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Found 49 results

  1. Just got an email from Woodpeckers advertising this web site for hand tools. Their product line is rather small, but it all looks good on the web page. Almost too good to use. And they are very proud of their products. Nice to look at, but too rich for my blood. https://bluesprucetoolworks.com/
  2. Hey fellas I need your help in buying some tools for carpentry as I am new in this field and want to start my own carpenter workshop so will be needed some basic tools for it. So suggest me some good brands for it.
  3. Since this web site is as much about lessons learned as it is about displaying our successful efforts, let me share my ongoing experience, namely that I made two incompatible decisions. Lately I have been interested in trying different woods with which I have not yet worked. My choice was Hickory. I have also wanted to develop more confidence using hand tools instead of relying solely on machines. I decided to make a project for my wife, using hand tools as much as possible. I guess that was a third decision to add to the incompatibility morass. Part of the project involved chopping out mortises using a good set of Marples chisels and my dead blow mallet. I'll leave it at that, except to say that the lesson learned was that if the desire is to practice/develop hand tool expertise, don't start with on of the hardest, densest, heaviest woods available. Oh well, nothing several kits of epoxy can't fix.
  4. So I woke up and was working on a nameplate carving, with the Dremel hand craving kills my hands, when a question from art school came into my head. With the advancement in modern technology where do you draw the line between traditional methods and more modern stream lined methods. For example hand planing, some swear by it, some don’t even own a hand plane. Or carbide tipped turning tools that you don’t have to sharpen vs. HSS that you still have to work the craft of sharpening. In the art world they are always going back and forth on what’s considered an appropriate middle ground between the methods of traditionalism and modernism. Was just curious what people’s views are, as it applies to woodworking of course. Personally ever tool has a purpose it was built for and as long as that purpose is fulfilled the tool could care less. So use what’s best for the job at hand. Tons of boards for bee hives break out the thickness planer. Center piece for the living room made from exotic lumber that makes your wallet cry out, break out the irons and strop. But thats my thoughts anyway.
  5. A Navy buddy picked up some old tools and is looking for some help identifying them. Any ideas on these??? Thanks!
  6. kmealy

    The "Studley"

    A tour of a classic
  7. Woodworking tutorials, education and blogs by Jonah.
  8. Woodworking tutorials, education and blogs by Shanon Rogers.
  9. ok got my copy of Travers Tools today & thought up some questions---- So I know so of you use end mills in routing wood-- #1 are all end mills the same diameter from shank to cutting edge? 1/2 " or 1/4" (etc) all the way down (up)? or do some reduce in size? #2 are end mills used for a particular class of wood---hard to very hard or can they be successfully used on softer woods--poplar? #3 are multi flute end mills substantially better than 2 flutes? #4 are end mills used just for dados & grooves or can you plunge cut a mortise with them? Then: turning tools--carbide cutters #1 can you use metal working lathe tools successfully on wood? #2 are the cutters' edge sharp enough & is the relief angle behind the cutter steep enough to work with wood? (I'm guessing that the edge is more blunt so as not to wear when cutting metal) thks smitty
  10. I stumbled upon a thread on another site created by Mark Stansbury. He has put together the most amazing old tool catalog and resource site you can imagine. It is a treasure trove of information and seems to be all downloadable. Take a look. Hundreds of catalogs. I've already posted a link in our Links Directory but until it becomes active you can look HERE Edit add: Directory Link now active https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/links/link/213-international-tool-catalog-library/ A quick example look at the first page....
  11. Version 1.0.0


    The Lie Nielsen Shooting Board plan
  12. View File Shooting Board The Lie Nielsen Shooting Board plan Submitter John Morris Submitted 02/19/2019 Category Shop Jigs  
  13. There was a time when you needed a tool, you just had to make it yourself. Last week I had a gentleman stop and look at some of my hand tools at First Friday. He was telling me about a few wooden tools he had. I ran into him at the auction on Saturday night and he said I have something to show you. A trip to his vehicle and he produced these three very nice hand made wooden tools. He said they had hung in his fathers shop for as long as he could remember and when he passed away he took them down and brought them home. He offered them to me, he wanted them to go to someone who would appreciate them and keep them, not just sell them. WOW! There is a Wooden Scribe, a Wooden vise and A Wooden Caliper. The scribe. It is scribed with measurements. And the back side. Then the wooden vise The wooden caliper. His father was a carpenter/woodworker and probably made these in the early 1900's. So excited to add them to the collection and really cool to have some history to go along.
  14. Saw this ad today...more photos to be posted this Friday, 8/10. @Ron Dudelston...almost in your backyard...I did see either a 15" or 18" Grizzly planer. Ad notes, 1000's of board feet of lumber. https://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/photopanel.cgi?listingid=3129274&category=0&zip=&kwd=
  15. p_toad

    More Old Tools

    I posted some of these over on Tool Talk, but thought i might share them here, too. A few old Kennedy tool boxes and some tools that are currently hiding in them. Yes, that's a drawknife in the one with the various hammers. the rules are for scale. The inside micrometer was in the first box i ever got which had been left in a house we moved into.
  16. Haven't watched this all yet, but a PBS documentary on the Stanley Works (about an hour long) https://vimeo.com/253882614
  17. Have ya'll heard of Jim Bode Tools, ya, pretty cool. They are advertised in the MWTCA Gristmill. Have fun! https://www.jimbodetools.com/collections/whats-new
  18. This image is an open sourced image uploaded to this community for re-use within our community graphics. A recreation workshop on Duke of Gloucester street in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

    © Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

  19. John Morris

    Hand Tools

    This image is an open sourced image uploaded to this community for re-use within our community graphics.

    © Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

  20. This image is an open sourced image uploaded to this community for re-use within our community graphics.

    © This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

  21. Rob Cosman’s Purple Heart Project (PHP) in conjunction with Exotic Woods present The Wounded Warrior Hand Tool Seminar/Benefit! 100% of your workshop fees goes to the PHP to bring hand tool woodworking to wounded Vets, helping them cope.
  22. Just saw the American Woodshop episode from this season where dufus builds a wall hung desk. Anyway, the part that made me think of you was his field trip to a school that teaches hand tool use. Called Little Miami Handworks, it's in Bellbrook (just outside of Dayton OH, for you out of state guys) and if you ever get bored with life, you could teach the same thing...they have nothing on your talents. They did have a slightly larger shop, but for what they charge they can afford it.
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