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Found 21 results

  1. p_toad

    more bits

    Picked these up recently. Size 4 through 16. side view of boxfront view of boxinside view of box Could not find any company marking on box and so far only sizes on bits.
  2. Where do I get brad point bits sharpened? Herb
  3. anyone needing bits Kutzall is having a sale. Theeeeeese are the bits I'm having trouble wearing out..
  4. Picked up a bag of little helpers the other day.
  5. Good morning to all the mothers out there. I'm in the market to buy a set of these bits, I'm leaning towards the Whiteside 470 set but was looking to see if there was any others that might be good as well? Any special place to buy to get a good deal would be really appreciated. Pat
  6. A great blog by one of my online mentors, Elia Bizzarri (ENJOY!) The following are my thoughts on drill bits for Windsor chairmaking. Bear in mind that I have used some of these bits (augers, bradpoints, etc.) daily for 15 years and other bits I have used infrequently. In these reviews, I am comparing well tuned examples of each bit. Poorly tuned bits will make an awful mess regardless of type. Spoon bits: The traditional bit of the Windsor chairmaker. Advantages – cuts clean holes even at extreme angles, thickness of shaving changes relative to hardness of wood being cut, is fun to use, operator can easily change angles at anytime. Disadvantages: Hard to sharpen. The diameter of the bit changes with many sharpenings. The shortness of the bit makes it harder to sight accurately (this can be overcome with an extension). It requires skill to start the hole in the right place or a gouge to hollow a spot for starting the bit. New bits either don’t work or require considerable tune up. Old bits can be hard to find. Read More...
  7. Had a bit yesterday,,....thought I would try a little different way to drill counter bored holes....normally it is a 3/8" Forstner bit in the drill press......The face frame was a bit TOO BIG for that....so, I got out the wee bits.. The Gimlet bit was 3/8", but iy does not do counter bores too well. The largest of this group was 5/16" And I needed a 6/16" bit.. Got out the "Index" And there it was. I thought I could toss the others into the index... Looks like I need to route a few more slots....next page wasn't much better.. That biggie on the left..22/16" Craftsman....might be a tad too large for the counter bores... I already had a pilot hole drill set up.. In a Millers Falls 6" sweep brace. I thought about setting a brace up for counter-bore work.. Goodell-Pratt No. 408....Gave it a try for a while, lead screw would get jammed up with pine stuff... Gave up and went with the Forstner bit in a Powerkraft electric drill. neater holes. pilot bit worked great. Will work on the bits another day... Have a project to get done, while I can....
  8. Until something comes along to build with....wood-wise. Stopped at a pair of stores the other day....one had a Nicholson USA Rasp.. Yep....for $2? Seemed better than that $200 Stanley No. 72 in another stall..... Nice logo.....Wandered over to the other store....found a large coffee can full of drill bits... These seemed to be sizes I didn't have.....well, one was. One is a #4 ( 4/16") the one i didn't have was that #5 ( 5/16") dollar bill for the pair... Went to leave the stall, had to turn around...found a shelf....found this thing sitting on it... No, not a space gun....a saw set. Millers Falls No. 214, type 1 Needed a bit of clean up, price tag said $8.....plus tax. As for something to build with? Took care of that "problem" this afternoon... We'll see how far 32 bf of flat sawn Ash will go.....$30. There is 11 boards there, all 4/4 x 6"....we had to cut 5 boards down, as 11' was too long for the van...the 11th was already @ 6' Will post something in the woodworking section, when I can get something started...I barely tapped the stash of the Ash the fellow has, might try to go back and get another layer......need to save up me pennies
  9. Hi all, I ask this question, because i am having a real hard time finding a drill bit or drill bit set with any quality other than bad. I have purchased 2 7mm drill bits over the last few years, and both were pretty much dull out of the package. can someone point me to a place that makes quality drill bits? I prefer Brad point, but it isn't absolutely required. Thanks
  10. Recently Infinity tools brought out a mutiradius router bit. It will cut 1/16" r.1/8" r.,, and 1/4" r.. Also 1/16+1/8r, 1/16+1/8+1/4"r. And a 1/4"bead,+ 1/8r., and a 1/4" bead,+1/8" r, +1/16'r. Also a 1/4" bead,+ 1/8"r, +1/16" bead. That is 8 different profiles and there might be more. I cut some test cuts in a piede of hard white oak scrap and it cut nice and smooth no burns. The the higher profiles I cut in some Doug fir 2X material. It cost $48. including shipping. ,which amounts to $6.00 per profile and maybe less,which is not bad. Here are some pictures, apologies for the blurry ones.
  11. And since I can't go to the shop until tomorrow, decided to clean out the tool tote that sits here by the desk.. Ok, found a few hand saws....a big fancy hacksaw, a crosscut saw, and a very OLD Disston compas/keyhole saw......There are some HUGE rasps still in the bottom of the tote. Two brace drills, one in very good condition, the other one not really. There was an 8" long "Tri Square" that even had a level in the handle ( level works) Overall feel suggests it is by Stanley....There is also a "Defiance" combo square, The kind that has a slot for about half the length of the ruler. Will have to look again, to see what Model # it is...looked like a #1221? Now that I went to all the trouble to make that Drill Bit Book....I found five more bits.....3 are the 16/16", one is a 18/16", and one is a 6/16"....guess I could keep them for the Millers Falls brace I found in there? There was also an eggbeater drill, the hollow handle has a metal "window" you open, the shake out a drill bit from inside. Luftkin #X46 ruler, with the brass extension piece. 72" ruler. A 50' tape measure, with a locking crank on it's metal case. And a couple 16' metal cased tape measures.... Found out where those BIG calipers from Starrett was hiding. A little tack hammer, with a loose head. Will try to tighten that up later.... A chalk box ( new one, by strait line) and a bottle of blue chalk.... A Stanley No. 46-825 Sliding bevel gauge, black plastic handle....and a General No.810 honing guide... Hacksaw was a Parker Line. There was a small mallet down in the bottom of the tote, I inherited it from my late FIL. I used it as a pattern to turn the one I use now. Somehow, a few screwdrivers got dropped in there, including all the Yankee ones, and both of my #41 push drills....Grrr. No wonder this tool tote weighed as much as I did.....Now I get to clean a few up. and stash a few away.......looking like about next month will be a huge tool sale on FeeBay for the shop here... Maybe when I can get the tripod upstairs, I might take a few shots of all the finds.....good or bad...?
  12. While these would be nice to use..... I don't think they would work too well with these kind of bits.. The mallet is there just for Lew to look over, again... Anyway, I need to drill a few holes with the larger of these bits. Then run that 16" #11 to house the square ends. Sooo.... L-R: 14" or a 12", or a 10"...or a 8", or a 6"? I think the 6" might be a bit too small? Might use the larger ones. BTW: had to re-flatten the end of the bench...getting a bit worn....
  13. I got tired of having my quick changers bits and tips in different places so I put 'em all together in one handy dandy little box with a magnet closure. Plus I made a little awl with a tungsten ( very very hard) point from a TIG welding electrode. The little short ones are held in place with magnets the drills don't need it.
  14. Well, cleaned a few up for Polite Company to view, handled a small chisel to make it usable. Lets start with these..thngs What you see here cost me about $10 today... 3/32" nail set, a 3/16" drill bit ( Craftsman!) and a counter sink bit with no name. $0.75 for these.. A pair of Millers Falls 3/4" wide chisels, one with a fully readable logo. Permaloid handles...$1 each $1 for this block plane iron, with a Stanley "triangle" logo. Might have a plane for this... How many tri squares have a level in the handle? Must be why this was $2? In the first picture, the tool with the ball on the end? Is a Stanley YANKKEE offset, ratcheting screwdriver. No. 3400, even has a patent date. Both "tips" are for slotted screws. Ok. the next one came home in two pieces. I had to fit a new handle to this 3/8" wide chisel.. I think I paid a dollar for each? This is a Buck Brothers 3/8" Mortise chisel Says so right on the back. Chisel will need a bit more work to bring it up to "Ready" status. Have started to grind a new edge, and work on the back a bit. This might take a while. Haven't done anything to the red chisels, other than give them a trip on the wire wheel...were a bit rusty. Out of the $10...I got a quarter back. Three different stops. No wonder I'm worn out. Had to walk today.....sheesh.
  15. And almost all those treasures are cleaned up, and put away....time to go out and about again. One yard sale said "TOOLS", so we motored over there to check it out.....four rusty handsaws, and a few other odds & ends.... Next one said ...TENT SALE! After taking the Boss to another sale she liked, we meandered along until we saw a tent set up.....three of them in fact. Three rows of tables of TOOLS!! Well, some of the stuff was a bit out of my price range, so I wandered around in the $1 bins areas.......then while coasting along in the high priced stuff ( Stanley #6c @ $45) found a decent enough chisel, sans handle. Dug around in the box a bit....hey, a handle! Put the two together, and staggered over to pay for my big handful, and the boss's finds.... Irwin Auger bits @ $1 each. The T H Witherby 1/2" chisel was a $5 affair. Bits were from a #4 up to a #18 size. I had to pick through almost 50 bits until I had a decent set. Now, this sale is running all this weekend. If I don't get back there with more cash, I can save up until Labor day, as he will be down at the Tractor Fest in West Liberty,OH. There is supposed to be a couple more sales tomorrow and Saturday.......stay tuned... BTW: I turned me nose up at a fully loaded machinist's tool chest, solid oak, brand name starts with a "G"......@ $200.00? Ah, not today... Those pipe wrenches Morris likes? Well I counted 8 more just like it, other than the braze work. There was, stashed amongst the normal braces...a Millers falls 6" sweep brace...$25 was a bit too steep today....
  16. Garage sale sort of thing today. Used to be a fellow's workshop, now the heirs are selling things off.. Spent a little more than I would normally do, so...here we go Couple of Stanley chisels. An auger bit set, missing the 3/4" one. That fancy red handle? Why that be a Parker Line Hacksaw, blade might need replaced...there was a second saw that I bought.. A Great Neck No. 9 coping saw. The guide roller thingy is a "General No.810? Might make some use out of it? There was also a 12 volt battery for a Makita drill like the one I have. All in all, about $10 for the lot. The Boss had to do a bit of shopping there as well. That kind of added to the bill... Not too bad a start?
  17. Got out for a bit last night and ran across this nice old set up Irwin Auger Bits in the Original box. The set is complete and looks as though they have never been used. One of the really nice things about this set was that the manual was still tucked nicely in the box under the bits. The date on the bottom of the manual on the back says 1952. They look pretty good for 63 years old. Inside the manual is in nice condition also. I think is was a pretty nice find and am glad to be adding it to my collection. These can sit next to the Keen Kutter set. Well I am off for some serious Patriot Picking this weekend. Later.....
  18. Now that the barces have a new home, time to clean stuff up, and set others in new homes. Cleaned up the bits for the braces...I think I found them all.. Once I cleaned them up, found two were from Craftsman! A #12, and the #20. Wonder IF they will take them back for a new one? The LONG one is 16" long, might be a stretch to include it in any case for the rest of these bit. Used one brace, and a phillips bit to screw down the sander in it's new Home.. The white handled one. BTW, there is a coat of BLO on the till, now. And, as for that sander? Hoping these two will get along. had to clean a LOT of junk off, to find a spot for the sander. Ok, need to clean and put away a lot of other items... Getting a might crowded. Weeeelll, maybe I will just build a box for the drill bits, instead....have a few boards leftover, yet Happen to have a bunch of 1/2" thick stuff....to be continued....
  19. Well, got a start anyway. Cut two side panels, a top stretcher, and getting a bottom panel ready to size up. Have six brace-type drills just sitting around, taking up space. have an "open" spot near the bench. Building just big enough to hold these six, if any more wander in to the shop...they will get stuffed into a tool chest, ...somewhere. The bits for them? Still a work in progress...... Just an update....film @ 2300hrs, ZULU.....that is all. Carry on.
  20. Ok, since the workmate is busy holding up a 70 pound toolbox, decided the holdfasts/dogs could be used on my workBENCH. Laid out a few holes, about 6" or so apart. Needed a 3/4" drill bit. Last time, the Forstner bit was quite the ticket, wallered the hole a bit. Needed something better Something like this. Bit is 3/4", sweep of the brace is 10". Millers Falls brace, at that. Got the bit nice and tight in the chuck, and stood this thing up on the bench Almost chin-level. Drill a few holes, testing the fit as I go along Those little black squares are the B&D Workamate dogs. Had to sand them a bit, for a less snug fit. Still need a hammer to tap them home. Grabbed some scrap and a small plane, tested the track out Now, instead of changing out the drill bit, got to thinking ( a dangerous thing, right there) why not just set things up to just grab a completely set up Brace & Bit, and be ready to drill almost any set of holes? Well, I might have the answer to that Just grab a size and drill away. Some people have a bunch of electric routers set up, I have brace & bits set up. Biggest bit gets the largest brace, and on down the line. tried out a larger chunk of scrap wood, and a larger plane A 1-1/2" thick chunk of white oak, and a jack plane. Dogs seem to work. Now need to cobble an end vise of some sort......
  21. Over the weekend I got a few minutes while I was out at a job to stop and do a bit of Patriot Picking. I ran across these KEEN KUTTER jewels. I got this really neat poster although it is a REPO it is still very cool. But one of the items I found that is really nice is the complete set of Boring Bits in the original cloth roll. Each of the bits had the KEEN KUTTER logo on the bit. I couldn't get a good picture with my phone so I'll see if I can get one better to show you. And then I got this really nice Oak KEEN KUTTER box. The box held the K12 D set, which was 6 knives and 6 forks. Here is a picture of what should have been in the box. Sometimes you find the real thing and sometimes there are REPO's but they are all still very cool. Believe it or not some of the REPO stuff is collectable. Well just a bit of some Patriot Picking. Till the next time, Keep on Patriot Picking!!

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