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Found 16 results

  1. Hey gang, I need some info. I just ought a Continental 8" X 62" jointer for a song. It is quiet and cuts like a dream but the guy bought a Grizzly with a spiral head and he needed the room. He hasn't found the manual but I need to know where this thing was made. Internet has yield nothing but I suspicion that it may be kin to a General. Any thoughts?
  2. John Morris

    Fort Edmonton Park

    This image is an open sourced image uploaded to this community for re-use within our community graphics.

    © This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

  3. In my opinion some the open stand 6 inch jointers such as the Delta JT360, Jet JJ-6OS, General International 80-075L, Steelex ST1001, CraftexCT086, King CanadaKC-150, and probably a couple other brands that I may have missed, which all basically have the same type of open stand and dust collection setup where the dust port is directed very close to the floor of the dust chute, more then likely causing some air flow resistance and lowering CFM before it reaches the cutter head area. I feel that the port should be pointed in the direction of the chute's flow to be efficient. I had a JET JJ-6OS, and this is what I came up with for a more efficient dust hood.
  4. Inspired by an experienced member on another forum to clean up some rust I renewed my search for an older 6" jointer...so I Google "jointer for sale" and one pops up way the heck out in Connecticut. I send the gentleman an email and he responded with "somebody's gonna look at it Tuesday...I'll let you know"... Since it was the only 6" I dropped it for other interests...and a potful of pain in my lower back... While discussing my situation with a good friend on Sunday, and that I did not go to Connecticut to look at the jointer, another one pops up on Craigslist. This one appearing, by the photos, to be much cleaner. The gentleman reported that it was used once for a cabinet project. It was 6 o'clock, he was one hour away, I was scarfing some dinner and we agreed on 8PM at his place. Now picture me bent over from back pain and making a date to go look at a jointer...knowing full well that I would wind up with it in the back of the RAM...So I grabbed my buddy Steve and off we went. The jointer was in the basement... CR@P...! ! ! But it can come off the stand and off the mobile stand so I figure no problemo...I looked it over and was very happy with it's condition and the good cleaning the gentleman had done to it so we agreed it should come with me and proceeded to plan it's exit... I had Steve take the lead...I picked up the other end, up the stairs, weight against my belly, out the door, down the walk and into the back of the truck...both our fingers looked like curved flattened licorice sticks or beef jerky. Surprisingly my back was better than when I got there. This to me is a pattern...the more I buy the better I feel... Turns out he's moving to an apartment and then to a condo. So out of the corner of my eye I catch glimpse of a familiar shape...yup...Walker Turner drill press. The weight of this will surely completely eliminate my back pain... But alas, his son is taking it. Oh, well... The jointer does not need a lot of cleanup and can be used as is...well aligned also. But...in order for it to become mine I need to take it apart, inspect each piece, clean it my own way, reassemble it and align it all. Sounds like marking my territory, huh...? Pics below...cleaning to follow...
  5. John Morris

    Wood Planes, Why and How

    Disclosure: This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use. Hey folks, I was going through my old Work Bench Magazine that I typically scan for our downloads section but this fun article about wood planes I just had to share here. Just some fun stuff is all, take it or leave it.
  6. steven newman

    Barn Sale Skimpy Picks

    Dragged the Boss along this morning.....a BarnSale. LOTS of Lumber for sale...no cash for the big stuff.....figures... Snooped around all over the place in that old barn. I did see one of the LONGEST bone saws ever ( already have one) Underneath it was a saw till type of tool box. Only two saw shaped objects inside.....but, nearby was a saw's jointer. I also found a small Perfection screwdriver.. "Perfection" is a style of handle they used. I cleaned up both of these treasures, and added a file to the jointer. Used to "joint" the saw's teeth down to all the same height. A better view? The bolt head goes down when you run this along the teeth of a saw, the frame keeps the jointer square to the plate. Screwdriver was a "biggie" Cleaned up nicely? Total price for these two? $1. The file I already had, as well as the zig-zag. Kind of a slow weekend...
  7. Things cooled off a bit, and I fired up the box fan to blow across the bench ( and ME) Put away the No.7c, got out a smaller plane.. Stanley No. 5-1/2 Jumbo Jack. At 15" long, should work nicely on these 18" long edges. I kept checking as I ran the plane, both sighting down along the length of the edge, and with a board thst was already done. Nice when you get these ribbons the full length of the board.. Finally got the four boards to just about match up along the edges. Pipe clamps and glue time.. End grain? I plan to flatten the entire panel, once the glue has cured. I clamped it up just enough to raise a bead.. Pipe clamps? Well, I had a use for the "bar" clamps in the shop. I resawed the second slab to get about a 3" width....but needed some "add-ons" to get the width on the faces.... Think anyone will notice those are Cherry add-ons? This will be turned in to the column that holds the top up. Leaves me with the last of this $1 slab of Walnut Just in case I need a little extra.....
  8. "Fingered" As for the shop... "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" So, I crosscut a few chunks of cherry this morning. The longer sides were stacked together and jointed When a board is this short, you don't need a #7 jointer plane....then the got trimmed on the end..grain.. Stanley #60-1/2 Cordovan, no less. Ok, I also had the end pieces trimmed up this same way, stacked the mess togther, for now And that should do it for the planes, for now. Laid out the fingers, with a high tech gauge This is also the chisel I will be chopping with. Start at one end, and walk to the over end. Here, I am laying out both pieces at one end, I'll saw and chop this end, then repeat for the other ends. Saw? Just a backsaw....helps to wax the blade every now and then, too. Got all the ends of these sides sawn.. I took the time now, to mark not only the "Top" but marked out the ends as #1 through #4 on the insides. Time to get to chopping.. I chop about halfway through.. Flip the board over and complete the fingers. Repeat until I have both sides done (take note of that time stamp) And a look at the toys in use. I set one side aside for now, need to mark and chop the end piece, and get a test fit.. Needs some fine tuning. Lunch break going on right now. Later I wander back down and chop the other end.... But, I think this will do for one morning's work? Need to haul the Stanley #45 down to the shop later. Need to glue up a panel or two, cherry panel for the top...pine for a bottom. Lid details are still being worked out... Stay tuned, this might get complicated......
  9. steven newman

    Traded a few old planes today

    Had a few old wood bodied jack planes I wasn't using, and a #3 Dunlap Parts Plane.....Took all four up the road a ways.....a place that Buys, Sells< and Trades all sorts of things.....Traded the four planes straight up for one plane. But, what a plane it is Stanley No.7c......somewhere between a type 7 and a type 9. Those two holes in the side have threads, as someone installed a fence there, at one time... The iron is about used up. Has a four line logo, too. "S" casting for the lever cap Rosewood handles are crack free, almost.. Rear handle has a worn spot on the horn. Two patent dates, two. Tag gave a price of $65, I just did a straight up trade, no money involved. Still need to clean this little guy up. Japanning is about 95%,too. Couldn't get to Columbus for the Wood Working Show.....I guess this will just have to do. BTW: They had quite a few shelves chuck full of stuff like this, location? Heheheh....
  10. Ron England

    Craftsman Planer

    ok need help,picked up a planer from craftsman(pics uploaded),where do i go to find out how to set it up,i have a motor for it just need to know where to place it.
  11. Well, inventory of the walnut slabs showed there just wasn't enough there to make a Hope Chest.....soooo, we can make a fancy table instead? Got the clamps off tonight..and grabbed the Stanley No.7c New handles and all. The board on the far side had a hump in the middle. HAD. Jointer plane made a bunch of shavings... But....seems there was a high spot along the glue joint, and the Jointer plane just glossed right over it. Hmmm, well, a few swipes with a cambered Jack plane removed the high spots, then a few trips with a smooth plane to clean things up.. Got both faces smoothed out. laid out some other parts, to check for lengths.. Legs and a couple stretcher/apron pieces. Had to allow for tenons. Cut a few more. Circular saw was faster, but didn't quite cut square. We have ways to make that better... Not only will it cut square ends, it will give you a Cardio Workout as well.... laid out more apron stock. First of four long aprons is cut to length. Will have to rip and crosscut three more like it. End apron needs tenons cut. There will be a thicker "stretcher" near the bottom. I will need to do one more panel glue up, too. Seems the boards are a little skinny at 7" wide. need a wee bit wider one for the bottom shelf. Will also fire up the bandsaw, as a lot of curvyness will be going on. Curves in the legs, and aprons. Not sure about the top, just yet. Edges are another design point for the top.....options? Curved? Ogee/round-over? Leave as is?, Bevel the bottom edges for a thinner look? Plan....what plan? The page for the "plan" is still blank. Single Brain Cell Sketch Up tends to work that way.....stay tuned....
  12. steven newman

    Rustiness in the mailbox

    In a LARGE, LONG package, no less. Won a feebay auction, paid just over 12.50 plus $9 for shipping. They had local pickup....90 miles each way was a bit much. So, after cutting and tearing away at the cardboard, paper, and tape, some Rusty & Krusty stuff came to light... At 22" long, this be a Stanley No.7c....type 10. Ihad to supply a rear wood handle, and am waiting on a brass nut for it. Otherwise pretty much intact. Did I say Rusty? There be a lot of grooviness going on there....but haven't found any cracks. Front knob seems to be ok. Might take a while to get this old plane back to new...even for me.
  13. I order a new Jointer back in December for the shop. I got a notice back that it was on back order till March 20th. I called and was told that was not correct, they were in customs and I should have it in a week to week and a half. I waited two weeks and still no jointer. I called back and was told they were on backorder and ti would be February 20th. I decided I would just wait till it got here and not bother them any more. Last Friday I got a card from Grizzly stating it would be 30 days from January 29th before it would be shipped, oh well. Then on Monday, I got a call from UPS and they had package for me and it would be delivered Wednesday. They wanted to make an appointment to deliver it. I said, "Hey anytime!" She said, "we will be there between 12:00 noon and 5:00 pm. Well that is not an appointment. Anyway, at 5:00 yesterday, the driver arrived at the house and we unloaded this 500lbs+ unit and rolled it into the shop. It came in two boxes, one cardboard and the top is int a wooden crate. I can't wait to get started putting it together and getting it online. So this will be my woodworking project tonight. I have a couple of friends coming to help me lift the top and put it on the base. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  14. John Moody

    Patriot Picking

    I got a call Sunday afternoon to go and look at a couple of old wood working tools I really wasn't looking to buy them so I make a ridiculous low offer the the guy said sold. Wow! So I had to go pick the up and I have got to find a place to put them. I also picked up a 1 HP Delta dust collector. Things just keep finding me.
  15. The wadkin R family of machines were designed in the 20s and built up until the mid 50s they were the first generation of machines in England to be offered Line belt or motor dive. Most of the time you will see that the motors are just after thoughts. I have be on the look out for a few of these rare machines. I have an RS lathe and RD jointer but the Wadkin RM is a hard one to find. When you talk as much as i do about wadkin people start to contact you and give you the heads up on where machines can be had. It is in this cast that the RM makes it way to me. A friend and Wadkin lover (RD and RK owner) got this before the scrap man. He was going to keep it but call me up and said it needs to be in the Wadkin dream shop. I am never to sale it and he said he get to try it out when i Jackafie it. I am beside myself. The wadkin RM 3200lbs of the best  British Arn. the RM came with a manual it is hand written. he made a video of it for me here it is
  16. Got the second front/back panel in and out of the clamps. Added the mending plates at the top, and a cleat for the floor along the bottom. Then just stood it upYep, going to be wee bit bigger than the first one. Then Spent most of today getting some parts made up for the two ends Just imagine two of each of these. And I got the router fixed up to route some more grooves, First one was burned.....Hmmmm, checked the speed setting? Ah, clear down in 3rd gear...moved it up into 6th gear and try again. Much better. Ran a few planes around, to get all these parts to match up. Trimmed a few ends square. Awaiting the bench to be cleared off, before the chopping of mortises begins, again. Cleared off the bench? Weellll I have a blank in the clamps right now.. Ok, so the plan to recycle the old raised panels from the bed frame didn't work out. Needed to make new, larger panels. This is actually two panels, just need to cut them out of this big blank. One board in it needed a little joiner work In this shop, that IS a little joiner. Added a couple 1x3 of barn wood, one on each edge, abd glue it up. Now I just sit back, and watch glue dry.....I'm bushed.

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