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  1. Still had a stash of resaws to use up...or burn....prefer to use up, so.. And... Figure I could just glue these up into book-matched panels...for a Frame & Panel box/chest? Clamps and cauls.... Bench vise as a 3rd hand, and as a pair of cauls.. More clamps and cauls..might use this one for and end panel..means I need one for the other end Not too sure about that knot, yet.. let these sit a day...then remove the clamps..and nothing flies apart... The 2 longer panels, will have to trim these down to match each other...as for the other 2.. Need to trim all of these down.. To get rid of that knot, for one thing.. Set the rip fence to ~5" width...ran the best of each panel through...set aside the 3" cut-offs for later... Lengths...ends are 6" long, and the 2 sides are ~9" long.. Then try to plane the glue joints until they disappear.. Almost gone? Also needed to get them all FLAT.. A little more off of the right edge? repeat 3 more times.. Plane is a Stanley No.3, Type 11....as it was still out on the bench... Upstairs, there are 2 planks...one has a live edge...7/8" x 6 x 65-1/2" The other is a bit plain..and a foot shorter I figure I can cut the best section out...for a lid....maybe do a glue-up? Rest of the plank will get ripped down into parts for the frames. Some of which might get a bit "showy"? Spalted Maple? set the fence for 1-1/2" width..run a few strips to start up with.. Might be enough..we'll see... Next time? More rips...a LOT of cross cuts (16 parts !) and more rips...then see about grooves, tenons... Stay tuned..
  2. Making a surprise box for my wife. This one is a pretty good size one. I can’t remember the wood type. It is going to be a whiskey barrel. I used silver/grey miliput for the steel bands. I will use a thin plywood for the top with a cork for the handle.
  3. From the album: Old Jail Presentation Boxes

    presentation boxes for old jail pens

    © Lewis Kauffman

  4. From the album: Gene's Stuff

    Mesquite box to hold my Daughter-in-law's Glock. Solid Mesquite, turquoise and epoxy to fill the voids. Mesquite harvested and milled by yours truly.
  5. Sooo, bought some Red Oak, and needed a project idea... Three planks, at $22.98 each ( OUCH!) 1/2" x 5-1/2" x 48"... Grain details, of the top board...other 2 are a little more plain....so, watch a series of videos by Paul Sellers' Masterclass. Downloaded the plan for a Keepsake Box with curved sides So, I'll give him the credit for the design. I'll have a few small details that will be a bit different. Cutting list as provided.. Where he used 9/16" thick stock...I'll have to use 1/2" thick stuff.....I'll have to see about that 5/8" thick stock... So, here we go.."Start up" phase....details? Curved corner details....looks like fun? Applied feet (to make)Lid gets sawn free of the box, note the cut line. Bottom and the panel for the lid are to look like they are floating, but.. They sit in a narrow groove..3/16" at that...we'll see how that works in 1/2" thick stock....he uses a plough plane even on the end grain. He also cuts a stopped dado for that divider to sit in. There is a carved, curved finger grip for me to gouge out(up) Had a pair of Hinges I thought about using.... Maybe....would be surface mounted, and inlaid flush with the surface....we'll see.. Need to haul the Plans and the Planks to the shop. The Masterclaases are Free, just log onto Paul's site....He also has a pay per view Masterclass....but, since I am a bit on the Frugal side (NOT cheap) I went with the Free site. Might be worth checking out...? Boss has errands to run, whenever the "Fliver" gets warmed up (16 sunny degrees outside, about 50 degrees too cold for me) Stay tuned....this might involve a small bit of cussing.. (ya think?)
  6. Nearing the middle of January already. Rumor has it there's a snow storm brewing for the north east late this weekend. Maybe I'll get to use the snow blower for the second time this "winter". Our Patriot Turners- Our turners have taken a vacation this week, but @Ron Altier's post about adding glitter to an ornament had lots of responses and advice. Read what was said and what Ron did, in this post What’s Coming Up- The Woodturners Worldwide Online Symposium is coming up on January 27 through January 30. https://www.woodturnersworldwide.com/ Click on the above image for the link to purchase tickets. Follow this link for a list of presenters- https://www.woodturnersworldwide.com/demonstrators If you have a social media presence, many of the presenters are offering a discount when registering. Check your favorite turner's accounts to see if they are participating. Lyle Jamieson is offering an IRD on preventing catches- Registration and more information is available at- https://lylejamieson.com/product/january-25-2022-700-to-930pm-eastern-time-tuesday-preventing-catches/ For The Newbies- An instructional video from Stuart Batty on grain orientation- Mike Peace posted a video on gluing tips he used during the creation of some of his turnings- Expand Your Horizons- Some years ago, I turned several "spiral candle holder" as gifts. Here is Alan Stratton's process on adding the spiral to a small box. Warning!! If you don't like to sand, this might not be your go-to project!!! Lyle Jamieson turns a hollow form with natural edges New Turning Items- I'm hoping some new turning items will show up about tax return time! Everything Else- Frank Howarth takes turning design to a whole different level. His imagination (not to mention his shop) seems to be limitless! Rick Turns list of woodturning YouTube videos from last week- Safe turning and stay well
  7. Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great and Blessed Thanksgiving. Here are some pictures of todays beginning of constructing a toy box for my grandson for Christmas. Not the best pics. my question(s) are for the floor of it I am going to run Cedar from front to back. What would be the best way to re-enforce it to withstand the weight of the toys? Same thing for the lid because I am sure he will want to sit on it. Thank you!
  8. Sometime ago, I was working at the bench, with this opened case on the bench....just as I noticed it was walking towards the edge of the bench.....too late. In the wreck damage....it had torn the lid off the case...taking a bit of wood with it....just enough that I couldn't just re-attach it..stripped out the screwholes, to boot. The only thing that could hold the lid shut was the latch out front.....after a few projects of messing around with that loose lid....time had come to settle matters..... Looked around in the spares box....found a short length of "Piano" hinge....but no screws....kept looking, found a small bag of screws that MIGHT work. Already had the pilot hole drill set up...just had to find the right screwdriver..... Tried to center this up, with the barrel of the hinge right over the "break-out" area. Couple of clamps to hold the lid in place on the box...could hear something rattling around inside. 6 small Phillips head screws...just long enough that the pointy end does not poke through the 1/2" thick sides. Now, about that rattle noise? Yes, these did come with a screwdriver. And it was moving around inside the box. Plane is a Stanley No. 45, Type 5...... You can also see where it hit the concrete floor at....top right corner.. Should be all set for the next job...
  9. Inspired by last weeks Wisdom for Woodturners post I made a hinged box. I watched Mike Waldt's video and remembered I had harvested some of those hinges from trinkets purchased at the Restore with plans to use them someday. The hinge sets are cheap when purchased this way since the price for one of the trinkets is usually around $0.50 at the Restore. I collected them together and hadn't realized how many I had acquired until they were all in one place. The nick in the lid makes room for the hasp. I filed the bottom of the hasp flat and didn't have to cut out the bottom piece.
  10. From the album: Gene's Stuff

    Sagebrush rounds, or oysters were glued to 1/2" plywood and leveled with a router jig. Voids between the rounds were filled with turquoise and epoxy.
  11. Here is a jewelry box made with segments then cut on the Ringmaster lathe.
  12. honesttjohn

    Custom oak sign

    From the album: from honesttjohn's Lab

    Guy is restoring a 54 (or 55) GMC pick up. Sign was for his company, started by his late father.
  13. My daughter asked me to make her a small box...Presto changeo, ala kazam.... Had a lot of fun with this one. Not bad for a first box. I wish it had turned out a little more centered, so that the variations in wood types were more even. .40
  14. She brought this picture to me and said show this on Patriot. I think I did some time ago. Well, show it again for it is the difference in a band saw box and a scroll saw box. It defines the difference in a woodworker and a piddler . Honey, I don't know what a piddler is? I can't show this picture for you didn't bring me the same picture from start to finish on the same project! She had brought part of the pictures I had flipped using Rapid Resizer then she realized there was two different boxes involved. So this was the finish of the same thing in the first picture. Okay here it is but you know I have ended up being a piddler also! Oh, by the way, all those holes go with the stack of small dowels laying there for they keep things in line as the glue dries. I scroll sawed all the pieces for four different boxes beside the motor home in the Colo. mountains during one summer. And on that vacation I had forgotten to load the small drill press so I found an auction in South Fork and bought the one pictured here and it was very important for I have to have at least 4 small holes where each and every piece is cut out. This vacation I had to have 48 pieces of ash glued up for all the bodies of each box to be glues up and waiting until we got there and was ready to begin gluing a pattern on as I got ready to saw out all the lines of each pattern. Incidentally if a pattern is glued on say 24 hours before it is to be sawn out with the scroll saw it will have enlarged and have become unuseable. The three months each summer was not all work for one day we would work beside the motor home and the next day we would travel all over Colo. Caution, I only printed out just enough patterns for each box before we left home and I screwed up for the wind was blowing as I was trying to glue a pattern on and it got screwed up where it was not useable so we went to the library in South Fork and used their printer to make another pattern from the original pattern I found out the hard way different printers will not make the same exact size as another printer. It might come out larger by a hair, smaller or maybe close to the same size. So I waited till we got home to make one final pattern for the final panel for one of the boxes...So now if I am making something that needs multiple pieces of the exact same size I now make a few extra copies in case of a screw up!!! When we first got to the RV camp we went to Wally World and bought a roll of landscape material and wife sewed up some wall curtains for the three sides of the awning for when the wind blew or rain so out stuff outside the motor home would not get ruined... Every thing was always left out side and we never worried about thieves.. we did have to take down one panel for it would get too hot even in the 8200 foot elevation and gave it to the neighbor for they needed it so we become happy neighbors with one little gift. We learned what we would take over the years of being up in the mountains for 3 months at a time..The list would start hanging on the fridge as soon as we got home so we would have plenty of time to not forget something like the first time or two we went. Did I say she spent the rest of the three months making curtains for many folks there that year.. She said where else could she pay for a few more vacations as we were ejoying the one we were on? This is an RV park that has everything, Restaurant. wash-a-tiera, gas station, free mini golf. free paddle boats, free fishing in the west fork of the Rio Grand, pay for each fish in the very well stocked small lakes there on the property. Free horse back riding. Cabins to rent plus a large motel plus. They are big enough to have their own parade each July the 4th with all the renters being invloved. They have a few churches on the property. They have a few big building for folks to display and sell what they build there or what they bring from home. And lots of things I can't remember with all the employees are from the folks that come there each summer only. All the jobs there from the receptionist to the gate keepers are RV'ers... If you work there your stay is free and some jobs are paid more than the food and stay. And the electricity was always included in the 330.00 rent for a 30 day stay. We also found the rich folks that have vacation homes in the mountains is Colo. are just plain ole stupid about money, or in the minds of a poor person!!!! Starting about a month before they would leave and go back to where ever they came from they would hold garage sales and would almost give away everything they had in their cabins so they could start from scratch spending money on all new stuff for the next summer...then as the snow was melting there would go a u-haul it full of brand new stuff. Wife started out taking her sewing machine along with her stained glass doings and we bought a roll of that awning stuff from Lowes like they use in the garden area for she wanted to make some walls the very first time we went but she didn't realize that hole summer she was busy makes awning curtains that entire summer.. She paid for two or three summers during that first trip.. then before the next summer got here she said no sewing machine on the next trips up there....but she always took here stained glass stuff...also If I had taken the computer with the Rapid Resizer program I could have made name plates and things for the 950 camper population that is there every summer. This is the first place we ever saw while owning that camper all the young kids and tootlers could roam anywhere they wanted to go without supervision for most all the population was out in plain sight at all times. I know there will be folks that want to argue that but you got to be there the whole summer to see what I mean. But everyone that has young kids says it is a place for very young kids to explore the world for some very good training and at the same time the parents can sit back and watch without having heart attacks when a child disappears for second. Now see there all my wife wanted me to do was show the scroll sawed boxes but in my mind every thing needs some kind of an explanation.
  15. My wife and I watched our Grandson, Teddy, for a week, while his parents moved into their first house on Long Island. While here, he did the usual things for a 5 year old, play dates, swimming in the local creek/pool, helped with yard work, and helped me start a dovetailed, sliding lidded box, that is to be used to store loose parts for my Delta shaper. We didn't quite get around to painting it but I'll show him the results when finished. All-in-all, he had a great time!!!!
  16. My Father died unexpectedly from a fall April 14th of this year. Been tough for the family as can be expected. My Mother requested I make his Urn. Took awhile to sort through all his things and find items to put on this Urn in his memory. The pins are from various employers and Aircraft, US Navy pins and Search and Rescue pins. The coin was given to me by a Deputy from Spaulding County Georgia that had worked with my Father on some searches. I though it fitting it go on his Urn. Dog leash was his favorite so I included that as well. The golden recessed strip at the top of the Urn is for his 52 years of marriage to my Mother. Had a extra gear to a Toyota so I added that as this was only vehicle he had bought in past 35 years. Used some walnut he had given me, some cherry as he liked that wood and a piece of pressure treated lumber he had asked me to cut into circle for him but never used. Bottom wrap is a handrail from old church pew. My Father was a very Godly man and as such this fits his nature and memory. Purple Heart accents as he loved to see that wood used in projects I had made over the years. Top of box is a piece of aircraft aluminum with stainless steel screws, his favorite. Very difficult project for me to complete. The build was straightforward, it was memories that surfaced during this 40 day build that made it tough to stay on it for more than hour at a time.
  17. Lots happening with our turners this week... Our Patriot Turners- @FrederickH posted a project in the woodworking section. He is making a box for his lathe chuck/jaws. From all the comments and ideas, I thought maybe our turners would like to see what he made and all the other ideas form his post- You can see the build and how he finished the inside to hold his chuck- @Smallpatch showed us his in progress steady rest. Looks like it is going to be a nice one too- Jess' post contains images of his build, lots of comments from our group and some great music! New member @bradleyheathhays asked for our opinion on a lathe he is considering buying. Check out his post and maybe you can provide some input to help him make a choice- @RustyFN has been really busy in his shop putting that new lathe through its paces! Rust is trying some outboard turning by making a large bowl/platter- Lots of great comments on this one- Unfortunately, not every one of Rusty's projects came out as planned. His efforts in turning a winged bowl were all for naught- I think we've all been there, and our members were sympathetic- While Rusty was working, he tried a new tool, for him. He used a round nose scraper which lead him to post a question to our members. As always, our turners had super advice- As is often pointed out here in the Woodturners forum, there is no substitute for learning from an experienced turner. Books and DVD's are helpful but the interaction between teacher and student cannot be overstated. Rusty proves that point in his post describing his experience with his first turner's club meeting. @AndrewB Finished up his new lathe workbench and started in on another pepper grinder. This one is a real beauty. Andrew is getting these down to a science! Check out his post for the production images as his project progresses. What’s Coming Up- Click on the above image for the link to more information and registration. Click on the above image for the link to more information and registration. Want to make your own Blues Bowl instrument? Andrew Hall (the "Hat Man") will hosting a workshop this spring- More information here- https://www.hallwoodhats.com/index.php/purchase/the-blues-bowl-sessions For The Newbies- Rusty's post on scraper generated comments about well known turners and some of their educational materials. Here are some links that will flesh out some of the comments- https://www.robohippy.net/videos-test Reed Gray (aka Robo Hippy) has some great scraper videos. Scrapers from Stuart Batty- Spring is here! For your gardening friends, a nice little project from the AAW Sanding tips from Mike Peace- Getting a fluid curve on the outside of a bowl makes the difference between a nice bowl and an awesome. Here Lyle Jamieson show us a trick to help obtain that curve- If you are thinking about setting up a sharpening station for your lathe tools (or other cutting tools), this video from Axminster has some useful information. NOTE: this video is quite long!!! Expand Your Horizons- A couple of weeks ago, Rusty showed us his segmented bowl. I thought this modification has possibilities for some interesting designs- Rusty's work with a winged bowl happened in the same week as this video was posted- Nick Cook turns a gorgeous coffee scoop (AKA Robert Sorby) @Steve Krumanaker makes some beautiful bird House ornaments. How about some full sized versions for our feathered friends- AW1201p14-18.pdf New Turning Items- This is not a new item but it's a little different from others I've seen. It is from Axminster- https://www.axminstertools.com/us/woodcut-pro-mount-carving-stand-105257?glCountry=US&glCurrency=USD Woodturners Wonders has Rikon items on sale. https://woodturnerswonders.com/collections/sales Everything Else- Rick Turns YouTube video list from last week- I finished up the last piece of nice cherry. Someone actually asked to buy it! Safe turning and stay well
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