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Found 6 results

  1. took a couple of pictures of this saw and miter box - still in the previous owner-built box. didn't see any marks on saw blade and the whole thing appears to be in fairly decent condition. have not priced and put on floor yet at the restore. someone will get a deal i suspect.
  2. Seems this beat up saw came home with me.... No back on a backsaw? Plate had almost as many dips and curves as the roads down there.. maybe the handle could be saved? Well, this saw has a loose handle, "bolts" are rivets. Unable to tighten things up....I wonder... Holes look close......maybe get rid of the riveted handle? Might just work.... Had to chop up the handle, and cut the rivets off. Shined the brass a bit.. Have filled that little hole where someone used to put a hanger loop through. So, after a few adjustments of a hole or two, adjust the heel of the plate for a btter fit.. Looks more like a Disston No. 4 Backsaw, now. Have filled in some holes, been trying to clean the wood up.. ready for another 90+yrs? 14" long, 11 ppi. Cost so far? NADA.....
  3. Getting in a rut....another road trip to pick up the Fighting GrandBRATS....might as well have a little fun on the way to get them... Stopped in Brandt, OH again.....was after one item, wound up with two... Cheap drill and a small saw = $11 out the door. Saw is a Warranted Superior 4" x 24" backsaw for a miter box. The drill? Millers Falls No. 104, aka "Buck Rogers" this is the smaller of the two they made. I thought it would go nicely with another tool.. Millers Falls No. 100, Buck Rogers push drill. Lets see, on that saw....very faint trace of an etch.....was missing one bolt in the handle, nothing bent or broken, or even a crack. Drill...Handle did not have it's supply of bits....no biggie. The No. 100 I had picked up last year.... Not too bad a day?
  4. Was dropped off real early this morning, hadn't even finished my 1st Mountain Dew of the day! Big padded envelope. item was stretch-wrapped to a large sheet of cardboard. Finally dug it out of all the packing, and hauled it to the shop. Not the prettiest thing on the block. Plate is just a hair under 14" long. Might have to work on the handle a bit, seems a bit chunky? Back is blued, steel bolts, no place for a medallion. No etch, either. Got out a scrap of white oak, just to see how it does cut....as a rip saw.. Full depth, nice and straight, did NOT need any wax on the plate. Tried a few more cuts, maybe try to make a tenon? This shows the first two cuts, and the third inprogress. Those little squares in the wood? Was trying a couple of these out. Managed to accumalate a few mortise chisels....anyway, got the fourth cut done, laid the scrap over, and cut the shoulders.. That scrap WAS 1/2" thick, by 2" wide. Not too hateful? Now, about this here chunky handle.. thinking about firing up the bandsaw, and trimming the back edge a bit, so it isn't so wide. Maybe a round-over as well. has a Sandvik flavour to it, don't it. $5.99 + S&H....not too bad....
  5. Have a smallish backsaw, nothing really fancy about it. Plain jane handle. Spline was a powder-coat black. Pressed in wheat thingys. And....VERY DULL. Was just going to toss it out. Happen to scrape some of the black off the spline......"Made in West Germany" Ok, might see what I could do to make it a bit more useful in the shop.. Tenon Saw! They cost a bunch anymore. Most have fancy, exotic wood handles, too. Maybe, IF I could file them DULL teeth as rip style...... Two piece of pine/fir/spruce ( not sure which) to clamp onto the plate. A couple "C" clamps to keep them there. Clamp the whole mess into the leg vise, with it's brand new leather grab-pad. Ok, saw ain't going to move, or vibrate away. next, a file. Got out the skinniest triangle file I could find. Hard to hold onto with these old fingers. Had an old cobbled up plane tote. Hadn't drilled it for anything....so a small hole was made just for that file. Saw sitting in the leg vise was a might too low to stand and file more than a couple teeth. But, since ToolChest #1 is sitting in the area, it made a perfectly good place to place my rearend on. First step: I got out a BIG flat file, one that was as long as the saw. A few strokes towards the toe ( away from the handle) to level the playing field. Called Jointing the blade. Then just a matter of sitting down and filing away Finally got to the heel of the saw. ( Later found out I had missed two teeth) Time to take it out and try it out. Piece of 2x4 scrap as a standin for a tenon job. Cutting a cheek on a tenon. Saw cuts fast! and a bit rough. Shoulder planes can clean that up, anyway. Had a pine board, about 1/4" too wide to make a tray for Tool Chest #2. Hmm, try the "New& Improved saw on it? As long as the Dummy running the saw holds it right, it will cut a straight line...FAST. A few passes with the plane will be all that is needed. A look at the file holder, the finished West German Tenon Saw, and that 1/4" thick strip it had sawn off. Had so much "fun" I went and hand filed that 18" Craftsman Mitresaw. Also filed as a rip. It will take the place of the fine-toothed Craftsman 22" mitresaw. Tried the "New&Improved" 18" saw in the mitre box......almost smooth as glass IN the cut, but a bit rough at the exit point. Might need a backer strip... Maybe later today, that twins will get a looksee and might even sharpen the duller one. Larger teeth, so might be easier on the eyes? 8ppi is better to see than 15ppi...
  6. And a couple old rusty tools. Found an 18" long Craftsman Backsaw for a dollar bill. And, a Stanley #70 scraper plane. The saw can wait a while, until I have the right sized files to sharpen the DULL teeth with The Stanley #70: It has a curved sole and a cambered iron. Used to scrape off painted labels on wooden shipping crates. This one was very nasty looking. Wire wheels on the Drill press to clean most of the crud and rust off. Gave the iron the once over. Might have used the force, too The chisel came from FeeBay, an Eagle Brand 7, 1-1/2" socket firmer chisel. It needed a handle, and this was all I had on hand. I might try to see what I could turn, if I knew what the original looked like. Stanley #70 had a surprise when i cleaned up the iron, under the "STANLEY" there was a heart with the letters SW inside. The so-called Sweetheart era. handle got a good clean up, then a BLO/Varnish coating. Not too bad a day Tried to upload a few of the finished photos......NADA
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