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  1. Big B


    Thought this one looked like something out of a star trek episode so named it the alien due to its organic shape specifically related to the finial. The hollow form is Cedar with turquoise inlay in the cracked and small voids. The headpiece or Finial is made of Bradford Pear and has turquoise inlay as well in a concentric pattern on each side which was all turned and hand carved. Size including the finial is around 14.5"x9.5". Hope you enjoy as much as I did making it.
  2. Big B


    Thought this one looked like something out of a star trek episode so named it the alien due to its organic shape specifically related to the finial. The hollow form is Cedar with turquoise inlay in the cracked and small voids. The headpiece or Finial is made of Bradford Pear and has turquoise inlay as well in a concentric pattern on each side which was all turned and hand carved. Size including the finial is around 14.5"x9.5". Hope you enjoy as much as I did making it.
  3. Cindy Drozda offers free online woodturning discussions via Zoom. The latest one will be Saturday July 23, 2022. You can get notifications of upcoming events by signing up at- http://www.cindydrozda.com/html/Signup.html
  4. OK, we are getting close to the end of our summer fund raiser and we are seriously short of our goal. If you haven't donated, please consider helping our site stay alive. Our very generous sponsors have donated some awesome items as prizes. Please head on over to this post and donate. Every little bit helps! Our Patriot Turners- @Gerald started catching up on some older projects and in the process did some cleaning- Part of Gerald's post was a challenge to our members to show us some of the unfinished projects we are procrastinating about completing! One of Gerald's projects to be finished up was a turned vase that cracked. Instead of the burn pit, Gerald used this as a chance to turn it into spectacular embellishments. In his post, he shows us his process- @RustyFN Finished up a gorgeous lidded box. Perfect glue-up and centered on the lathe. Made from two of my favorite woods. In his post, Rusty explains a little on how he mounted it on the lathe. What’s Coming Up- Click on the images for links to more information- For The Newbies- Another informative video in the series from Mike Peace- From the AAW, a video demonstrating a beautiful turning from shop scraps- Alan Stratton posted a video turning a bowl from start to finish. A couple of things of interest are his reason for not band sawing the blank round at the beginning and his thoughts on drying. Check out his faceplate jig for uneven surfaces! Expand Your Horizons- Watch Mike Waldt turn a beautiful, shallow mahogany bowl! Off-center and eccentric turning are similar but different. In this video, Carl Jacobson turns an eccentric goblet. Notice he does this without the aid of jigs. Cindy Drozda posted a short video demonstrating sphere turning- New Turning Items- From Craft Supplies USA, their new turning smocks- Everything Else- Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- Safe turning
  5. June 1 and it's 95° in the shade on the back deck! Our Patriot Turners- @RustyFN let us in on a new finish he is trying- Several members expressed interest in more information. @Gerald added a post in the "Finishing Forum" that expanded on some of the ideas from what Rusty posted- What’s Coming Up- Pretty much caught up on all that is happening. This is the first time since Covid started that the AAW is having an in person symposium. https://www.woodturner.org/Woodturner/2022Chattanooga/2022-AAW-Symposium---Chattanooga--Tennessee.aspx?_zs=ceDib&_zl=uos73 For The Newbies- @Gerald added an interesting comment to last week's "Wednesday's..." concerning the types of screws used for fastening faceplates and faceplate rings to a turning. My favorite mounting procedure is similar but using the transparent device. Also, for marking the holes, I found that a #3 Vix-Bit drill center fits perfectly in the mounting holes of all of the Easy Wood Tools faceplates and rings. Mostly I use a oval head screw, as they have a little more "meat" around the drive slots. For smaller turnings, I may use a flathead screw Mike Peace has a nice video on bowl gouge sharpening- I've seen some nice instructional videos from Jim Echter. Unfortunately, these short videos aren't on YouTube. If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, you can watch them there. Here's the Instagram link- https://www.instagram.com/jim_echter/channel/?hl=en and a link to his website- https://tcturning.com/ Expand Your Horizons- Tim Yoder posted a video on making a turned bird feeder. In the video, he demonstrates his ELBO 2 hollowing ring. One more from Alan Stratton on goblets. Several interesting jigs for us "jig junkies"- New Turning Items- Couldn't find anything interesting this week. Hopefully, there will be some new products shown at the AAW Symposium in a couple of weeks! Everything Else- Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- I've been using up some scrap white oak cutoffs to make some simple platters. All of my large shop make holders were designed around my old 14" Delta lathe. The new Jet is 16" and now I need some way to hold the pieces for reverse chucking. I could go the vacuum chuck route, but I'm "frugal to a fault". I love my Easy Wood Tools Cole jaws. Seemed a fairly simple task to make a set of extensions. Not quite perfect, but they work! The holders are from the smaller jigs I had. If I weren't so stubborn, this platter should have gone into the trash. The defect wasn't nearly as noticeable until most of the material was removed. as I tried to get into more solid wood, the bottom got really thin and weak- especially where the oak was soft. Added CA and some Alumilite resin to reinforce the weak area but was not enough. I have an idea on rescuing it but need to allow the finish to dry and harden before attempting it. Safe turning
  6. Gerald


    From the album: Bowls and Platters

    © Three Rings Woodshop

  7. Gerald


    From the album: Bowls and Platters

    © Three Rings Woodshop

  8. Gerald


    From the album: Bowls and Platters

    © Three Rings Woodshop

  9. When I was kid, there was a toy that just fascinated me. The problem was I could never figure out how to play with it and make it work. I must've had 4 or 5 different versions and it was always the same. I would read the directions, try, fail, re-read the directions, try, fail until eventually I'd give up and forget about it. I did forget about it for almost 60 years. Today, for the first time ever, I made this amazing toy work after making my first version of it. I'm talking about a throw top, try as I might as a child I just couldn't make one work. Recently, I stumbled on to a video and the guy said something, it clicked and I thought, can it be that simple? It was, As a child I was reading the directions for a right handed person and never considered that it would be backwards for a lefty. Sure enough, the first time I started to use this one today it would've been backwards again. I know that might be hard to believe but I've never claimed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. Here is my very crude first throw top, didn't even really sand it, just wanted to see if I could make it work. spin.mp4
  10. Okay, last one of these I promise but I had an idea and just had to give it a try. I wanted to make one of these with curly hair. I didn't find exactly what I looking for but I'm pretty happy with what I found. Because of how this one is made I needed to put a bottom in it. One thing leads to another and I wondered about giving it some feet. This is the result. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what is the hair?
  11. For our Irish members, Happy St. Patrick's Day! (Thursday!) Getting this out a little early today as relatives are expected shortly and staying the rest of the week. Our Patriot Turners- @Steve Krumanaker gave us a look at the start of a beautiful turning to which he has added resin in order to highlight a natural void. Check our Steve's post and the comments from our turners- @jthornton has been showing us some of his turnings and his pampered chickens! Here's one of his gorgeous segmented bowls. He gives us a look at his glue-up procedure- And in this post he goes into more detail about his segment sled used to turn these bowls- What’s Coming Up- Cindy Drozda reminds us the Spring Vendor Showcase is coming up in a couple of weeks. Click on the above image for the link to registration. Don't forget about "Meet The Turner" event this weekend March 19 and 20. Click on the above image for the link to more information. For The Newbies- Cindy Drozda posted a video demonstrating using negative rake scrapers to get a perfect fit. This link takes you to Facebook videos, hope it works for everyone- https://www.facebook.com/cindy.drozda.3/videos/298113892412909/ Expand Your Horizons- Mr. David Reed Smith creates fantastic turnings and always has some interesting jigs to help with making them. Two articles with step by steps on turning a heart- http://davidreedsmith.com/Articles/TurnedHearts/TurnedHearts.html http://davidreedsmith.com/Articles/TurnedHearts/TwoCenterAuxChuck/TwoCenterAuxChuck.html Mike Waldt returns to finish up a bowl- Lyle Jamieson's Hollowing rig was reviewed in Popular Woodworking. Click on the above image for the link to the article. It goes to a Facebook page so I hope it is available for everyone. The latest edition of Woodturning Monthly from The Woodworker's Journal is available. Lots of neat turning ideas. This one looked really interesting for the "tea drinker"- Here's the link to the entire newsletter- https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/woodturning-monthly/?utm_medium=email New Turning Items- Ruth Niles has the deluxe Pizza Cutters back in stock and a special deal to go along with it! Click on the above image for the link to Ruth's store. Everything Else- Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- I finished up my little Manzanita turning. It measures about 10" x 7" x 2". Turned entirely with Easy Wood Tools products. Finished with a few coats of gloss wipe-on poly. Safe turning
  12. and up to 15" of snow predicted for next week. But, I know spring is coming and with spring comes wrens. So, just put the first coat of linseed oil on a couple acorn style wren houses, exterior only. Roughed these out a few years ago but pretty sure they are spalted beech. One walnut roof and one red elm roof. Roof is held in place by the little piece of wood that is just wider than the top hole and then it will wedge tight as the eye bolt is tightened. That makes for pretty easy clean out. I do need a longer eye bolt though.
  13. A few months ago my son told me he was going to start making "river" tables. When he told me I was surprised because I didn't really know what is a river table. Secondly, he is in his 40's and had never expressed any interest in wood working that I knew of. More recently, he and his lovely bride have expanded into making charcuterie boards. Once again I wasn't sure what that even was. Well, I have to say, he's doing some very nice things. Stick with me, this is wood turning related. He has given me several cut offs and most of the time they are too small to do much with so I use them for ornaments and such. Recently, he gave me some red elm pieces and they were big enough to turn a couple of little bowls, bigger bowl is about 7" diameter and the smaller is slightly less, maybe 6". I have to say, I had no idea how pretty is the grain in red elm. It looks very open grain but it doesn't feel or sand that way. These pieces were kiln dried and about 2" thick before turning. Since the wood was already dried the bowls are single turned to finish. Red elm is a little dusty but cuts nicely and these have very little sanding on them. They have minwax antique oil for a finish.
  14. So after watching about 15 million videos, learning proper hand position (someone really needs to do a series for left handed people), stance, reading the entire wood turner forum, figuring out how to sharpen things, a significant amount of cursing and bitter self-recrimination, something amazing happened... I understood what everyone is talking about when they refer to sneaking up on the bevel. Properly adjusting the height of the tool rest allows you to go from scraping the workpiece to using the sharp edge to actually CUT the work piece. With this amazing realization, a number of things came together for me and I was able to actually turn something on my next attempt. I was able to make a dimensional cylinder (Yeah, I know it is just a fancy name for a dowel but let me have my moment). Believe me I am nearly as shocked as you are. Dimensions are 3/4" by 5" and deviation is less than .02" end to end, turned from a 1" x 1" x 6" piece of red oak I had sitting around in the scrap bin. It is smooth to the touch without sanding although you can feel slight ridges. I suspect that this is because of the speed I was turning (too slow @1300rpm) combined with me not being perfectly smooth in my movements. I didn't know there was a speed change between roughing and shaping although it makes sense in hindsight and it would probably serve to eliminate some of the small imperfections on this piece.
  15. A few birdhouse ornaments, these are fun and fairly quick to do. Everyone likes the little birds.
  16. Please don't forget we are in the midst of our annual Operation Ward 57 charity drive to support our adopted family. We are less than halfway to our goal for making their Christmas one to remember. If you haven't donated, please consider helping give back to a wounded warrior. Our Patriot Turners- @forty_caliber posted some pictures of his latest rough turned pecan bowl He describes it in his post- @Ron Altiercreated some earrings for his daughter. Ron certainly is the master at combining colorful wood species for maximum beauty. In his post, Ron shows us a little on how these were made- What’s Coming Up- There's been a date change for an IRD from Cindy Drozda's presentation on ornaments and finials. You can sign up at- http://www.cindydrozda.com/html/Demo.html For The Newbies- A big shout out to @FlGatorwood for sending me links to these videos. The first one is sort of a continuation of the previous pepper mill turning video from Mike Peace. This video show turning a "crush grind" mill from a kit. The second video is a great resource for learning to do inside-out turnings. @HandyDan and @FlGatorwood have shown us some of their fantastic pieces in the past. Expand Your Horizons- With ornament season in full swing, displaying these items doesn't necessarily need to be on the tree. Alan Stratton shows us how to make an ornament stand. I was particularly taken by his wire bending jig. In this video, from Turn A Wood Bowl, demonstrates adding a lid to the bowl being turned. The lid has an integral finial. New Turning Item- Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to have the time to enjoy the Vendor's Showcase zoom presentation. This was a 6 hour event, over 3 days, with demonstrations from Cinda Drozda, Lyle Jamieson, Steve Worcester, Todd Raines, Joe Fleming and John Jordan. Each presenter demonstrated their unique turning specialty along with some of the products they use. They took questions from the viewers and had discussions on techniques. One of the presenters, Lyle Jamieson, posted a video of his demonstration. Included was the use of his signature hollowing rig- On our woodworking forum, and this forum as well, dust collection is often discussed. We all know the importance of having a good setup for cleaning the air. I am not sure of this author's credentials for the topic but he makes some good points- Everything Else- Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- I finished up and delivered some small walnut bowls for the bookkeeper at school. The walnut log came from her parents home. They had many memories of the tree and wanted some way to have the tree live on. These bowls are 5" to 7" in diameter and 2" to 3" deep. Turned with Easy Wood Tools and the rim treatment was done with a Sorby Spiraling tool. The round bowls were finished with mineral oil and beeswax. The natural edge with wipe on poly. Looks like I need to do a better job of dusting before taking the pictures. Safe turning and stay well
  17. A holiday project opportunity for you wood spinners WWJ Umbrella Ornament
  18. Hey fellas I'm at the point where I need to finish out some of my turning tools and figured I should stop by before making the investment. I've got a Jet 1221 VS and am looking for both a bowl coring system and Longworth chuck appropriate for my lathe. Far as the coring system goes I'm almost settled on the One Way 12" mini system. If there's a better system out there for a beginner like myself please mention it, but I'm fairly sure this should be the best option for ease of use. I see they offer replacement cutter heads. If the kit doesn't come with a carbide cutter should I go ahead and order that as well? As for the Longworth chuck, I already have a Nova G3 chuck and wondering what's the least expensive but capable option I should look at for a Longworth that's compatible with my Nova G3? Also, not being that studied up on these kind of chucks, since my lathe swing is 12" I assume any Longworth described as 12" is appropriate for my Jet. Last tool question...need advice on a good sanding system, drill, pads and disks. I get emails from the Woodturners Wonders and they're advertising two of their systems. One angle drill driven and the other friction driven. I'm guessing the drill is the better option? Only issue I have with that kit is Reed Gray talks about how the softer backed pads don't do well with the lower grits, so I guess I'll have to get more parts than this kit offers. Are the Woodturners Wonders kits worth looking into or are there better options out there? Sanding kit link And last, I have absolutely lucked out and found 10 good sized Walnut trees that a guy needs cut down, so if it turns out I can get this very labor intensive job done I'll have wood for a good long time to come. Brings me to the question, what's the best way / procedures / time of year to fell a tree with the idea of keeping it's bark on through storage / drying and the turning process? Believe I've seen winter is the best time to fell but is say November weather in Kentucky good enough or should I wait more toward late Dec or Jan?
  19. I have this Boise-Crane miter bar which is one of my favorites and it has needed a new handle for some time. I believe it is one of the few tools I have left from my grandfather. It still fits perfectly into the miter slot on both my router table and the table saw after all there years and it deserved a new handle and I needed a quick and painless turning project today. Turning is such a zen kind of thing. Paul
  20. I have this Boise-Crane miter bar which is one of my favorites and it has needed a new handle for some time. I believe it is one of the few tools I have left from my grandfather. It still fits perfectly into the miter slot on both my router table and the table saw after all there years and it deserved a new handle and I needed a quick and painless turning project today. Turning is such a zen kind of thing. Paul
  21. Yet another pecan bowl. Wide opening, high sides, and flat bottom for dinner rolls or cornbread. Finished with Acks. Tried out a branding iron on the bottom. Just for the record a bowl is much easier to brand than a cow. I'm going to have to look into one of those new-fangled laser engravers. .40
  22. I'm starting a new bowl, the largest I've ever tried (of the 4 I've tried in the past). This one is walnut, about 10"- across and a little over 5" tall (rough cut). BTW, in cutting that piece of firewood round yesterday, I made the famous mistake of getting it jammed in my bandsaw, but that's a question for another post. Anway, I was trying to make the blank round this morning, and I wasn't sure how to present the gouge to the wood. I wound up doing it (mostly) with the flute straight up. and sometimes I laid the gouge on it's side cutting with the upper edge. I got it mostly round now, but what would have been the correct way to present the gouge. BTW, I watched a couple of U tube videos yesterday and in both cases they talked very little about tool presentation....it was more about getting the bowl cut as quickly as possible. One was Richard Raffen, I probably won't watch any more of his stuff. Forgot to mention, this blank is full of cracks....so it may just turn out to be a disaster.
  23. Duplicate From Turning forum Please check out this topic in the Woodturners Forum-
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