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Found 58 results

  1. Some basic gluing videos by one of the PopWood survivors https://www.popularwoodworking.com/experts-guide-to-gluing-clamping-wood/?fbclid=IwAR02zssWUnzXJClxG3seSDmLnE8QffcD-ynNyC2a0KlaHm3xmq3kOVr7o5Y
  2. For those who have made your own kitchen cabinets, did you do any finishing to the inside. Uppers would surely want some type of finish as you stare straight into them when opened. My lower cabinets, except for under the sink will all be drawers - I cannot really see the need for finishing the interiors of these. So, what type of finish is best for the interiors and drawers? FWIW, SWMBO wants the cabinets painted... so they will be painted.
  3. Our local Elks lodge recently did a minor renovation to their kitchen and waitress area. Part of that renovation was the construction of five new cabinets to blend in with their existing units. Today, I’ll deliver the final base unit that will be installed in the waitress area. I’m pretty sick of building cabinets right now.
  4. Just what the title says. My issues are: 1) I don’t know how to handle the expansion of the back, and 2) I want to hang the cabinet, so the back has to handle the weight of a bunch of iron planes. Plywood glued and screwed into a rabbit of course handles this with aplomb. But if I used solid wood, how would I build it?
  5. Finished a couple more projects (except the locks) and finally took pictures. This one is a Murphy Bar.
  6. Well I got the cabinet done. It is not fancy. The wife wanted it made out of pine and wanted it plane. It is 48 inches wide, 7 feet tall and 19 inches deep. Everything is glued and pocket screwed. It was made from 1 by 10 pine. For the trim and doors 1 by 4 pine and 1/4" plywood and 1/4" plywood for the back. I stained it with a light Maple and put two coats of poly over that. She was happy and wants two more smaller ones.
  7. Check out the quality of these hinges on their web site www.brusso.com. I am retiring from my jewelry box business therefor I am liquidating my inventory. These are the best box hinges available. JB107 - 8 sets @$54.30, JB103 - 7 sets @ $31.00 , ST12 - 3 sets @ $18.60 To buy them today is price is $688.60 . Best offer and I'll ship them. Thanks for looking, Dennis
  8. Tony Konovaloff is a hand tool woodworker.
  9. I have not built furniture before. My wife wants some cabinets for the sewing room. I am thinking 36" W x 7' T x 22" D. I am thinking of using 1 x 12 pine. It will be painted white. Should I use dowels or biscuits? Is there an easier or better way to do it that I am not aware of? It will also have doors. Thanks for any help.
  10. Planning and organizing my work space, I am going over in my head different ways to build, or not to build, storage for my hand tools. I have gone over in my head a whole bunch of ideas, and one thing I always love to think about is re-purposing old cabinets for my storage solutions. I currently have old kitchen overhead cabinets now, where my finishing supplies and hardware is stored, they were given to me by a buddy at work years ago, and they have served me well. I was looking through local ebay sales in my area for antique cabinets, that I could reconfigure to fit my hand tools, and I came across this old pine cabinet for $285 bucks on Ebay. The lumber would cost that much to build it, and then my time, of which I have very little, it would be nice to just have this cabinet, and retrofit some dividers into it for my hand planes, and shaves and braces etc. I think this would be a really fun project wouldn't it? I could most definitely make this work for my hand tools storage.
  11. Here are a couple of pics of a storage cabinet I built for the wife. She found one of my WWing mags and made the "request" (Ha!) w/o the attendant "please". Who am I to resist SWMBO? I did garner a few points for it, though. hat
  12. steven newman


    From the album: Microwave Stand

    A view of the lower storage area, with the doors opened.
  13. steven newman


    From the album: Microwave Stand

    Fancy, hand-cut Dovetail joint, for the front of the drawer.
  14. steven newman

    front view

    From the album: Microwave Stand

    Drawer and door details.
  15. steven newman

    Side view

    From the album: Microwave Stand

    After it arrived in the kitchen
  16. steven newman


    From the album: Microwave Stand

    Before the stain and finish was applied
  17. Ok, so much for a vacation from the shop.....The Boss has seen a Project she wants built.... Hmmm, more Flat-Pack....she wants this to replace this ugly thing.. When this was built, it was based on a 4 drawer Chester Drawers I was selling....then it became a pantry...and now a catch-all...open them doors at your own risk... Too tall, too wide, too deep, too full of... Already had some oak on hand.. 1 x12 x 3'6", three 3/4 x 6" and two at 3/8" thick x 6". Not nearly enough....sat down to make a drawing...while a second load of Oak sits around, getting used to the house... World Class Drafting Table? Tape measure to check a few sizes I need to match... Natasha: "You have Plan, Darlink?" Boris: "I always have Plan, they don't always work out, but I always have Plan" A front view. And, because i am frugal, and don't want to waste a second sheet of paper...flip this over.. Basic sizes called out. Locations of shelves. Cubby holes changed to Drawers...Oak? Counting what I had on hand..there is around 20bf of Oak sitting here...the new arrivals? Seem to have a bit of grain to them...and for me to work either around, or use... Drawer fronts? And.. Not all the grain I can use, though.. I will need some 1 x 3 stock....Hmmm. And the "bundle"...has a couple 3/8" thick boards...might be to build the paneled doors? Bookcase was built back in the mid 1980s...BTW. So...get the work jeans back on, tomorrow....and cut a few planks, and glue up a few side panels? Will do the base unit first...then the topper. Will see how long this project takes...stay tuned..
  18. Doing more organization in the shop, I ran across the last door installation job I did back in 2009. My old invoice to the prop. mngt. company. My ol business cards. And a couple little cabinet jobs I had sketched up and ready to go. Great memories, I met a lot of good people and customers, I loved being on on the road and working for folks, I got along with em all, a lot of repeat business by word of mouth only, never had to advertise. My wife has been a stay at home wife and Mom since we been married, I always had a regular day job, and my own side business up until 2009 to keep us going. Now my day job is at the point it can support the family on it's own, still always looking for that overtime though! I remember this last door job vividly, wonderful customers. It was a good day too, made about 250 bucks before lunch. My home made business cards that my wife made. This was a little pine cabinet I made for another awesome customer, I installed this in their laundry room. They fed me lunch! I still have all my door installation tools, I'll never give them up, you never know when the bills may get a bit too much, it's always great to have a backup trade. Thanks for following me down memory lane.
  19. I am curious, I have looked all over for an example of a Mark V mounted on a cabinet roll away similar to the 10er's. But have found none. I am curious why? I see plenty of SS's with a cabinet built to sit underneath, but what I am looking for are any ideas for building one that the Mark V can set on, thus eliminating the factory legs. It seems simple enough, but there must be a variable in design I am not seeing, that prevents this from happening. Any help is greatly appreciated. Shopsmith 10er on table, can this be done with a Mark V? Now just imagine a Mark V, I'd like to build a roll away cabinet for the Mark V to sit on, with drawers and doors. And flip down stop caster axles incorporated somehow, so just like the Mark V stand, with a flick of my foot, the cabinet rest on the ground.
  20. I recently bid a job to build in cabinets in a back kitchen of a house that was built in 1874. I bid the job way high because I really didn't want to do it. Unfortunately, the customer (who is a friend of mine) accepted the bid. The house has 10 ft. ceilings and the outside wall was out of plumb about 3/4" top to bottom. I custom built two 45" x 23 1/4" x 24 deep raised panel cabinets to go in a nook over the refrigerator, a 10" wide broom closet and built in the range. Here's the before pictures. Here's the after pictures.
  21. skiler


    Need help identifying this wood and finish. It looks like pine to me but could be really knotty cherry. The finish almost looks orange. I am trying to build something to match it and not sure how to go about it. Any help greatly appreciated.
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