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  1. PostalTom

    WW Magazines

    I get Wood and Woodsmith. I liked it better when Shop Notes and Woodsmith were separate magazines, but I guess I can live with the way it is now. I never considered Woodcraft Magazine because I just assumed it was a long advertisement for Woodcraft stores. Maybe I will give them a try.
  2. PostalTom

    George Nakashima Bench (For Sale) Incredible

    I'm in.
  3. PostalTom

    George Nakashima Bench (For Sale) Incredible

    I absolutely agree with that. If that is the only meaning that was intended, then I get it. From the sound of a couple of posts, it seemed like a more tangible gift was being referenced.
  4. PostalTom

    George Nakashima Bench (For Sale) Incredible

    I'm confused. What are the TPW gifts everyone is talking about?
  5. PostalTom

    George Nakashima Bench (For Sale) Incredible

    John, I have seen you jump in and defend someone who was taking heat for a comment they made, which was not intended to offend or incite, but was just a statement of personal opinion. Don't let the "Curmudgeon Cavalry" get you down.
  6. PostalTom


    I agree with John. Trying to match a color, if not pretty darn close, might turn out looking like a failed effort. If she insists, maybe you could make some test pieces with as close a match as you can, keep track of the proportions whatever you mix up, and show them to her. Let her make a choice of what color she wants to live with. And although she doesn't know any of us, pass on our condolences on her loss. And you could also show her some contrasting pieces, just to give her more of a choice.
  7. PostalTom

    Honey Mesquite

    Well, I bought a couple of bowl blanks from the lady from Texas. No evidence of any borer activity at all. The blanks are still green, but she said that mesquite is stable enough that I don't need to worry about rough turning, and then drying. I can turn to finished size. So now, my question is if I have finished turning a bowl, but it is still green, then I assume I still have to let it dry before applying a finish? If so, is the process still the same? Do I bag it with shavings, and weigh it periodically until it quits changing, or is there another method for mesquite? Sorry to sound ignorant, but I have never worked with mesquite or green wood, let alone green mesquite.
  8. PostalTom


    A little rub with denatured alcohol in an inconspicuous spot would tell if it was shellac or something else.
  9. PostalTom


    Maybe pine with orange shellac finish?
  10. PostalTom

    'Go To The Top' Button?

    You actually expect me to have to hit the page up or page down button more than once? I'm not a young man anymore. I have to conserve my energy for more important things, like eating doughnuts.
  11. PostalTom

    You Know You Have Too Much Scrap Wood When.

    More quality than quantity. HD has a lot of wood, just nothing I usually want.
  12. PostalTom

    You Know You Have Too Much Scrap Wood When.

    @Gerald, your scrap bin is better stocked than my Home Depot.
  13. PostalTom

    'Go To The Top' Button?

    OK. I see it now. I was looking for one inside the main "post" area. It is now outside, like a scroll arrow.
  14. PostalTom

    'Go To The Top' Button?

    I still don't. Maybe that was another victim of IE11, just like the member map was. I'll check Google Chrome and see if it's there.
  15. PostalTom

    'Go To The Top' Button?

    What happened to the Go to the Top button that used to be at the bottom of each post? It disappeared after the latest software upgrade. Is this permanent, or will it return?

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