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  1. PostalTom

    Starting to Work on a "Chest"

    I always referred to that as Dunlap's Disease, where your stomach done-laps over your belt.
  2. PostalTom

    Everyone OK?

    To all our members, friends, and TPW family in California: I hope everyone has been missed by the terrible onslaught of wildfires. Stay safe, stay aware, and maybe leave a post to let us know everyone is all right.
  3. PostalTom


    When I cleaned and lubed my planer a couple of years ago, the maintenance instructions in the owner's manual specified to use high pressure grease, which I obtained from Auto Zone. I understand what you are saying, but I will probably still follow manufacture's instructions in similar cases.
  4. PostalTom

    Lowes Announces Store Closures

    In our area, we have 4 Lowes, 2 Home Depot with rumors of another one going in, and 2 Menards. I usually go to Lowes or HD so that I can take advantage of their military discount. I asked a cashier at Menards why they didn't offer a military discount, and the answer was that they feel their everyday prices were low enough that they didn't have to offer the discount. Since a discount isn't part of our guaranteed compensation, I didn't comment on that, but my thoughts were that that didn't offer any recognition to the veteran. And that is besides the fact that their 11% rebate they are always offering is only good in their stores, after you wait weeks to receive it in the mail. When I want really good stuff, I just go to HF! I think we are pretty well saturated with home centers and hardware stores. What we need now is another good retail hardwood outlet.
  5. PostalTom

    In Search of Drawer Pulls

    Ron, just curious, did you ever find those pulls?
  6. PostalTom

    Giant Peppermill

    This video was in the latest Woodturning Online Newsletter. I thought it was pretty entertaining. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qoiFU_aLyM&feature=youtu.be
  7. PostalTom

    Working on a new bowl

    I hope so Steve. The piece has evidence of previous bug and worm infestations, but nothing live now. I haven't decided whether I am going to fill the holes and tracks with epoxy or something, or just leave them open except for the finish.
  8. PostalTom

    Working on a new bowl

    One of the members of our woodturning club passed away some time ago, and a family member offered up his stash of unturned blanks for free. I got a few, and they have been drying out in my basement all summer. I finally started on a new bowl last week. My first issue is, what kind of wood is this? At first, I thought it was spalted maple, but after working with it, now I think it is spalted hackberry. I based my choice on some Google images I saw of wood identified as spalted hackberry. Any opinions? I also learned a couple of things while working on this bowl. Easy Wood Tools are really sharp. After carelessly handling the finishing tool, I felt something sticky on the handle. Looking down, I realized I had a small cut on my finger that I didn't feel when it happened. OK, no big deal, I'll just lick a paper towel and wipe my finger to prevent the blood from getting on my bowl. So, straight from the "Well Duh" chronicles, I proceeded to lick the inside of my face shield which I had forgotten I still had on. I guess that is good, in that my face shield is so comfortable that I can forget I am wearing it, but I still felt like an idiot. I know none of you ever do anything that you are glad goes un-witnessed. Right?
  9. PostalTom


    Thanks @lew and @Gerald. I'm a little late in getting back to this, things have been hectic lately. I think I might print off some pages from the referenced you guys provided me with, and put them in a folder for later reference. Thanks again.
  10. PostalTom


    I probably should know this, but I don't, so here goes. Assume that I am out "yard-saling", and I come across a gouge. How do I tell if it is a spindle gouge or a bowl gouge? Are the differences in the flutes, the grind, the shape of the point or business end? Does the gouge start out as a generic gouge, and then gets assigned it's identity based on the grind? Maybe more to the point, to save everyone typing their fingers off, is there an accepted resource, such as a book or DVD, that would give me this information? I don't have a specific gouge in mind that I am trying to identify, this is just for general information for now. Thanks.
  11. @Gene Howe, didn't you just upgrade to a Shelix head? Just curious if you are experiencing the same problems.
  12. PostalTom

    new DC rig for lathe

    I once tried to use a DC on my lathe, but the mouth mounted behind the lathe, and all the chips were coming off the front, towards me. Really bad when roughing, the chips would ride the flute down the roughing gouge and dump off onto my shoes. Anything that mounts in the front obviously gets in the way of the gouges and chisels. That's when I finally decided to build the trough under the bed, and hang shower curtain shrouds in front and back. Not ideal, but it is an improvement.
  13. PostalTom

    Picnic Pieces

    Thanks for the compliments guys. Hearing that from those who are already accomplished woodturners is really encouraging. I forgot to mention that except for some cuts with a HF parting tool, (sorry, Stick), everything else was done with Easy Wood Tools. Up to now I have been using a combination of EWT and traditional gouges and chisels, but this time I wanted to do the entire projects with EWT as much as possible. Thanks again.
  14. PostalTom

    Picnic Pieces

    We are having our annual woodturner's club picnic this Saturday. I didn't go to the last one because I was fairly new to turning, they want each turner that attends the picnic to bring a turning for the spouses' raffle, and I didn't have enough confidence in my skills to bring something. The wives, spouses, or others get a raffle ticket whose sole purpose is to determine the order in which they get to pick out a turning and take it home. No money exchanges hands, all just for fun. These are the items I made for this year's picnic, which, BTW, I got asked to organize. Not having attended last year's picnic, and being a new member of the club, I am a little nervous about organizing this year's picnic, but we will see how things turn out. Anyway, these are my items, all turned from poplar procured by our club president, and finished with three coats of 2 pound cut garnet shellac and 2 coats of spray lacquer. A mortar and pestle, and two styles of rolling pins. Thanks for looking.
  15. PostalTom


    Death is not the end of the journey, just a rest stop.

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