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Found 17 results

  1. I have acquired this old Goodell Pratt #7 breast drill. Obviously it needs some restoration. Problem is ... it still has a remnant of the original decal, and i would like to either retain it, or better ... replace it. I have searched the web, no luck, and i have posted the question on other forums. Does anyone know where i can find a replacement decal? The rusted picture is my too, the clean ones are clips off ebay.
  2. After much futzing around and researching I bit the bullet and tracked down a Stanley 2101A Bit Brace which some nice gentleman in the South East was willing to part with for the princely sum of $45 delivered to my doorstep sometime later this week. After still more poking about and researching the functional differences between Jennings pattern and Irwin pattern auger bits and choking in surprise on how much a decent set of these things cost and then being even more shocked by modern reproductions of these particularly the Jennings pattern versions, I settled on a 3rd option. A Japanese company called Wood Owl makes a modern 3 cutter auger bit that looks like a viable contender for a non-stratospheric price tag. The only real challenge is that they have a 7/16 hex shank rather than a traditional square shank. Fortunately there is a company that makes a rather clever adapter between these two shank patterns so that is on order as well. I have a significant number of holes that need to be drilled for knockdown hardware on the bench I am building as well as dog holes in the top, legs, and sliding deadman so I am going to get a lot of opportunity to put all of these through their paces and provide a hands on review. Stay tuned for the next episode of Michael’s Handtool Workbench adventures aka “How I discovered new and novel methods to require Band-Aids and NeoSporin”.
  3. A friend told me he had something I might be interested in, and I could have it. The forward handle was missing, and the heavy grease that had been applied to the gears made it impossible to turn the crank, but it cleaned up nicely. Even had a handle from something that fits (plastic, but will do for now). "Aurowa", made in Germany. Later I stopped in at a local "antique" barn. Lots of rusty, broken-down old braces and drills for ridiculous prices, but I did find this! Apparently made by Millers Falls! 10" throw. Rock solid, everything works, and only needed the dust wiped off it! $22.! Could have had a rusty, non-useable one to hang over the fireplace for ONLY four or five TIMES that amount! Go figure. One other "tool" caught my eye. We had one in the house when I was a kid, and it functioned so well that I just HAD to get it! Labelled as an "Old Crimper"! These people don't even recognize a nutcracker when they see one? John
  4. This is my first shot at "picking". Since I picked these up at the local Restore, it may not qualify as legitimate picking, but you get the idea. The brace was $10.00, and the saw was $5.00. The saw looked pretty good, needing only some cleaning. The website Common Woodworking has a guide on sharpening and setting the teeth, so I may be referring to that if needed. My main concern is with the knob on the brace. It spins freely enough, but seems to be very loose and wobbly. Is this normal, or are there some parts, bearings or such, that I need to be looking at? As for bits, if I start looking at used bits at yard sales, etc., once I get past the obvious defects like broken spurs, points, or bent shafts, what else should I be looking for? Any info would be welcome. Here are the pics of what I scored. The saw is 25 3/4" along the teeth.
  5. found these recently. no great shakes, but like the bits being there.
  6. Picked up a bag of little helpers the other day.
  7. I stopped by a yard sale this morning and picked up 7 braces, 3 clamps, a Red Head eggbeater drill and a boxful of new Schlage hinges, handles and miscellaneous hardware for $30. The box of hardware isn't shown. All of the braces will be shipped to the country of Malawi where we have a missions group. The Malawi men are amazing carpenters and braces are very desirable.
  8. Here are a couple of my antique tools that are still being used... Brace with 1/2" and 1" spade bits. J.B.Ungerson - Barmen Germany is stamped on all three pieces. Robert Sorby Backsaw - 16tpi.
  9. While these would be nice to use..... I don't think they would work too well with these kind of bits.. The mallet is there just for Lew to look over, again... Anyway, I need to drill a few holes with the larger of these bits. Then run that 16" #11 to house the square ends. Sooo.... L-R: 14" or a 12", or a 10"...or a 8", or a 6"? I think the 6" might be a bit too small? Might use the larger ones. BTW: had to re-flatten the end of the bench...getting a bit worn....
  10. Walk about....3 blocks each way. Back has flared up, needed a nice long walk to try to loosen it up..... Wandered into the local Rust haven to see what was new.....one normal dealer had movrd out. one of the others had moved down to the first floor....still wanting way too much Floated down the steps to the basement level, could smell something...RUSTY! A NEW Vendor! Lots of rusty toys, er, tools! Picked over them a bit....handsaws @$10 each, Braces at $7-8 a piece, didn't even look at the price of the 2 man crosscut hanging on the wall. Hmmm, spotted a "Different" looking brace....$7? Ok, grabbed it. Looked around a bit more, everything else wasn't even close in price. Paid for the brace, counting sales tax..$7.50, and walked back home. Strange part about this walk-about. Seemed to find a lot of people to talk to along the way. Another Veteran and I spent a good 10 minutes or so, just yakking away.. OK, this is what followed me home.. Thought I had a Millers Falls Holdall chucked brace. Until I held it up the the 10" one I already had.....Not even a close match? Took the new guy down to the Rehab Center for a quick clean up... Right along e bottom edge of the chuck...a clipped corner box with STANLEY inside. The one cleaned up arm had another stanley stamped into it. On the other side of that arm...a model number showed up No. 945 10 IN is what it said. Chuck had it's springs on the jaws, top handle even has ball bearings inside. Gave a few spots a bit of 3in1 oil. A wipe of BLO on the wood parts. I think that will do. Not the cheapest I've bought one for, but might be a good one, anyway. On the way home, carrying this thing, ran into a roofing crew. One carpenter even asked what I wanted that old thing for. Looked over at his truck...lots of Dewalt stuff... Told the guy that I do indeed USE this sort of thing....and even had a nice supply of bits for it. Times have changed....
  11. Now that the barces have a new home, time to clean stuff up, and set others in new homes. Cleaned up the bits for the braces...I think I found them all.. Once I cleaned them up, found two were from Craftsman! A #12, and the #20. Wonder IF they will take them back for a new one? The LONG one is 16" long, might be a stretch to include it in any case for the rest of these bit. Used one brace, and a phillips bit to screw down the sander in it's new Home.. The white handled one. BTW, there is a coat of BLO on the till, now. And, as for that sander? Hoping these two will get along. had to clean a LOT of junk off, to find a spot for the sander. Ok, need to clean and put away a lot of other items... Getting a might crowded. Weeeelll, maybe I will just build a box for the drill bits, instead....have a few boards leftover, yet Happen to have a bunch of 1/2" thick stuff....to be continued....
  12. Well, got a start anyway. Cut two side panels, a top stretcher, and getting a bottom panel ready to size up. Have six brace-type drills just sitting around, taking up space. have an "open" spot near the bench. Building just big enough to hold these six, if any more wander in to the shop...they will get stuffed into a tool chest, ...somewhere. The bits for them? Still a work in progress...... Just an update....film @ 2300hrs, ZULU.....that is all. Carry on.
  13. That time of year again. Three towns and a quarter of another having sales! First town was the 1/4 town, since we were right in that town....meh, struck out. Boss found a few things, then a trip through the countryside.....again a strike out. Just missed a sander and belts.. Went on to the next town, as they had CHEAP Gas for the van! Three ring circus trying to get to an open pump, the pay before you pump, too. Tank's full, on to the sales! Found a small barn off the side of the road, an old Plumber was selling a few tools!!! Finally! Spent $2 ( he only want a dollar, gave a little extra for his trouble) the two without handles, more on the handled one in a moment..also in my rust cover paws was this pile of bits, and that wee screwdriver, the larger screwdrivers came from a box, the same box that handled hammer was in . That cost a major league $15! Now why would I spend that much for a cheap, plastic tool box? Well when you strain to lift a FULL tool box.... Box didn't have a single ratchet in it. Might make some use out of the rest of the items.....you think? On the way out of that little town ( three other stops, NADA) stopped at one last one....found one hammer worth buying... For banging out dents? Went on to the house, had to pick up the GrandBrats, and one other person. Dropped that one off at her job, and headed west. Storm had rooled through the next town, and we only found one worth stopping at. Boss found a few things On to the next town.....looked around, most were closing up, but we did find one place worth stopping at. One GrandBRATS even got a bicycle! And a few toys for the smaller one. As for me.....HEHEHEHE $2.50 got me these four items. Stanley No. 923 10in brace, Thorsen 1/2" ratchet, Buck Brothers 1/8" sash chisel , and some sort of nail puller. On the way home stopped to find a couple handles . TSC only had any hand tool handles, only for hammers at that. $5.99+ Tax. Got home, and installed the new handle on the old hammer Checked the mail box...package for me! Inside was a stanle spokeshave, and a handle-less 1/2" Fulton chisel. Looks like I fire up the lathe again. And....to think, there is still one more day of those sales. Somewhere around 40......Starts @ 0800hrs, ZULU. Better go get some rest....
  14. Remember this brace from a Moving Day sale? The one with the fancy wood for it's handles? Well, I got after it with the drill press mounted wire brushes, and a good wipe down with some Neverdull pads. Turns out this little 8" brace is at least 100 years old. A Stanley Rule & level Co. of New Britain CONN USA on the chuck. There is a "VICTOR" stamped into the arm. On the other side from that stamping......No.935 8in Ratchet parts work like new. The wood handles are Rosewood. Apparently, this was sold as a "Victor" model, about 1907 to 1917, or so. Might need to find some springs for the chuck? Or did it even have any? Wood parts are crack free, too. Not too bad for $5?
  15. Ok, since the workmate is busy holding up a 70 pound toolbox, decided the holdfasts/dogs could be used on my workBENCH. Laid out a few holes, about 6" or so apart. Needed a 3/4" drill bit. Last time, the Forstner bit was quite the ticket, wallered the hole a bit. Needed something better Something like this. Bit is 3/4", sweep of the brace is 10". Millers Falls brace, at that. Got the bit nice and tight in the chuck, and stood this thing up on the bench Almost chin-level. Drill a few holes, testing the fit as I go along Those little black squares are the B&D Workamate dogs. Had to sand them a bit, for a less snug fit. Still need a hammer to tap them home. Grabbed some scrap and a small plane, tested the track out Now, instead of changing out the drill bit, got to thinking ( a dangerous thing, right there) why not just set things up to just grab a completely set up Brace & Bit, and be ready to drill almost any set of holes? Well, I might have the answer to that Just grab a size and drill away. Some people have a bunch of electric routers set up, I have brace & bits set up. Biggest bit gets the largest brace, and on down the line. tried out a larger chunk of scrap wood, and a larger plane A 1-1/2" thick chunk of white oak, and a jack plane. Dogs seem to work. Now need to cobble an end vise of some sort......
  16. Seems there was a "Moving" sale. Two days, everything must go type of sale. Was good enough, I came back and got the Other Half and took her along to it. She found a few things for her. And what did i find Wellll, not too much, for $9. A small B&D Heavy "Pro" 1/4" all metal router@ $3 A Stanley Victor 8" sweep brace@ $5 A Stanley clone, 1"+ ( haven't measured it yet) Bevel edge chisel. @ $0.50 A 2 pounder+ Ball Pean Hammer head @ $0.50 A closer look at that $5 brace Has some decent wood handles, have since removed all the black dirt& grime from the wood. Don't think there was ever any springs in that chuck. If there was, they be gone now. Ratchet parts work good. The Chisel? Seems to be a Stanley wannabe? No metal end cap. You can almost see that hammer head laying there, too. Will need a BIG handle attached to it. Still has the epoxy plug in the hole, too. Near the end of the Yard Sale Season around these here parts, got to go and check a few out..... This sale said something about "Barn Finds"..........Love those barn finds...
  17. Yard sale had a bucket for sale @ $10, well they had three of them. One though, stood out from the others. Seems that sticking up out of that bucket was a 36" long, two-handed screwdriver. And a Disston saw. The rest of the "goodies down below? WS Backsaw, a Germany H.S.#102 brace ( 10" sweep) five more screwdrivers, three wire brushes, the frame for a Stanley 295 sureform file, three gear pullers, a 10" Ridgid pipe wrench (ah, ain't he cute) and that 5 gallon bucket! A look inside the bucket Plus that Disston saw that was sticking up? 26" straight back, 8ppi crosscut, with a full etch. Handle looked a little weird and the medallion does says Warranted Superior. The etch says it is a "National Hardware Special" with Disston in big block letters over a keystone. Below that is a double scrolled line with 1840 Philadelphia 1940 between the lines Saw was made for a trade show in 1954. The next year HK Porter bought out Disston. Worth the ten spot?
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