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On 1/12/2020 at 8:52 PM, FlGatorwood said:

A small digression:  there used to be member on this forum who built small handplanes.  I can't remember his name and I am wondering how he is.  

That would be Herb, alias "Dadio". He's on here periodically, but doesn't post much any more. :(


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Roh, kay...here we go, again.....drew a few lines, once I found a decent piece of plywood for the bottom of the box-to-be..


1/4" in from two edges....this is to allow for a groove to house this plywood....bunch more markings coming.


And the rest of the grooves...mainly to allow the plane to sit in the box..B)


In theory...:OldManSmiley:.however...other things must fit inside.   There is a wood block to hold the cutters..


Which sits between the plane and the end of the box...like this...


Had to add a bit...I also traced around the plane.   And, made 2  runners for the plane to sit on...

Cut the plywood to size..


So..NOW I can figure out the sizes of the box's sides....There is a plank, that I'd like to use....:WonderScratch:


So the grain runs all the way around the box...There was a slight problem, though..:BangingHead:


Edge I wanted to use was a bit too wavy...other edge was a bit better..:o


Plank was also tapered, end to end....we have ways..B)


Set to the narrowest width, set the better edge against the fence, buzz the bad edge off, reset the fence a bit, and straight line the other edge.  Not enough room to cross cut the plank on this saw...again, we have ways...:DevilLaughing:


This keeps up, I may have to send this out to be resharpened... all sides cut for length..


Don't really need the box this tall..:WonderScratch:


Just a little off the top? :DevilLaughing:


Next ...set up the other router, with a 1/2" dovetail bit.   Cut a few sockets, doing pins first....then laid out and cut a few tails..:ph34r:


Will fine tune the fit, after the grooves are milled..got a second end done..:Cheer:


Nice, when I need a hammer to drive these together...let alone  drive them apart..:ChinScratch:


Was getting a bit tired...


Swept the floor, and called it quitting time.  May work on the other two corners tomorrow....start time was 1445 hrs...quitting time was 1630hrs...:GoodNight:

Stay tuned...might get interesting....:ph34r:

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