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Found 14 results

  1. Ok, shop in the midst of a tool cabinet build....decided to pare the pile of tools down a bit, so the cabinet won't take up the entire shop... yankee items? Between the screwdrivers, and the push drills....needed to reduce the herd a bit on both...(Brass one is now retired..)so... Went through these...any defects caused one to disappear from the crowd....broken/missing springs, selectors, prawls...bent shaft....and I was left with these...and the singleton.. For then BIG jobs..The push drills? I retired the Millers Falls ones...since I have 16 tips for the 3 North Brothers #41s... Just need to learn to sharpen them tips... squares...combo squares needed cleaned up... Will keep both of the 6" squares...trying to decide on one or two of the 12" ones...the speed square.. I use that to figure out what angles to set the mitersaw to. There are a few all-metal try squares...all went into a drawer. Will sort through the wood handled ones tomorrow. Egg Beater drills have their own til...limited space...helps control the size of the crowd. Brace drills...were getting out of hand...14 of them! Soo..today...sorted through the mess at bit... Green circles are from Germany. left one is worn out, right one was retired, anyway, Red circle? Made in Japan...IF you see a brace head with those two lines...walk away. There be potmetal inside of it. The other 2 were locked up, and or bent...There was also a clone of a Stanley No. 945-8...no markings, wrist handle frozen in place...Into the drawer with them. Which left 8 more to sort through.. This be the P.S. & W. Samson #8012.....12" sweep. Not the largest one I have... but close. Fancy chuck will hold tightly to about any type of bit you might use... And this be a Stanley No. 730-14.....14" sweep, bearings everywhere...for those really BIG bits. This is one of two 10" sweep braces....a Millers Falls No. 22..the other? The rings on that handle are made of Pewter. Drill was sold as a Keen Kutter N 104.....methinks it was made by Millers Falls as a #1053....10" 8" sweep drills? One of 3 "good" ones...from about 1905...Goodell Pratt Co. No. 408...uses a stick shift to go from forward to locked to reverse..shaped like a loop. the other 8" braces are twins And.. Two. Stanley 945-8....trying to decide which to keep....there are two 6" sweep drills..( keeping both..) Keen Kutter KB6.....made by Millers falls as a #1054...I think..the other is a Stanley.. marked as a "X3 6in" and is for the USA O. D. ( United States Army Ord Dept. ) Need to go to Menard's buy a stack of either 1 x 10 x 4', or the 1 x 12 x 4' boards, on sale I hope...and then build a cabinet to house most of the "good" hand toys...er...TOOLS. Stay tuned...this might take a while... The "Before"? Might make use of some of the wooden parts....And, find a shelf for the power tools. Maybe some pegs to hold the braces on....maybe stack them up on that peg?
  2. I got my new Consumers Report today and they reported on the best cordless drill under $100 The first one listed is the Heavy duty Hercules HC91K1 Harbor Freight. $100 Second was Light duty Worx WX176L $100 Third was Rigid R82005K $90 They tested 40 drills. They did not give any details on tests performed or battery life. Too many unanswered questions for me. I don't doubt their results, but I'd like to see the tests and actual results.
  3. Three days of yard sales....A few smaller tools, and big tool box, and a bit of wood. Was a busy boy over the weekend.. That short one is 4' long....4/4 Walnut, long one is 8/4 and is 7' long...dollar each.... The walnut was from Sunday, the next pile of rust was Friday's $7 haul..but wait...there was also a Saturday sale or two... This was from just two sales that day.....the eggbeater was $3 the tool box was $13, counting what was in it..... Just a tease... There was a $2 pair of visegrips, straight jaws, and another pair of Yankee drivers for $1 each....tool box was $10. So, I wound up with a bit of rough sawn walnut, a Fulton #3 plane, an eggbeater, and three braces.....and.. A pair of pipe wrenches were in the bottom of the box That tape measure, a few pliers, and some weird things.. And for those braces? The short ones are a 16 size, the long one is an 11.... A few screwdrivers, there was a few plastic handled things, but I prefer the wood handles Sorry, these were the only chisels in the box.....there was a few wrenches, as well... Smallest size was a 5/8", I think. The braces? This is after a good cleaning. Small is an 8" sweep, the other two are 10" sweeps. The non-ratcheting one is a Millers Falls No.22 Not sure about the other two...yet Ever hear of Granlt Tool Comp. of New York Germany? needs a fuller restore, though. Not too bad a weekend? Just over $20 for the tools, and $2 for the wood. The bottom of the tool box had a sales flyer.....Rinks Department Stores was having a Labor Day sale...in September of 1982.... As for those Yankee drivers? There is a HUGE No.131A that I could use as a walking stick, a pair of No. 130A drivers, and a No.135 The 131 was...$3 Couple more sales...next weekend...
  4. Is that even a "thing"? Unlike clamps....sometimes one should draw the line...? Spent some time in the shop, tonight....cleaning a few drills....braces are in 6" sweep up to a 14" sweep. Stanleys, Millers falls, a 12" PEXTO, and even a couple marked Germany ( and NOT West Germany, either) Some of these needed to see the wire wheel....rust spots. Some needed a drop of oil, here and there...makes them turn a bit better ( pun intended)....I can understand this mob of drills....may get rid of a couple duplicates..maybe...however, it is a different thing with these critters.. Do I really NEED 10 of these? The biggest is a Millers Falls No. 2-01.....the smallest has a new chuck.. Hard enough to tighten the chucks on the larger ones...Craftsman 1/4" chuck...takes a key. There are two Craftsman drills here..black handle I thought was a M-F No. 5..is a Craftsman. All blue with the red knob? Stanley Handyman. Light coloured wood handle has a surprise... Slides open to store bits in the handle... Millers falls, Granit, GM CO., And a Goodell-Pratt...The gray-framed Craftsman and the big M-F #2... Did a test drive into a few knots. I was wiping these down, oiling them up, wire wheel as needed ....Two others got to join the fun.. May give the G-P a test, later.....may just keep the better ones...in a small, medium, large set up...Not sure IF I need 10 eggbeaters.. Bad enough with at least that many braces..and squares.. Will see how this goes.....have planes to sharpen, a few well used chisels to freshen up... Normal Downtime after a Project... Too many drills?
  5. Some of the Treasures, from last Saturday.... Was already cleaned up, before I got it. You add this to about any other brace-style drill, other than a Fay. Then you can use small twist ( round shank) drill bit, like for pilot holes. Next.. This one will need the handle worked on a bit... When I cleaned the crank handle up a bit...found the Goodell-Pratt logo.....this be a No. 329....might be worth saving? Logo is barely readable on the drive gear...says it is a Goodell-Pratt....stamped into the crank handle, says it is a No. 0477... 2 speeds! Shift the drive shaft from one hole to the other. You do need a drill this size..to power one of these.. Called a chain drill. One end chucks up into a large brace drill, or a breast drill. Chain loops over/around the beam/post/metal I beam. You chuck the required drill bit in it. Adjust the feed rate, and it will maintain pressure against the bit, taking up slack in the chain. Need a project that calls for scroll work, then I can try this one out. Seems there was an "Imported" tool......gears are enclosed on this drill.. "JORDAN" ( or JORDIN??) France...OEM colour seems to have been a dark blue? Cleaned up, and sitting in front of the Millers Falls 120 I already had. Jordan USED to have a ball bearing thrust washer( that ring was in front of it) but the balls were falling out...bearing was shot. May go through those 6 (!!!) block planes, and see IF I can get a few "good" ones made up, and working... May clean up that Defiance handplane.....and see how it does... Unless someone else sees a tool in this mess they want....the extras may go to that Junk-n-the-Box store..as Trade Bait....IF he has something worth trading for... Stay tuned ( already been yelled at, for getting a shirt dirty) May get some of these Treasures back to New In Box Status...
  6. Had a bit yesterday,,....thought I would try a little different way to drill counter bored holes....normally it is a 3/8" Forstner bit in the drill press......The face frame was a bit TOO BIG for that....so, I got out the wee bits.. The Gimlet bit was 3/8", but iy does not do counter bores too well. The largest of this group was 5/16" And I needed a 6/16" bit.. Got out the "Index" And there it was. I thought I could toss the others into the index... Looks like I need to route a few more slots....next page wasn't much better.. That biggie on the left..22/16" Craftsman....might be a tad too large for the counter bores... I already had a pilot hole drill set up.. In a Millers Falls 6" sweep brace. I thought about setting a brace up for counter-bore work.. Goodell-Pratt No. 408....Gave it a try for a while, lead screw would get jammed up with pine stuff... Gave up and went with the Forstner bit in a Powerkraft electric drill. neater holes. pilot bit worked great. Will work on the bits another day... Have a project to get done, while I can....
  7. I seem to have a thing for "cordless" drills.... All but one of the eggbeaters... While cleaning the shop a bit, getting ready for the next projects, found a few other items.. Things seem to come in pairs around here...happens when I can't find the first one... Also set out most of the clear Poplar I have left.... Kicked a few braces out of the "overhead til" and stashed all but one of the eggbeaters.. As this No. 104 Millers falls wouldn't fit in the slots....handle was rattling for a reason. What is left of the push drills. Stashed these back into a drawer... Poplar was cut to size.. 2 ends, 2 sides....had to dig around to find something to use as a bottom panel.. May need to trim it down a bit.... note the brace til? Near as I can tell, this is all there is....from a 14" sweep down to a couple 6" sweeps... I found not only a gouge, but a handle for it...cleaned both up.. Someday, I'll learn how to sharpen one of these out chanel thingys...marking gauge was used to help lay out a few pins... Laid out the pins....as i do pins first.. Note how I mark the waste? Two other items emerged in the clean up.. Pen is for scale....chisel is by Butcher. Screwdriver has Rosewood for the handle. Migraine hit...hard to see well enough to do much...it can wait until Tuesday....
  8. Way too much like work. Added the extra parts to one end of the holder blank. Set the blank up in the vise..then had to take the Boss to lunch and Walmart. Piece of a Sausage,Egg, & Cheese sammich got lodged in the wrong spot...had a choking fit. Finally got it out. Ok, set up the large brace with a large bit, marked a center line, and started to attempt to drill a few holes.. First hole went a bit sideways, next ones were a tad better. Trying to get that big-arsed bit deep enough.. Something like this. Found out real fast which drill bit needs sharpened, too. I was stuck using just two bits... Last two were with a smaller bit. Again one went a little off, second one was a bit better. Marked a few more lines, time for a saw, or two... Just an old Keystone No. 6-1/2. Trying to rip rip down the center.....got to a marked depth line. Put the big saw away, laid the block on it's side, and got a crosscut saw... Hoping the two lines meet where they are supposed to.. Needed to keep drilling, as the shank holes were needed too. The 16" long bits were a bit too dull for a brace, but not for a 1/2" corded drill. Some chisel work to improve a few cuts, ran a #11 (7/8") 16" long bit in the corded drill. Finally got things to where a few auger bits will sit in the holders.. Still have to cut slots, so I can lift each bit up and out. Going to need a LOT of sanding. Will have to think about this for a day or two....quarter of the way through the holder builds.... Time to just chill out, dry off, and sit the rest of the evening......too tired for a Beer run, even..
  9. In spite of harvest activities, We have made it an annual activity to go out the second weekend in October for a fall festival somewhere. The last several years, it has been Illinois' Spoon River Drive and we did so again this year. The day was beautiful and I found a few cool items too! Most of these items were 1 or 2 bucks and were found at roadside sales throughout the drive area. The group of vises and the rotary table set me back 40 bucks for all. The egg beater is a Goodell-Pratt 259 and Millers Falls hand vise added 10 more. The drill appears to be very well built and has a ball bearing spindle, ratcheting crank, and shiftable gearbox. The breast drill I picked it up for parts. The pig stickers were picked to add some sizes to ones already in my shop and the back saw was a request from my wife's uncle. It is cleaned and sharpened and ready for him to take home. The leather shears are kinda cool and show an 1859 patent date on the brass cap. They also have been through my tank. And did I mention the NOS Saw files with superficial rust? They got an overnight vinegar soak and look very sharp and usable now. I will test them soon enough! There is also a skew rabbett plane with good iron and a broken wedge that will need replacement and a fence for an early Stanley 46. Family, food, finds, and fun! Not ready for winter!
  10. Getting to be a bit crowded, mainly in drills.... And, I had a couple others to add to this pile. There is no room in the brace till for a 14" sweep drill, nor a 10" brace....so Drilled a few 1/2" holes into some 1/2" plywood. turned the holes into slots. Three screws to attach the "rack" Into the overhead beams, er..joists. Don't worry about the "smoke alarm" as it is a defunct one, have a new system in place. Next, start loading the rack up.. That breast drill is on the far end. The four eggbeaters are up there, a Millers Falls Holdall 14 and a Millers Falls 22 are there as well. Best news, they are all above the top of my bald head, by a few inches. Another look? There is also a saw till up there. Cords are the main power to what power tools I have, and.....the overhead light. mainly the yellow cord, orange no longer works. Well, I think there MIGHT be enough drills in the shop?
  11. Saturday, and up into the 90s, again. On the way to a factory's parking lot, stopped by a place that was using an anvil to keep the tent from blowing over......picked a heavy duty 4" clamp for fifty cents... Factory parking lot? Annual Employee "yard" sale.....Found a few items... That black handle to complete the set, and a second fancy set Pair of wood handled screwdrivers, and an empty drill index....up to a dollar so far.....a 24" clamp was another $1 May need a bit of work, also in thatparking lot, boss found a kennel for the pups, and I found this...thing Between the kennel and this post drill, was another $20.....$8 or so for the drill....on the way back home found a few places to stop and look around..... Try as I might, I could not talk the lady down in price,.....$20 for a Millers Falls No.120......day got to be a little too warm outside for me.....left for Lima to check on Craig.
  12. Well, went done to take that thing out of the forest of clamps...then clamped it to the bench to work on the corners a bit.. Meh, could have been better, close up of the other corner? Once I got all the corners looking like this (well, almost) I could start on the base/bottom for the box. Laid out the length Nice part of this set up/ The off cut just drops straight down, and lays against the jaw of the vise. Dug out that corded router thingy. ran it around the edges.. then set the box on it, for a test fit.. Hmmm, base IS square, box isn't? Ve haft vays.....First off, I marked where a bunch of pilot holes were needed. Drilled the holes, flipped the base over, and got out another strange contraption.. The dang thing kept falling out of the chuck. Finally got the countersinks done.. Now about that box being out of square? Well, first I clamped the box into the vise. Laid the base onto the box. ran a few screws in on the far side, keeping things close. Then a clamp does the hard part.. Once it became square, by pulling that corner back a bit, I screwed the base all the way round. Only had one "miss" and go off into the inside...oh well. Next, needed a way to carry this box around, while I make the lids. Got out anout strange contraption... says Goodell-Pratt, used it to drill more pilot holes. Then attached the handle. Set this thing aside for the night. I did start a lid.....will need to do bread board ends.....meh. Bad enough this get two beveled edges, and two hinges each, now a bread board on the ends? Might take a full day to do just two lids...stay tuned...
  13. Seems he went downtown tonight....just to get some chinese takeout to eat....Apparently had to wait on it.....a certain store is right next door..... This is what he brought back..besides the fried rice and shrimp About $7-$8 a piece. One handle was MIA, and a knob was in need of a bit of work.. Cleaned the chucks off Hmmm, the one in front has Millers Falls Co. stamped all around the chuck. Seems to have been "Blued" at one time? The other two are clones of each other, haven't found a name on either..yet The missing handle I'll fix later. Involves some fancy glueing and drilling, and some spokeshave work....not tonight. As for that ugly knob? LOL...take your pick. Anyway, them nails just had to go. Pulled them, and found a strip of packing tape inside...it was tossed as well. Oil on some moving parts, found some small screws, and some fresh wood to screw into... it might just work.. A wipe on of BLO on the wood. Ratchet works now, and is oiled up. Couple of the others are also oiled up in the moving parts. Maybe a day or two, I might make a handle for that other one. Then paint it RED. Somebody trained my Grandson right....
  14. Well, boss brought home a screen door.....32" wide. Opening was about 31-1/2" or so. Scrub jack plane to narrower the door to fit. Finally able to install the door Had to excavate a bit of the jamb, to get the handle to work Which brings up the other part of the job. Front door is 8' tall, NOT 6'8".....So, I needed to build a box-like thingy above the screen door. Called a Transom. I trimmed down a 2x4 for length to go between the sides of the door opening. Had some metal brackets.. Tried to get the thing level.....got it close enough. Then came all them trips. Up a step ladder to measure, back down the steps to the Dungeon Shop to cut some quarter round. Back up to confirm size, back down to final size it. Then, out to the back porch, where a couple drills were set up, to do pilot holes Silver one is a PowerKraft yard sale find for a $1. It ran a 3/8" forstner bit, the other ran a small bit. Take the predrilled piece up the ladder, grab another drill off the platform, and a screw, try to drive them all in a straight line. Hoping the miters are at least close Let's see, four pieces to make the outside frame, with all them trips. Cheated a bit, as I also made the inside frames at the same time, but still...lots of trips. ( me and ladders don't quite get along these days, either) Once the outside was installed, I then cut a sheet of plexiGlass to size. Installed that. Then go back and install the inner frame. Gave up on the one type of screw I was using.....wrong driver tip, so i went with Old Reliable...drywall #6. Got the inner frame done a little faster, too. Doesn't look too bad, Boss is going to paint things up. Inside? Best part? I then got to put all the toys away. Grab a block of cheese and something to wash it down with, and just sit down awhile...
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