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  1. Is this the one where you posted "Challenge accepted"? In my younger (stupider) days, I would have paid to watch that. To resurrect a phrase I used to use, that is boss, bitchin, and bodacious.
  2. I am ready to try my hand at turning FOG (found on ground) wood. I have a couple of questions. If I don't intend to start turning immediately, I understand the need to seal the ends. My question really is with the bark. Should I strip off the bark before I set it aside? Would stripping the bark cause the wood to dry too fast and cause splitting and checking? On the other hand, would leaving it on and turning it off later hide a bug infestation that I didn't see? What is the tool of choice to remove the bark if I decide to go that route? Hatchet, machete, draw knife, or what? At this t
  3. It's also a big part of being lucky enough to live long enough to forget where things are. But, by that standard, I should be 200 years old.
  4. If you are thinking of the inside of the bowl, then that might work. But using a round nose scraper on the outside of the bowl as a finishing tool might not give you the result you want. You have a round edge meeting a round surface of the bowl. I haven't tried that, but my gut feeling is that it leave a rough and uneven surface. A scraper is, ultimately, a scraper and doesn't always leave a smooth surface, whereas a bowl gouge will cut the fibers instead of scraping them. With practice, this should leave a smoother surface. My advice would be to rethink your decision to delay the purcha
  5. Is that a 1/8" tip? That will be good for tenons and such, but for straight parting off, you might eventually want one with a thinner tip. What type of finishing tool are you thinking of?
  6. OK, so who is going to be the first to use the lighted skate wheels to build a steady rest for their lathe? @lew, interested?
  7. Did anyone read the reviews from https://bestreviews.tips/shop-fox-power-drum-sanders_372901/ ? What a bunch of gibberish. They looked like a series of reviews-for-hire by people who just picked words at random from the dictionary. I'm guessing someone with little to no command of English.
  8. I bought the EWT 2nd generation parting tool. The cutter is 1/8", so not a thin kerf parting tool, but I like it. I even used it for some roughing work making the Christmas stocking tree I posted on earlier. Solid feel, easy to handle. I really like it.
  9. Ok, I'll check it out. Thanks John.
  10. I should have read the description on Lee Valley closer. Apparently it is available in single issues only, not by subscription.
  11. Looking through the Lee Valley web site, I came across this. Seems to be a new magazine specializing in hand tools and their use. They have issues 1 and 2 on the web site, but I don't know if a subscription is available. If a subscription is wanted, you might have to buy the first issue from LV and then contact the publisher. I just did a screenshot, so there is some extra garbage in the picture from my desk top.
  12. I understand the frustration with potential employees staying home because they got $600 a week to do so, but it could be looked at as a sort of insurance policy. That $600 also allowed them to avoid potential areas of Covid infection and remain healthy by self-isolating. Not much consolation when you really need the part, but maybe it softens the blow somewhat.
  13. It wouldn't take me a couple of tries, it would take me a couple of trees.
  14. Not listening is not a symptom, it's a defensive maneuver.
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