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  1. Does anyone use a drill doctor? I need a part and can't find one locally or on line> Model #750SP. The part # I need is #PPO1426PF, sharping tube. drilldr>com is not a good e-mail, it is up for sale. Preston
  2. I have a pin vise, looks like a miniature drill chuck. I've used it in the past without any problems, but now it won't hold a small (less than 1/16th) dill bit straight. It will hold larger bits straight but not the small ones. So, two questions: 1. can I fix it 2. whats a good brand name for a replacement/second?
  3. I am almost embarrassed to say I have gotten by with a Harbor Freight table top drill press for 5-6 years and as I advance my wood working it just isn't good enough anymore. It is difficult to change speeds. The chuck is too wobbly. The 2 1/2" stroke is just too short. In fact nothing about it is good enough. I need to be protective of floor space but I am willing to go to a floor model if a suitable table top model isn't out there. Suggestions?
  4. Spent a bit of cash today...found out I'm a bit out of shape for walking 6 blocks round trip...cramps in me toes, cramp in the left calf....NOT a nice walk home.....at least I didn't fall flat on the sidewalk, this time So..what did just over $9 get me? Used to be $10....price was lowered to $7. The 2 extra bits were $2....then clean things up Top one is a Russel Jennings #9 (9/16") Bottom one is a James Swan # 5-1/2 (3/8") No idea about who made either the brace, or the #6 (3/8") bit... It did clean up nice enough.. It uses
  5. I have a buncha shelf pin holes to drill, and decided to start with a little shop project: the vertical mirror guide. I'm sure you've seen the idea. But I'll bore you with a picture anyway because it's...expected. The key for me was finding a really cheap mirror. Now what I found (link below) is really a plastic reflective surface, and if you ever see your face in it, you'll be off to your dermatologist. Assuming they're open. Anyway the plastic is marginal as a mirror, but more than sufficient as a drill guide. And fun to see how many reflections of a drill bit you can create at diffe
  6. Well, I found myself at our local Aldi's today. That's where I buy the salt for our softener. Came around the end of an aisle and there was the drill I'd heard about. Kind of surprised me as our town is not real big. $29.99. I picked up the box and of course it's made in China but it also touted a 3 year warranty. 12V and though I didn't really need a drill I decided just to see how it is. They also had a jig saw and circular saw but I didn't pay much attention to them, didn't even notice the price on them. So, here's a first impression of what they're offering for 30 bucks.
  7. I have been buying HF drill bits (general purpose) and lately even when sharpened in Drill Doctor are not that great. What is a good brand set to buy that will do wood and metal? Do not do a lot of metal but do not want to change bits in the middle of one hole.
  8. I've used the Makita drill set and know it's a workhorse for around $240. Is there anything truly comparable on the less than $240 side? I prefer Dewalt but not familiar with the new stuff...
  9. I got tired of having my quick changers bits and tips in different places so I put 'em all together in one handy dandy little box with a magnet closure. Plus I made a little awl with a tungsten ( very very hard) point from a TIG welding electrode. The little short ones are held in place with magnets the drills don't need it.
  10. Drilling a 4" circle in a hunk of ply it hit a hard spot and yanked it outta my hand. WhiZZZ BANG into my right side of the solar plexus. Knocked the daylights outta me. I got the machine shut down and then shock set in. I was a little dazed for a bit. Got a really nice bloody welt for my runner up prize. Full One Horse Motor too. To drill the rest of the holes ( there are lots of 'em) I set up a capture for the boards. Don't gotta tell me twice. It's an error that - - - well - - - wouldn't have happened on my old DP because the column would have stopped it And
  11. Restoring a Walker Turner (Rockwell) 20" Drill Press Model 70-400 Model Number: Labeled 70-400 but actually a 70-410 because it is has an MT3 taper Type: Drill Head Only Serial Number: 1350495 (1964) Spindle Size: MT3 Power Feed: No Slow Speed: No Number Of Belts: 1 Date of Restoration: June to August 2018 The previous owner installed a single phase 120VAC motor from a Jet drill. He also gave me the motor that was installed when he bought it, but I dont think it is an original WT motor. It is 3 phase but has no label. I installed a Baldor 3HP single phase
  12. A few weeks back, I posted a thread about a pick that included a Black & Decker corded drill kit. I also have alluded to the fact I may have a problem when it comes to the number of corded drills in my possession. Since the temperature is dropping and we alternate between white-out snow then momentary sunshine and now darkness, I thought I would present this thread for your entertainment, amusement, amazement and harassment. Enjoy the show. WARNING: Proceeding beyond this point is at your own risk. The content of this thread is not advised for those with rational thought proces
  13. Folks, I am in the market for a set of brad points. Namely in the smaller size sets, say from 1/4" to 1/2" so I guess that would be a set containing four bits? 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and a 1/2". Or something in that manner. I am looking for very sharp clean holes, which all brad points will do for a period of time, but this is what separates poor from great, sharpness retention. If you use brad points, what do you use? Thanks folks!
  14. Had a bit of Holiday Cash to spend.....headed to an Antique Mall in Springfield, OH.....called the "Heart of OHIO".....and spent a few hours walking around....turned down a Stanley 45, type 2/3....was "only" $200 + tax..... Spent about $15 + tax for two items... $8 for the Keen Kutter No. 104, 10" sweep brace...handle had a dab of black paint.. Wood is Walnut. The two metal bands are Pewter....fancy chuck.. Able to use even normal twist drill bits...gives me two such chucks....Millers Falls also had this chuck...for the 1050-1054 series..
  15. I would like to know what the purpose of this tool is, and how it's used. Thanks for any help!
  16. My goodness they are here! I recently purchased two Spofford braces on EBay and man are they beautiful! I first saw these braces being used by chair maker Curtis Buchanan and contacted him and asked him what the heck is that beautiful stylish brace he was using while boring holes in his Windsor seat. He replied back they were the Spofford split chuck brace, and he loved his. I got mine in yesterday and I bored a few holes with mine, and they are absolutely a joy to use. They are very comfortable, light, and they have a direct feel to them as I'm boring. It's hard to explain, but I can act
  17. Walked downtown the other day..to check up on a tool offer I had made. Fella refused to lower the price, on a Stanley 71-1/2 that he had turned into a coat rack...ok, fine, good luck with that one, dude ( or is it DUD) Walked across the street, and downstairs into the "Junk Rescue" store.... And spent about half of what that offer would have been.....for scale: that screwdriver is about 13-1/2" long....drill is 7-1/2"..without the bit. Chuck key is a Jacobs #32 ($2).....cleaned these treasures up, had to drive the drill bit out from the chuck. Tip of the screwdriver
  18. I stopped by a yard sale this morning and picked up 7 braces, 3 clamps, a Red Head eggbeater drill and a boxful of new Schlage hinges, handles and miscellaneous hardware for $30. The box of hardware isn't shown. All of the braces will be shipped to the country of Malawi where we have a missions group. The Malawi men are amazing carpenters and braces are very desirable.
  19. some months ago I used a big project to purchase a couple of pricey tools one was a milwaukee 18 volt circular saw. The weight took some getting used to as I was used to the old school heavy grade worm drive skillsaw. SO I've been using the thing. I gotta say I am really impressed. The prior experience I've had with cordless has all been bad. No power what power there is is fleeting and the batteries run down. They were awful so I didn't buy any. But I'd been reading lately that things have really improved. So I got one. Just one. The saw and two batter
  20. Picked up a 20 volt drill yesterday off of Craigslist. It was still sealed in the box. Paid $40.00 for it because I paid that much for a replacement 19V battery a while back. He had another one that was opened and charged up. It features a pulse mode instead of a hammer mode. I left it in the box, thinking I might give it as a Christmas gift. I though it was made in Germany, but it was from China.
  21. Well, yard sales are over around here, until next spring.....there is a store downtown that has a basement section...called Junk Rescue... Finally had a little extra in my pocket.....decided to buy a few items... Sooo, THIS is what $20 + Tax will get ya.... Might need a little clean up....Chisel? Sold as "Clearcut" 1-1/4" wide Firmer Chisel....that rusty gear box? On the now cleaned crank handle.....Defiance...Made in USA...need a few drops of oil to get things moving.... Yep, two bits for a dollar.....inflation? They did clean up nicel
  22. Bought this at the local resale for 3 bucks. It had ugly rubbery green paint with nicely brown painted rosewood handles. I stripped all of that and did a complete disassemble, clean, and grease of all parts. The crank handle had a crack that I welded and re-ground. My final paint scheme of Oliver tractor green and black may not be a correct original but I like the way it turned out. I have a little green residue to clean from the gear teeth to call this one done. Does anyone happen to have a similar parts drill that would have a protective cover for the level glass? It is unfortunately A
  23. On the way back from the Doctor's office.....was feeling good about the arm...noticed a sign that said BARN SALE///my kind of sales got out of the van....I could smell the rust...but where? Nothing for me IN the barn....walked around to the side....ahh...RUST! Only had $7 in the pocket....had to picke things over....didn't NEED two more Millers Falls No. 120 breast drills ( got one now)nor a few other things..... Hmmmm...a Minty Craftsman eggbeater drill? $5? Sold.. Cap was tight...only needed a little oil to get things purring along..
  24. A few smaller toys.. 6" square for "scale". Pliers on the right are just pot metal castings, with a loose rivet....not even good tweezers This drill bit? At one time, I had a string full of cutters for this thing....all I think I have left is this 13/16" cutter. As for the last item...built by an importer of straight razors... A Mr. H ( Hermann) Boker & Co. of Germany. One half was "pierced" to let the other half through, then they were pinned together... When the jaws are closed up, profile is a hex shape. Tips of the handles have
  25. Two days, two sales...meh. Stopped at Brandt,OH.....was just looking for a few parts.....found something else, instead... Has a span of just over 6", $5 each. Might be the same maker? No names on them. More to finish a "set", as I already had this one.. Fifty cents about a month ago.....has Great Neck for a maker. Just about the same size, as the new pair. Today, another road trip, another BARN SALE! Hey, the compass even had a pencil! Will complete the set. For some reason, I just can't turn down a North Bros. Yankee. Not
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