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Found 36 results

  1. Whatever poisonous garbage the Chinese are putting on Harbor frieght chisels is dangerous stuff. I smoked just a little of it off welding the bases of their 4" brick chisels. The stuff made my shop all smoky and like when one burns rubber there were weird floaties of black goo floating in the air. Then the sickness set in. My throat became terribly raw and I have sinus issues. I've never had a paint do this. I can't even guess what they used.
  2. I was asked in 2015 to bring some old tools in for a presentation as part of our local library centennial celebration. While not an expert, I am somewhat versed in the subject as a hobby and so I presented for about 15 minutes that night about tools at the turn of the century. Fast forward 4 years and I was asked to return. I talked for 90 minutes on basic hand tool design and use, makers marks, electrolysis rust removal, refinishing and whatever else came out in questions. My 11 y.o. Daughter helped me at the first showing and spent 10 minutes talking with the crowd about her planes and 4H woodworking projects this time. Crowds aren’t really large at our little small town library but those in attendance seemed interested in my slightly “different” subject matter and conversation was good! All in all, a great night! This is us in 2019 (top photo) and our first attempt in 2015 in the lower photo. Notice that 220 Stanley in purple and yellow! “Black is too boring when you are nine!” was her quote when we painted it and when she showed it the other evening!
  3. Checked the Mailbox today...just bills....turned around to go back inside the front door....sitting BEHIND the chair on the front porch ( out of sight from "Porch Pirates"?) was a brown box....came from The Mesa, AZ! Gene Howe had sent a package to me. Got the box opened up, removed all the packing supplies, including some blue tape... Used as edge protectors..worked just fine. Mortise chisels! Gene wanted to know IF I could make use of these. I do believe so! A HUGE THANK YOU!! to Mr. Howe. Will try to use these on the next project....
  4. October already but the weather is more like early September. At least it isn't raining! Please checkout @John Morris's announcement concerning the Easy Wood Tools ornaments. Let's all pitch in and help load up the Easy Wood Tools lobby Christmas tree! You don't have to be the most experienced turner to create some neat items for their tree. Here's a couple of really easy spindle type items- Remember, you don't have to paint/decorate the turnings. @Jim from Easy Wood Tools told me they have volunteers who can do that. Our Patriot Turners- @Jim from Easy Wood Tools has been honing his hollowing skills. Check out this beauty- his first attempt! Jim posted his description here and received lots of positive feedback- @Ron Altier has created another gorgeous ornament. Ron always finds creative ways to embellish his turnings. He received lots of comments and Ron exposes his source for some of his materials- @RustyFN posted a fantastic seam ripper he made as a gift. Lots of interest in his technique and he answered questions about how he produced such an awesome finish- We had a couple of questions this week. @hawkeye10 asked about purchasing turning chisels. The group is pretty much split between the standard tools (gouges, etc.) and the newer carbide tools. Please head on over to Hawkeye's post and give him your insights and experiences. Hawkeye also posted images of his newly cleaned/restored lathe. It sure is a beauty- @Ron Altier asked about the cushioned micromesh sanding abrasives. Ron was curious about sanding speeds and what materials could be sanded with this product. Check his post and the responses. If you have any tips or hints that will help him, please give him the information- @Gerald posted two excellent videos on lathe maintenance. I know I need to do preventative maintenance more often. From The Internet- Our friends from Easy Wood Tools shared a video from Tracey Malady. In this one, she turns a bowl with an internal rim. You get to see the EWT hollowing tools in action! On my old lathe, I had a honing wheel mounted to the "left" side of the headstock. It was really handy for honing tools during turning. Mike Peace demonstrates how to make one of these for sanding or honing- Tim Yoder put up a video about turning a pumpkin. I'm sharing it here not so much for the project but for Tim's concern for safety when turning large pieces. Everything Else- I did get to spend a little time at the lathe. I'm working on the last two ornaments to send to Jim Luley for the EWT Christmas tree. The first one is made from a piece of spalted maple. The "finials' are also maple but ebonized with india ink. The second one is from a blank I glued up a while back that was intended for salt/pepper grinders but that never happened. It's a combination of walnut, maple and cherry. I used a jig designed by Mr. David Reed Smith to create the balls. Everything was completely turned with Easy Wood Tools. Safe Turning
  5. Got home with a stack of forms, to apply as a "First Families and Pioneers of Logan County, Ohio. May take a week to complete those...All the way back to the 1800s when Ohio wasn't yet a state.. Got bored (dangerous) so headed to the shop to putter around....decided to make a bunch of lines on some pine scrap. One of the lines was a circle...took that to the bandsaw.. Meh, will just have to do. All the other lines were for either a hole, or not a hole..next, decided to drill a few of the holes...drill press was set up for rehab work.. We have ways.. Drill down until the tip pokes through, then flip the blank over.. Finish the holes, then the chisels took over... The reason for those two clamps? Seems that big Japanese mortise chisel caused a split....I cleaned things up, apply the glue and clamps, and kept on chopping.. Until the clamps got in the way....narrow chisel was powered more by my chin, than the hammer. Will let the glue set overnight, then try some more.. Maybe call this The Trouble with Trivets? Stay tuned...
  6. Have ya'll heard of Jim Bode Tools, ya, pretty cool. They are advertised in the MWTCA Gristmill. Have fun! https://www.jimbodetools.com/collections/whats-new
  7. On the way to Huber heights, OH thursday..stopped at the store in Brandt, OH...spend a whopping $5 on a pair of chisel shaped objects... Skinny one is 3/4", wider one is 1''....nothing special? No handles, one has a mushroom growing on it....bend at the socket was made that way...even saw a trace of a name stamp on the bent socket... MIGHT need a bit of sharpening? Well, got busy with these two, while the stain was drying....Beltsander to remove the mushroom, and a chunk out of my knuckle...DNA on the new sander Dug out the wooden plug inside the remade socket..dug through the spare chisel drawer, and found a couple loaner handles.. Flattened the backs, got a start on the sharpening.. With the 3/4" firmer all shined up, found a name stamp on it, too. 1" wide is a UNION Hardware Company of Torrington, CONN. USA The 3/4" one? T.H. Witherby....also of Torrington, CONN, USA. It will go with the 1/2" one I have. And the 3/8" Mortise chisel... Not too bad..for $5?
  8. This image is an open sourced image uploaded to this community for re-use within our community graphics.

    © This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

  9. Took a day off from the shop today.....yard sales were a bust....too nice of a day to go into the shop....Hauled the Boss, and my son off on a Road Trip... Springfield, OH has an Antique Mall.....HUGE one.....8 big rooms of stuff....Number one rule...IF a tool is INSIDE a glass case...take a look, but keep on walking. There was this one stall.....looked like someone had emptied both a Sears and a woodcraft tool section, and just piled it up on a BUNCH of shelves....Dug through over 100+ chisels....looking for a couple wood handled ones I could use.. The wide one is 1-1/4", the other is 1/4"...$6 for the biggie, $1 for the wee one... Sharp? Not even close. But, we have ways... Hoops? Not sure IF I'd hit the little one....biggie has been hit a few times too many.. For $7 and change? I think I can make do....Walked around in the place for over 2 hours, and only saw about half of the stuff. Supper was at Five Guys Burgers.....then a nice drive home.....not too bad of a day...
  10. First off, I am not cheap,.....merely frugal... Picked a few things today, spent about $8.50.... I have a complete Metric set of these 3/8" drive sockets. My son needed a set of SAE Deep well sockets. $5 Original price was $1.99, yard sale price was $0.50 . I will use these more to clean up any "details" a beading plane may leave. NO, I do NOT carve... Bag #1, and.. Dollar for the two of them, gave me nine hinges....only Bag#2 had screws, though...wound up with three styles, three each.. I wonder where I can use these.... Next, sitting UNDER those two bag was this thingy Did not see the chuck key anywhere...drat. A 1/4" drill bit will not fit in that chuck. marked as George A. Terry, of Buffalo, NY. More for working on MAC aircraft...might make some use out of it The Boss spent way more than I did....oh well.
  11. Anybody use them? What's your experience? Good, bad, ugly?
  12. Not really a walk about, unless you count walking from the van, across the street and through the store...wound up spending a bit more than I planned on...$15! So, what "treasures" was inside the bag? Eight smallish chisels. The Red handles are Millers Falls ( stamped on the handles) and used to be a part of the No. 106 carving set. There are three Buck Brothers chisels, a Spear & Jackson gouge...and something by Schmidt & Co.? A "V" groover, a skew, and a fish tail....sharp as can be, and no rust ( RATS!!) Again, sharp as can be, I only had a couple spots to clean up..... The Spear & Jackson is about...1/2" wide, very shallow gouge. The other four are some form of skews. L-R big handles: Buck Brothers (3 of them) with two being octagonal in shape. Then the S&J, and then Fancy Pants. Still trying to find out about Schmidt & Co. chisels... Just under $2 a piece....and I left another 8 chisels behind....she was re-arraging the store...hard to find much the way she had things squirreled away.. Not sure IF I need to go back next Tuesday.....not too bad a day...
  13. Well, lets see, got out the Saw Vise Squad.. Ol' No. 1 was set up and used.. As this old saw needed some work on the teeth. Saw file was sent along.. As this was it's second saw, we had Back Up available.. But the file was no rookie, and came through without any problems , will get the back up file for another time Decided to at least give these usual suspects a chance to show what they could do.. 6 ppi, filed rip. Got out a 1 x 1 pine scrap, as a test.. But, it turned into a Crime Scene. Saw was hard to start, but once it did, it cut very fast....so fast that the hand that was holding the scrap steady for the start , got caught up in the action... One swipe...was enough to trigger the "Saw_Stop Sensor" Teeth were drifting to the left in the cut, still had burrs on the teeth on that side, stoned the burrs off. Should be ready to go, next time around. Decided to work on something a little safer, got out the leather strop, and the brand new Green Stick, and honed a few chisels....that way, only the strop can get cut.. So, they all should be ready to go, for the next project....I hope. Needs a new bandaid....and a beer...
  14. Noticed an old drawer alongside the curb, awaiting Trash Pickup Day......seemed a shame to let it go... Not much to look at....may refinish the front, shine the knobs up.... Maybe build a small case for around it? Might be something I could use it for? Laid out some tools, time to lay out some thin pieces of pine scrap. Still working on the spacing, but... The larger of the chisels in this group. The other half of the box of chisels was too long for this sort of thing, all the shorter ones did fit in, though. Just laying things out, right now. might make a second drawer for the longer chisels? Thinking some Elmers,and small nails to fix the dividers in place? May keep a lookout for more drawers out on the curb....
  15. Well, went past the Home Depot on the way home, thought I could get enough lumber for the drawers......Gold Plated Pine meant I could only get enough for three drawers. Got the lumber home, and into the shop....about wore me out. Thought I'd leave them until morning.....nope. Went back down to the shop, measured for a few crosscuts. Since I was still a bit worn out, I didn't get down a handsaw.. 6-1/2" Skil saw will work nicely. Got a front, a back, and a pair of sides cut out....had just under a foot of scrap left.....and then I went back upstairs...thinking I was done.... Got to thinking( dangerous, I know) that I had a somewhat "better" saw to cut dovetails with. Needed to "test" it out. Went back done to the shop. Laid out some dovetail pins....saw worked nicely, nice perfect, but it is sharp. Got out the chisels, thinking I could have them set up for in the morning....Nope. I went ahead and chopped the pins.....which led to the tails being marked out and done...next thing I know.. I have this sitting on my bench, the same bench I had earlier cleaned off. This is the "side" view, and the front view? Before I left for the last time, I made a few marks, to tell me which was which.. The "T" is to show which edge goes up. Usual "in" and other marks. At least I'll know where to plough a groove at....Maybe after a decent night's sleep, I can build the rest of these?
  16. If you're like me and keep chisels in a drawer and also buy them at yard sales, they need a chisel guard. Here's a no-cost way to do it. Get an empty water or milk bottle (1 gal HDPE plastic) Heat the side with a heat gun. After a few seconds, the plastic will turn from translucent white to clear. While still hot, plunge the chisel tip in and turn it to cover the tip. Pull it out with the plastic glob on. With a gloved hand, shape the end to cover the bezel and tip. Let cool.
  17. Worked for a little bit this morning, waiting on my helper to finally get up out of bed...Camera died, too. Took the van to my Mom's place, where we could work on it inside, out of the thunderstorms.....Tasks? Front and rear brake pads needed changed, tires rotated. After all of that, then come home and do a bit more wood work... That front wheel is a perfect fit. Legs are now all the same thickness, saw marks are gone, curves look better... Layout tools to mark a dovetail.... Carried a few lines done the sides, gathered a few other tools Knifeline cutter, chisels, chisel pusher....somewhere there is a #4 backsaw. Backsaw the line. Down to the other line.. Chisel away the waste. Repeat for the other side. Use this to lay out a spot on the leg Just a matter of saw the sides, and chisel out the waste. checking for fit.. Not too hateful.....repeat all those steps again for the next leg. Sometimes, things get a bit squirrelly.. Needed to add a couple pieces to help hold this thing sting. You can see the saw lines, and where I dug out an escape hole. More chop and fit, test fit, and chop some more. I also planed a "flat" where the legs will go. Finally got #2 to fit.. two down, one to go. Maybe tomorrow I can get the third one fitted? I also cut out a slat, for attaching the column to the top.. It might be a pattern for a better one, later. Right now/ I am plain tuckered out. I intend to just sit here on my foundation and have a tall glass of ice and lemonade....stay tuned..
  18. I suppose this should have gone over in the Turners section....but, had some wood working to do.. Snuck back down the stairs. Hmmm, there was a lathe sitting over there, last time I saw it.....a little moving around of other stuff... Well, well, lookee what I found...Even found some chisels that might go with it.. These were stashed under a pile of other..stuff. I even have room to work in there... Hmmm lathe isn't a pedal powered one? Guess I will just have to make do.. Got the blank out of the clamps, bandsawed the excess stuff off, set it up in the vise.. Tried to find center of mess, er..mass. Add-ons prevented the center finder from working....measure a few times....FINALLY was able to mark one end, and drive this thingy into the other end... Meh, it does work.....took this over to the lathe.. Hand spun to see how it turns....FOUND a cord that would reach to the lathe, did a bit of rounding work.. Trying to keep this area for the legs.....kept turning.....threw the belt tensioner off the lathe, then threw the belt.....getting a bit rough down here.. It will have a "collar" and a tenon at the top. Need to keep on turning.... Figures, I get these two pictures mixed up. Gave things a good rough sanding down. Will layout for sizes next time. Letting the lathe cool down. I even got the top out of the clamps... Maybe tomorrow, I can scrub this down a bit? Right now, there is an old-fashioned "Gulley washer going on outside.....mean the Dungeon Creek will be starting up. Might as well kick back for the evening... Might post parts of this over with the Wood Turners? Think they would mind?
  19. Ok, thanks to a $2 purchase over the weekend, and a package from Okinawa, Japan...I now have the biggie chisels to ad to my set of Mortise Chisels.. The short one is a Japanese 12mm ( 1/2"?) and the longer one is a Buck Brothers 3/8" chisel Someone had ground the bevel BADLY on the BB chisel.. I haven't touched the Japanese one, no need. The BB one will take a while to regrind. needs a 25 Main bevel, with a 35 secondary at the edge. They had it at 45 degrees! Backs are different as well.. Japanese chisels tend to have a hollow , the BB is supposed to be flat.....might take a bit.. Sooo, here is my set of Mortise Chisels. Notice there is no motor attached to these. Mallet to drive them is in the background....
  20. Well, cleaned a few up for Polite Company to view, handled a small chisel to make it usable. Lets start with these..thngs What you see here cost me about $10 today... 3/32" nail set, a 3/16" drill bit ( Craftsman!) and a counter sink bit with no name. $0.75 for these.. A pair of Millers Falls 3/4" wide chisels, one with a fully readable logo. Permaloid handles...$1 each $1 for this block plane iron, with a Stanley "triangle" logo. Might have a plane for this... How many tri squares have a level in the handle? Must be why this was $2? In the first picture, the tool with the ball on the end? Is a Stanley YANKKEE offset, ratcheting screwdriver. No. 3400, even has a patent date. Both "tips" are for slotted screws. Ok. the next one came home in two pieces. I had to fit a new handle to this 3/8" wide chisel.. I think I paid a dollar for each? This is a Buck Brothers 3/8" Mortise chisel Says so right on the back. Chisel will need a bit more work to bring it up to "Ready" status. Have started to grind a new edge, and work on the back a bit. This might take a while. Haven't done anything to the red chisels, other than give them a trip on the wire wheel...were a bit rusty. Out of the $10...I got a quarter back. Three different stops. No wonder I'm worn out. Had to walk today.....sheesh.
  21. Forward, and at one one backwards. Someday, I might just learn how to do woodworking? Morning started out...meh....got a couple things done on the lid's frame.. Bench has been beat up, lately. Needed something for the chisels to bounce off of. There is a second chisel there...because.. It fit in there a bit better, got one end done...I thought.. Including both ends of the long sides, and one end piece. Then the internet had all kinds of problems that I just had to fix.....needed to go out and BUY ( yikes!) new phone line and new CAT5 line. Old ones were breaking down. The CAT5 wound up too short, that is why I had to get a new one. Whew, had to run around with the Boss, for a bit, too..... Finally managed to return to the chopping block....only to find out the lid parts were too long....hate when that happens.. This was after I had trimmed the end piece to length. Couple of marks to show what I needed to remove.. Something like this? Then a few whacks on a chisel to cut away the "extra" stuff. Bummer that the fingers were already done? Not really, make things a wee bit easier. Finally got all four parts joineried.. I think that will do...for now. Still have to figure out how this slab of Cherry will fit in there... Needs cut to fit...but which type of joint to use for it? Might TRY a T&G? Or...just a groove and a rebate? Have to sleep on that awhile. As for dog holes in a bench top....did you know they are good for... Holding a chisel so it won't roll off onto the floor, or worse, stab my foot? The Witherby 3/16" is in one. The New Haven Edge Tool Co. 1/4" one rarely rolls anyway. That old mallet? Turned that a few years ago, out of Spalted Maple. Been pounding on things ever since......Maybe tomorrow..I might get organized a bit better? Nah, then I'd be dangerous...stay tuned for the rest of the story.
  22. John Morris

    Just a Fun Image

    From the album: Big Ash Mallet

    Here is a fun picture showing the hand tools I used to help make this mallet, it took a combination of my table saw to make the slots, the shoulder plane to clean up the slots, the miter saw to cut the blanks at 5 degrees, and my hand tools to shape and make it interesting.
  23. Had a few chisels that were a bit beat up. Seems all that work on the last tool chest wore a few out. Set up the center for sharpening. Belt sander clamped into the vise. Honing Guide set to the correct angles ( 2 were needed) Floor tile set out, full sheet of 150 grit clamped to it. 220 set aside, 1500/2000/2500 grits on standby Ok, one firmer chisel had some rust spots that had to go. Wire brush in the drill press took that off. Mortise Chisel needed a new edge ground first, had the rest set @ 30 degrees, and made a new edge. Set it up in the honing guide, gave it a spin on the belt-sander, cup of water handy. then off to the sandpapers. The rest of the items were a couple chisels, and a Stanley Cordovan 9-1/2 block plane. All of these edges needed to be @ 25Degrees. Shined up the backs while I was at it. First off, the chisels on the far left is a Greenlee 3/8" Gouge, out channel. Then the mortise chisel a firmer chisel and two paring chisels. Did I say the backs were done, too Almost mirror bright. Now, about that Block plane. It had seen a lot of use, working on the chest. Backed the iron out a bit, and ran the sole around on the 150 grit. Still a small hollow behind the mouth opening, but not too bad. Next, the iron got a GOOD clean up with the wire cup on the DP. Had some "patina" growing. Now back to shiny metal. Then the whole routine with the sander, and sandpaper. Put the cleaned up plane back together, and tried it out Took a couple tries to get the depth just right. Not see-through, but I didn't set it that close. Did back it off just a hair more. Been working on a spot to store the wee planes I'll just have to move a slider or two out of the way. Yep, tool chest now has a slider installed, with a second one coming later Yep, these only go half way across the length, have other plans for the left side of this chest This side of the divider will get a few things added to it. Just what? Stay tuned....
  24. Been watch a Chinese set of vids lately.The fellow in these has some SERIOUS chisel skills. While some of his videos do have Closed Captioning, most do not. Sometimes, you just turn the sound off, and just sit and watch. First in a series of three on building a Jack Plane The one bench he uses makes my rearend hurt.The "Hammer" he uses is very nice. He does start the swings BEFORE the chisel is set, sometimes, and still hits the mark. Got a piece of Oak, all marked up, and awaiting MY poor chisels. I'll just use my "Normal" hammer for mine. A look at the iron, and a side view of the blank. Irons sit in the rear third of the body, on these. Top view. Lots of lines to cut at. The triangle area is the escapement area, with the two "eyes". Not all that big a plane, either.Still have to make a through mortise for the crossbar "handle" to go through. Now, I think Arlin is lusting after this chunk of wood 11/4 by 11/4 by 22" long. Yep, it is a green colour. Know of any use for it???
  25. Garage sale sort of thing today. Used to be a fellow's workshop, now the heirs are selling things off.. Spent a little more than I would normally do, so...here we go Couple of Stanley chisels. An auger bit set, missing the 3/4" one. That fancy red handle? Why that be a Parker Line Hacksaw, blade might need replaced...there was a second saw that I bought.. A Great Neck No. 9 coping saw. The guide roller thingy is a "General No.810? Might make some use out of it? There was also a 12 volt battery for a Makita drill like the one I have. All in all, about $10 for the lot. The Boss had to do a bit of shopping there as well. That kind of added to the bill... Not too bad a start?
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