got it. So once I get this thing cut off from the base I guess I could call it a successful turn.
  8. aaronc

    First Turn

    I've had this lathe for several years now,..just hadn't jumped in yet. Today was the day. Had some blue spruce that I recently cut down,..tree was dead..it seemed dry enough but after the bark was knocked off it acted like it wanted to fray a bit,...so I got into my curly maple scraps. I knew it was dry. Keep in mind I've never turned wood and my choice of species may have not been ideal,......but live and learn. All my tools are hong kong specials straight out of the box,....I'll upgrade when I figure out what I use the most. Before my next session they will get a good sharpening My projects will be making some stands for my powder horns to sit on.......and things of that nature...but for fun I plan on turning some snowmen and customizing them from there....and a few other Christmas things...but has for now here is a very small future tiger maple snowman
  9. I've been rolling along pretty good with spindles for Shaker stools, feeling pretty good about myself, feeling a little cocky actually. Then the powers that be will always smack ya down, just to remind you. I got a little aggressive and she dug in. got lucky with this one, it just kind of fell to the floor without fanfare or violence.
  10. Well I said I would post some spindles I had turned so here’s a couple of handles and a mallet. I don’t expect the mallet to last. Well not the head anyway. I plan on replacing it with a brass one once I get enough brass to melt.
  11. It's been a few months since I won the raffle, winning the $500.00 gift certificate from Laguna Tools. I've finally gotten it set up in my shop, so thought it was time to post a photo.
  12. I have been wanting a lathe for a long time. Of course, I don't want to spend a lot of money at first till I see if I can like it or not. Also, I know a lathe is a money pit. I would like to turn legs for small tables and make gifts. I guess I am asking for any advice you guys have? If you need more information just ask. Thanks, Don
  13. the leg was busted up too much and I could turn another one quicker than four or five times gluing all the pieces in. And will be stronger.. Piece of oak been stored in the shop for almost 20 years.. It was 3" x 3" and now after turning it down I noticed some weather cracks... Good ole oak , uck I'll probably run some 1/2 or 5/8" dowels cross those cracks.....before I put the chair back together
  14. I was looking at some completed projects and some mentioned run times of about 10 or 12 hours. This brought up several questions: 1. How many of you guys have regular spindles vs. routers? 2. Is the spindle air cooled or water cooled? 3. Air Cooled or Water cooled, which is your recommendation? 4. If you have a router, do you run it that long at one time? 5. On a project that runs for 10 or 12 hours, do you leave the shop while it is running or do you stick around making sure nothing goes south?
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