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  1. My experience with planing is that snipe is almost inevitable. Maybe a method to detect the conditions that will result in snipe in time to adjust the infeed or outfeed table or the cutter head to prevent the snipe from occurring? Or maybe a scanning procedure done on a test piece that would result in some sort of self-calibration of the process to eliminate the snipe on the work piece. I realize this sounds like a solution in search of a problem, but just spit-balling now.
  2. @Ron Altier, I remember when my parents had a 30 Model A Ford. I even had a wreck in that car. Did more damage to the other car than ours. The other driver tried to blame me, of course, but as luck would have it, there was a reserve cop behind me and he stopped and stood up for me. My parents sold it sometime in the 70s, after I was in the Air Force. I have a 68 AMC Javelin in my garage that I have intended to work on and at least get running for years, but everytime I have some money squirreled away to start on it, one of the kids needs something on an "emergency" basis. I realize I am the only one here that experiences that happening, right? Oh well, I'll get to it someday.
  3. This is an email I received today from Woodturning Online. I thought some of us might be interested. Woodturning Online January 2020 Newsletter Hello Tom Lewis, Woodturning Online has been closed effective January 1st, 2020. After providing this service for the last 17 years, I am now retiring. I would like to thank Richard DiPerna for his help in the early years and for all the turners that have visited the web site. I plan to continue being involved in the woodturning community so I may see you online or at both local and national symposia. I am also closing our sister publication, More Woodturning Magazine, on May 1st. If you have been thinking of subscribing to the More Woodturning Magazine, now may be the time! Once you sign up (must be before the end of January), you will receive four full 2020 editions—January, February, March, and April. When we publish our last edition, April, we will also provide you with full pdf access to all 247 previous editions of the magazine (the five years that I have published the magazine and 20 years that Fred Holder published the magazine). These pdf copies will be available for six months so that you have time to access, read, download and print them. All of this for the standard yearly subscription price of $25. But don’t delay--the new subscription page will be removed from the web site on January 31, 2020. Click here to visit More Woodturning Magazine for more details. Dennis Daudelin Publisher Copyright © 2020 Woodturning Online All Rights Reserved Since the link referenced where it said "Click here" didn't copy correctly, here is the URL: https://www.morewoodturningmagazine.com/subscribe.php
  4. Thanks all for the feedback. I think February is going to see a purchase.
  5. I'll have to see if I can find it on the news stand.
  6. I have a couple of questions for the spokeshave users out there. I am considering buying one of the Veritas spokeshaves from Lee Valley. While acknowledging from the beginning that I have absolutely no experience with spokeshaves, here are my opinions. It would seem to me that the most used configuration would be concave, so that is what I am thinking of starting with. Also, when considering flat vs block planes, what can a flat spokeshave do that the block plane can't? Comments?
  7. I use the Freud SD606 Dial-a-Width dado set. It is basically a 6" stacked dado set, except the outer cutter is a wobble blade with a center hub that is adjustable in, I believe, .004" increments. I've had it for several years and it has served me well. I don't know if they still make it. It also came in an 8" version, which I think was the SD808.
  8. You sit for a few days at a time? Don't your legs fall asleep?
  9. If they said he had a TBI, that usually stands for Traumatic Brain Injury, not Terminal Brain Injury. Is that what you meant, or is he actually terminal? Either way, it is terrible and he and they deserve every bit of help we can provide.
  10. You might consider switchable magnets. I have a featherboard using them and I love it. Maybe you could make your own switchable magnets from the ones you were given. That might be in interesting project. Just remember, as I am sure you know, like poles repel, so you would need to retain the top magnet when the assembly is turned off.
  11. Should that be part of our Wiki?
  12. In my experience, a tow motor is a warehouse tug, and a fork lift is sometimes called a "goose", I suppose referring to the visual when the forks are up high. No wonder people whose native language is not English have such a hard time learning our language.
  13. Yeah, I got called away from the computer in the middle of the post, and when I got back I forgot to post the link. Those senior moments are happening all too frequently. Thanks to @Lew for having my back on this one.
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