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Found 88 results

  1. hawkeye10

    Pencil marks.

    I have asked this question before but I still have no solution. My problem is getting rid of pencil marks left on the boards. I even have a pencil to get rid of unwanted pencil marks. Water is supposed to dissolve the marks.
  2. rlpeterson

    Wood Movement

    Hello, I have been asked by my son to build some nested tables for him and his wife. I glued up some oak panels for a tops a few weeks ago and I see now that one has a slight bow in the center. The plans my son gave me has cross pieces that you use to attach the tops to the tables. I was only going to put glue only in the center of the cross piece, and hopefully screw the bow down at the front and the back. Then at the sides I was going to put a slight slot in the cross piece and put a screw in it so it can move around. Am I thinking correctly about getting rid of the bow and wood movement? Best regards, Ron
  3. DAB

    Wooden Pens/Pencils

    So i'm pondering getting into making turned pens/pencils. i have a lathe, but i think it's a little big for pens, and yesterday I got the Penn State Industries catalog, that features all manner of turned pens/pencils stuff you need to make these things. i'd mostly give them away, although if you offered me some $$, i'd say yes. so what should i look for/avoid in this? they have a little starter kit, including a little lathe just for pens, that looks like a good place to start and learn how to do this. i appears that there are standard sizes/dimensions for size of pen, size of hole in the middle. any advice or warnings? thanks.
  4. Kids got out of school for the summer, today. No subbing until August! Lots of activity by our Patriot turners this week! @PostalTom made a set of pen jaws from an article by Mr. David Reed Smith. Tom reports that the jaws worked like a charm. Check out the sweet looking pen he made using the jaws- @Charles Nicholls has been turning some gorgeous bottle stoppers. Charles answers comments about this project in his post- @Steve Krumanaker is adding details to a beautiful maple bowl he turned. Steve's talent with wood burning techniques is awesome! Our turners had lots of great comments- @RustyFN started a log bird house. Unfortunately the log cracked before he had a chance to finish the turning. Rusty asked our turners what might have caused this and what could be done to prevent it. Maybe you can add some more tips/techniques that you have found that work for you. @Ron Altier posted a question about an unfamiliar turning product. Several turners offered identification and use- This little item popped up on Nova's Facebook feed. If you do a lot of both outboard and spindle turning, you might find this useful. Capt. Eddie has a new video on "Better Sanding". It's nice to see him still teaching and giving us great information- I finished up the handle for the hedge shears that were left on the front porch. Fortunately, the original tang holes were round which made the replacement handle easier to make. I used my steady rest to stabilize the work while drilling the holes. Then just shaped the handle to match the original. Used a mallet to drive the handle onto the tang. Finished with wipe-on poly Also got time to finish up the natural edge bowl made from that flame box elder. A bunch of coats of wipe-on poly. Safe Turning
  5. Ron Altier

    What Is This Piece

    I'm not the brightest light bulb in the crowd and this turning tool is something I've never seen. Is the piece on the tail one piece or is it a continual piece from head to tail. What is it called and what does it look like on the bench? Thanks
  6. Sorry guys, not too much this week. Between subbing, doctor appointments, vet appointments and puppy training- shop time has been very limited. @PostalTom showed us a sweet little bowl he made for his woodturning club exchange challenge- Check out how Tom made sure the paper clips don't get away! @Gene Howe Sent me this link. It has some nice turning accessories, from Ron Brown, including several types of chucks. Check out Mr. Brown's website at- http://admailemail.com/view/47157c1/4881dc/ @Gerald asked a question about the finish we like to use on bottle stoppers. My personal favorite is oil based poly. It seems to stand up to handling and moisture. Why not checkout Geralds post and give him your favorite- Easy Wood Tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools ) is presenting free tool demonstrations this coming weekend. If you are near Buffalo Grove, IL or Orland Park, IL, why not stop in and try out these fantastic tools! Mike Peace put up a short video with some turning tips. A couple of great ideas- Holding lathe work can often be challenging. Turner devise all sorts of jigs/chucks to be able to turn their projects. Captain Eddy put up a video a little while back demonstrating some ideas for holding work- Safe turning
  7. Ron Altier

    Wood . You Day

    After the nasty weather, I had a wood you day. I'd start out with a wood project and hear a knock on the door of my shop/garage. The knock keeps me from jumping if she would just walk in. "Would you do this" (she spells it differently) I know what is coming. She has stock piled a list, but only starts with a simple chore. Then when I'm in the middle of that simple chore, she says "while your are at it" then adds several other things. This developed into painting lawn chairs and redoing most things on the patio. It was a nice day, so I didn't mind that much. Then she said,"I don't like that color like I thought I would." I said "ok, YOU go to Home Depot, YOU select the color, YOU come back and YOU paint it. She stayed with the original color..............Happy......Happy........Happy
  8. oldwoodie

    Provential WCO 280

    Bought some of these kits from a company named Woodcrafters of Oklahoma. They sat in a drawer for almost 15 years. When I pulled them out, I found that this company seems to be out of business. You suggested I call Berea Hardwood, and they did send some bushings and some Parker refills for the old kits. I have run into a problem: How do I install the refill? It doesn't seem to fit into the part I believe to be the correct one. I pulled another kit I have in stock, and the refill is the same as the one in the kit. It seems that it might have to be pressed into the pen part, but I am afraid that is going to ruin the point. Anybody turned one of these pens; if so, do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. Ron Altier

    Skew Angle

    I watched the video on proper use of the skew chisel (lew posted) and noticed how he had his sharpened with a slight curve, rather than a straight edge. I haven't see the curve before and it looks like a better way. I don't use the skew much, when I first started I ruined things, didn't know how to properly use it. Is your skew edge curved?
  10. You guys helped me find pen parts from Berea Hardwoods, Now, if instructs says to press parts into wooden pen parts, do you use super glue on them?
  11. Ron Altier

    My Mini Tailstock Solution

    I got to work on my mini tailstock slippage. I went to our local farm store where they have larger washers than hardware stores. As you can see from the pictures of the pictures, small is original one piece, large is my assembly of 4 washers (42 cents) held together with JB weld. I had to do a small amount of filing to get a nice fit. I did some testing and it holds good. The clamping surface has probably doubled. The question is.........will JB weld hold. I was going to solder them and may have to if JB fails
  12. Ron Altier

    Tailstock Problem

    I'm having slippage problems with my tailstock on my 12 year old Jet mini. It will slip on the bed and move away from the piece I'm turning. I've adjusted the off center lock a couple of times, I've removed it and roughed up the surfaces that lock it in place. The only way I can get it to stay is to use some leverage with a small box end wrench. Even then it will loosen. Any suggestions?
  13. oldwoodie

    Need Help With Pen Kits

    About 15 yrs ago, I bought about 100 pen kits, all different kinds, from Woodcrafters of Oklahoma. I finally got around to wanting to make some pens, but I do not have instructions for any of them. Has anybody heard from this company lately? I can't find them on the internet, and Wood Craft Supplies has not wanted to help me with the problem. The particular kit I am trying to work with is WCO 280 Provential Twist Pen. Anybody got any instructions or know where I can obtain them? There is a long list of kits on Woodcraft.com, but they do not show pics unless you click on each one, and it looks like there must be 100 different kits! Thanks!
  14. Artie

    Patterns? Info?

    Hi, I apologize if this info should have been easy to find, I couldn’t find it. First I am not yet a woodworker, but trying to get there, have a shop almost ready to use, now I gotta learn WHAT to do. Got about 12 side jobs (I’m an electrician) I gotta do for family and friends, can’t find any time right now for the basement. The powers of the universe have decided to get involved. A very good friend of my wife has a son, very introverted. Parents are very (how do I put it, terrified he’ll get hurt, no matter what it is) protective. Kid is kinda not growing up, doing typical boy stuff (or at least what this 58 year old guy remembers as boy stuff). They came by the place today, and I mentioned to mom, that if her son would like to make something on the scroll saw, I would love to set it up. She talked to him about it, and the reply was “Please, Please, Please” So long story short, (I know, too late) I have a Shopsmith, mostly still unused. I have the scrollsaw attachment, and will figure out how to set it up and use it. The thought I’m having is to see if he would like to make a cursive example of his name (Everett), and maybe a MOM, and DAD for the respective Mothers, and Fathers Day, coming up. So where can I get a pattern, or stencil of cursive writing? I am assuming you match the pattern/stencil size to wood size? He also likes planes and I’m thinking that getting plane plans online should be pretty easy. I’m just thinking that starting with the names would be within his limits, and not so difficult as to turn him off, but the end result would be nice enough to feel good about making it. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions welcome, please remember that experience wise, I’m only a half step ahead of Everett. LOL
  15. It finally got above freezing the past couple of days but the basement shop is lagging behind in the warm up. @Ksvet06 posed a question about sharpening lathe tools. He asked about grinders and sharpening jigs. Please look over his post and the responses. Let's give Zach all the help we can- @Gerald is working on hollow forms for the Beads of Courage (BOC) project- Check out what he has done for this very special cause- @Smallpatch is recreating a couple of chess pieces for a customer- Although Jesse says he's not a turner, you would never know it by how well these turned out! He tells us about the adventure here- When I used to use my diamond parting tool, it almost always gave me a ragged surface. Here's a video from Rick Turns illustrating how to regrind the parting tool for a cleaner cut- I must admit, I've abandoned my diamond parting tool in favor of the Easy Wood Tools parting tool. It creates clean cuts, no vibration and because it's a carbide tip- stays sharp a LONG time. In Last week's "Wednesday's..." we mentioned @Steve Krumanaker had a mishap when he inadvertently turned off his vacuum system. That got me to wondering if a shop made vacuum could be built. I found this PDF for making an inexpensive system. Not sure if I'll try it but thought it might give someone an idea. I believe the author is in England because the costs are in pounds and dimensions are metric. http://www.gaw.org.uk/blog/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Vacuum-chuck-for-£10-or-less.pdf The Woodturning OnLine newsletter arrived last week. As always there are interesting projects, articles and equipment. While scanning the "New and Hot" section I noticed this little jewel- Looks like this laser could be adapted to most any tool. It is available through Tim Yoders' site- http://www.wtwtim.com/elbotool.htm about half way down the page. The entire newsletter is at- http://www.woodturningonline.com/ Finally, here's an older video from Carl Jacobson turning a lidded vessel. Notice his use of the Easy Wood Tools hollower and the fantastic Easy Wood Chuck! Safe turning
  16. Lissa Hall

    sharpening tools

    Okay Master of the great wood turner, lathe tool sharpening queries.... I have both a grinder and a table top belt sander. which do you think is better to use for a beginner and which grit for the sander and grind wheel. i was watching videos but they dont tell me. so i am looking to the masters for help.
  17. Ron Altier

    Acrylic ornament problems

    I ordered a piece of clear acrylic. Turning was a big challenge. The piece I used had a low melting point and it would heat and semi melt. This created melt smudges, not to mention melt frustration. I kept trying different turning tools and speeds. It wasn't easy. You can see the results. If I learned one thing.................... it is not to turn much of that stuff or get a harder clear acrylic.
  18. Ron Altier

    CA glue and acrylics

    I have limited experience with Acrylics and I need some advice on gluing. In the past I have used CA to glue acrylics to wood, however I have always used a center post to assure that it would stay together. Can I successfully glue a flat acrylic material to a flat wood piece and then turn it without worrying about it coming apart. It will be a small piece, such as a Christmas ornament. Thanks
  19. Lissa Hall

    lathe tools

    Okay wood turners extraordinaires. I would like to get my own set of turning tools. can you give me feedback on which ones to get first and which brand is medium or quality price level. not looking for top of the line just yet until I get to practice in a bit. I have seen Laguna on here a lot is that one you all would suggest or is there other? i am open to all thought on this. thank you in advance!
  20. These 2 clocks are too big to cut out with the scroll saw. I need some stiff clear something or other to cover the pattern so I can use a jig saw to cut the outside of the clock away from the wood. Then remove that so I can use the scroll saw with the thin blades on the carving pieces....I have some sheets of plexiglass but what I have is 1/16" or thicker.. and the experience with a jig saw and plexiglass is not good. Anybody know of something a smidgen of an inch thick a jig saw can maneuver over and still see what it is I am trying to do. I can't glue it down for I have to remove it so the scroll saw can cut out the carving pieces. I've spent two days looking over the internet confusing myself and just happen to think there are smarter jokers than I who probably use something like this every day. Help!
  21. Pulling my hair out!!! I cut it twice and it is still wrong. Even after changing the cutting depth to .25 from .3 The first cut is a clear out pass cut with a .25 end mill as it should have... .25 depth. Then I changed the cutter to a 1/8th end mill and ran the file for it. However, it cut the tool path slightly deeper (.3). I can figure out how this happened. The previous project worked just fine for zeroing the z axis with my new tool. Note: VCarvePro preview indicates it will cut smooth. Not so in the picture. Right now, I am at a loss, and shut down until I figure something out. Wasting wood is not what I want to do.
  22. Hi, I just viewed a video from a woodworking E-mail, on the new Bessey I-beam clamps. I cannot find these clamps on their website. Anyway, I wanted to ask a question about this. The video showed the man made a mortise and tenon joint and the tenon was just a bit too big for the mortise. So, he was able to clamp down on the wood planks to make it fit. These clamps are supposed to have 7K pound pressure. I was told to consider moisture when making projects and really don't know too much about it. Never sure how much leeway for the swelling/expansion and when I really need it. So, my real question is this: If this mortise and tenon are that tight, should one even be forcing it in like that, because of the moisture issue?
  23. Gary Hanscom

    Heavy rust removal

    I have a very old scythe the I believe my grandfather used in the 40's. the blade is heavily rusted/pitted and I would like to "restore" it a bit for my son-in-law's barn. What does everyone recommend as a good rust remover? I can grind it off but with the pitting I fear too much of the old metal would be removed. If I could get a majority off without grinding I feel it will retain more of its originality. Any thoughts? Thanks Gary
  24. I am into new territory and will appreciate your thoughts. I have inherited an 8 foot apple log - 20 inches at the base, from an apple tree that may have been 30+ feet tall, so far with out any rotting, though I haven't cut it up to buy some time for my chain saw repair. I've been turning, from bark to bowl for several years. I'm pretty well acquainted with how to pull bowl blanks from a log for twelve inch bowls and platters. I have worked with some small apple blanks before. They came out wonderfully. I see only one site that sells apple bowl blanks, and they are pretty small because most apple trees are pretty small. I also read that fruit wood tends to crack more than other hardwoods but that has not been my experience. So, some questions: . Does anybody really care about apple wood for turning, or is there some reason it is not very common? Is this a gold mine or fool's gold? . I could get some rather large blanks - up to 16-18 inches across, up to 7-8 inches thick, or a zillion much smaller blanks. I don't need a zillion small blanks, nor can I turn huge blanks. Does anybody care about such large blanks of apple? . If this was your inheritance, what would you do with it to best distribute the wealth? . How would you cut a 20" log up differently than one that was 12-14? Are there some special cuts warranted with a bit of a rare piece? I'm not a reseller with a profit motive on this but I know that I have some serious chain saw time coming up to make the most of this piece. My friend Ron D, an administrator on this site, can advise me on how to "sell" and ship blanks to recapture the costs. If I have offended some rule about posting for sale, I apologize. Thanks, Robert in central Indiana
  25. Smallpatch

    Tell me the steps

    So how did this get made without any tear outs and boo boo's.

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