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Found 24 results

  1. Haven't figured out what it might be but at least I got the wood prepared and the pattern glued on and cut out with the scroll saw... I got to figure out what it will be as I start grinding stuff away!
  2. I know - I haven't been around for a while but I haven't stopped scrolling. It seems life gets in the way of computing. Anyhow, the reason for this thread is to show off my latest "big" clock. It's called Birds of Paradise. It stands about 19" wide and 27" tall. Some 2,014 inside cuts (here is where the "yikes" comes into play) Didn't keep track of time - was afraid to. Now all I have to do is figure out how to package it in order to take it to our shows Oops, forgot - - - - - - still have to upload the pix OK, 'nuff braggin
  3. Hello All, My old craftsman bandsaw broke and of. course I broke it more when I tried to fix it. I was in need of a new saw so I bought this one from Amazon for around $80. It seems to cut well and it is very quiet. Since I am a neophyte to the world of scrolling I opted for an entry level saw. The ratings are pretty good and as an added bonus it takes pinned and unpinned blades. Do you guys think this will serve me well as a beginner? The Dewalt SS comes later WEN 3920 16-Inch
  4. Just thought I'd show a little of what I've been up to. The patterns for the "word art" came from Greg Askdal. I was at a "Peoples Market" in a very small town down the road on Saturday. About 8 vendors and very few people wondering around...until. The lady that owns a small ice cream-gift shop came by. She bought ALL my license plate bird houses, feeders etc. I know, poor me! Now I get to spend the next few afternoons in the shop making more! Life is good.
  5. Hello All, A while back, my wife picked me up a nice little Craftsman scroll saw for $30.00 a a local thrift store. I have manage to cut some thin (1/8th) ply with it but anything thicker I have trouble cutting accurately. Last night I tried cutting a 1/2" piece of spruce and as I was cutting the blade would jump forward about 1/8". This cut would be in an odd angle. It almost seems like I am cutting hard and soft wood at the same time. I can't cut a good circle to save my life. New blade, good tension and the teeth going the right way. I can't figure out why this thing chatters when I c
  6. Canon MG 2522 cheapest we could find.. Now for the comments on its performance. This printer is on sale at Walmart for 19.00. This is the picture that is on my computer and this is what I printed out to use as a pattern to glue on to some wood. Its 34? long and clear enough to cut out with scroll saw. Cutting to the lines, which the printer provides for a person to cut off so the pages will line up for the clear tape. 8 pages for this pattern and the only ditty is holding the paper straight while taping. Can't be a nervous norvis while preforming this task. I have two
  7. Made these "word art" desk name plates for my dentist and his staff. The other two are for one of our Pastors for his new office and the other is for our youth pastor.
  8. Just finished the latest "Lighted" project. This one is called the Lighted Holiday Village. Again, I'm just showing off. Taking it to a show in Dayton, TN this weekend to see what kind of interest I get. The project is about 24" long and includes walnut, maple, aromatic cedar, sephelle, oak (both white and red), and a couple others that I have probably forgotten. Picture not very good because I got too close to the project. Will try to be better later on. Above with the lights off Lights On
  9. This post is referencing the lights I used in the project pictured below Lights ON - surprise - the light kit has several different modes, battery operated and remote controlled (would be difficult to turn lights on and off with this hanging on a wall.) I paid $14.95 for the light kit (source will not be mentioned in this post). Thinking this price was a little steep, I researched the manufacturer of the lights and stumbled upon them at Amazon. I have since changed supplier of this light kit. In fact, I ordered more from Amazon. The same light kit that I paid $14.95 at __
  10. Just got this one finished for our upcoming show this weekend. Cut from 1/4" Walnut, Cherry and Maple. Light kit from ScrollerOnline Lights Off - what ya see is what you get (maybe) Lights ON - surprise - the light kit has several different modes, battery operated and remote controlled (would be difficult to turn lights on and off with this hanging on a wall.
  11. Artie

    RBI 220 VS

    As I was perusing Craigslist a couple of minutes ago, I saw an ad for an RBI 220 VS scrollsaw for $450. It was described as ‘in new like condition” in the only picture posted it looked quite nice. My question is (and I realize this is opinions only) fair price? Steal? So-so and will show up again in this price range? I have noticed that items tend to cost a bit more out here on the East Coast. I’m asking this because I could probably make it happen, if it stays listed for a couple more days. I’m thinking (from what I’ve read) that it would probably not drop in value any time soon. Opinions, ad
  12. Sometime last summer, my son found and remembered a saying that he found. Told me it would make a great plaque. Being that he was a paratrooper and jumped into Panama and led the French on their "end run" into Iraq during Desert Storm, I had to do something special that was just for him. This plaque is the finished project. Oh, yeh, the jump wings - - before we did our 14,500 foot jump a couple af years ago, he placed a bag in my pocket and told me to give it back to him after we jumped. In the bag was his jump wings and his comment was "I jumped with these wings and now you have jumped wi
  13. Don't know how many of us make clocks (big and small). I'm always looking for unique plans that I haven't seen before. Stumbled upon this site and marveled at the uniqueness of the clocks. Boyer clocks If anyone has other sites with unique clock patterns would you share them? Thanks, guys, and keep the sawdust flying fred
  14. I got this pattern from Sheila Landry and added my touch to it. The piece is cut from 3/4" Maple. I have also attached a document that I put together when researching the history of the amendment._The Second Amendment.docx
  15. Hi folks. Fred here. We have been asked to be sure to tag our posts. It is great to see that most of us are already doing this. Tagging is a great way to simplify searching. Thanks again for your "tagging" fred
  16. Ron has a good idea about the lathe and the person using it.. Comfortable to use so a person don't get wore out before he gets started using it. When I bought the new 788 in 99 I decided who ever built the stand that came with the scroll saw was about half off his rocker....So I went to thinking ....and here is what I use to keep me in the shop, longer, and with not as much aches and pains. I built a table to sit the saw on that is 19 1/2" tall. The saw is not bolted to the table, it will slide around as it sits on pieces of a truck tire inter tube... making it quieter, not a c
  17. I went to Woodcraft to buy a few things and one of the guys that works there asked me if I would enter my bowl in the contest. He said most of them are from a lathe, not many are from a scroll saw. Wish me luck.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Aborigine Tribal submitted by Mahendra.
  19. View File Aborigine Tribal Aborigine Tribal submitted by Mahendra. Submitter John Morris Submitted 10/12/2016 Category Scroll Saw Patterns  
  20. Haven't been on the board for a while and I appologize for that. ' Been super busy in the shop and haven't had much time to just laze around. Anyhow, would like to share a couple of the projects I have been working on (besides the military wings and stars)
  21. So there I was, cutting away on one of Susan Landry's patterns and contemplating my techniques. (I usually contemplate something whilst I cut) This project has some rather sharp inside corners throughout the. Corners like " < " with inside angles less than 10 degrees. As i was contemplating it occurred to me that I didn't have to think too hard when I was cutting them. And then a light bulb turned on and I wondered how sharp the end of that corner would be and how did my scrolling buddies cut their sharp inside corners. Species of wood? Size of blade? Skill?
  22. So there we were, finally splitting wood for our wood burner, split one that had a branch coming out. My grandson says, "Not, that is a great looking piece of wood". After taking a send and third glance, I agreed with him. Saved out out and kept splitting. Then we ran onto another interesting piece. Again, saved it out. After many hours of planing, I finally got a useable piece of wood to scroll. Only problem is - I do NOT know what kind of wood it is. Maybe y'all can help me with it. Below are a couple of pictures of the slab. After getting it this fa
  23. Some of you know that me and my family bought my grandparents farm house, ive been busy trying to balance free time and get crud done time and its been tough for me to stay on task. Any way, colder weather is on its way here in Wi so i decided to stat putting together a small shop down in the basement. Well for years I've seen this homemade contraption and could never figure out what it was till about 15 minutes ago.
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