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  1. not old enough for that to be an issue....
  2. Stick486

    Lathe Switch Failure

    make sure there's a fuse on the next thing you drop....
  3. Stick486

    Lathe Switch Failure

    mouse traps....
  4. how???... you wouldn't be able to move w/o some serious effort...
  5. getting out of bed will be tough...
  6. Stick486

    Volunteers Website

    one of the better ones that have come along in long while...
  7. Stick486

    Volunteers Website

    how in the world would the vetting work...
  8. Stick486

    Rust On My Table Saw---Again

    candle shop... this is an off shore manufactured, isn't it??? Hey.. you know there was no ill intent...
  9. Stick486


  10. Stick486


    F436's in a USS...
  11. Stick486

    Rust On My Table Saw---Again

    clean it.. use high Carnauba wax content and mechanically buff it out hard... applied warm is a plus... some recommended waxes... Johnson's paste wax, Briwax, Black Bison, Behlen, Trewax, and Mohawk... Seek out the ones that contain Carnauba wax they will finish harder and be longer wearing/lasting... You can even add more Carnauba, which in your case is virtually a necessity...
  12. Stick486

    Rust On My Table Saw---Again

    your iron top more than likely contains sulfur and possibly lead, elements which weaken structure, and are also a corrosive materials. it's also probable that the iron has very low carbon content... The result is well known... it's right there in front of you... I'd suspect your TS's top is rather low grade iron and on par w/ rebar...
  13. Stick486


    guys... build yur for cheap...
  14. Stick486


    I still have my issued (circa '67) compass/clinomer... still works... It's EMP proof.. WTB it's been a bit more than dropped.. and I've yet to need to change the batteries... but if it ever fails I've got a back from field piece..

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