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  1. I'm fixing some exterior window trim which is water damaged. The window doesn't get any protection from the elements. I replaced the trim over 15 years ago and used wood. Rain water goes where it wants to so this time I'm going to use Azek brand PVC. I've used lots of PVC on the exterior of the house to replace window sill nosings and corner trim boards. The window trim boards are 1 inch thick. I've got a lot of 1/2" thick PVC and would like to laminate the 1/2" pieces to make the 1" thick pieces. I know that Azek has a PVC glue but the reviews I have seen are mixed. Some folks use regular plumbing PVC glue. There are adhesives and solvent based products that weld/bond the PVC to itself. I would like to get a good weld/bond that will seal out water. Anybody have any experience with this and can recommend product(s)?
  2. Nice snapshot summary info.
  3. I ordered them from Amazon. They arrived this morning.
  4. I was thinking home made and I saw where somebody had cut a rectangular U clamp in half and made his own.
  5. I like to buy local too. Sometimes ya just can't find the stuff locally because the Online sites have put some of the locals out of business.
  6. Looking to buy some universal fence clamps. They look pretty much the same. Looking for brand recommendations. Thank You.
  7. I had CertainTeed architecturals installed a few years ago. I took my roofer's recommendation....130 year old family business. I also got an energy credit based on the shingle color. Seems you already have a contractor but one thing about roof work is that you really can't see the workmanship unless you climb on the roof and you really can't check the nailing. Gotta watch out for any face nailing of roof penetration boots, their quality, and sealing.


  9. It's kind of difficult to see what's happening when there is a cloud of charcoal dust hovering over the pile. I started with a rubber mallet, then used a baby sledge, and finally a wood splitting maul. I'll eventually get it right.....or just buy the activated ready to go stuff.
  10. I've never had grape nuts. Is granola about the same size?
  11. I've got a lot of it and not a lot of time to do it.
  12. A lot of it is pretty fine and will probably dissolve in the water. Did I crush it too much? Also, I wound up with a 5 gallon pail full.
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