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  1. One of the items picked last weekend... Was what I thought was an 1/8" wide Sash Mortise Chisel....however... I didn't think the back on this was meant to be ..flat? More of a skinny gouge? Not sure how to either sharpen it, or use it... Any ideas?
  2. Chris Brown


    Hello. I’m new to this forum. I’m looking to get into turning. I have a little experience at it. Currently I own a wood floor business. We install hardwood, sand and finish. I’ve hurt my back and think it’s here to stay but can’t see myself leaving the wood business. I enjoy making tables but want to add another level of custom to it by turning bases and the occasional legs. I also would like to dabble in burls. My problem is I don’t have a lathe and would like to buy one big enough to do anything I want to do. It can be used but in good working order. Any recommendations to me? Thanks.
  3. I thought this sounded like a good price but wanted to run it by you all for a second opinion. Around 30 minutes from me a guy has some hickory, red oak, white oak and maple. They are all 7” by 9” by 8’ long. He wants $30 each.
  4. Before we get into our own turners, please watch this inspiring video from Tim Yoder- Our Patriot Turners- Lots going on this week! @Masonsailor posted a question about chucks. Paul is considering "beefier" chuck and asked our turners about a Nova G3. Maybe you have some experience with this chuck and can provide some input to help him out- @HandyDan is involved with turning pens for our troops. He showed us his latest batch- This is fantastic program for giving a little something back to the guys and gals away from ho
  5. Frederick’s post reminded me that I am going to need a beefier chuck than the Nova G3 I have. Anyone have experience with the Titan 3 ? I like the idea that it accepts all the accessories I already have for the G3. Paul
  6. Has anyone here know/had experience with this company for their chucks and jaw sets? https://www.axminstertools.com/us/axminster-clubman-sk100-woodturning-chuck-3-4-x-16-tpi-106880
  7. Does anybody use one. I am looking at the Oneway mini system. It can be bought for around $250 for a 12” lathe. Looks like it would save time, give me more bowls and a lot less chips.
  8. I hope this week finds everyone safe and doing well. Our Patriot Turners- @Ron Altier can turn the smallest piece of scrap into a thing of beauty. Check out Ron's post for his latest creation and some images from our other members- @RustyFNAsked our members about a moisture meter for bowl turning. Several posted their comments and some suggestions. Also, Check out Rusty's new avatar!!! @AndrewB's topic, last week on HSS gouges, continues to gather input and suggestions. This link picks up where we le
  9. I hope I’m calling this the right thing....are the disc (hook and loop) sanding pads, the part that goes on the drill, are they all the same? Seems the ones I have just don’t want to hold the disc onto the pad. Or, maybe I’m doing something wrong. It gets frustrating. Any ideas?
  10. When you have green wood I have always been told to paint the ends to keep it from drying too fast and cracking. Well if you finish turned a bowl that was green and gave the whole thing a few coats of poly would that keep it from drying too fast and cracking?
  11. I'm interested in lowering the speed on my mini lathe for applying friction finish evenly with no drip or flying finish. I think this will allow max finish saturation at low rpm and ease application. Then as my friction finish drys, I can speed it up. The minimum speed is 500 rpm at the lowest the speed rheostat and belt configuration. The label on my Jet mini motor shows half horse 60 Hertz and below shows 162 vdc 3 amp. A contradiction of info. Is it a dc motor that gets is source from the speed controller?
  12. I am looking at a low speed grinder at Home Depot. It is made by Wen. It is 1750 rpm. Comes with one white 60 grit wheel and one 120 grit white wheel. They are 8 inch wheels with 5/8 shaft so it would be easy to upgrade to CBN wheels later. It cost $105 and has a two year warranty. What do you all think? https://www.homedepot.com/p/WEN-120-Volt-8-in-Slow-Speed-Bench-Grinder-4286/205413322?source=shoppingads&locale=en-US&mtc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_9_PORTABLE_POWER-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-PortablePower_PLA&cm_mmc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_9_PORTABLE_POWER-Multi-NA-Fe
  13. Hey folks, I have these small rounds of wood pieces that came from an old wooden viking bowling set. they are angled at the top. I'd like to keep this feature but when I start the hollowing Process I run into a lot of catches, even after I drill center of the piece. Any ideas could I possibly use forsener or small spade bit?
  14. Has anyone had the occasion to do any turnings from African Blackwood? I've got a spill vase, that I want to turn from that wood, and I've done spill vases in other woods for practice. The last vase, in the photo, is from Lignum(guaiacum?) vitae and was a real lesson in turning!!!
  15. Hard to believe that on Friday we will have put 2020 behind us. Let's hope 2021 will see the end of the pandemic! Our Patriot Turners- @PostalTom finished up his Christmas stocking tree. It turned out fantastic and can be seen in his update to a previous post- @RustyFN has a laser and he has combined it with his CNC machine to design some emblems to finish off his turned bowls. Check out his post to read more about what he is doing and the comments from our members. @HandyDan gave us a Christmas eve peek at some of the orna
  16. Hello all, By the size of the box that came to my wife yesterday, I anticipate a HSS negative rake scraper for my bowls. I am presently working on a spalted maple, crotchwood piece that shows a lot of promise, yet has been giving me some grief along the way. I'm having some good experience with PC Petrifier to stabilize the soft wood without sealing it so much that an oil finish will not penetrate. Anyway, two questions: . Should a negative rake scraper have a burr? . A poor man might ask why one couldn't simply take a regular scraper and tilt it down toward
  17. OK gang, we are getting down to the wire and we still have $505 dollars to go. Don't wait until the final day. DONATE NOW!!! Our Patriot Turners- This week has seen a lot of activity by our turners. Some ornaments were the order of the day. @Ron Altier posted two of his creations, one of wood and the other of acrylic. First up is his wooden creation. Ron gives us an explanation of how he put it together- Ron's second post is about his acrylic ornament. The blank, originally destined to be something other than an ornament, Ron
  18. So after building the new lathe bench after doing some checking. I come to find that the head stock of the lathe of course was nicely level. How ever when I went to put the level on the bed it was off. I knew the bench was level itself since I took the time out to make sure it was level for the lathe to set on. How ever the bed track of the lathe is lower on the back side than it is to the working side of the lathe. I'm not sure what I should do about this in order to get it set right. Its not off by much but its enough to throw off the tail stock and not be center. If anyone has any su
  19. So looking around in the house I found some more material. I had glue up four turning blanks that I had forgotten about... How ever unfortunately they didn't glue completely evenly they are solid but there is a nice little crack in the middle of two blanks. I'm currently turning on it. It seems to be holding up so far. But I am up in ears for suggestions on how to take care of this crack I do have my alumilite resin still plenty of it left. I'm wondering if that would be a better option of once I get to a point is hold off and fill the holes with the resin and then continue to carve but
  20. So I've been doing some experimenting this morning with grip lines in pen barrels. I put them in before I sanded the barrels how ever learning things the hard way I wound up sanding them mostly all the way back down and had to put them back into the wood. I'm wondering if there is a much easier way of doing this and I'm also wondering if there is a simpler way of getting the lines equal. I like the look fortunately these were just test pieces so they wont even get put together into a pen. Any suggestions on this? Here is video of exactly what I did.
  21. So I turned a zircote blank today that wood is beyond brittle I had quite a few knicks and chunks fly off but it wound up going okay. But I'm not sure if it was a wise move on sacraficing one of my center bands that I don't have many of to use as a size gap comparrison so I could better turn down the body of the pen barrels to a better diameter. It seemed to work out for the most part but I'm wondering if I didn't realize this was not a new thing and I'm just making newbie mistakes anyways here is the video for it.
  22. Hi, I was very fortunate enough to have won a set of Easy Wood turning tools in our last raffle. I have purchased a bionic face shield. I will be using a Shopsmith for a lathe, mark7.This comes with a spurred drive center, Cup style dead center, standard lathe tool rest, and lathe tail stock. Any other safety items (leather apron etc...), or tools/set-ups you may recommend, I’m anxious to hear them. Thank you. Artie
  23. So lately I've been dealing with wobbly pieces. Even after they are rounded they still seem to wobble. Does anybody have any ideas on how to correct this. I've never had too much of an issue with it before until the last couple of days. I can't even explain it. Note I did hold the chisel one handed how ever I barely touching it up on the piece so it wouldn't catch onto the wood and cause injury, but I placed it just enough to show the horrible wobble not sure how to correct this issue. Video should give you a better idea of what I'm dealing with.
  24. What a week! Hope this Wednesday finds you all safe and healthy. June 1st started our annual site fundraiser/raffle. Our generous sponsors have kicked in some fantastic prizes. Please check the announceent- Our Patriot Turners- @Ron Altier used some spalted Maple to make another fantastic ornament! Ron continues to use this UV finish and it really looks like it does a fantastic job. Check Ron's post for his description of a "happy little accident" @Ron Altier also started a great discussion based on something th
  25. I hope this Wednesday finds all of you safe and healthy. Our Patriot Turners- @Lissa Hall posted a concern about the crack that occured in a cedar bowl she recently turned. Several of our members provided some advice about what might have happened. Please check out her post and maybe you can offer additional ideas- @Ron Altier turned another beautiful bell ornament! He explains more about it and the finish he uses in his post. We've had lots of updates on past posts. @Kevin Beitz is still fighting with a maple b
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