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  1. You realize she will come home on leave from that first duty station will all kinds of stories that she can't share with you. We are all proud of her and wish her the best.
  2. That reminded me that your daughter is already in, if I remember correctly. How is she doing?
  3. Cal, Rockler has a couple different sizes of them. Here is one: https://www.rockler.com/rockler-silicone-project-mat and here is another one: https://www.rockler.com/rockler-silicone-project-mat-xl I'm sure other woodworking stores have similar items.
  4. Douglas, in an ideal world, I would agree with you. You are blessed with the room to have a large shop. Your shop appears larger than my whole basement, and I can't use my whole basement just for woodworking. With a small shop, one has to use what is available.
  5. I have used waxed paper in the past with no problem. I think the difference this time was the was the weight of the wood plus clamps might have forced the glue through the waxed paper. Either way, I still think I will be buying one of those silicone mats for my table saw top.
  6. Actually @Al B, I don't have the bottle of Top Saver in front of me, but I think it says pretty much the same thing about a quick spray and then buffing out after the cleanup of stains and rust has been accomplished. When I first saw the problem, I felt the mark, and it was rough and crusty. My thought was Oh "shucks", the table top is now pitted where the mark is. After getting it to the point shown in the second picture, I can't feel anything except a smooth top. I think the Top Saver, from the times I have used it in the past, did leave a protective barrier to actual damage from the rust. Maybe what I initially felt wasn't "rust crust" at all, but instead, the result of a chemical reaction between the glue, waxed paper, and resins and other compounds in the pine. Any industrial chemists here, feel free to weigh in.
  7. Thought everyone might be interested in this. Last night, I laminated two pieces of pine to make a thicker piece. I put a piece of waxed paper on the top of my table saw, and proceeded to glue up the pieces. I have done this before with no problem, but with 20/20 hindsight, this is the first time I have done this with the wood resting directly on the waxed paper, which was on the table top. No air gap. This is what I saw when I went down to my shop this morning. OMG! The horror!! Ok, so I got out my Top Saver, abrasive pads, and the polishing cloth, along with a large can of elbow grease, and went to work. After an hour, in the middle of which was a conversation with my daughter, this is what I accomplished. I'm pretty satisfied with the result. For me, the takeaways from this are: Under the right conditions, glue will soak through waxed paper. Buy one of those silicone mats for saw table tops for when I use the saw as a gluing bench. Be stingy with the Top Saver, because it works, and may not be possible to find any more.
  8. Hi Al. I spent the last 7 years of my AF career at McConnell, and retired from there. When I got here from Homestead FL, we were flying B-1Bs. Now they are flying the KC-46 tankers, and I'm not sure if there are any more KC-135s left here. A lot has changed since you were here, and even since I retired from there in 1994.
  9. Thanks Jim. I assume you're talking about the "name tags". Just put an @ symbol in front of the screen name to get a post directed to an individual. For example @PostalTom will come to me, as well as showing up for everyone to see in that particular forum.
  10. Thanks Cal. I was trying to tough it out on my own, but I just decided it was time to reach out and maybe get some support. Thanks again. BTW, I'm not trolling for sympathy here, just expressing appreciation for the kind words.
  11. I appreciate the thought, but as I said, she isn't having any more birthdays. Best wishes to you and Karen.
  12. There are times when I go into my shop with no intention of doing anything. I just enjoy being there, reconnecting with my "center". It wouldn't surprise me if this gentleman did the same thing on occasion.
  13. Gene, Happy Birthday to Phyllis, and congratulations to the time you have had together. Best wishes for your years to come. Cherish the time you have with her. I had 44 years with my Denise. Lost her on Christmas Eve last year.
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