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Found 86 results

  1. One of these #3 planes got torn down, cleaned up, and put back together, today. warning: Tain't purtty at the start.... Warned ya, didn't I ? PBBlaster soaked for a while, then started a tear down. Took a bit of prying to get two items loose Hammer to adjust the lateral lever out of the way, to get the tote off ( didn't wait long enough on the soak, snapped the bolt off for the tote...easy-out..) More "fun"...getting all of these apart....BIG screwdriver, hammer, and a pair of visegrips.... IF you are afraid to get your hand very, very DIRTY...turn back now....I left well enough alone, with the front bolt....will let it soak a while.. Usual wire wheels, belt sanders, and even a ROS....and a couple of shop rags....Visegrips to hold small parts while I clean things up.... getting there.. Almost done... Sole looks better than it did...Iron may or may not get reused...kind of thin..Turtle wax Polishing Compound to shine things up.. Handles got all the crud cleaned off...time to put things back together, for now...( until I bring the Easy Out kit to the shop..) What I started with... And what it looks like....after 2 hours of soak and work... May work on either the Craftsman No. 3, or the Stanley No. 6, Type 7/8 next....or wait until tomorrow...
  2. Saw this plane on Facebook. Lady asking anything about it. I see Stanley bought Bailey's patents and machinery in 1869 and then used them and that is why Stanley planes are Bailey . So thinking this is before 1869 ?? Edit : Opps did not do enough research . It is a G-3 Gage Patent plane. Patent date 1885. When Stanley bought the company in 1919 and produced this plane from 1920 till 1920. Mystery solved but it does not make sense . I have never seen one of these , has anyone ?
  3. My next plane will probably be a smoothing plane, not right away, but hopefully not too far in the future. I was looking at the Lie-Nielsen web site, and I noticed that their No. 4 Smoothing Plane is offered in both a bronze and an iron body version. The bronze was $50 more. So is there any advantage to bronze? And if so, is that advantage of any significance to a hobbyist like me?
  4. Caleb James is a premier tool maker, one of the best in the world, and he also has a neat free plan area for the exact same tools he makes. Enjoy. Free Plans — Caleb James Maker CALEBJAMESMAKER.COM I offer these technical drawings for you to freely use. I ask that you please reserve these for your personal use. Enjoy!
  5. Finally got the plane I ordered from veritas at the woodworking show. Alot of plane for 129.00
  6. One of the very first woodworking blogs I ever became interested in is this blog by Kari Hultman, a wonderful craftswoman and artist really, in my opinion she brings hand tooled woodworking to another level of refinement. Kari and I have been social media buddies since the old days of this blog, even though Kari has picked up a new line of work and interest (leather), I still visit her blog frequently. It reminds of a time on the internet when things were just simpler, and straight forward, and her old blog is still live, whenever I visit the blog, a nice cozy warm feeling comes over me, enjoy!
  7. found these recently. no great shakes, but like the bits being there.
  8. I wrote this review some years ago now. Since my website is likely to be new for many here, this set of articles (4 in all) may be of interest. It is more than about the Veritas Custom Planes, and how to design your own, but about hand plane use. Link: http://www.inthewoodshop.com/ToolReviews/VeritasCustomPlanes1.html Regards from Perth Derek
  9. Here is the 3rd version of the shoulder Plane. Input from an experienced wooden plane authority, I made some changes to improve the shoulder plane. 1. Enlarged handle so all 4 fingers would fit in side. 2.Remove the finger bumps inside the handle. 3. Tilt the handle 12°forward. 4. Make the bump on the back of the handle more rounded. 5. When I increased the size of the handle, I made the plane longer and higher to balance out the increase in handle size, Here are the end results. It is much more comfortable,and seems easier to use. The last pictures are the comparison of the first one with the latest one. Herb
  10. I have a stanely 12-904 and questions. What angle should the blade be sharpened to 30 or 25 degrees? What is the main use for this plane? I am having trouble getting this plane to work any help appreciated! Is this a smoothing or jack plane?
  11. Here is my latest creation in my wooden plane creations. Black Walnut, Holly racing stripe. Shellac Finish Herb
  12. I glued up the wooden blocks yesterday for a new plane mock-up. Today I shaped it. It has a coat of shellac on it to see if there are any humps or bumps I need to sand out before I finish it. Here are a couple of boring pictures. Herb
  13. Estate Sale this morning...LONG drive up to Mt. Victory, OH....a JET jointer...was already sold...but.. Rather lonely looking...spent a dollar bill....and, like most other vintage planes.. Paint splatters...pretty blue ones. Why another block plane? Why to clean up any saw marks left by the rest of the $21 I spent this morning.. To replace the all metal one from Sears that I broke the guard on....even weighs about the same.. Might get a little use out of this one...
  14. Well I did it. I finally pulled the trigger and landed me one of my dreams, one of my bucket list purchases. Yes, this is a tool gloat, and I am anxiously awaiting my new LN No. 51 Shoot Board Plane to arrive in the mail this Tuesday. I was going to wait till I got her in my hands, then gloat, but my gloating is pushing through my brain right now and I need to let is loose or I'll explode. A few years ago I saw and used a beautiful example of a Stanely No. 51 Shooting Board Plane and I have wanted one ever since. The main drawback of course is the price of the old Stanely Shooting Planes range from 800 bucks on up depending on the condition. I have some planes right now that would work as a shooter, but I really want a dedicated set up, in other words, I am spoiling myself. Here is an old Stanely No. 51 going for around $875.00 and that's a great price for it in the great condition it's in! Here is a fine example of a No. 52 with a hard to find Stanley Shooting Board for around $2000.00 The LN No. 51 for $500.00 and I feel it's a better tool as well, finely machined, a nice 9lbs in weight to plow through the grain, and less expensive than the originals. I looked at Veritas, they have a beautiful example of a Shooting Plane as well but I really like the traditional concept of the Stanley that LN produces. Tuesday, will be my big day, when I get home from my day job and see that box sitting in my shop, mama will receive it and she just throws anything I get in the mail on my work bench, I hope she places this one on the bench and not her usual toss. So that's it folks, my big gloat of the year, it's not often we get something new in the old shop, this is special, and I can't wait to make my own shooting board, already have some pretty good plans for them, and a long grain shooting board as well for accurately planing the long edge of boards. So cool! Links Lie Nielsen Shooting Board Plane My original topic on this plane at Thank you for putting up with my gloat.
  15. Here is my weekend projet. It was from the video Stick suggested last week. I made a mock up, to see if I could build one. See picture. Now I will make a working model. Herb
  16. Version 1.0.0


    The Lie Nielsen Shooting Board plan
  17. View File Shooting Board The Lie Nielsen Shooting Board plan Submitter John Morris Submitted 02/19/2019 Category Shop Jigs  
  18. Guys, I need to improve the quality of blade for my Stanley #7, I've tried everything to fix the cap iron re-beveled it sharpened to not allow any light thru but the chips still get in between. Thinking of getting a set of Hock pieces was looking for input or/and a good place to buy. Best price quick shipping and so on. Thanks Pat
  19. Haven't figured out how to send a pic, and the last two times I put this question out, someone deleted it. I cannot find anyone who knows anything about this oddity of a small cast iron wood plane. It has an enclosure for wood shavings, and the top is hinged at the rear. right at the rear is the slot and a cutter blade. The enclosure catches the shavings, and you have to raise the lid to empty them. It has no name or any other identifying marks. It is about 5" long, and the antique store I found it at had a string and tag identifying it as an "antique wood lathe." So, the owner of the store did not know what it was. Two people have tried to find one on the internet with no success. Thought some of you might know a little about it. Just because I don't have a picture of it doesn't mean you have a right to delete it for the third time!
  20. Last of the grooves, and tongues are done...time to put this old plane away... Don't quite fit? Well, IF I tear it down a bit, and start stacking parts.. Put the cutters back into the two slots..straight cutters in the back row. There is a 3/16" Match cutter, a sash cutter, a 1/4" match cutter, and a whole herd of bead cutters.. The Support Staff. Fence, sliding stock, cam, and both sets of rods. spare spurs, screwdrivers, and a couple extra cutters. One of the cutters is too small to stash in with the rest of the straight cutters. Then I can stash the main event.. Has to slip in here, just so...IF I want the next item... Mainly, close the lid, and latch it shut. Until needed again. Keeps it dust free.
  21. Ok....downtime IN the shop....taking a short vacation from woodworking projects, for now. Bench was cleared off, planed flat Even a coat of shellac on the bare wood. The plane lying on the bench came from the Wapak Gathering....came home in a pink plastic tub. i thought maybe I could clean it up a bit...and see IF I can make it a little bit better than a junker plane. "Whale Tail" Stanley Defiance. Made between 1955 and 1962....when Stanley crimped the lateral lever down tighter.. Named because it looks like the south end of a north bound whale. Rear handle....may see about rounding it over a little bit better. Hmmm, yeah...need to clean under the hood, looks like? Get the frog to seat better. Flatten the face of the frog, so the iron fits better...the "hood"? Clean the lever cap from this plane, and a spare cap I had on hand. Stanley on the right, Millers Falls Mohawk-Shelburne on the left. Stanley had a big chip-out missing along the leading edge..dead-center....it will still work, but..I also ground things back to remove the chip-out....reason the Millers falls one MIGHT get used? Because it has that piece of spring steel. Keeps the lever from digging into the chipbreaker. The Stanley one never had it, made for a cheaper part..but also a looser fit.. Somehow, I don't think this is the OEM bolt.....I don't had the correct one in the spares box....will work on this thing.. And work on this side, as well...grinder was fired up, again.. The reason these bolts have a flat head? There is a "well" in the frog, where the bolt usually sits...not a whole lot of room in there, either. Too tall of a bolt, and the iron can rock side to side. As for the other side.. Ground flush. These bolts protrude up under the lever cap....again, too tall and things can rock and wiggle.... Stamped as a Defiance, Made in USA. Will work on a sharpening, later... Have this piece of oak as a test track....mainly along the edge grain. I put the plane back together, using the freshly worked on parts...no sharpening was done, new lever cap was used. Set the test track into the vise, and gave the plane a test drive... Took a few tries...adjusted for depth, until it started to cut. It's a start....will be working on this Defiance tool, and another one.. Defiance 1-1/2" wide socket chisel....dead ringer for the Stanley version. About the bench top....had a wooden dog stuck in one of the dog holes...was unable to extract it, or even just drive it on through....so..I drill a new hole..a bit closer to the vise.. PEXTO No. 8012, 12" sweep, Samson chuck. Plane beside it? It is an older version of the Defiance planes, a #3 size. May try to get it working, as well. Drill got put back in the til.. There is a larger brace right next to it....a 14" sweep. Squares...a plough plane, and 3 spokeshaves...there is even a saw set in there.... Stay tuned...we'll see how that "Junker Plane" turns out.....
  22. As part of the Dungeon Clean-up this year....the old plough plane was rehabbed back to life.....found broken, and discarded....new parts were made. New, better wedges were made. Cutter sharpened up. New, Maple handle was made. Skate was cleaned of rust. A new fence, made out of Ash to replace the broken Beech one. New wedges are Walnut. There is a screw to help secure the handle in place, as the old dovetail socket was worn away. Glued the handle in place, then added the #10 screw. Two other #10 screws to attach the fence to it's arms. Had to repair one arm...old screw had split the "boss" where it attaches to the arm. Wards #78 plane to make the rebate. Wedge to hold the cutter was beveled to allow the cutter to reach full depth of cut. It also deflecks the shavings out the right side of the plane. As there is no place for the shavings to go on this side.. far cry from what was dug out of the "trash"... Even the sole of the plane needed worked on....was worn crooked... As found.....iron plane is a Stanley #4. Plough plane does look a bit better, now....
  23. My next hand plane, I gotta have her. Been collecting Lie Nielsen's over the last 12 years, and it's time now to make a big jump for their No. 51 Shooting Plane. She is absolutely gorgeous. Still eating off the proceeds of my big stationary machinery sell off, and having a blast spending it! Hey, dad don't get this much money very often and I don't know when I'll have it again, it's my turn! No. 51 Shoot Board Plane The Lie-Nielsen Shoot Board Plane is based on the Stanley 51, which was made between 1909 and 1943 and sold with a companion metal shooting board. Our Shoot Board Plane will fit the original Stanley board, but can be used with any type of shooting board. Plans for simple shop-made shooting boards are included with the tool. The skew-set blade can be adjusted for lateral adjustment to allow for angled cuts, such as draft for pattern work. Read more...
  24. So there really is a reason they are called Rabbet planes. Found at Jim Bode Tools https://www.jimbodetools.com/collections/fine-braces-drills/products/3-4-inch-miniature-rabbit-rabbet-plane-by-paul-hamler-58078
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