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Found 30 results

  1. steven newman

    Rehab of a Chisel Shaped Object

    Ok, awhile back I picked a plastic tub of tools and such....in one of the many "layers" of toys in that tub, was a chisel shaped object. All metal, mushroomed tip, must have been hurting, tip is all red... Well, finally some free time in the shop, got rid of that mushroom.. Could even read all the writing on it..."Made by Crescent Tool Co." "Jamestown, N.Y." No. 175 1 1/4 Made in USA Hmmm, that might take awhile....bevel had a 40+degree angle to it, and was skewed.... Took a large cup of water to the shop, and set it right beside the grinder. VE Haft Werk to do..... Looking better, now. No attempt at a bevel..just straight in. And dunk it often. Once this was straight, I could work on a new bevel...at 35degrees.. And made sure the back was flat.. Will do....then the stones and papers.. A very coarse stone, until a wire edge showed up.. Bench dog to keep things from sliding away. Medium stone..600 grit..then the fine stuff Set each paper, 1000 grit, 1500 grit, and 2000 grit right on the stone. Sprtiz of WD40 on the stone, and the paper...then the leather belt strop, loaded up with the green compound... First test drive.. Yep, it will curl some shavings...but, this is not what this chisel was designed for...next test drive.. Say this is a floor, or ceiling joist, and you needed to run a water line, or electric lines through it...rather than drill a hole that may or may not fit..just chop your way through.....including through lath with brown coat, joists with nails..this chisel will cut through....and that be the hammer most often used... These were sold with a shiny blade, a blue/black handle, and a red top.. Just like new. Might have to find a use for this one, around the house...
  2. steven newman

    A Rehab Of A Handsaw.

    More of a step by step post, here. Took a little over an hour, to get from "Rust Bucket" to almost like new.... Had an Atkins handsaw, from the auction..wasn't the cleanest one of the bunch.. The big medallion said it was made by Atkins, over in Indy, IN.... Nickel plating was flaking off a bit, or was worn off...tool to remove these.. These then went to the wire wheel on my grinder, for a quick polishing. The next step was to remove the handle.. Fresh sand paper on the palm sander, to down down the rough, worn finish...set this aside.. 80 grit to hold the scratch pad...meh, came back with some 120 grit. Got this side fairly cleaned up..flipped the plate over, and tried something new Didn't work out, too well...scratch pad, then through the 120 grit, and 220 sandpaper.. Started seeing the faint remains of the etch...Atkins Perfection No. 59 tried to bring it out better. . Sometimes this works, sometimes not. Depends on how deep the etch still is. Coat the surface, let it dry, sand away the high spots, and maybe the etch will show up.. Handle was wiped down, and a coat of shellac brushed on...next, was trying to line up four holes to insert the bolts.. Have a long nail set. I work from the center holes out, I also "clocked" the slots to the same spot. Set this saw up on it's edge.. Looks a little better? Bolts were nickle plated Brass...did a test run.. And the results..(allowing for Operator Error, of course) 8 ppi, 26" long, straight backed, crosscut saw. Might be a keeper? For just over an hours work, did not need sharpened.
  3. steven newman

    A Plough Plane Reborn

    As part of the Dungeon Clean-up this year....the old plough plane was rehabbed back to life.....found broken, and discarded....new parts were made. New, better wedges were made. Cutter sharpened up. New, Maple handle was made. Skate was cleaned of rust. A new fence, made out of Ash to replace the broken Beech one. New wedges are Walnut. There is a screw to help secure the handle in place, as the old dovetail socket was worn away. Glued the handle in place, then added the #10 screw. Two other #10 screws to attach the fence to it's arms. Had to repair one arm...old screw had split the "boss" where it attaches to the arm. Wards #78 plane to make the rebate. Wedge to hold the cutter was beveled to allow the cutter to reach full depth of cut. It also deflecks the shavings out the right side of the plane. As there is no place for the shavings to go on this side.. far cry from what was dug out of the "trash"... Even the sole of the plane needed worked on....was worn crooked... As found.....iron plane is a Stanley #4. Plough plane does look a bit better, now....
  4. steven newman

    Thursday Pickings. Skimpy

    On the way to Huber heights, OH thursday..stopped at the store in Brandt, OH...spend a whopping $5 on a pair of chisel shaped objects... Skinny one is 3/4", wider one is 1''....nothing special? No handles, one has a mushroom growing on it....bend at the socket was made that way...even saw a trace of a name stamp on the bent socket... MIGHT need a bit of sharpening? Well, got busy with these two, while the stain was drying....Beltsander to remove the mushroom, and a chunk out of my knuckle...DNA on the new sander Dug out the wooden plug inside the remade socket..dug through the spare chisel drawer, and found a couple loaner handles.. Flattened the backs, got a start on the sharpening.. With the 3/4" firmer all shined up, found a name stamp on it, too. 1" wide is a UNION Hardware Company of Torrington, CONN. USA The 3/4" one? T.H. Witherby....also of Torrington, CONN, USA. It will go with the 1/2" one I have. And the 3/8" Mortise chisel... Not too bad..for $5?
  5. steven newman

    A very short Rust Hunt

    Well, first we dropped off Craig at his job, then stopped to check on Mom......not a good time....Call button wasn't working....she needs help to get out of bed....so, somehow she now has a Urinary tract infection, too...along with too many painkillers. Got the nurses motivated, then my sister arrived, and really motivated them.... They were working on mom when we left....with my sister playing strawboss.... On the way back home from there, stopped at a store, for a little rust hunting....$9 +sales tax.. A little 8" sweep brace, with a "Bonus" of sorts.. A VERY minty Craftsman 13/16" bit. Got home, did a wire wheel change, and the cleaned things up.. Almost like new? Wonder IF Craftsman would replace it? As for that brace? The only markings I found, were on the chuck.. A Goodell Pratt, from Greenfield, MASS., USA....PAT. Dec 27, 1892. That "loop" is a gear shift. Flip it to one side, or the other, chuck now will ratchet, center it up, and no ratcheting will happen. I think I know where Millers Falls got the idea about the top attachment.. As Goodell Pratt used the same thing. Was kind of a so-so day....and 1-2" of fresh snow..grrrrr.
  6. steven newman

    Monday Morning Ramblings

    Not a whole lot got done yesterday, nothing today. That ..Monday Thing. Last night, got creative ( dangerous, I know..)and decided to try and rehab that junky saw.... Where all the bolt holes were...I cut that off, about 2" worth, then had to grind the edge to match the handle I found. And dig up a few extra bolts. Medallion is just an old Warranted Superior....Saw did make a kerf rip cut in that pine block....makes a nice display stand? Plate will never shine up, too much "patina" going on....had things all nice and lovely...until I noticed the handle a bit closer... Bummer. I MIGHT have a spare handle...that doesn't have a crack in it. Saw is now a 24" long, 8ppi Panel saw that seems to be sharp enough. Ok, The Boss cleaned the top of the fridge off...found this strange item... The lid is actually white, with blue letters. Not sure IF the place is still there, or that phone number still works....Inside? Being from Cleveland......weird tools. A Ratchet Socketool. Not sure if everything is there....never know. Sockets are a hex drive. Usable lumber? There is a square of maple under that Poplar. ( planes are "extras") The long Poplar board is just over 3'.. By 8-1/2" wide. Maybe 1/2" thick? Might see what I can cobble up out of this mess. maybe when Tuesday arrives, I can get a bit of shoptime, doing something besides tool rehabs.
  7. steven newman

    Friday morning Moving Sale

    This keeps up...I won't have any room for a new plane.....a Moving Sale, in December? Motored down to take a look this morning....turned down the hacksaws, picks and shovels....but did buy two hand saws.. One MIGHT turn out decently...the other? Only two holes even matched up.... Despite an owners best attempts....there was also too much of this mess... Bad teeth, too......too much work, and I did NOT have a handle that matched this plate.....parts saw... Now, the other saw? Needed a couple tools. The punch is to knock the bolts out of the handle, once the nuts were removed.... Cleaned the bolts up with the wire wheel... Then stashed them aside....so they wouldn't roll away....Set the handle aside, too.. I'll get back to it in a bit,,....Plate needed a bit of sander work.. Dog holes make a great place to stash a screwdriver,BTW. I started with 80 grit, and got to 220 for the final go around.. Looks a little better? Got both sides all nice and spiffy...time to clean a handle.. Got most of the old finish removed, and a few bad spots cleaned up....gave this a wipe down, then another with a bit of amber shellac. wound up with about...three coats, may get a few more....assembled the saw...clocked the slots on the screws.. And the "Show side" Almost looks like a saw? That Disston site says this is a D-112, about 1928 era. 7 ppi, 26" skew back crosscut saw. Set up a test cut.... Cuts fast, no binding, no wandering off. Might just be a keeper. ( Disston quit making these after 1929...) $18 for the pair of saws.....might still have come out ahead? I'll see about a rattle can of clear lacquer later....as Disston used that, instead of varnish. Was a high priced ( $4.50 !!!) saw when first sold, this is the skew back version of the D-12. Not too bad of a day?
  8. steven newman

    Mitre Saw rehab

    Well, today was speding hauling the Boss around, while she did some shopping....decided to stop at a store in Anna, OH.....and spend a little "Me" time....and as few dollars as I could.... hey, for $5 and tax...it did have potential.....except for these things.. Which have no place on a saw. Decided to rehab this saw up, as a spare for the smaller mitre box... First off, these had to go....found a few better bolts in the spares box.. Forstner bits to recess these new bolts. At least the phillips headed bolts were gone.. Getting somewhere....took the bolts back out, needed to do something about that blockheaded handle..... Router with a roundover bit, sanders, spokeshave, rasp, and a piece of glass..... Getting there.... Wire wheel to get rid of the old finish. Sander to polish the saw's plate.....put things back together.. And set up a mitre box while the first coat of amber shellac dried.....then a test cut.. Mitre box? Just an old Stanley No. 2246A. Another look at the saw? Had to raise the depth stops a hair, this is a full 4" under the spine, 24" long, with about 22" tooth line. Seems to be even better than the other 4 x 24 backsaw I have. I do have the 4 x 26 backsaw the mitre box was made for....needs sharpened, and a split in the handle needs fixed. I think I can "make do" with this new $5.38 saw.....? Note: Couple of months ago, I had stopped at this store....found two moldy ( yellow fuzzies) Tongue and Groove planes....could have got both for...$5 each...saw the same planes all cleaned up, and hanging in the "showroom"....$42 each....YIKES!! Oh well, I do have that Stanley #45....
  9. steven newman

    Little Giant

    Dug out this little plane, and decided to clean it up. . It came with that little paper wrapper to hold the cutter/iron.. Yep, a razor blade. Might be a little rough doing any sort of "back bevel" I cleaned up the sole.. Was a bit hard to tell IF I got it flat....cleaned up the cap iron, as well.. Didn't find any rust, though. Might be a little hard make sure both it and the bed for the cutter mate up. Not a lot of parts It did make a few shaving. Has two openings, but not much to hold onto, I can also cut like a scraper plane.. Hardest part is NOT slicing a fingertip, trying to use this "Little Giant" plane. I hear there was another type of these planes, too....just haven't found one, yet.. Maybe L-N will make one out of Bronze?
  10. steven newman

    A Before & After

    Paid $3 for a small plane last weekend.. Closing Time Cutey ? Was marked as $7.....Got around to a rehab this morning.. Sears must have ordered a LOT of red paint.... Took less than an hour to clean it up.. Got rid of the ugly red finish, most was gone, anyway. Flattened the back of the iron, tuned the chipbreaker, bolt handle bolts needed shortened. BLO wipe-on, wipe-off on the handles. Test drive? Seemed to do ok on Maple. Might be worth the $3?
  11. steven newman

    Yet another rehab?

    Seems this beat up saw came home with me.... No back on a backsaw? Plate had almost as many dips and curves as the roads down there.. maybe the handle could be saved? Well, this saw has a loose handle, "bolts" are rivets. Unable to tighten things up....I wonder... Holes look close......maybe get rid of the riveted handle? Might just work.... Had to chop up the handle, and cut the rivets off. Shined the brass a bit.. Have filled that little hole where someone used to put a hanger loop through. So, after a few adjustments of a hole or two, adjust the heel of the plate for a btter fit.. Looks more like a Disston No. 4 Backsaw, now. Have filled in some holes, been trying to clean the wood up.. ready for another 90+yrs? 14" long, 11 ppi. Cost so far? NADA.....
  12. steven newman

    "What news for Mordor....

    ...what does the Great Eye say?" "We have work to do..." Soo, as for that langdon mitre box.. Need a hammerdrill to loosen the bolts that held these feet in place....rusty & krusty. Used a bowl to hold all the bolts coming off of the box.. Had already cleaned a few of these parts.....frame is quite nasty, dirty, and a touch rusty... I already have cleaned the quadrant scale. As for the two plates that make up the deck? Wire wheel to clean the painted sides up, sander to clean the non-painted sides...can of RED paint.. I intend to get some good out od this old stand..... Ooops...oh well..compost happens. Bit of a breeze today. Decided to go ahead and paint all the surfaces on the two plates....not too worried about leaving the plates out there, we have security.. 1/2 of the "team".. And the other half. need to wire wheel all the rusty parts, and give them a coat of Black paint. Bolts will get shined up.. IF I can see them... Some of these parts are already done......some will need a shot of black paint. Bright parts will stay "bright". Might take a day or three...stay tuned ( the quote at the start of this page? Comes from the "Two Towers")
  13. steven newman

    On the way to buy some screws...

    Located the one Garage Sale in town.....stopped in to "look around" Hmmm, $4 handsaws? already have 20.....$4 hammers...meh..$1 chisel? According to that ruler, it is 2" wide. Seen better days.. Been "Mushroomed" twice, second one after the first broke off. Still had a wood "plug" in the socket.... Ve Haft Vays.....Handle USED to be a lathe chisel from Harbour Freight. We now have a slick.. About 19" long, counting the handle. Back needs a little more work,,, As for the screws...picked up a couple packs at Wall E World......spent more for them, than this chisel... Edge was a bit curved, got it straightened out, and honed to 1000 grit, for now. Seems I did show a bit of "restraint" ....older days, I would have cleaned the sale out...
  14. steven newman

    Clock is ticking

    Picked this this afternoon... Hey,,for $5, might as well try... At first glance, you'd think it was a Stanley..... Not! Made in India, an Anant A4, Stanley knock-off. A-yep, this will take awhile..... Strange place to stick a label.....There IS a bolt down in that hole...the wrong one of course. As soon as I can rustle up some GOOD batteries for the camera, I'll go and open the Rehab Shop......will TRY to be done by suppertime. Will post results here...do you want a "blow by blow" account, or just the final results?
  15. steven newman

    Got bored today

    Did not have much to do on the chisels,,,had a couple old saws, though Last year, I bought three saws for $3....one was a plastic handled Atkins...meh Number 2? Disston/HK Porter "Journeyman" saw. Even had the price tag on it. "etch" was a silk screened thing. Handle is a bit to blocky...soo. Saw #3? Same size, no hanger hole in the plate. Had a slight bend I had to fix. Still looking for an etch. Seemed to be a little older than #2. Still had a blocky handle....had Amazing what a bit of sanding can do. Hardware has been polished up. Plate was removed, cleaned and polished up. Handle was given a "wipe-on, wipe-off" coat of "Brew". Screws were clocked. Saw MIGHT look a bit better, now. Plate is straight. May go back and sharpen those 8ppi teeth, next time. Not too bad?
  16. steven newman

    Rehab a "plane-shaped" object

    Did a bit of trading last weekend....a rehabbed plane went out the door, and a "Plane-shaped" Object was left behind..... Needed a new lever cap bolt, old one was MIA. None of my spares would fit.....gave up, got out a tap, and cut new threads, to match a new bolt. Didn't like the cheap, painted lever cap, anyway. Logo was a red-orange Craftsman in the gray painted lever cap....tossed it aside, as I had a better lever cap in the spares box.. Iron was a bit flimsy, would bend just looking at it....Had an old OEM 2" iron from Home Despot, back when they sold iron for Buck Bothers planes. irons were good, planes were junk.. And, at least it doesn't bend on it's own. Shined up the lever cap, too. Cleaned the seat where the frog sat... Frog's seat was covered in paint. Used a wire cup in the drill press to polish it down flat. Then the beltsander to flatten the bottom of the frog.. It was a bit out of shape, now it is flat, and sits on the seats without rocking around.... Which leaves the sole of this "Thing"... Black Sharpie to mark the sole up.. I left the plane assembled, with the iron drawn back up into the plane. Set up the big beltsander with a new 80 grit belt. Ran it for a while clamped upside down in the leg vise.. Quite a few low spots left? Got ticked off a bit, clamped the plane upside down in the end vise, and ran the sander that way...and a large file...finally started to look a little better.. Starting to look like a plane? Let's see IF it will work like one.. Not too hateful? Had the chipbreaker set a bit close.. Now I just need to sharpen the iron up to standards.....was going good down in the shop, even rehabbed a second plane... the plane behind the old Craftsman is an Ohio Tool Co. 0-35 smoother. I finally found a chipbreaker set up for these "Trans" planes, just needed to be slimmed down a bit to fit in the plane. been a nice day IN the shop...outside? Not so nice. And, it is still coming down...oh well.
  17. steven newman

    An Olde Fulton plane

    Last spring, I picked an old #3 sized plane at a garage sale.....they had just brought it up out of a damp cellar......yellow, fuzzy mold on the wood parts, everything else was a rusty mess. Spent a dollar for it, thinking I could at least get a few parts out of it..... Yeah.....anyway, got things cleaned up. Wood parts on the plane went into the trash can, they were "punky" and gummmy. Got it almost cleaned up, and found some other handles.. And set it aside for awhile......Kept thinking about the rear handle....this one wasn't setting right, bolt didn't match the top of the handle....Hmmm.. Well, today, I swapped out handles, but left the bolts alone...almost. OEM bolt was bent in a few wrong directions. Finally just clamped just the base into the end vise, cranked the non-brass shaft in as far as it would go......was still too long for the "new" handle. A little time on the grinder to remove a couple turns of threads, campfer the end and attach the shaft to the base, again. I'd check where the end was coming through, and how the bottom of the handle was sitting....cuss a bit, pull handle back off, handle to adjust the shaft's "attitude" a bit, try again......gecloser, but didn't want to rush and break something... Finally got the new handle to sit flat on the base, with the bolt centered at the top.....and still too long.....grrrr, grinder to remove a bit off the top. Check the brass nut to make sure it threads back on....ok, close enough... Bolt sets better, handle sits flat on the base, and doesn't wobble around. Front knob was loose ( again..) and tightened that up, too....gave the plane a few try-outs and.... something was quite right. Things were sitting a bit crooked in the cutting room. Finally, I just reset the frog. Took a couple tries to get that the way it was supposed to be. Looked at the iron-chipbreaker.... Big curve going on, not letting the iron sit flat on the frog's face....Took the two apart...ah, chipbreaker was at fault, iron went right back to straight. Re-ground the curved part of the chipbreaker.....still not right.. OK, we getting serious here.....laid the offending part on the bench, hammer to knock the curved area down a bit. Tried it out, bolt that holds the two together worked the way it was supposed to. Test fit...lateral lever fits better....didn't need a hammer to adjust for tilt. Tried the assembled plane on some white oak scrap.. Not perfect, but it is close enough. Next time, I'll have the sharpening gear IN the shop, and I can close up a gap in the chipbreaker, as well. Since I was working on a #3 sized plane, might as well check out the one Sears replaced the Fulton with... Made by Millers Falls as a No. 8, sold at Sears as a No.3C. ( smooth sole?) Looks like it will need a bit of time on the stones, as well. Label on handle says "Craftsman Tools" and has a fancy lever cap Gold coloured even. Have a Millers Falls No.8 and a Stanley/ Wards Master Quality #3 to also check out. The Fulton? Was made by Sargent. Anyone want a rusty brace/drill? The ratchet doesn't, the top knob is still frozen in place. The rust is gone from the outside.....the sweep handle is punky soft. I think it is an 8" sweep. Cleaned up.....chuck works fine, ratchet doesn't. Parts drill...
  18. steven newman


    Everytime I rehab a plane or do a bit of "upkeep" to one, I tend to set up a bit of scrap to test the plane out. kind of fun WHEN they are set up right. Also shows me what needs attention... Already had the Fulton done, and had a Craftsman ready....then the camera.....got the camera to work again..for a little while Made by millers falls. Had to completely re-do the bevel on the iron....hey, they do tend to wear a bit. Checked on a couple other planes... This Ohio Tool Co. No. 0-7 had a bit of rust on the sole. C;eaned it up, and check the settings.... then started on the next little plane.. A Stanley No. 6c, type 10. Wax the sole, and move on.. A Stanley No. 5-1/2 Jumbo Jack. Type 17 makes it almost the youngest of the group.. Now, I do have two Stanley Jack planes...the No. 5c has a cambered edge to the iron, the Stanley No. 5 smooth sole? Seems to be about ready? Which leaves a No. 4 sized plane to check on.. A Stanley No. 4 Type 13 SW model. Seems to be about ready? That be the main group of planes. I also tried out a Stanley No.7c, type 9....but then the camera locked up, again. Grrrrrrr. Maybe next time, I'll have a larger piece of pine scrap?
  19. steven newman

    Rehabbing a saw...

    Well, this 20" long saw has sat around long enough...maybe too long.. Nasty looking? Early 50s Disston saw. 20" long. 10 ppi....Decided to at least try to rehab it. Hammer to straighten a few bends....Set the bad spots over a leg of the bench, and pound away til flat.....er. 100 grit sandpaper on the palm sander, sand through a couple pieces....PBBlaster soak a bit, then 180 grit to sand it out. Looks a little better? BLO wipe on-wipe off for the handle. IF you look closely, you can barely see the side of the Disston "Keystone " etch. There is a little bit of writing beside it, too. Right below the handle is a "10" stamped. For 10 ppi. Plate is almost as straight as I can get it......may fine tune it later.....have other things to do.. Called a saw vise. This one is a Wentworth No.1 c. 1897. Got it down to the bench and wiped it down, then installed it in the end vise.. That be a 2x6 it is bolted to. It goes into the vise to hold the saw vise for use.....first off, needed to "Joint" the scraggle teeth down. Need files for that. Both a BIG,LONG file... For "scale", that be a normal 16oz claw hammer back there. Black Diamond, made in USA, File. Wound up taking the handle off, was getting in the way.....I do have a regular jointer.. Had a smaller file in it...was a bit worn out, though. Used the large file to try to get all those teeth to the same level.... Saw isn't missing any teeth, just some were worn more than the others.....this will take a while. Maybe by then, I can find a couple saw files of the right size. And, maybe, find out a bit more about this little saw....Next time I'll be doing a bit of sharpening on this saw. Files cost more than the saw did...
  20. steven newman

    Starrett Calipers

    Ok, while getting a bunch of pictures today at that estate sale, spotted a pair of calipers. It was a bit rusty, but not pitted. So, I took it apart, and wire wheeled the whole shebang until it was shiny enough for Polite Company to see.. Yep, it is a BIG one! 19" stem to stern. The large wheel has a threaded ball above it, to keep people from running the wheel too far out ( and getting lost) Smaller knob seems to be a fine adjust? I did findout that this was to measure I.D. of parts...BIG parts. I think it could be used to measure O.D. as well. Name that was stamped into the one arm...L.S.Starrett, of Athol, MASS, USA Might be worth the four quarters and two pennies I paid for it? Twas all the change I had in me pocket. Just wish they had waited a week before having the sale......I could have bought quite a bit of stuff there.....
  21. steven newman

    A plane with a wooden body?

    Well, some fellow named Gump...tion found me, and hauled me off to the shop today.. And I am plumb worn out. Glad this isn't an everyday thing. Anyway, there is a plane in the shop, in need of a "bit of work" (where have I heard that one, before?) to make it at least try to do it's job.. A strange looking beastie? I had already done it's "twin" last spring. This one was put on hold, as some of the parts were loaners. Rear handle is a Walnut one I had made for another plane. The chipbreaker is a Stanley orphan. The rest is called an Ohio Tool Co. No.035. Almost the same as a Stanley #35....almost being the operative word. The plane as is can rock back and forth, only the area around the mouth can touch the wood, sometimes. It won't take a shaving.. I backed the iron all the way out, drew some lines. A few trips on the beltsander.....The high spot was from the mouth to about halfway to the tail end. I was going to leave everything in place for the next step...but, I didn't want to hit anything NOT wood.. Stanley 5-1/2 took things down to FLAT. Wood body wanted to squirm around a bit. But, finally a straight edge showed how things were... ThenI ran the palmsander around, to knocked some sharp corners, and a few nasty spots on the sides and top.. Now, there is ONE bolt in this entire plane, other than the one for the depth adjuster. The rear handle has one like a normal plane, but everything else is large screws. Which I used a wire wheel in the drill press to clean off. Lever cap had rust the needed to leave.. Wire wheel to shine things up. This is how they are supposed to look. Frame needed some new paint.. As did the frog. Wire wheel to remove the bad spots, and the rust. Rattle can black.. Set aside to dry. There was plenty of time to dry, too, as I had this thing to do, next.. Yep, that is a Tapered Iron. Not sure if this one is laminated or not....Drug out the sharpening stuff. After awhile riding the beltsander.... Angle WAS @ 25degrees, had to raise it a bit..maybe to 28 degrees.. I'd run the bevel till too hot for fingertips, dunk in the water, run the back a bit, dunk, and so on, until I thought is was ready for the stone.. Same as the other day..600 grit stone, 1K grit paper, 2K grit paper. Working the bevel and the back....then a lot of swipes on the old belt.. Back of the iron is flat and polished, curve on the chipbreaker as well.. I think that will do for the edge? Like I said earlier, the chipbreaker is a loaner. Bolt is not designed for the tapered irons. The slot for the depth adjuster is in the wrong spot as well. We make do in this shop, though. Somehow got this back together. and started the re-assembly. Paint was a hair tacky.... All but the long handle bolt are sloted screws. Finally got everthing back in place... And a coat of the BLO/Varnish mix on the wood parts..except the sole. it will get a coat of wax. Before the blo/varnish arrived, gave this a test drive,, Oh, it will peel shavings, alright. I need to get an Ohio Tool Co. chipbreaker to help set the depth better....than tapping things with a hammer. Not too bad, for a $1 plane. While I had the brush and Mix out, I cleaned off all the crud from another old plane.. A Stanley No.28 small jointer plane. It has "Bailey" cast around the front knob. I won this and a #29 at an auction last year....for the grand total of $5 for the pair. #29 is awaiting replacement parts. Might be awhile.... Sooo, now you know WHY I am all tuckered out, today...( still don't have a beer in the house, let alone in the fridge..)
  22. steven newman

    Plane Iron rehab

    Trying to type this and eat supper ( my own cooking) at the same time....so, here goes. been having a bit of trouble with one of the planes.. As the lateral lever kept going to the side as I used the plane, just to get an even shaving... Leaning way to one side. Was having trouble with stuff getting jambed up, as well. Took the plane apart.. Look like a mismatch going on. Took things apart.. Back has a hollow to it. Chipbreaker has burrs.. Edge of the iron was a little out of square, too. Set up the first tool I use for this,, Have the platten set to about 25 degrees or so. I also had a big bowl of water handy Hollow grind a bit until the square was "happy".. I had cleaned up the parts with that wire cup on the drill press. I used the MK1 jig to set the bevel at 25 degrees. The sander? Well, I run it to sand out the hollow grind, and make sure the bevel is what I want. I can also flatten the back of the iron, Fingertips tell me when the steel is getting too hot, then a dunk into the water. Once the bevel looks even, I can put away the sander, time for one of these.. Squiggle of 3in1 oil. Stone is a 600 grit medium India stone. Iron is left in the honing guide. Moosh the iron around a while, until the grinder/sander marks are gone. Then onto these.. I found out that IF there is a layer of oil still on the stone, the sandpaper will "stick" there, and not move around. Went through the 1000 grit, and the 2000 grits. I spent as much time on the bevel as on the back. Getting both polished up.. The corners have a slight radius, to keep them from digging in. The leather sitting there is an old work belt, now serving time as a strop. Just bare leather, maybe a touch of oil. Time to put the plane back together, and do a test run.. Much better? The coils sitting there are called Moxxon TP. The lateral lever? A little more centered. I think this one is about ready to go back to work? Now, as for this old plane... That "boat hull" of a body has a big curve to it. Only the area around the mouth is in contact. I can push down either on the front end, or the stern. Sooo, next time, I will have to flatten this sole.. Yep, it is that ugly, even the camera didn't want to look at it. next time I get to the shop, a tune up will happen to this old Ohio Tool Co. 035 Razee.....yep, it do have a tapered iron...
  23. steven newman

    A Before and After

    Well, a part of the haul that came home with the tool box, was a little eggbeater drill... Lovely, ain't it? Well, after cleaning all the other items inside that box, and putting them away, I could finally start on a rehab of this eggbeater drill....drum roll, if you please.. Look any better? Name that was stamped into the handle? Granlt Tool Comp. New York Germany Not sure who actually made the drill. The cap on the handle was glued in place long ago. Handle just threads onto the end of the frame. Three jaw chuck. Drill has a single gear. Frame is shaped like a milk bottle? I re-painted the frame a Rustoleum black, and the spokes of the drive gear a red colour. All moving parts were oiled up. The wood parts were wiped off, and then a coat of 3in1oil added. Most of the clean up was by a wire wheel. Set a Millers Falls No. 2-01 beside this little drill.. Mutt & Jeff? The little guy was never drilled or tapped for a side handle.. I suppose one could drill and tap a small hole, to mount a side handle, IF they wanted one. I don't really think this one needs it. Drill was $3, at s yard sale...the only old tool she had. Might make some use out of it....
  24. steven newman

    $1 Hand saw all cleaned up

    Awhile back, picked a Butcher's saw for a dollar bill.....finally got around to rehabbing it up... The bolts were, at one time, nickle plated.....shined up, they became Brass. Guess the plating wasn't all that good? The slots weren't all wallered out, was hard to find a screwdriver skinny enough. Handle has been sanded back to bare wood, then a coat of my Famous ( or, Infamous) Witch's Brew was applied. Frame was wire wheeled back to shiny. Wing nut was removed, cleaned up, and oiled the threads. Out in front,I am not sure if this is a pin, a broken off thumbscrew, or a broken bolt. No way too remove, or the sawblade. Saw cuts with a drift to the left.. Guess I won't use it as a rip saw....not really sure WHAT I'll do with it, at the moment. I doubt IF I can cut up some pork chops with it.
  25. steven newman

    Old eggbeater gets a handle

    Picked a eggbeater a few weeks ago.. Well the handle was missing the end cap, and there were a few cracks in the handle.. Decided to just remove the bad stuff, and add a better handle, but where to get one? Ah, this strange tool had something I could use.. I can drive that handle off the "speeder bar" screwdriver. Took a bit, finally got it off. The rest of the speeder bar went into the spares box. Took a bit of work to get the old handle off the drill, as they use a pin through the whole end...and it didn't want to be driven out..that is why they make grinders for. Anyway, threaded the "new" handle onto the drill.. Looks a bit better? May or may not pin it in place, right now it is nice and tight. I just now need to make a side handle....someday.

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