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Found 10 results

  1. https://www.woodpeck.com/accessories/pen-turning.html?_bta_tid=22449976645476398023750574492955936439160715423772804253229684872849922672227769739152830170022255635562
  2. Guys, checking in to say I'm still here and as healthy as can be. Going to get some ideas on how you size parts of a piece of furniture relative to the size of the overall piece? Let's say an end table 24" high 13" wide I'm thinking the legs should be about an 1 1/2" squared?
  3. I got this Bulova swinging pendulum, chiming, music playing clock at a garage sale for $2. This thing is solid metal and weighs about 10 lb. Originally had a complex, expensive electronic clock pendulum mechanism. It had a selection of tunes and tones. Since it weighted so much, the owner had neglected to remove and change batteries. The battery corrosion had eaten away much of the mechanism. I did get it to run briefly but it was too far gone. I replaced the clock mechanism with simple battery powered one and installed an anniversary clock battery rotating ball mechanism below. I was lucky enough to find a small mirror with beveled edges that fit perfectly behind the rotating balls. I made a Walnut base that housed the batteries for the ball mechanism. My wife loves it, it chimes on the hour and looks great. I've had it on the wall for a quite few years now and kinda hate it. It is so HEAVY that it is difficult climb a ladder, bring it down to replace the batteries and then rehang it, Every Year!
  4. joejimmun


    Hey Folks, I have a used Delta LA 200 and am looking for parts which is quite a challenge since they are no longer produced. I did find a power switch but I need a handle to lock the quill. I see many lathes that this part seems to fail on and was wondering if anyone knew of the thread and bolt size required. It did not have the handle when I bought it (just a bolt and vice grips) but am thinking that if it matches the handles on other lathes then I could just buy a replacement part for one of them. Thanks, Joe
  5. It’s fall festival time and the end of flea market season is near but it is my favorite time of the year to be out and about rooting around. Not a lot of great or amazing finds of recent...more like parts and pieces mostly. But, there is a pretty nice Bishop backsaw to add to my shop, NOS Stanley iron for a number 8, and a nearly new iron for a number 7, misc. other irons , scrapers and bits, and parts enough to complete an orphaned 71 so useful enough I guess! The line wrenches will good for working on my kids fleet of not so new automobiles too! The grab box of irons also included several that have given their whole lives to the cause! The hunt is half the fun and time with family makes it extra good! I am 19 bucks lighter for it all. The big jointer is from a different hunt last year and was out for a separate adventure to the local public library but that’s another story! Kinda pumped about that saw for a buck!
  6. A friend dropped off a "project" for me to rehab.... The rest of the parts were in a bunch of baggies.. and these.. and.. Lots of tiny parts....and not all the parts were there.. Lever to unlock the swing arm... Guide rods attach here...block for the front set is MIA. saw guides. assembled on set.. These slide on the rods, and guide the saw. Newer models had roller bearings... One bag had just 4 bolts.... To install the feet with. There is also a dozen small wood screws, to attach a wooden "deck" to the metal frame. Been about 3 years since I last rehabbed a Stanley No. 358 Mitre Box... Trying to remember which part goes where....and, this was a newer model, than the one I am now working on.... Need to buy a 1/2" thick Poplar plank....something about iron vs Oak (or Ash).....there is even a few wood screws, to attach the box to a bench. Might take a while to get the latest version rehabbed, and making sawdust. Stay tuned..
  7. I recently acquired a 16" jointer by S.A. Woods. I'm missing the height adjustment wheel and screw. I was wondering if anyone here knows where I might find parts for this machine? Thank in advance for any input, Shawn
  8. Since I intend to use this plane a lot on the Dresser project coming up, I might as well get it set up for the first job it will be doing. There is one HUGE cutter in the box of cutters, called a sash cutter. At one time, it would cut the sash moldings for windows. This time around, it will set up to install plywood panels into the sides of a dresser. Will be running the plane along the edge of a 4/4 thick board....molded edge out, rebate in. So, I laid out some parts... Screwdriver is a Millers Falls stand-in, until I find the Stanley ones. I thought I picked the right length rods. You can see the cutter there in the middle. That bolt thingy is a depth stop for the cutter. Ok, put a few parts together.. The one with the handle is called the Main Stock. The cutters cut with the bevel down. Short rods are installed, so the next part can be installed.. Called the Sliding stock. The cutter did have a slight bow to it, had to press a bit to install the sliding stock into place. I want the edge of the stock to sit right behind the lowest point of the cutter, to support it on the end. Which is also where the molding part stops. then tried to install the fence stock.. it will be close...might have to get the long rods and install them. I 'ducked" the fence under the cutter, as I want the molding right on the edge. Some of the other jobs this plane will get used for....a groove for drawer bottoms to sit in. A dado for the drawer backs to sit in. And about any other little job I can think off. Now, IF it could only do 1/2 blind dovetails....oh well. i'll post a few shots of this set up in action, as soon as the lumber gets here. Stay tuned..
  9. Since my workbench was built using dumpster dived parts, and I need a few drawers under it, might as well dive in again. Parts from a metal loft bed on the left, more about the wood stuff in a moment Hmmm, don't have a welder handy. But I did find most of the bolts. 1/2 pound of them. Now, as for the wood parts. Seems there was a fancy water bed thrown away Those are solid OAK, people! someone must have got a bit too frisky and broke it... There were a few 1x 12 in the haul, as well. Other side is stained a walnut-like colour. So, along with a decent stash of Barn Wood 1x4s and some other bits and pieces. Maybe a good thing I got two new hack saw blades. Single Brain Cell Sketch-up is just starting to warm up, takes awhile nowadays.... Somehow, I will have to tear the head and foot boards down to just parts. I will lose one stretcher from the bench build, but gain several METAL ones. Price so far? ZERO Dollars spent. Unless you count a count saw blades... This could get to be interesting.....
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