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  1. I know, I just hadn't gotten around to it yet. Normally I don't have to order EWT on line or call because we have a tool store here that usually carries a lot of EWT products.
  2. I wouldn't wait too long. They currently have free shipping, but I don't know for how long. Speaking of which, when I ordered mine this AM, I did not know about their free shipping. And apparently, their web site glitched and charged me shipping. I received an email from EWT telling me about their free shipping, and notifying me that they were refunding my shipping charges. That kind of corporate honesty will keep people coming back for more.
  3. I'm sure it's China. Just about everything is anymore. Fred, that is an excellent point. What doesn't make sense to me about those reviews is all or at least most of them were 4 or 5 stars. Why say 5 stars if the narrative was negative? A retailer once told me that he could pay people to flood his web site with positive reviews. He said he didn't pay attention to positive reviews, only the negative ones because he thought those were probably the honest ones. As for the extension, I don't have room in my shop for that, so that isn't an issue.
  4. Jim, thanks for your response. I now have one on order. I would have ordered yesterday, but EWT web site is not real intuitive when it comes to ordering. I could find the information on the tool, but I could not find the button that says "click here to order, dummy" . Once I saw the cart icon at the top of the page, I realized that it must be somewhere, so I searched again and finally found it. Thanks again.
  5. Anyone have any experience with the Grizzly mobile bases? I'm looking at the T28923 which they call The Bear Crawl "Papa Bear" Mobile Base. It's rated at 1200 lbs, so it should handle my Delta Contractor's saw. My main concern is if the foot levers that allow movement of the saw and then stabilize it again are robust enough. The price is reasonable, if it is a good product.
  6. Lew, thanks for all the info. I guess it will show up at our local tool store when it becomes available. Those template sets: Are they specific to the EWT chucks, or are they applicable to other chucks as well?
  7. @lew, or @Jim from Easy Wood Tools, I was looking at the EWT website at parting tools, and I saw that there is a new one, referred to the second generation parting tool, with a model number of PT150. I looked at several retailers to see what it was selling for, and nobody seems to have it. Is this brand new and just hasn't been shipped yet? Can it be purchased directly from the EWT website? Is the EWT website being updated, and not everything is up yet? I'm not ready to buy right now, but it would be nice to know that it is available when I am ready. Thanks.
  8. I know you have already done the job, but Harbor Freight carries Evapo-Rust, and according to the map I looked at, it seems they have a store a short ways south of you. I don't know if all stores carry it, so a phone call might be in order. Just info for next time.
  9. I was going to mow, but I remembered I am donating blood this morning, so that will probably be all I do today. Lately, I usually feel kind of wiped out after donating. Good excuse to sit in front of the fan and pig out afterwards. I managed to score some Top Saver, which apparently is no longer made, so working on my table saw top, and maybe also my jointer and band saw tops, will be my project for tomorrow. I can finally use my lathe again, so if I have time, I might fire it up also.
  10. If you tongue and groove or ship lap, be sure to leave some room for expansion and contraction due to weather. Don't clamp them up tight across the grain, or it will probably just blow apart again.
  11. $1620, and a penny? Not looking for names, but how do we get a penny?
  12. Dan, I think you nailed it. You saw what he had, and this just "sprung" to mind?
  13. It looks like the most involved part of the process is making the jig. @kmealy, did your friend say how he or she liked the outcome of their seat?
  14. PostalTom

    Fisch bits

    Hi John. How is your dog doing? Is she recovering, or did it turn out badly? I know pets aren't human, but they are still family members, and it hurts to lose any family member. We will all hope for the best.
  15. Me too. Did you use a technique similar to cutting cove molding on a table saw?
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