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A Little Drill Caddy

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I got tired of having my quick changers bits and tips in different places so I put 'em all together in one handy dandy little box with a magnet closure.

Plus I made a little awl with a tungsten ( very very hard) point from a TIG welding electrode.


The little short ones are held in place with magnets the drills don't need it.










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For what seemed like forever, I struggled with various kinds of containers and other things like racks in cabinets etc. Seemed that no matter what I did, I never had everything I'd need in one handy location so I was always going back and forth and with my sloppy personality that created a real PITA when I was done, because I'd have some number of diverse places to return the things that I used in order to put them back.


So in the spirit of "give a tool a home and you'll always know where it is," I created this little theme park / mobile home for this genre of tools. Every thing I can imagine I might need for drilling and screwing in wood is here, The Forstner bits. are less likely to be part of a screwing operation. It happens occasionally that I need a Forstner bit to serve as a spot facing tool for a washer, but it's infrequent. Usually when I do it's off to the DP anyway to get a particular and precise angular orientation that is unavailable when drilling by hand.


This is one of the very few places where I was willing to use magnets. Generally I avoid magnets like the plague because when tools carry magnetism they attract metal filings and swarf from cutting and grinding operations and I work a lot of steel in my shop. Those bits of unwanted steel stuck to tools makes it impossible to obtain precise measurements  they linger on drill bits wrenches and other tools adding to the abrasive flux that causes additional and often excessive wear of all the surfaces to which the little bits cling.


This little kit however, won't be used on steel so I'm trusting that it won't be a problem.

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1 hour ago, schnewj said:

I'm still trying to organize the same way. It's difficult when you have to move or roll something out to get to something else.

I resemble that...Yep, makes things challenging and certainly less productive when you don't have a dedicated shop area.

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2 hours ago, Gerald said:

That is a awful lot of space for drill bits. Mine in drawer or original box .

Sure is but not bad if your using them every day. I have this sitting right next to the drill press. I like being able to quickly grab the drill needed. I do have the others put away.





All bits small.jpg

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