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    Contact Cement Recommendations for Formica

    Thank You. Does it have much odor? If so does the smell linger?
  2. I need to reattach some of the Formica strips on a table. I tried to do this with a clothes iron but it did not work....the strips initially held but then popped off. I may have to fix the table inside the house and am wondering if there is an odor free or low odor contact cement that will not be annoying or will dissipate fairly quickly. If not, then I'll have to get some help to move the table outdoors or to the basement. Thank You for your advice.

    Needs and Wants

    Shall I submit the project plans ahead of time?

    Stairway Remodel

    Looking good!!!! Did you make/buy a stair tread jig that will let you get a real good fit when you install the treads? I used the bolts that screw into the bottom of the baluster and then into a threaded insert that is installed in the tread. Not sure if HD/Lowes will carry these. I mail ordered mine from a place called Horner Millwork. I'm sure you know this but good flooring poly and several coats (I did 6 coats of Last N Last flooring poly). Another thing to keep in mind is that the treads can be slippery depending on your footwear. I eventually installed a carpet stair runner......just something to keep in mind. P.S. If my 'advice' is stuff you already are aware of please let me know and I will shut up.

    Needs and Wants

    What's your schedule look like? I would like to take you up on that offer.

    Stairway Remodel

    Check out this video. http://www.cooperstairworks.com In this video we show three methods of fastening balusters on a stair, and demonstrate how to install balusters using threaded inserts. I didn't see the embedded video on the web site but it does exist on Youtube....may have to google it.

    Stairway Remodel

    Just curious. The riser heights look shorter toward the top of the stairs. Is that just due to the camera angle or is it my eyes? Also, if you wind up removing the balusters to install treads there is a product that makes them real easy to reinstall.

    Stairway Remodel

    Check out your local stair building code. It will address riser heights and acceptable variances. Will also address tread depth, nosing overhang, etc. I replaced my carpeted stairs with solid treads when I replaced all the wall-to-wall carpeting with hardwood floors. Start from the bottom and do riser, then tread, then riser, then tread, etc. Figure all the code measurements before you start so that you will know what the acceptable tread thickness should be. If the first and second floor landings hadn't changed then a 3/4" hardwood tread on top of the plywood subtread would have been ok. Also, riser thickness will affect tread depth.

    Table Finished

    Well done! What is the wood species? What is the finish?

    a Simple, Little, Bedside Table Project

    Beautiful work. Great tool collection too. How many planes do you have?

    First Furniture Project

    What wood species did you use?

    Which Wood for Project Prototype


    Which Wood for Project Prototype

    This is the one. The one that has a bearing will not work on a curved piece. The counter corners will be curved.....2 inch radius. https://www.amazon.com/CMT-881-501-11-Surface-No-Drip-Diameter/dp/B0023NUM8M

    Which Wood for Project Prototype

    I have the templates for cutting the radii. The no-drip edge bit will be used to cut the no-drip edge on the straight and corner (radiused) edging pieces. These no-drip edge bits aren't too common. I bought mine from CMT. I placed the order by phone and the rep told me that they had only sold 10 of them the previous year. The bit is most commonly used to add a no drip edge to solid surface counter tops.

    Which Wood for Project Prototype

    The corner piece will have a 2 inch radius to it. There are a couple of no-drip edge bit styles. The bearing guided bit would be easy to use on the straight pieces but not on the curved pieces. I had thought about starting with all straight pieces and then steam bending some for the radiused corners. A steam bending article said don't steam bend a piece that is thicker than its width....which is my scenario.

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