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  1. Been working on this for couple weeks. My Dad died right after I got started so it got put on back burner for a bit. But for me best therapy is being in shop so back to work. Previously I made a exhaust fan enclosure to fit this same window. Used a attic fan for the job. Worked great!!! So good it would pull the finish into what looked like waves across a flat piece. Also at 1600 CFM it would pull door open. If closed you had to be careful you didn't get your head knocked open. So I found this smaller fan with a supposed 650 CFM. Fart fans usually come in at 100 CFM and for me that i
  2. A few weeks ago mama decided she wanted a cabinet to store her arts and crafts supplies that are taking up floor space in our upstairs hallway. She went shopping online and found a cabinet she liked for 230 bucks, and it was the typical particle board white surface type of stuff. So I told her I'd be happy to build it and the materials would be less as well. So she and I went to our lumber store and picked up some 4/4 poplar, poplar because she wants the exterior painted white, and I want the interior natural finished. We will be using General Finishes Milk Paint for the exterior.
  3. This cabinet is not mine, I found it on the Shopsmith Facebook Group page, a gent by the name of James P. Wright built this for his, I just wanted to share it because I thought it was a really nice example of a storage cabinet for our SS supplies and tools. Perhaps it'll lend a little inspiration too when you go to build your under storage cabinet. Enjoy!
  4. My daughter asked if I would build a small storage cabinet for some of her quilting fabrics. What would be the preferred wood choice for the drawers without breaking the budget. Planning on 1/4" birch ply for the bottoms. The cabinet itself will be red oak. Seems the price of wood has gone thru the ceiling over the winter months.
  5. For my latest project building some pine cabinets for a customer of mine, he has requested that the upper cabinet has a sawtooth shelf support system. He loves the old timey look it offers, and I like it too. Sawtooth Shelf supports come in various sizes, various angles are used for aesthetics, and you are not even regulated to sawtooth configurations, you can angle the notches at virtually any angle you like. It appears the builder of the supports in this image to the left angled their notches at around 15 degrees. We angled ours at 45 degrees. So yesterday I too
  6. Have a stash of Ash 1 x 6 planks...sitting around, getting warmed up.....ice is about gone... 9 boards = $18......have a big empty spot... have to leave access to that light switch, but..... Corner is a bit messy... Hmmmm....maybe a shelf, then a door or two above the shelf? Maybe a shelf up on top? may use these for door panels.. Or just fancy cabinet sides? Had to do a bit of measuring...and also locate the wall studs...and NOT the pipe for the shower on the other side of the wall. Will let the Single Brain Cell Sket
  7. A few pics of some of the things I do. Not a lot of fancy but it keeps me occupied and just enough variety to make things interesting.
  8. Awhile back came across a sweet deal on a WEN 12 inch variable speed Drill Press. A nice upgrade to my 8 inch, but smaller than my full size 17 1/2 in JET. So I put it next to the small 8 inch for last couple months while I decided on how I liked, or did not like the height of it. I prefer the height of the JET as far as where the quill sits. With the WEN sitting on this bench the quill is staring me in the face. Kinda hard for a short guy to use. This is how it looks with taller cabinet. So I set about making a new shorter cabinet. Did a dry
  9. As my wife is from Ukraine it is her culture carry over that we don't wear shoes in the house. So we have several pairs we commonly wear close to the door for when we go out. It's a cluster, and the time has come to make something to fix this. Got given several pieces of 3/4 plywood cut offs as well as some of this wire shelving. Not crazy about the wire shelving for the house but for shoes not a problem. Started out with this: Think of it as a rough draft. The tolerance on this is a set parameter. Cannot exceed 28 1/2 inches wide. Or it
  10. Since we bought this house new in 2017, my wife has wanted this built-in. I just couldn't find the time, but thanks to COVID, I have lots of time now. The whole thing is 8' tall and just shy of 12' long. Each book case is 44.5" wide and 12" deep and the faux fireplace is 52" by 18" deep. I used 3/4" Birch plywood for the carcasses, select Pine for the face frame, trim, rails, and stiles, Pine for the shelves, and 2"x 8" and 2"x 6" dimensional lumber for the mantle. Oh, and 1/4" Birch Ply for the back and door panels. Came out pretty good, but many mistakes made.
  11. It just needs to be delivered. Scheduled for this weekend. My oldest son asked me to build him an additional base kitchen cabinet. After talking with him and his wife, they decided that it had it be portable. The final cabinet size is 24” deep x 36” wide x 36” tall. The cabinet box is made from UV white birch ply and the drawer front, door frames, end-panel frames and face frame are made from poplar wood. The door and end-panel center panels are made with MDF. The three drawers are made from ½” Baltic birch ply and have dovetail joinery. The pull-out soft close trash drawer
  12. Well I decided to do a Newman but not as full. My carving and burning station needed something so cabinet and drawers were the thing. The stock for the cabinet was so rough looking on edges decided to edge band with cherry. Then used #3 plane to reduce it. Well then I have to sand that off, nice and smooth. Ok nothing of the assembly but this is what I have so far. Now a little on doors. This panel was not wide enough so I added a strip of Mahogany using a tounge and groove to secure it in place. Again no assembly pics
  13. I forward these design concepts to my son this evening. The sketches are missing some detail, but there is enough detail to make a plan. I’m waiting on my son for a decision (little does he know, his wife has already made his decision). His wife likes the cabinet which has two pull-out shelves behind a door. All of the cabinets have a trash can drawer, a large upper drawer, and locking casters. Cabinet dimensions are 36” wide by 24” deep. The cabinet will have a white varnish for a finish. Danl
  14. Friend of my just got promoted to Sergeant in a local city. His new vehicle is a 2020 Ford Explorer. As such they have no inserts available yet to put away or lock up his weapons and such in the back. Concerned someone would bust out the back window he inquired about a custom cabinet. While the city will not pay for it he did get permission to make his own, at his expense. Thus far he has $450 in materials, $225 being in the 36 inch long drawer slides. Getting started. Had to edge band the plywood, I don't like raw plywood drawer edges. O
  15. Ok...this is NOT going to get it.. Made to hold 16 saws....right now it also holds that weight in dust...something better needs built. Something that will enclose this things, so that once I wipe them down nice and clean...they WILL stay that way. Have a couple 1 x 10 x 6' planks....will start cutting them down into box, of some sort. I doubt IF the plexiglass windows will work....plan is the hang the 3 panel saws running around in the shop on the inside of the doors. You can see a handle or two, peeking around the edge of this til... Stay tuned...this might get
  16. Not mu plans but something to do. See any flaws? Haven't looked over them yet....
  17. but it's what I have to do without access to stores. I should point out: my wife and I have watched every episode of "The Walking Dead" (well, she watched....I may have slept a little) plus I've seen all the "mad Max" movies. The point is we know how to survive in an apocalypse! So with that in mind I managed to build my cabinets for my assembly table to sit on. I was able to cut up some stuff I had made that was no longer used, and scrounged some pieces out of my stash that completed. This isn't the way I would do it normally...but, hey; these ain't normal times. So the carcass is mostly made
  18. Ok, might as well get started....this all came about because of a royal mess ( aka cluster-....) of tools piled up, and getting dusty and rusty.. yeah... So..have been going through all the tools, deciding which to keep handy, and which to stash....(cleaned up down in the Tool threads.) Picked up a few pine boards the other day... Ten 1 x 10 x 4' planks....not the best looking ones on the pallet...but, will do for a tool cabinet build... A few 1 x 4s as well. Handsome, ain't they....$45.75 counting tax.... So, today..the pick of the litter..4 pl
  19. After 27 years the plastic shop sink developed a leak. Not something I wanted to repair and it looks terrible inside anyway. So I removed the old cabinet / sink. Wondering what was I thinking when I built it. I used a hollow core door for the one side??? Really? Not much was proofed against water, yeah and 27 years showed me the error of that idea. Fixture once cleaned up was still good, so we can keep that. Had another sink I got from somewhere for free, it will do. Unlike the other sink this one has no lip over so I had to build the cabinet close to the size and stand off
  20. View File Workbench Magazine July-August 1967 Versatile Apothocary Chest Submitter John Morris Submitted 03/21/2020 Category Furnishings  
  21. Among several other projects that I have slotted for this winter this one is a priority. I threw this together in 2011 when the previous metal medicine cabinet I had was too wide and not deep enough to store soap and paper towels. At the time I used some scrap MDF from cabinets I got from a closed Hollywood Video store. Yeah MNDF and water don't play well together. Nor did my doors do well, already had to fix twice so I have had enough screwing around. Here is old cabinet: Now we are using some plywood, nothing fancy just some scrap from the deck closet bui
  22. I'm making cabinet doors for my son. I have 3/16" plywood. Do you think making 1/4" dado joints are to wide. Should I consider the 1/16" for expansion? Or is that too much? I'm doing a mortise & tension joint on the corners. It would make it so much easier doing the 1/4". I try to get 1/4" plywood when I do my doors but all these odd size plywoods anymore.
  23. I showed the glue up for this in an earlier post. Got it all put together yesterday and is now in its place in the kitchen. I have not had time to do the drawers as yet. It will have 2 drawers on slides and 2 small box drawers accessible from either side. The center cubby is for cook books.
  24. Here is the entertainment cabinet that I finished made out of golden oak. We decided that we wanted a electric fireplace in the cabinet. We used to heat with wood but with the mess and everything we no longer use a wood burner. So we decided a electric fireplace is the next best thing.
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