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Found 19 results

  1. Thought I had posted this but looks like that was on FB. These bowls are called friendship bowls. My wife likes to give my stuff away sometime so I asked her to ask me fiest and started making these after Dixie Biggs did a demo at our club showing these. Made these from scrapes from turning offering plates. We I wanted to put a collar on and did not think about the bowl warping as it dried. Saved by an idea I remounted the bowls as most were made with a mortise or in expansion mode. By bringing up the tailstock with a cone the bowl stayed in place well for rounding out an area at the top for
  2. I had one about 2 decades ago and loved it then. I gave it to a girl who was moving to a large city. Eventually the lack of a carry knife just eventually got to me. So I got another. This one is an enormous improvement. The blade is like wet ice against wet ice it opens and closes so cleanly and slick. I am convinced there is some kind of bearing in there. Opening it is about as good and quick as a switchblade. I push on the little tab on the back which pushes the blade out just a scosh and the slightest flick of the wrist does the rest. It can all be one smooth
  3. A few years ago, quite a few, I made a lighthouse for my sister-in-law. I designed it and looked and looked for some things to decorate it with. I was visiting Savannah Beach and a souvenir shop provided the boat, sea captain, birds. I has small socket and I installed a 220 volt bulb in 110 . I used plastic from ceiling fluorescent lights to make the lens. That has been years ago and the bulb still burns 24/7
  4. This is a present for my sisters birthday #81. Thought the blank was curly but not so changed the color scheme. More later.
  5. Many years ago my father-in-law gave me a single shot 22 "varmint gun" as he called it. It was extremely accurate and he used it coon hunting when he was young. I fired it and it was a nice old gun. I think is is Stevens made in 1894. When I mentioned that I was going to give it to our grandson, my wife said "Wait I think I got the paperwork he got when he bought it." I found it hard to believe, but she had the original hunting license he got in 1912. It even had cloth in the paper. Now I had something special. We believe this was his first gun, he was born in 1899. I made a case for it that
  6. Been working on some inside-out vases for a couple weeks. They're done. These are for my brothers and sisters. Next weekend is the family party and we will use these as the center pieces. I have been collecting some metal vases at the Restore and reused them as inserts to make them capable to hold water for real flowers. Most of them had to have their bottoms cut off to make them smaller than the bodies of and the tops. I fit each one individually to there respective turning. Some of them had a top that was smalle
  7. Sometimes it really pays off to having so many good friends "in the business". I've been involved in the woodworking industry and have made many life-long friends over the past 35 years. Woodworkers for the most part are friendly and generous types in my experience. So I've been sitting on a piece of spalted maple for a very, very long time, waiting for the right project. We just introduced negative rake carbide cutters to our line here at EWT. I've honestly not been a big fan of turning resins / acrylics / man-made materials, always much preferred turning wood. When we tested these NR cu
  8. Sometime last summer, my son found and remembered a saying that he found. Told me it would make a great plaque. Being that he was a paratrooper and jumped into Panama and led the French on their "end run" into Iraq during Desert Storm, I had to do something special that was just for him. This plaque is the finished project. Oh, yeh, the jump wings - - before we did our 14,500 foot jump a couple af years ago, he placed a bag in my pocket and told me to give it back to him after we jumped. In the bag was his jump wings and his comment was "I jumped with these wings and now you have jumped wi
  9. I made this shop workbench for my oldest son. The structure is southern yellow pine (SYP) ripper from 2” x 8” dimensional lumber and is fabricated so that it can be disassembled. The horizontal members are attached to the side frames with 3/8” dia. bolts. The drawers sides are made from ½” birch plywood. The drawer bottoms are 1/8” hardboard. The right drawer is a double drawer. All three drawers have dovetails joints. The drawer slides are made from SYP. The bottom shelf is ½” birch plywood. The top is made from 2 pieces of ¾” MDF and 1 piece of 1/8” hardboard banded with ¾” pine.
  10. The guy in the brown truck just dropped of an early Christmas gift from me to me. It's a Stanley Sweetheart #62. A low angle jack plane. Destined for shooting board duty, among other things. Ain't she a beauty? The wife's gift is in transit. Thought about getting a plane for her, too. Settled on a birthstone ring. Probably a good thing.
  11. Many years ago I surprised my wife with a couple of corner stands for Valentine's day. I sat down, drew up the plans and this is the results. I made each individually, sat one off to one side and made the other. You don't see the mistake right away and I didn't until I put them in corners. My wife didn't see it at all until I mentioned it. I still laugh when I see this
  12. I made a couple of these Georgia Bulldog plaques as Christmas gifts. They are both big fans. I made it dimensional and it has 3 layers in some places, nose and teeth. I modified it in several places and it is about 10"x8". I think they will like it
  13. I asked for advice on making gifts that were trademarks for someone else. This is what I had in mind. My nephew is a quadriplegic and a huge Atlanta Falcons fan. I know he will love this and something he certainly doesn't have. I didn't make it exact and added some things that make it unique
  14. I built this foot stool to put my feet and one day I was gone somewhere and when I came home, my granddaughter who was about 4 yrs old at the time decided its legs were cold so she remedied the poor foot stool cold legs. It took a few years to get those leggings off. Ya just can't love grandkids enough. Preston
  15. I have been making ball and cup games and taking them over to the volunteers at the local Akron Children Hospital for a few years now. The volunteers pass them out to the kids that unfortunately have to spend Christmas in the hospital. I figure they can play with them even while sitting in bed. I just finished this years batch today. I will wait a few days for the finish to settle in before I take them over.
  16. I posted this a long time ago for guys and gals that sell their work. My wife sews, knits, crochets, makes quilts, etc. She kept complaining that the seam rippers she gets are hard on her hands and she asked me to make some for her. Immediately I thought of all those scraps of exotic wood I kept. The steel seam ripper part came from JO ANNs with a plastic handle. Pulling it out of the handle with pliers was easy. I drilled a hole smaller than the shaft and pushed it in my new handles. I have made them for her friends, I'm sure that if I tried to sell them, I could.
  17. A friend just stopped by with a wonderful gift! This will have a special display place in the basement shop!
  18. When I made my first Celtic knot roller, the results were not as good as I liked. I didn't finish it and started again. Today in a thrift store I saw another cheese cutter and decided to use that old roller and make another one. It looks Ok for my first roller and could make a gift, I use one to make pizza dough and will try this one to see if the beveled end will make the crust easier. If not, I'll eat it anyway
  19. I got a picture last night from the customer that got the Cherry Blanket Chest I made. It seems she is really happy with it and thinks she may want to stay in it for a while. That smile makes building the chest worth every bit of it. Nothing like a happy customer.
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