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  1. Think I posted the beginning of this in a Monday or Friday post. Wife wanted something special for grandson’s graduation. She found a box and wanted to put a 1k bill in it . Don’t make those anymore. So how about 1k in gold , too much hassle. Do she buys a 1k watch and I make a box and get engraved. Box is Bubinga.
  2. RustyFN

    New box

    This one I 5.5” in diameter and 4” tall. This is from some of the kiln dried maple I got. I bought some new flock and used blue on this one.
  3. Anyone tried the quarter/quarter/quarter method for boxes, drawers etc.?
  4. My wife got this idea for grandsons graduation to give him 1K in a box. The cash part has changed but the box is a go with engraved $1000 bill on top of lid and Bible verse on inner side. Well the box is done and lid goes to engraving Friday . Holding on finishing till that gets done.
  5. Vacillated on this or the Turning forum and this one won. I had a box with lid on the headstock of my lathe and every time I needed something inside it have to lift the top and probably drop something. So decided a drawer would work better. Used mostly scraps I had in the shop. Box was the easy part with an apron in front and the side toward the tailstock to act as slide guards. Used sliding dovetails for mounting drawer sides to face. Just happened that this piece of ply was a perfect fit for the bottom . Just had to cut it to length. Cut slots in sides for the back to fit and then glue it up. Had some Watco danish oil cherry from an estate to give the ply some color (not in pic) . Watco danish oil natural for the walnut front. Applied two blocks to underside on left and back to make a tighter fit to head stock. Waxed drawer sides and bottom. That little rim around the top makes a good retainer of round objects.
  6. I’m still waiting for the laminated door verticals to cure so I thought I would make a box for my daughter. It’s an easy build using one pattern and the shaper origin. I used 1/2” SOSS barrel hinges for the lid. Paul
  7. Our turning club has two TVs and sound system . We added two new microphones, a mixer and a PA speaker this month. The old DeWalt drill box is not large enough to handle all this so I set out to make a box which I fear is a bit oversize . However there will be padding added. measures about 18 l x 7.5 h x 12.5 deep. Did not want it to be too heave so planed the oak sides down to 3/8. As usual forgot pictures till done so staged on on the jig. This is what will go into the box plus the sound mixer. Router setup for finger joints. Had to change the clamps for 3/8 wood and didn't quite get it tight for first one and had to make a new end board That take care of and tight clamps left no problem. Laid out to check dado for continuity . The hard part here for me is to remember the order So I mark the corners to match. Test fit for sides. Now to make the top and bottom and hope I remember to take pics.
  8. I'm reading a Fine Woodworking book on "Boxes, Carcases, and Drawers." It's just a collection of articles from the early days of FWW. One of them is by Tage Frid, one of the major authors of the day. He writes, "Furniture construction is broken into two main categories: frame and carcase. In frame construction, relatively narrow boards are joined -- usually with a mortise and tenon joint -- as in a chair or table base, or a frame and panel door. In carcase construction boards are joined end to end using dovetails, tongue and groove joints and the like, as in a drawer or hutch." Seems simple enough, huh?
  9. I made Shaker berry boxes for a few Christmas presents this year. Four of the boxes have cherry sides and maple handles & bottoms. The fifth box is made from all poplar. The sides and handle are 1/8” thick and the bottoms are ¼” thick. The construction is 1/8” x 1/8” box joint. The finish is two coats shellac. Danl
  10. Begins with the sides... Rather, a Back and 2 sides...trying to get the grain to wrap around... Drawer fronts needed a blank or 2 to chose from.. The rest of these 2 will be for the front of the top tray...have some 1/4" stuff for the drawer sides and backs.. That pile underneath will be parts for the lid.. Maybe a raised panel? With a collar? Should be enough "parts"? Skinny stick for the front of the upper drawer runner? Still working out a panel for the bottom of the box...we'll see... Stay tuned..
  11. I made a box for a friends birthday. First time I mixed wood with acrylic. It was questionable with me but my wife loved it and said our friend would also. My son is visiting from Texas. I got some shop time with him and got him on the lathe for the first time. He wanted to make a pen so I helped him with that.
  12. Our Patriot Turners- @nevinc posted images of his walnut bowls and a question about warping. His beautiful walnut bowls changed shape after they set for a bit. Check out his post and see if you can provide more information or suggestions- @Gerald had a craft show this past weekend but unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate. This is one of his "Friendship Bowls" he had for sale- Head on over to his post to see more of the bowls along with other items he had for sale- "What's On You Lathe" continues to highlight our turners' work! Some of what was posted- You can catchup here- We had some interesting comments on last week's "Wednesday's" about chuck removal. I appreciate the input- What’s Coming Up- 2023 Mid Atlantic Woodturners Association Symposium. Click on the image for registration For The Newbies- Turners are often asked to duplicate another piece. This video from Sam Angelo demonstrates one technique. What I found particularly interesting was the story stick he made with the pencil point notches- Expand Your Horizons- Watch Mike Waldt turn a Spalted Beech Lidded Box This video, from Turn A Wood Bowl, gives a a little insight to the question asked by @nevinc concerning warping- It is less expensive to buy unhandled lathe tools and then turn your own custom handle. Alan Stratton explores the possibilities- New Turning Items- Ron Brown has a new parting tool kit. Check it out here- https://www.longworthchuck.com/index.php?route=product/product&search=PARTING TOOL K&product_id=475 Everything Else- Tim Yoder got a new "toy"- Safe turning
  13. With the club's long time charity deciding they don't want wooden toys any more, we needed to find a new place. One current place is the local children's hospital taking 30 small boxes a month for the patients to decorate while there and take home. So I started making some. The first batch (6 of them) was mitered corners with a sliding lid, used keys on the corners. Second batch (5) finger-jointed and solid top rabbeted. Looking for something a little more efficient in production. Third was a prototype with an inset lid held with a brass rod as pivot hinge. Ok, but finicky. Forth was today. Mitered corners and inset plywood top and bottom panel. Biscuits to reinforce the miter joints. I did another groove on the inside near the top. Then once the box was assembled and glue dried, did another pass with the 1/4" bit on the router table. This made a double rabbet to hold the lid in place. Saves having to do an inner layer insert. I'll do a run of these when I get some more lumber and plywood. I talked to a local furniture shop last week and they told me the set out their scraps on Monday afternoon for the trash man. I was there and picked some of their cutoffs from the scrap bin;. Most of it was 1/2" poplar, probably drawer sides. A bit of maple and some cherry. In another adventure, I got a bunch of leftovers from red oak flooring (one time find) . Well, started today to rip off the tongue and groove edges so I could do glue-up. Then I thought, hey, the ends are going to be hidden by miter joints, just use them to align the glue up and rip off only the top and bottom edges. Lesson learned. It appears that the groove side is slightly wider on the top than on the bottom. I'm thinking that's so the top joint is tight and the bottom does not matter so much. I got a lot of "cup" in the top that I needed to get out with cauls and now I looks like there's a gap on the bottom of that joint. Well, nice try. Wait for the glue to dry and rip them apart. On the other ones, I will try just trimming off a bit on the groove side to align it up.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use.
  15. View File Workbench Magazine May-June 1968 Custom Made Tool Chest This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use. Submitter John Morris Submitted 04/08/2023 Category Shop Furniture  
  16. For those new to woodturning there is a dance you have to learn to be a good woodturner. Feet positioning and movement are some of the keys to this dance. Well needless to say my dance has been impaired as of late but is getting nearer to normal.My last day of PT is Friday and for the last 10 days have been working on boxes for my two therapists. The walnut came from the Methodist church about18 years ago. Finish on the walnut is Watco as I do not know of a easier and better finish for it. Tops have clear gloss Watco Lacquer. these are about 5 inches wide.
  17. RustyFN

    New box

    We have a contest at our club meeting this month. It has to be a lidded box and has to fit into an 8” cube. I made this but decided not to enter it. I made something different that I like better. I finished the inside with black flock.
  18. This is a follow up from my new box post. People were wanting to see the second box finished. I figured I would start a new thread. The box bottom is pecan. The top and finial are quarter sawn sycamore. It has four coats of Arm R Seal semi gloss then buffed with carnauba wax.
  19. From the album: Old Jail Presentation Boxes

    presentation boxes for old jail pens

    © Lewis Kauffman

  20. Hi, John if you think this needs to be relocated, please do so. The wife of my best friend, sent me (well actually me Missus) a picture of a spice rack that rolls into the space between the fridge and wall. Was wondering if I could make one for her. I told her I thought it would be too top heavy, and would get very dusty there. Then I was wondering (and I’m gonna TRY to describe my idea), If I built a box, say 3 feet by 3 feet by 6 inches, and the 6 inches was to fit in the space between the fridge and wall, could I use a pair of drawer slides for it to slide out from the fridge and then back in? The slides would be mounted on the wall side of the box, top and bottom. I was wondering if it might sway too much, when fully pulled out. I was gonna put a back on the box, and doors on the front to keep the dust out. Pull it out from the space, open the doors, grab your spices, close everything up and slide it back in. Any thoughts on better hardware, or design, I’m more than happy to consider/use
  21. Still had a stash of resaws to use up...or burn....prefer to use up, so.. And... Figure I could just glue these up into book-matched panels...for a Frame & Panel box/chest? Clamps and cauls.... Bench vise as a 3rd hand, and as a pair of cauls.. More clamps and cauls..might use this one for and end panel..means I need one for the other end Not too sure about that knot, yet.. let these sit a day...then remove the clamps..and nothing flies apart... The 2 longer panels, will have to trim these down to match each other...as for the other 2.. Need to trim all of these down.. To get rid of that knot, for one thing.. Set the rip fence to ~5" width...ran the best of each panel through...set aside the 3" cut-offs for later... Lengths...ends are 6" long, and the 2 sides are ~9" long.. Then try to plane the glue joints until they disappear.. Almost gone? Also needed to get them all FLAT.. A little more off of the right edge? repeat 3 more times.. Plane is a Stanley No.3, Type 11....as it was still out on the bench... Upstairs, there are 2 planks...one has a live edge...7/8" x 6 x 65-1/2" The other is a bit plain..and a foot shorter I figure I can cut the best section out...for a lid....maybe do a glue-up? Rest of the plank will get ripped down into parts for the frames. Some of which might get a bit "showy"? Spalted Maple? set the fence for 1-1/2" width..run a few strips to start up with.. Might be enough..we'll see... Next time? More rips...a LOT of cross cuts (16 parts !) and more rips...then see about grooves, tenons... Stay tuned..
  22. Making a surprise box for my wife. This one is a pretty good size one. I can’t remember the wood type. It is going to be a whiskey barrel. I used silver/grey miliput for the steel bands. I will use a thin plywood for the top with a cork for the handle.
  23. From the album: Gene's Stuff

    Mesquite box to hold my Daughter-in-law's Glock. Solid Mesquite, turquoise and epoxy to fill the voids. Mesquite harvested and milled by yours truly.
  24. Sooo, bought some Red Oak, and needed a project idea... Three planks, at $22.98 each ( OUCH!) 1/2" x 5-1/2" x 48"... Grain details, of the top board...other 2 are a little more plain....so, watch a series of videos by Paul Sellers' Masterclass. Downloaded the plan for a Keepsake Box with curved sides So, I'll give him the credit for the design. I'll have a few small details that will be a bit different. Cutting list as provided.. Where he used 9/16" thick stock...I'll have to use 1/2" thick stuff.....I'll have to see about that 5/8" thick stock... So, here we go.."Start up" phase....details? Curved corner details....looks like fun? Applied feet (to make)Lid gets sawn free of the box, note the cut line. Bottom and the panel for the lid are to look like they are floating, but.. They sit in a narrow groove..3/16" at that...we'll see how that works in 1/2" thick stock....he uses a plough plane even on the end grain. He also cuts a stopped dado for that divider to sit in. There is a carved, curved finger grip for me to gouge out(up) Had a pair of Hinges I thought about using.... Maybe....would be surface mounted, and inlaid flush with the surface....we'll see.. Need to haul the Plans and the Planks to the shop. The Masterclaases are Free, just log onto Paul's site....He also has a pay per view Masterclass....but, since I am a bit on the Frugal side (NOT cheap) I went with the Free site. Might be worth checking out...? Boss has errands to run, whenever the "Fliver" gets warmed up (16 sunny degrees outside, about 50 degrees too cold for me) Stay tuned....this might involve a small bit of cussing.. (ya think?)
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