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  1. I do not believe that you are not sociable.
  2. You are the second person to recommend not cooking liver......the other was Hannibal Lecter.
  3. Instead of taking the train how about getting in touch with your State's Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division and let them track it down for you. I'm in MA and have used the AG's office on several occasions.....filled out my complaints on-line and got responses fairly quickly. For whatever reason businesses seem to respond to them quicker than to me. Worth a try?
  4. @John, My email notifications are coming through again. Thank You!!!
  5. John, So glad to hear that things are improving for you and returning to normal. Please continue to keep us posted when you can. Also, let your family know that they are being thought of and that we realize that this ordeal has been difficult for them too.
  6. Hello John, How are you feeling?
  7. Hi John, good to hear that you are feeling better physically and mentally. Gotta love those long weekends....not enough of them. My problem is with email notifications. I have been getting them from other Forums, but not from TPW. I checked my email settings and didn't see a problem. I will check with my email provider and ask them to take a look. Please don't spend any time on this (it's most likely on my side).......enjoy your time off. It's not a problem for me to pop over here periodically and check for activity.
  8. I use AVG.....I'll check it out. Thank You
  9. I just enabled Browser Notifications. Could that be the problem? I have not changed anything since joining TPW and have been receiving notifications until recently. More importantly, how are you feeling?
  10. Have not received notifications for several days.
  11. I will replace the blade. I believe it came with a 6 TPI blade. Not sure what type of work I do. My frame of reference is my Bosch Jig Saw and I've got a bunch of different blades for it. From what I have read this Ryobi Band Saw is not an award winner and my expectations are not too high. I have seen some recommend a 3 TPI blade for it. Is that good for general purpose work?
  12. I never saw a 902. Everything I saw had models 901 and then 903. This is my first band saw. I've been able to get by with a good jig saw but my niece was helping with a yard sale, saw this tool and called me....so how could I say 'no'. Another tire question....I have seen them made from different materials, e.g. urethane, etc. What is the difference? Thank you.
  13. Thank You. Tire on upper wheel is broken and in pieces. Lower wheel tire is on but I figure I may as wheel replace this one too. I don't know how old the belt is but I may as well change that out too.
  14. I hadn't received an email notifying me that responses had been posted.....might have something to do with Verizon Yahoo version. Glad to hear that you are making progress. Raisin Bran and Granola?.......You are a brave man!!!!!!
  15. I have just gotten a Ryobi BS901 Bandsaw for short money. It needs tires and maybe a drive belt and a blade. Ryobi does not make these parts anymore. I have seen them on Ebay and some other sites but was wondering if you folks might be able to recommend good places to buy these parts. I don't see specific dimensions for these parts and am hesitant to buy based on 'fits most 9" bandsaw' verbiage. Thank You.
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