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A Jack plane rehab

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A while back..picked a $15 Jack plane at an estate sale....been trying to clean this thing up..


Made by Sargent & Co. and sold at Sears as a Craftsman brand tool...


Even was marked as Craftsman on the iron...


The "BL" was a Sears code for Sargent.....

First things I do is tear the plane down to just..parts...and clean each up...metal parts see the wire wheel on my grinder...


Frog...bolt and the rest needed a bit of cleaning...


That "409" is because Sargent 409 and 414 planes used the same frog.  Steel adjuster wheel took a bit of cleaning.


Same with where the frog sat...after a bunch of crud was removed...


Bolts....used a pair of visegrips to hold these, while the wire wheel went to work....at one time (WW2 ?) the nuts had been blued. 


A large,brass wire wheel was chucked into a drill, and all rust removed here...then a paint brush with 3in1 oil was used all over, to keep the rust away...


Sides were cleaned up with the wire wheel on the grinder..then oiled. the sole?


A few scratches...checked it for flat.....sit it on a know flat surface, index finger on each hand...one on each end, try to press down and see IF it rocks...this one never moved...flat enough for me

The handles were stripped of the old finish,  and ugly paint...smelly BLO was brushed on, and rubbed down...then a coat of varnish. 

Which left these three..


Had a burr on the bolt's slot to remove, and rust in the knurling....Wire wheel to clean the rust off.   I adapted a sander to be the sharpening center...


Table was adjusted to a 90 degree to the disc.   And a large cup of water was nearby...


This is Snaggletooth....what I started out with...


Cleaned up, back is now flat...worked on the chipbreaker, too.   Then, oil stones..


Long one is a COARSE, small one is 600 grit...rag to keep things clean, and the 3in1 oil  as needed....


Then 2 grits of wet or dry paper...a 1000 grit, and then this 2000 grit....we getting there..


Then the strop.  Had to work on the chipbreaker a bit..until it sat flat ( no gaps) on the back of the iron.


Rest of the plane was still upstairs...happened to have another Sargent  Jack plane IN the shop...used it as a test bed, of sorts...


Almost done...


Took a few trips...took the iron and such upstairs, and re-assembled the jack plane...


Look any better?    Trying to decide what colour was used on the lever cap..


To make the "CRAFTSMAN" logo stand out better.....blue?  Red?   Gold?  Have seen all 3...

Not too bad, for a $15 plane?


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