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  1. Rust Hunt on a Saturday....rain threatening ....Antique Mall 3 blocks from the house, and the Boss has sent me out to run a few errands...including buying a new roll of Blue "City" trash bags.....and..of course I hit that Mall...first. Backyard is shaping up... Metal framework is gone, most of the trash and old tarps or bagged up. That be the Neighborhood Yard Nazi's Garage, back there....her attempt to mow the yard got..rained out....too bad. I have to learn to NOT go up to the second floor of the Mall....but...I did spend about...$19 and change...on just
  2. Ebay find...a Type 3 Stanley No. 45......$36 + Tax + S&H....$52..arrived here last week....Last Friday, though...I had a trip to see about a leaky blood vessel in my head... So, finally got back home today. New meds, got rid of some others.....smallish Stroke. Still worn out and sore....may take a few days to get back to "normal".... Any...seems this plane will need a lot of cleaning up.. 99% of the black Japanning is ...gone. Wood is in great shape. This is supposed to be all black, except for the raised boss where the fence will rub, an
  3. There was a tub brought home from Fred's get together up by Wapak, OH.....had, among other things, about 7 block planes....well...finally got the last of the 7 rehabbed. The "Before" looks ( Hide yer eyes, Mabel!) Uuummmm.. Coyote What? Had newspaper stuck to the sole... At the start of the Six Million Dollar Man TV show...they talked about how they could "rebuild him" We also have the Tech to do this...and send this back to 1955....no Delorian needed... A selection of wire wheels...some big.. Some not so big.. Some d
  4. In my shop, there are just 2 spokeshaves. The one in front is by Seymour Smith & Sons....the other...haven't a clue ( hanger hole was done by me) No-Name was having issues, was chattering more than it was cutting....took it apart.. The cutter needed it's back flattened, and the bevel honed. The cap was ROUGH...needed the bevel polished up, the underside flattened to match the iron/cutter....but....the "bed" for the iron to sit on....60 grit sandpaper would be almost smooth....we have ways .. Still a bit more to smooth out. Needle file, run all the way to th
  5. Years ago, I picked this at a yard sale....really, it was just laying in the grass...$10... Craftsman 13" Tilt Table. Today I gave that table a darn good cleaning....rust bunnies were trying to take over... not to mention the spiders.....actually the saw itself runs! Nice and quietly, too!Tilt seems to work.. And even locks in place. Even found a bag of blades for this saw... Yes, it takes pinned blades....May just keep it that way..... Reason this saw came out of hiding? Thinking IF i start making a bunch of these... I mig
  6. Ok, latest Project is about ...done. Time to clean up the bench, put away the toys,,,and maybe rehab a few items.. I can finally set this back on the bench....bench is a bit ...full... Over flow from the Tool Well? "Name that Tool"? How do you hang this thing up.... Every shop could use a 4-in-hand rasp/file....but it needs a place to sit, until called for.. Chisel shaped objects, at least the 3 in front...the other was rehabbed long ago...clean, sharpen, and re-do them handles.. May "refine" the other two....Scr
  7. 3 planes...first 2 were easy... Handsome, ain't they...spent about $10 for these three "gems"...In the front is a Sargent V.B.M. #5408/408c (Stanley #3 sized) mainly a lot of wire wheel work, a few spots needed a spritz of PBblaster to loosen bolts up....sole was "groovy" Yeah....refinished the wooden parts...old finish was flaking off.... NOT Rosewood, Sargent used East African Mahogany. Base has a coat of penetrating oil...later was wiped down and a fresh coat of black was sprayed on.. Made about 1917. Metal parts were shined up, chipbreaker m
  8. A while back, like last spring or so...I picked a framing square for about a $1....little on the rusty side.. Flip it over... Nothing was bent...might be worth the effort to clean up? Took some 60 grit paper, and gave a spot a rub down by hand.. Might be ok....80 grit in the palm sander.. Getting rid of the worst of the rusty stuff...except down in the lettering...switch to 220 grit, one "pad" per leg, on each face.... We getting there...wipe each area once it is sanded...then a bead of 3in1 oil, and wipe that around with a rag....
  9. A while back..picked a $15 Jack plane at an estate sale....been trying to clean this thing up.. Made by Sargent & Co. and sold at Sears as a Craftsman brand tool... Even was marked as Craftsman on the iron... The "BL" was a Sears code for Sargent..... First things I do is tear the plane down to just..parts...and clean each up...metal parts see the wire wheel on my grinder... Frog...bolt and the rest needed a bit of cleaning... That "409" is because Sargent 409 and 414 planes used the same frog. Steel adjuster wheel took a bit of
  10. "It followed me home, can I keep it?" When last seen, this was screw to an Oak plank, and hung as a coat hook....tag said "Dowel Cutter" $32.50 Plus sales tax. Got rid of the plank,....meh.. Had some issues going on....Got rid of the "coat hooks" , easy-out the broken bolt. Ordered the depth adjuster wheel ( $20, ebay) and cleaned things up a bit.. Easy-out wasn't....iron needs a lot of work.. Sole is flat, and cleaned up.. Tool drawer, I needed a wrench, and a tap.. 1/4" x 20. Have since bought a new thumbscrew
  11. One of the "treasures" brought home from Wapak.. I've already rehabbed the Defiance plane, and cleaned the drills up...which left that wood bodied Jack plane... Needed a blade/iron/cutter.....Well, I did have a chunk of decent iron handy.. This is the half that is "leftover"...went back as far as this was flat....used the grinder to cut a deep groove.. Because this chunk of steel was laughing at my hacksaws...got as deep as I could, then snapped the "good" part off. Beginning to think someone had re-worked an old lawnmower blade. More grinding..
  12. Ok....downtime IN the shop....taking a short vacation from woodworking projects, for now. Bench was cleared off, planed flat Even a coat of shellac on the bare wood. The plane lying on the bench came from the Wapak Gathering....came home in a pink plastic tub. i thought maybe I could clean it up a bit...and see IF I can make it a little bit better than a junker plane. "Whale Tail" Stanley Defiance. Made between 1955 and 1962....when Stanley crimped the lateral lever down tighter.. Named because it looks like the south end of a north bound whale. R
  13. Earlier this year, picked a $1 handsaw at a garage sale.... Not much to look at? Disston USA, 11ppi, hmmm Scraped away some of the rust....D-8? Checked Disstonian Institute....saw was from 1939-1947 era....so Searched for a Sharpening Service....as them tiny teeth are too small for me to see each tooth, let alone file them.. A place in Piqua, OH., called Chucks Sharpening Service....took this saw over to him....about 10 days later ( chainsaw season around here...) This came back home with me. $10 to set and sharpen....cuts like a new
  14. One of these #3 planes got torn down, cleaned up, and put back together, today. warning: Tain't purtty at the start.... Warned ya, didn't I ? PBBlaster soaked for a while, then started a tear down. Took a bit of prying to get two items loose Hammer to adjust the lateral lever out of the way, to get the tote off ( didn't wait long enough on the soak, snapped the bolt off for the tote...easy-out..) More "fun"...getting all of these apart....BIG screwdriver, hammer, and a pair of visegrips.... IF you are afraid to get your hand very, very DIRTY..
  15. Ok, while getting a bunch of pictures today at that estate sale, spotted a pair of calipers. It was a bit rusty, but not pitted. So, I took it apart, and wire wheeled the whole shebang until it was shiny enough for Polite Company to see.. Yep, it is a BIG one! 19" stem to stern. The large wheel has a threaded ball above it, to keep people from running the wheel too far out ( and getting lost) Smaller knob seems to be a fine adjust? I did findout that this was to measure I.D. of parts...BIG parts. I think it could be used to measure O.D. as well. Name
  16. Somewhere this spring, I picked a old axe....cost me a whopping $1....despite the price tag of $2......finally was able to find a handle for it... As I think it needed a new handle.... More cracks than a city sidewalk? After about an hour in the rehab shop....remove old handle, clean off the rusty-crud, remove burrs and such Fit the new handle, add the wedge...tighten things down...trim the excess wood.. And, toss the old handle out, onto the fire pit. Seems I now have a 3-1/2 pound Collins splitting axe....just needs a GOOD sharpening, when I ge
  17. Well, Stopped at ONE garage sale.....Spent a bit over $15...Picked a pair of straight jaw Visegrips, and a "modern" Yankee drill... That had 3 drill points. That was the $0.50 of the $15.50.....and I almost drove off without these two..why? A COMPLETE Stanley Mitre Box with it's OEM saw...had to take the saw out, to make things easier to cart around... So....in order to do a rehab on this new "toy", one item needs addressed... need to put away all of this mess....including those freshly cleaned up bits.. other end of the bench was worse..( boa
  18. Not enough lumber to start another project....might as well keep going with the rehab stuff.... 5 planes...some parts were cleaned up, and given a new coat of paint. Threaded items were cleaned off, and oiled up. Decided to work on the red plane Sole is now as flat as I am going to get it. Like the hanger hole This was the easy one...we also have the "Bad".. And the "Ugly"...to go along with the "Good" Yeah....Ok, iron was flattened on the back, honed to 25 degrees and 2,000 grit....then stropped. putthe plane back together So
  19. Because, I had spent $7 the day before the Mitre Box find.....soooo Price tag said $8...bought it for $6...needs a little TLC? There were a few "Gems" in this mess... 2 countersinks, 2 screwdriver tips, and German "center" bit... A #20 bit, and twist drill bit...and a Irwin No. 21 expansive bit..without a cutter I think I could use the one in the #22...but not the #1... Inventory? I cleaned a few, to ID them, but.. The 3 off to the right? P.S.&W. Co. Smallest of the 3 is a #8...8/16" That one in the center, with a s
  20. A friend dropped off a "project" for me to rehab.... The rest of the parts were in a bunch of baggies.. and these.. and.. Lots of tiny parts....and not all the parts were there.. Lever to unlock the swing arm... Guide rods attach here...block for the front set is MIA. saw guides. assembled on set.. These slide on the rods, and guide the saw. Newer models had roller bearings... One bag had just 4 bolts.... To install the feet with. There is also a dozen small wood screws, to attach a wo
  21. I have a Porter Cable cordless drill with a 3/8 keyless chuck and it is about 5 years old. I really like it. However the keyless chuck has started coming loose and dropping what ever I have chucked in it. Is there anyway to rehab it to its normal gripping power or is a new chuck the only answer?
  22. these stairs were covered w/ red shag carpet, loose (no shims and 8d finish nails) and the riser heights were random... the treads were re-positioned, risers adjusted to fit and center stringers added... Both sets of stairs are kicked/racked ¾" the opposite way of each other... The 1st risers of each set were 7/8" low and the top 2 risers are 7/8" tall.... the fix was to change the elevation of the stairs... pulled everything out and reinstalled them to required height... I'm sure the original installer didn't allow for the finish floor elevation... This project received a new front
  23. As part of the Dungeon Clean-up this year....the old plough plane was rehabbed back to life.....found broken, and discarded....new parts were made. New, better wedges were made. Cutter sharpened up. New, Maple handle was made. Skate was cleaned of rust. A new fence, made out of Ash to replace the broken Beech one. New wedges are Walnut. There is a screw to help secure the handle in place, as the old dovetail socket was worn away. Glued the handle in place, then added the #10 screw. Two other #10 screws to attach the fence to it's arms. Had to
  24. Ok, awhile back I picked a plastic tub of tools and such....in one of the many "layers" of toys in that tub, was a chisel shaped object. All metal, mushroomed tip, must have been hurting, tip is all red... Well, finally some free time in the shop, got rid of that mushroom.. Could even read all the writing on it..."Made by Crescent Tool Co." "Jamestown, N.Y." No. 175 1 1/4 Made in USA Hmmm, that might take awhile....bevel had a 40+degree angle to it, and was skewed.... Took a large cup of water to the shop, and set it right beside the
  25. More of a step by step post, here. Took a little over an hour, to get from "Rust Bucket" to almost like new.... Had an Atkins handsaw, from the auction..wasn't the cleanest one of the bunch.. The big medallion said it was made by Atkins, over in Indy, IN.... Nickel plating was flaking off a bit, or was worn off...tool to remove these.. These then went to the wire wheel on my grinder, for a quick polishing. The next step was to remove the handle.. Fresh sand paper on the palm sander, to down down the rough, worn finish...set this aside..
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