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  1. It's been awhile since this thread started. Did anyone make this? How did it work? What problems did you have making it or using it, and how did you solve them? I ask because I was gifted a couple of small logs of bradford pear, and I want to start on a couple of bowls once I finish my current project. I even bought a small chain saw to to make my initial cuts of the logs.
  2. Gotta ask. What is the purpose of a laser when turning? Does it provide some kind of depth of cut measurement? I assume you are not using it to burn away the wood, right?
  3. Lew, as far as the Bessey clamp is concerned, I think you and I are looking at two different clamps. Comparing the Ehoma and Bessey 24" parallel clamp on Woodcraft's website, the Bessey clamp is actually $4 more. The F style clamp is cheaper, but I was looking at parallel clamps.
  4. Has anyone tried the Ehoma clamps offered by Woodcraft and Highland Woodworking? The feature that caught my eye is that according to the Highland ad, the handle can pivot 90 degrees to provide more clamping pressure. The Woodcraft ad on the same clamp doesn't mention that feature. The Highland ad also says that the clamp can provide up to 1500 lbs of clamping pressure, and if that isn't enough, check your joinery. I hadn't heard of the brand until I was looking at the Highland Woodworking website, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it. Highland mentioned plastic handles, so I wonder how long they will hold up.
  5. I echo what everyone else has said. I also have two questions, both of which may be none of my business. Feel free to tell me that. 1. What company does she work for? 2. Where did you buy the desk? I really like it.
  6. Thanks Gene. I was afraid all I would get would be groans.
  7. Q: Why does a chicken coop only have two doors? A: Because if it had four doors, it would be a sedan.
  8. If that works, then I might try putting them on ...
  9. I doubt it, but there might be an application for hand sharpening chisels, plane irons, etc.
  10. Just like everything else woodworking related, it sounds like it bypasses Kansas. Maybe I should give up woodworking and take up raising prairie dogs.
  11. I was Air Force, not Navy, but I think that rank is Vice Admiral. And the 4 star admiral is Admiral. Just like our 3 star generals were Lieutenant General, and the 4 star were General. I'm sure someone with more current naval experience will come along and confirm or correct.
  12. Well, yeah, but not to the point where I can talk scientifically about it. I like the science fiction side of it, but a lot of that is fake anyway. I'm currently 5 seasons through Star Trek Voyager on Netflix, almost done with the series. Only 52 more episodes to watch. All that being said, I would like to buy a good telescope with a computer feed someday. Then find a spot with a lack of light contamination so that I can actually see something. Why do you ask John, is that one of your interests?
  13. We could make it astronomical, such as: 1. Meteor 2. Comet 3. Moon 4. Planet (but no references to "uranus", for obvious reasons) 5. Planet with rings 6. Solar, or planetary, system 7. Galaxy 8. Big Bang We could make each point a light year, with so many light years to advance to the next rank.
  14. John, there is no need to apologize or ask for our understanding. We are all glad for your daughter's visit, and we are all proud to have a member of the TPW family serving. Enjoy your visit, have a cup of Army Dad coffee, and relax.
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