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  1. From the album: John's Shop

    I recently inherited this beautiful workbench. The top is 4" thick, 6.5' long by 24" wide with a tool well at the rear. The top is composed of Maple and Oak billets, there are dog holes and the original owner made his own dogs out of aluminum rounds, they work very well. The end vise is large and very powerful. The cabinet is made of oak, with oak drawers and walnut pulls. I will be using the bench as my primary work surface for all I do, I cannot wait to start work on it. I purchased the hold fasts from a fellow on ebay, he hand forges them and sells them at a very reaso
  2. So last weekend we worked on the boat and spent time with our grandsons. I delivered the top made last week to one and returned the toy F1 car to the other. Silly me. There is no reasoning with three year olds. I didn’t get the manual that says definitely don’t give one grandson a top and not the other ! What a circus. So we are returning this weekend to continue working on the boat and deliver another top. Walnut and maple again. I gave this one a brass tip to make it a little different. I will turn the launcher tomorrow and quell the uprising this weekend. Paul
  3. I’m making a serving cart for my wife. It’s made from walnut with a 6/4 hard maple top. I would like to completely wrap the maple top with walnut, but I’m concerned about the end grain of the maple moving and damaging the walnut. So, I guess my question is...can I do this? Or would I need to do a bread board on each end of the maple top? It would be nice to wrap the maple without the bread board ends, which is what I would prefer. Any thoughts for this amateur?
  4. I'm still working on these jewelry boxes. There are lots of first time things going on with these boxes for sure..This box was the goat so I have a few things I wanted to see for my self. I had nothing on paper just in my head. It is sitting there with 4 screws holding all the pieces together so I could exchange things and then put it all back together. In a round about way this is almost like the rest of the carving I do. Like I have different carvings , some up and others down and one end is different that the other. Some of the pieces was in the wood pile from things I built from
  5. The tea jar lids have been well received at the honey farm. Owner told me the ladies love them. She said a lady bought two of them and remarked: "it's too bad you don't have them to fit the jars your herbs are in". Cindy, the owner said, "I started texting you before she was done talking". Do you think you could make even a smaller size?" So, I'll deliver these in the morning. They are much smaller at only 2" I. D. I did nine of them to start, we'll see how they do and go from there. The jars are pretty small, only 2" diameter at the top.
  6. I glued the only picture I had on the hunk of maple then cut it all to pieces with the scroll saw...I did another picture to go by but it was a flip shot of what I carved. That made it interesting .
  7. I bought this hammer thinking it would be handy to keep close to the lathe. It has a copper alloy head on one end to knock a drive spur in. First time I used it the handle broke, dry rot?, but I thought I would put a handle on it someday. Someday is over a year later but it is here and I decided to make one. I thought this might be better done using offset turning and proceeded in that direction. Got a piece of Hard Maple and went to town on it. Couple hours later I had this. This picture doesn't show it but I made a nice tight fit for the h
  8. So, our son, who, to my knowledge has never had an interest in wood working has decided he wants to make "river" tables. That's a technique using live edge slabs, ripping them into pieces and then rearranging the pieces and pouring resin to make it look like a river. Yesterday he told me he was going to go look at some slabs in another town. I told him if they had one I'd like a piece of maple, 12" wide or more, about 1.5" thick. He brought home a monster of a slab, over 7' long, 16" at it's widest, and 2.5" thick. I think it weighed well over a hundred pounds. On the b
  9. Can't remember if I posted it here or not but a local wood cutter dropped off a piece of Norway maple trunk at my house about a month ago. Said he thought it was the kind of wood I like. He has helped me in the past and I have made sure to gift turned items to him for his help. Anyway, finally got around to turning a little bowl from a section of the log and I'm a pretty happy camper just now. It has naptha on it in these pictures as I'm looking for scratches and/or tool marks. It's drying in a bag of shavings now but I won't do much more to it except to remove the tenon. Don't normally leave
  10. Maple wood carves great and does not dent like balsa does!!

    © not that I know of

  11. Some of the "old timers" here will remember I had to be away from turning for an extended period. When things kind of returned to normal I had lost some of my motivation to be in the shop. Other interests, family time, and if I'm being honest, laziness, kept me idle. Finally decided I need to get productive again and this is my first serious turning for fun in a long while. Happily and surprisingly, I wasn't as rusty as I feared, that means I still remember how to sand! Anyway, here is my bowl, maple, about 12"X3". I love maple, sometimes the grain is smooth and creamy but fairly plain and so
  12. So far mostly a scroll saw and a band saw for the general shape. I think I will try to get it much thinner than the first spoon which was mesquite.
  13. After that fiasco of cracking my myrtle wood bowl I turned out my maple bowl and it came out quite nice. I left the walls just a bit thicker seemed to hold up quite nicely. In the short run of things this ones almost done.
  14. Got this from a friend this morning. Just a warning: I am redoing my kitchen and have been staining my Maple molding and drawer fronts with TransTint, No problem. But when I stained the veneer on my island and stiles & rails it turned blotchy. I called them this morning and asked them how to fix it, they told me it won't work on veneer! I used denatured alcohol as I was told water would cause the veneer to expand. The fellow I talked with said it didn't matter.
  15. Can you believe it? Tomorrow is the first day of October! One of own, @Charles Nicholls, could use some prayers and good thoughts. Charles is in the hospital and hopefully recovering but if you could take a moment and send some positive energy his way, I'm sure it will be appreciated. A little more information is here- EDIT EDIT EDIT--- Just received word that Charles has been moved from the hospital to a rehab facility. Things are looking up! Our Patriot Turners- Last week @Masonsailor showed us his beginning Christmas present project. He has added even mor
  16. Yesterday son and I made some Pull Out Shelving for mama, see proceeding link. And while cutting down the panel for the shelves, we had to do some cross cutting of ply on my Shopsmith. I was pleasantly, actually, very very happy, to see the quality of cut that was produced on the smith with the blade I used. Also this cut was made without a zero clearance insert, I just had on the factory insert, and the quality was perfect, I was very impressed. I don't remember getting this good a cut even on my 12" 5hp Grizz cabinet saw using an 80 tooth Amana Blue melamine blade. I am not sure what ha
  17. While I'm waiting on the Shelix cutterhead for my jointer to move forward on the audio rack I'm working on a very large Hard Rock Maple cutting board, at least it's large to me - 18" x 24" x 2" thick. It weighs about 32 lbs. which is fairly stout, I think. Matter of fact, the hardest thing about doing one this size is difficulty in handling the glued up board. It will have a juice groove along two edges of one side and the other side will be laser engraved with a family crest. Obviously, the side with the juice groove is the working side and the laser engraved side is for show.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    This is a scanned document of the now defunct Workbench Magazine of this era. Permission was granted by the new Workbench Publication for The Patriot Woodworker community to copy and use the old Workbench Magazine at our pleasure, and for free distribution and re-use. This is a wonderful example of Danish work at its core, what a great crafts project to undertake, and it will sure to be the center piece of any table setting or this would also make a wonderful coffee table accessories. I love Danish, the simplicity, the folk art that surrounds it, and this looks like it wo
  19. If you go back to the entry prior to this "unusual ornament" you will see the block I made this one from. This one looks like it has many different designs in it and I didn't see this outcome until I stopped the lathe. I like surprises like this.
  20. During shop clean up, I found some narrow strips of walnut from an old forgotten job. The were approx a quarter inch sq. by 10". Since we are still under self quarantine, I have lots of time and decided to make a glue up using these strips and some maple & pine. It came out kinda nice.I made two of them and may turn the other one in the opposite direction. The oval is about inch and three quarters. I haven't been turning much lately and it is nice to get back where time has no meaning. It goes by so quickly when you are having fun.
  21. Just completed,...horn is by Bill Smith and myself. Tiger maple base plug.
  22. I'm building some walnut bedside tables with 24" circular tops. For visual interest...and because it'll be fun... I'd like to use 12 alternating maple and walnut angled segments in a sun burst pattern. Ive gotten far enough to understand that the angles need to be 30°...I think. Do I cut each angle side at 15° ? Please help a mathematically challenged old man. And, muchas gracias!!!
  23. Haven't figured out what it might be but at least I got the wood prepared and the pattern glued on and cut out with the scroll saw... I got to figure out what it will be as I start grinding stuff away!
  24. The largest platter I’ve ever turned. A 15 inch silver maple platter. I turned this on my Laguna Revo 1216 lathe on the outboard side. A bit nerve racking doing it. First I used the worm screw in the chuck and I probably should have used a face plate...once I had the bottom done and made the tenon for the chuck, it was easier hogging out the inside. I’m pleased with the way it came out...and so is my wife! I sanded up to 4000 grit, then used triple e and finally Aussie oil. Hope you folks like it...
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