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The Patriot Woodworkers with Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays - 2019 project is live, please click on link to view our very special annual project.


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  1. If they said he had a TBI, that usually stands for Traumatic Brain Injury, not Terminal Brain Injury. Is that what you meant, or is he actually terminal? Either way, it is terrible and he and they deserve every bit of help we can provide.
  2. You might consider switchable magnets. I have a featherboard using them and I love it. Maybe you could make your own switchable magnets from the ones you were given. That might be in interesting project. Just remember, as I am sure you know, like poles repel, so you would need to retain the top magnet when the assembly is turned off.
  3. Should that be part of our Wiki?
  4. In my experience, a tow motor is a warehouse tug, and a fork lift is sometimes called a "goose", I suppose referring to the visual when the forks are up high. No wonder people whose native language is not English have such a hard time learning our language.
  5. Yeah, I got called away from the computer in the middle of the post, and when I got back I forgot to post the link. Those senior moments are happening all too frequently. Thanks to @Lew for having my back on this one.
  6. I ran across this collection of tips, tricks, jigs, etc from Mike Peace. He explains this is a rehash of some earlier tips that he thinks he didn't do a good a job of presenting them as he could. The video is about 31 minutes long. The video was listed on the September Woodturning Online Newsletter.
  7. Yes. What they all said!
  8. Thanks Dan. Good to know.
  9. I haven't seen anything lately from @Stick486 . Have I just missed it, or has he been especially quiet lately? Without violating his privacy, if anyone knows what is going on with him, if he is OK, etc. please let us know.
  10. I always heard it is dangerous to work with the toe, and that the heel is safer ... oh, wait ... that was for the turning forum. Wrong forum. Sorry about that.
  11. Adam, your bench is pristine and spotless compared to mine.
  12. That is really fantastic news John. It seems like the good news is becoming more frequent. That is what we have all been hoping for.
  13. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. They need to perform an echocardiogram and a followup appointment. Nothing serious, I have an extremely minor heart valve problem, no meds or treatment required, and they do an echo once a year just to keep tabs on it. Friday I go to donate blood, and in between I am working on repairing and refinishing the top of a night stand I made in shop class too many years ago. It is made from aromatic cedar, and the top split along a grain line. Other than that, nothing much besides normal chores that my wife can't do due to her disability. I refuse to put on an apron though, I need to maintain some dignity.
  14. You're probably right. I hadn't thought of that. In fact, I think the planer bit I was looking at was marketed/designed to be used on a drill press. That would be much slower than a router. Good call.
  15. No John, you are not boring us with any of this. How can we celebrate with you, or offer encouragement, whichever is appropriate at the time, if we don't know what is happening? Not to pry, of course you are entitled to whatever degree of privacy you wish, but please don't be reluctant to share with us for fear that we are getting tired of hearing it.
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