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  1. Eyeing this jointer for sale, auction actually, and I can't tell if it's 6 or 8"; I want to say 8. Also, is it worth buying?...only 3/4 HP motor.
  2. Ok so bI picked up a Craftsman 11320680 jointer that v really needed to be cleaned up. I removed the fence and cleaned everything up, replaced the blades. When I remounted the fence it is square to the outfieed table but is out about a 1/32 or so to the infeed table. The bottom of the fence needs to come in some on that side. Having issues getting the bottom of the fence on the infeed side to move in some without throwing out the outfieed side. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Anyone have a good method of collecting chips off the bottom of the SS jointer? I've started using mine again after my other unit bit the dust. The base below the knives is sort of a three sided square with rounded corners. I've tried creating a channel from plastic sheets into a tube. Currently, I have a sheet of rosin paper taped on and a box on the floor. To complicate things, I will need to take it off to use other functions and it needs to miss the legs that are right below it. As designed, your shoes become the chip collector.
  4. The last couple days I've been firing up the old SS for some multi tasking. One thing I noticed is that the accessories -- band saw, jointer, and disk sander use a rather large dust collection device -- the floor. And my pants and shoes. Back in the day, very few tools incorporated any kind of dust collection capabilities and SS was no exception. I've got a Delta band saw that has a dust port but 90% of the dust gets scattered, an oscillating spindle sander with none, and I remember the old Delta and Craftsman "contractor" table saws that just dumped the sawdust out the bottom. Even m
  5. My son approached me last month and asked if we could build a desk for his bedroom for this upcoming school year, he is planning on a ton of homework and being in 10th grade and all, the work is going to get harder and harder. He asked me to help him build the desk just before I went into the hospital back in early June, I was in bad shape for the first few weeks coming out of the hospital and meanwhile he was asking me when we can start the desk, bless his little soul and heart, as crappy as I was feeling, he felt that ol Dad could get up and go and power through it all with a des
  6. Greetings fellow wood artists, new to this site. I'm not especially adept at these. Any way I've joined to learn more and garner tips to help me improve my skills. I'm a prop/set builder in Arizona. Involved in a few major film and some independent films, mostly westerns. I'm also interested in old woodworking machines. Just recently acquired an industrial jointer, J.A.Fay & Egan. Now to get it apart and locate parts and history.
  7. I started this knife block some time back and then the virus pandemic hit and I didn’t do much in the shop. I worked everyday at the gun store/range as we were considered essential business. I did a lot of repairs to the range since we did close it for a while due to not being able to keep 6’ distances. So I installed new LED lights and we filled in holes in the walls where they got shot and then painted. So I say all that to say I had been busy away from the shop. Last week I finally glued the part that would hold the steak knives. Monday evening I went to the shop and too
  8. I thought this video/message needs to be heard. It is not graphic, but it is very gut wrenching to listen to. Be safe. Danl
  9. What does this tool do? I found this in a collection of tools I have that was given to me. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Boy these Cornhole games sure are popular. Our neighbor's daughter is getting married this May and they asked me if I could build a couple Cornhole boards for them, they are going to have games at the wedding reception. I only first heard of this game because of @John Moody, John is the resident Cornhole builder in our community. So I know what little I do know by John's work, and I just scanned the internet really quick to get the regulation sizes of everything and I set to building their boards from wood I had left over from other projects. I have not had a full day in the shop in two y
  11. From the album: Sam Maloof Site Visit 2019

    This jointer was used by Sam Maloof in his earlier years of furniture making.
  12. From the album: Sam Maloof Site Visit 2019

    This jointer was used by Sam Maloof in his earlier years of furniture making.
  13. I am curious, I have looked all over for an example of a Mark V mounted on a cabinet roll away similar to the 10er's. But have found none. I am curious why? I see plenty of SS's with a cabinet built to sit underneath, but what I am looking for are any ideas for building one that the Mark V can set on, thus eliminating the factory legs. It seems simple enough, but there must be a variable in design I am not seeing, that prevents this from happening. Any help is greatly appreciated. Shopsmith 10er on table, can this be done with a Mark V? Now just imagine a Mark V, I'd like to build
  14. I bought a Yorkcraft (house brand from Wilke) in 2005, used it on only one project, mission-style French doors for the den. In the end, they've worked fine. I haven't used the jointer since, but am resolving to give it a shot again. I had problems with snipe, but I can deal with it. I started with 6/4 rough red oak, needed (4) 80" styles. Intention was to flat them, then plane to 1-1/8 thick. I stopped jointing at 9/8 thick when I realized I wasn't going to have any wood left if I kept jointing. Ever since, I work the project into S4S sources, but I have a hankering to use that iron aga
  15. I recently acquired a 16" jointer by S.A. Woods. I'm missing the height adjustment wheel and screw. I was wondering if anyone here knows where I might find parts for this machine? Thank in advance for any input, Shawn
  16. This image is an open sourced image uploaded to this community for re-use within our community graphics.

    © This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

  17. In my opinion some the open stand 6 inch jointers such as the Delta JT360, Jet JJ-6OS, General International 80-075L, Steelex ST1001, CraftexCT086, King CanadaKC-150, and probably a couple other brands that I may have missed, which all basically have the same type of open stand and dust collection setup where the dust port is directed very close to the floor of the dust chute, more then likely causing some air flow resistance and lowering CFM before it reaches the cutter head area. I feel that the port should be pointed in the direction of the chute's flow to be efficient. I had a JET JJ-6OS,
  18. Inspired by an experienced member on another forum to clean up some rust I renewed my search for an older 6" jointer...so I Google "jointer for sale" and one pops up way the heck out in Connecticut. I send the gentleman an email and he responded with "somebody's gonna look at it Tuesday...I'll let you know"... Since it was the only 6" I dropped it for other interests...and a potful of pain in my lower back... While discussing my situation with a good friend on Sunday, and that I did not go to Connecticut to look at the jointer, another one pops up on Craigslist. This one appearing, by
  19. Disclosure: This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use. Hey folks, I was going through my old Work Bench Magazine that I typically scan for our downloads section but this fun article about wood planes I just had to share here. Just some fun stuff is all, take it or leave it.
  20. Dragged the Boss along this morning.....a BarnSale. LOTS of Lumber for sale...no cash for the big stuff.....figures... Snooped around all over the place in that old barn. I did see one of the LONGEST bone saws ever ( already have one) Underneath it was a saw till type of tool box. Only two saw shaped objects inside.....but, nearby was a saw's jointer. I also found a small Perfection screwdriver.. "Perfection" is a style of handle they used. I cleaned up both of these treasures, and added a file to the jointer. Used to "joint" the saw's teeth down to all th
  21. Things cooled off a bit, and I fired up the box fan to blow across the bench ( and ME) Put away the No.7c, got out a smaller plane.. Stanley No. 5-1/2 Jumbo Jack. At 15" long, should work nicely on these 18" long edges. I kept checking as I ran the plane, both sighting down along the length of the edge, and with a board thst was already done. Nice when you get these ribbons the full length of the board.. Finally got the four boards to just about match up along the edges. Pipe clamps and glue time.. End grain? I plan to flatten the
  22. "Fingered" As for the shop... "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" So, I crosscut a few chunks of cherry this morning. The longer sides were stacked together and jointed When a board is this short, you don't need a #7 jointer plane....then the got trimmed on the end..grain.. Stanley #60-1/2 Cordovan, no less. Ok, I also had the end pieces trimmed up this same way, stacked the mess togther, for now And that should do it for the planes, for now. Laid out the fingers, with a high tech gauge This is also the chisel I will be chopp
  23. Had a few old wood bodied jack planes I wasn't using, and a #3 Dunlap Parts Plane.....Took all four up the road a ways.....a place that Buys, Sells< and Trades all sorts of things.....Traded the four planes straight up for one plane. But, what a plane it is Stanley No.7c......somewhere between a type 7 and a type 9. Those two holes in the side have threads, as someone installed a fence there, at one time... The iron is about used up. Has a four line logo, too. "S" casting for the lever cap Rosewood handles are crack free, almost.. Rear handle
  24. ok need help,picked up a planer from craftsman(pics uploaded),where do i go to find out how to set it up,i have a motor for it just need to know where to place it.
  25. Well, inventory of the walnut slabs showed there just wasn't enough there to make a Hope Chest.....soooo, we can make a fancy table instead? Got the clamps off tonight..and grabbed the Stanley No.7c New handles and all. The board on the far side had a hump in the middle. HAD. Jointer plane made a bunch of shavings... But....seems there was a high spot along the glue joint, and the Jointer plane just glossed right over it. Hmmm, well, a few swipes with a cambered Jack plane removed the high spots, then a few trips with a smooth plane to clean things up..
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