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  1. p_toad

    Large Images Are Non-Constrained To Frame

    Looks just like the tire patch for bike tubes when i was young(er). Scuff up around the hole, cut a patch the right size, put glue on tube and patch and let dry like contact cement and slap that baby back together. I don't think we even had to clamp them; just get out two of dad's screwdrivers and work that tire back on the rim and re-inflate...
  2. p_toad

    Smoke Detecters

    when the original smoke detectors in my house started going bad i bought a box of all alike at one of the big box stores and replaced them as needed (just did one last week). They are not only hard-wired in, but the basement, first floor, and 2nd floor are wired together - so if one goes off, they all go off. I have another one in the garage which should have been hardwired into the others, but i don't think the electrician ran the extra wire. I have always had propane (gas) and CO detectors in the house since i use propane for stove, dryer, water, and furnace. Had to buy the originals from a covered wagon place as none of the box stores had them in stock the the first ones came from Canada. I have also added one of the photo-electric models upstairs outside the bedrooms as an extra JIC. Good move on replacing them although i question the 10 year business myself (even on the ones I bought).
  3. p_toad

    Do I Need This?

    You always have to ask yourself the question in a slightly different way: Do i need this now and what would i use it for and will i regret getting rid of it right after that. Then ask your wife what she wants to use it for and you better still have it.
  4. p_toad

    John Moody's Mother

    Sad news indeed; especially right after a fall. Condolences.
  5. p_toad

    Safety Caps

    Those Nicholson "thingies" were listed on Amazon back in 2013 and there are zero comments. If they are made of the same steel and heat treating as their current files (hardened to old solder RC, I'm guessing)...all i have to say is "no thanks...ever"
  6. p_toad

    Display Case Question

    Since this is old silk, i'm guessing it's been stored away for some time and will now be exposed to more light and air. I would recommend talking with a local conservator before putting it into the case. Silk can and will age badly on occasion.
  7. p_toad

    Safety Caps

    I also rip them off medicine bottles.
  8. p_toad

    Old Tools

    Picked most of these up a long time ago and just took some pictures to share.
  9. p_toad

    Old Tools

    I looked at that link. the penciled in price on the top of the scrub plane box is 18.90
  10. p_toad

    Old Tools

    "I've never seen a spokeshave like that...very innovative considering it's time frame." That's because it's a drawknife.
  11. p_toad

    Chinese Rant

    I haven't been to flea markets or yard sales in quite some years, but used to go all the time and there were always a lot of old tools around. Your best bet if there are no local sellers (at any kind of reasonable price and condition) is to check craigslist and other online listings and then check the bay for known quality makers (with the understanding you may be getting a franken-plane (one put together from parts) or it'll simply be so expensive you'll start looking at the planes currently being made. I don't see very many planes at the Restores nearest me; I don't know if they never show up or are scarfed up before i get in the door. I've been to probably 7-8 different ones and a lot of the tools are beat.
  12. p_toad

    Old Tools

    The planes were (and are) new in the box. I found them at an old hardware store probably back in the 70s and just bought them both. Too bad they didn't have any others. The "knobs" on the drawknife are spring loaded and you pull them out the open and close the handles. I expect the warranty has expired on those two wood handles, too. The hole in the one was enlarged by a prior owner and i should probably clean up the hardware some.
  13. I know this has been discussed here before, but this week i've seen at least three articles about how kids are rejecting their parents lifestyle, family belongings, etc. I guess I need to open a better dialogue with my kids as to whether they want anything at all when i'm gone (I'm not ready to get rid of "stuff" yet ). I hope they're not holding their breath for $$. https://www.treehugger.com/family/young-people-dont-want-their-parents-stuff.html http://observer.com/2017/08/millennials-rejecting-baby-boomer-family-possessions-marie-kondo-experience-economy/ http://www.businessinsider.com/millennials-fill-goodwill-stores-with-donations-photos-2018-2 And I have to tell you, from what I see at the Habitat Restore (tons of donations are made on Saturday which is our "open to the public day" since we're an all volunteer store); people just aren't keeping "dad's" or "grandpa's" furniture or tools or much else. Then again, there's not much appreciation for tools that haven't been kept "spotless" and ready for instant re-sale. I don't want to say i have a reputation as a dumpster diver, but even my store manager pulled something out of one the other day that someone else had just pitched. This is just an example of something i retrieved, cleaned off the rust, oiled, and .... well, i ended up buying it.
  14. p_toad

    Router Setup

    You might also want to look at the Triton table which I see listed on their site. Might give a bigger work surface and need less storage space (might also need to be weighted down?). Looks like this and it only a bit more than the cheaper units. Can't vouch for the Bosch units (don't have anything that nice myself ) but agree 100% on good carbide bits (sorry, no HF stuff in a router).
  15. p_toad

    Hello From Germany

    Welcome, Anna-Liisa and Hannes. I'm liking that table but really curious about (1) the wood, (2), the number of hours spent doing all the cuts, and (3) if you have to move it, do you just take off the legs or disassemble into a pile of "sticks" (I would be afraid of losing parts). Neat work but it looked like the router bit burned the wood some??
  16. p_toad

    Sighting a Rifle Scope

    I can't help you with the scope much - haven't shot my air rifle or pistol in some time and most of my distance stuff used to be at the spring DCM and for us it was all iron (and watch your thumb ).
  17. p_toad

    Blue Eggs

    As a kid i always liked the double yoke eggs we used to get with some regularity. Don't see many of them now.
  18. Part of what drew me to it was that the jaws are still parallel and the back of them isn't totally mushroomed over like some i see.
  19. Al, Book arrived today in perfect condition. THANK YOU. and THANK YOU, again.
  20. p_toad

    Friends and Family

    Right there with ya!
  21. p_toad

    Blue Eggs

    True. My late BIL used to have all kinds of "chickens" and they produced all kinds of eggs like you mention. Funnily enough; they all tasted like chicken.
  22. p_toad

    Tabs on the Weather...

    no snow
  23. p_toad

    My Lucky Day

    Soon you'll be rolling in green stuff; be able to ransom your truck; hire a driver for the kids; and get back in the shop (or back shopping - i don't know which?).
  24. I'm surprised, too. Consider yourself PM'ed.
  25. "Lowe’s, the large home improvement retailer, announced Tuesday that it will no longer sell paint strippers that contain the chemicals methylene chloride and NMP, which have been blamed in dozens of accidental deaths." At least they'll still carry stuff that won't do anything.

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