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    You got me, you figure it out!
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    it all starts at square one...

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  1. Stick486

    Noob New Shop Setup

    the MSDS for CRC 3-36.. 3006.pdf
  2. Stick486

    Good Clean Fun

  3. Stick486

    Noob New Shop Setup

    even the slight risk of contamination needs to be entered into the program all the time... to have a project go south because of contamination right at the end is more than I'd be willing bear... for some it would make them cry...
  4. Stick486

    Noob New Shop Setup

    must have been... went down to the SANDBOX and got one to load...
  5. Stick486


    PDF load test... CHINOOK WEATHER PATERNS.pdf
  6. Stick486

    Noob New Shop Setup

    I think that test is seriously incomplete... No mention of what woods.. (high tannin content or oily tropical) No mention of waxes w/ Carnauba or if they do contain it, what percentage... I'm a die hard advocate of/for CRC, BUT, I do know the 3-36 and Shellac or was it lacquer did not play nicely together... VOE... not a word about safety or precautions... WTB, the editor that wrote the article has an atmospherically controlled environment in his basement shop...
  7. Stick486

    Noob New Shop Setup

    thanks.. how did you get a PDF to post.. the editor keeps telling they're not allowed...
  8. Stick486

    Noob New Shop Setup

    they want a sign up...
  9. Stick486

    Good Clean Fun

    @HandyDan.... about that cat you found...
  10. Stick486

    Kieth Mealy Finishing Forum Host (status update)

    Thanks for the heads up...
  11. Stick486

    Retirement is Hard Work...! ! !

    change ''we'll'' to ''you'' and ''tomorrow'' to ''when ever''....
  12. Stick486


    thanks boss..
  13. Stick486

    Zero Clearance Tape

    maybe this link will work to fastcap...
  14. Stick486

    Retirement is Hard Work...! ! !

    or next week...
  15. Stick486

    Good Clean Fun

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