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Found 15 results

  1. @derekcohen mentioned in the General Woodworking forum about a dresser he had built that was featured in the current issue of Fine Woodworking magazine. I didn't want to detract from his topic my post, since his work was so beautiful, so I am posting here. In that same issue is an article about spokeshaves, written by Peter Galbert. Since I know nothing about spokeshaves, I thought his article was quite informative. I have been interested for some time in purchasing a spokeshave, (no I am not going to build a wagon wheel), so I looked to see what he recommended as a first purchase. He recommended a Stanley 151, which he said could be had from the used tool market. I'm not in the mood lately to rehab used tools, so his next recommendation was the Lie-Nielsen Boggs spokeshave. I checked on the L-N website, and of course, they were out of stock. I knew Highland Woodworking also sold L-N tools, so I check there. Out of stock there also, and they plainly stated they weren't taking back orders for this tool. Oh well, back to the computer and start looking at EBay. Tried Craig's list, no luck there. Anyone have any recommendations on other used tool web sites? I can always get one from Lee Valley, but I would like to stay within the article's recommendations if possible. I should have done this first. Just checked Ebay, and they have a lot of them for sale.
  2. I have a couple of questions for the spokeshave users out there. I am considering buying one of the Veritas spokeshaves from Lee Valley. While acknowledging from the beginning that I have absolutely no experience with spokeshaves, here are my opinions. It would seem to me that the most used configuration would be concave, so that is what I am thinking of starting with. Also, when considering flat vs block planes, what can a flat spokeshave do that the block plane can't? Comments?
  3. Stumble down to the shop this morning. Raised panel needed fine tuned, before any glue was used. Spokeshave, and a couple other planes to reduce any "fat spots" along the beveled edges. Sandpaper on a block of wood to refine some spots.....finally thought I could spread some Elmer's, and dig out some clamps.. Square and a tape measure showed things weren't quite squared up, so that diagonal clamp to pull it back to square. Better view? That is the spokeshave I used. let this forest of clamps sit a awhile....... Ok, stumbled back down, and checked on the glued up lid. Started removing the clamps....slowly, listening for any weird sounds...Other than dropping one of the clamps...NADA, sooo.. Sat the glued up lid on top of the box, noting where the front and back sides were to go. Will add a filler to un-do that bowed in side. AFTER this has cured for awhile. More views? A few holes to fill in, about the way things go in my shop. Thinking of adding a "bead" just below and above the opening. Bead? Something like these two? Stanley #45 can make these thing fairly quickly. Just have to set the plane up to mill the beads. Now, I think I'll just go and sit down for a while.....and let the Elmer's cure out...
  4. From the album: John Morris's Hand Tools

    A couple years ago I purchased a full set of Veritas Spoke Shaves and chair scrapers, I have not had a complete chance to use them all, but I just played with this concave shave on my most recent chair, obviously the diameter of the shave does not fit the diameter of the post, as these shaves are kind of sized for Windsors more or less. But working with it the little that I did, it's a beauty. It's a joy to handle, and the adjustment screws are nice to have the twin screws, I can really dial in the shave.
  5. Danl

    Estate Sale find

    I went to an estate sale action today and purchased the following for $37.50, one lot. I believe I did ok. Danl . Stanley No. 71-1/2 router plane with 4 blades Stanley spokeshave with 2 blades Stanley No. 101 thumb plane with 1 blade Marking gauges or Pattern makers panel gauges 18" and 10" Phelps Mfg. Co. Oakland CA Gouges with case - no certain what kind. 7 sizes 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16", & 3/8"
  6. John Morris

    Boxwood Spokeshave

    One of my pride and joy's of my shop is this beautiful Boxwood spokeshave that a friend of mine gave me. He is Russ Filbeck, and a master chair builder. During one of my visits to his shop he presented me with this beautifully hand made spoke shave. Russ makes these lovely spokeshaves and they are outfitted with a Hock iron and the grip is hand shaped by Russ. It's works beautifully too.
  7. John Morris

    Boxwood Spokeshave

    One of my pride and joy's of my shop is this beautiful Boxwood spokeshave that a friend of mine gave me. He is Russ Filbeck, and a master chair builder. During one of my visits to his shop he presented me with this beautifully hand made spoke shave. Russ makes these lovely spokeshaves and they are outfitted with a Hock iron and the grip is hand shaped by Russ. It's works beautifully too.
  8. Marked out where I did NOT want rounded over ( in theory, best laid battle plan?) I wasn't to go past that line on the long sides. Short sides I could plane all day long.. Main tool for this sort of thing was just a block plane. Wasn't trying for a perfect half circle, just enough to "break" the edges. I also planed a bit on the bottom of each part.. As there was a few rough spots. Got the two ends done. Tried to plane the longer ones And forgot what that pencil line was for...ooops. Jointed the edge, re-marked the line with a chisel. Needed a better tool to do the stop cuts.. A spokeshave would do the trick. The chisel and mallet made a better mark to work to. A little better? Flipped the part over, jointed the other side. Got both long sides all planed....might as well find a bunch of clamps, and some Elmer's Think I have enough clamps? Somewhere in there, the lid is glued up. let it sit overnight. Found a small packet in the tool well... Brass hinges. Still had the ACE price tag on them. Might give them a try later. About all I can do for a day...always tomorrow, no rush.
  9. Or.......just drive over to the place, and pick it up? 20 minute drive, on a sunny morning? Went over to a little town called Mount Victory, OH ( lots of antique stores, if you can catch them opened)to pick up two items I won on FeeBay.. Maybe a 20 mile long drive. Farm house and barns were back a LONG (3/4 of a mile!) lane that had more potholes than the city of Bellefontaine. The two items I picked up? Stanley 9-1/2 and a spokeshave from Seymour Smith & Son Rather a bit newer one. got them both cleaned up.. The "model number" was stamped into the iron, on both faces... S. Smith & Son was stamped into the blade. Both cleaned up nicely. Gives me 10 block planes ( for now) and these three things Stanley #64, and a mystery spokeshave, and the $12 newbie. Block was $4, total was $16 + Ohio Sales Tax....Just to save almost $15 in shipping.....
  10. Well, with a bit of Birthdaty Cash in me pocket....Friday and Saturday Rust Hunting... From today, BEFORE the rains came. Spent $15 on this Stanley Mitrebox, with a Disston made for Stanley saw. Saw is 28" long, 5" under the spine. In the process of cleaning it up. Friday, I had gone to a couple sales ( no rain) and picked a few items from the same garage sale that mitrebox came from.. Two more Disstons,and what I think is a Pheonix Warranted 27" saw. $8 for these. And for good measure.. This fancy-pants No-Name spokeshave for three bucks.... Drove up the road a ways, striking out a few times....until this one yard sale. They had a box sitting out.. That had 2 B&D 18v drill/drivers, a SKIL 14.4v drill/driver, three 18v batteries, a 14.4v battery, and a charger for each type of battery SOLD for $5. Not too bad for a Birthday present.....
  11. Well, got the second 4' long post all rounded over and set with the firdt one Will let them season awhile. Dug through the lumber stash, to find an almost knot free 4x4! Needed to cut it to length, and the main big knot was in the excess part. Then to the bandsaw, to resaw it down to two blanks, about 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" x 24" long... Hmm, will just have to do, I guess.. Since I still do not have a shave horse in the shop... I'll make do with a shave vise. Drawknife to rough to round.. And spokeshave to fine tune it. Then rotate and keep going until.. Still needs a bit of work. Flipped it end for end, finish the clamped end. Had a belt from a sander, used it like you would polish shoes. Then that palm sander to even things out a bit One done. maybe tomorrow to do the other one? Got a few measurements off the pattern rocker. Milled a crest rail to rough shape..... Will let it set for awhile. Needs to be cut to length, with through tenons on each end. May add a curve to it, as well. There will be a few mortises for the back's slats to be housed in. Might be awhile on this one.. I also cut out a blank for a seat support.. One of three needed. Each will be a hair short, the closer I get to the back. I' ll use this as a pattern for the other two, then cut to fit each as needed. Again, might be awhile... Decent Cardio Workout with the knives......at least enough for today.. Maybe try again tomorrow? stay tuned...
  12. And it seems like I have to "turn" two parts without using the lathe? Lathe barely holds 3' between centers, parts are 4' long! Sooo, how do I intend to "turn" two parts? First off, this is merely a pattern. Secondly, those long,round things in the back? Those are what I need to make. Got a few older tools out today.. Two Drawknives. You can see how I have been using them. Knots kept getting in the way, too. Got things roughed out, one corner at a time. The rotate to the next. I also cleaned the round parts up with another old tool.. a Stanley spokeshave, Flat soled, and the only spokeshave I have. I had a clamp at the far end of the blank. You can see a small block of wood under the near end. Had this blank near the edge of the bench, Easier on my knuckles that way. I'd knife the corner almost round.. Ugly, but getting there. I'd then come back with the spokeshave until it was round.. There was a few dippity-dos along the length, that a #4 plane could take care of. Got all but that spot under the clamp done.....since there isn't a shavehorse in the shop, we adapt.. There is the head of a rail road track nail sticking out back from the leg vise. This way, I can finish that 12" or so on the end. Took awhile today, but I have one of the two long parts all rounded up Nice, if you like knots. One down, one to go. There are a pair of short parts, at least they will fit on the lathe.....unless I wish to match the back two parts' "look". have until this fall to finish the chair, at least I have a start. At least i know where I will do my "cardios" at...stay tuned....
  13. For some dumb reason....I went back down to the shop last night......paying for it this morning, too. Back is almost as stiff as that Walnut.. Got out a few more toys last night.. Since the "plan" was to cut the curves on a few parts. Bandsaw from Texas couldn't follow a line if it tried, went with the Craftsman three wheeler. At least it would stay near the lines. Used the drawkinife first to remove saw marks.......not enough room to clamp and shave. Gave the spokeshave a work out, though. The parts? Needed a pair of these aprons done. These will go under the bottom shelf on the ends. That thing under the apron? A "shoulder plane". Thought I'd give it a try out on some tenons to be cut. Got two out of four legs done, as well.. Those be the tools to cut some mortises with. Spokeshave to smooth the curves. There is a mortise chopped there as well. There will be another as I go along. Used a backsaw to cut the tenons and a chisel or two to knock off the waste. Top aprons are left square... Something like this. I did champfer the edges of the aprons a bit. Need to chop a few more mortises. Need to shape the other two legs, rip a bit more apron stock. Need three more long aprons, and a stretcher to go between the bottom aprons? Might just need two, instead. We'll see. Maybe I can see the lines well enough today to bandsaw the rest. I do have the lines marked out....I think I did... Then back to chopping things. Oh, and cut and glue a bottom shelf...sometime. Stay tuned, I have already cussed enough to make R. Lee Ermy blush....
  14. Well, last weekend I was out in the shop just cleaning up still, and loading a cord of firewood that was delivered to our home, after we stacked the wood I continued cleaning up the shop and getting ready for some jobs coming up, and my son wanted something to do, so I told him to go over to the wood bin, grab anything he wants, and I pointed him to my bench of planes, and he picked out an old Stanley spokeshave, he put a piece of scrap up in the vise, and he commenced to shaving down that piece of wood till he had a "spear" to go with a gladiator shield he and I made together a few weeks back. My son was on that stick shaving it down for two hours, just having a blast, yep, just stick a piece of wood in a boys hand and give him a saw or a plane and sit back and watch him entertain himself!
  15. Traveling around while I was off I ran across a guy with several hand tools. I just realized as I was posting this than the little hand plane I got the only pictures I took were with it disassembled. Here is a No. 175 Bull nose Plane. The interesting thing is that the lever cap has 175 on it, but when I took it apart, the underside has the number 75 cast into it. I can't really find another other for sure markings on it. I know Stanley made a No.75 that looks just like this. I can't find the maker of the No. 175. It makes me wonder if someone changed out the lever cap and maybe this is a number 75. The blade is also interesting. It has the best I can tell the words, JORDAN GERMANY in a circle at the top of the blade. I haven't found anything about a JORDAN GERMANY no. 175 hand plane yet. I will keep looking though. I also picked up these two nice spokeshaves. One is a KUNZ Spokeshave, made in Germany. Not old but nice to have for what I paid for it. The bottom plane has no markings or names on it, but it is made of brass. A magnet will not stick to it at least. The price was right so I picked them up while I was out. More to come, so stay tuned for additional Patriot Pickings!
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