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  1. John, that is a wonderful story. Sounds like the workbench is haunted, but in a good way. You should say hello to Mr. Ecklar whenever you walk into your shop, just to voice your obvious respect for the gentleman.
  2. Just curious...what is your source for parts for older tools like this?
  3. Don't worry guys. I have not mothballed my machines, I just want to learn alternate methods when it makes sense to use them. Also, there is a certain satisfaction in having a project reflect my efforts instead of those who designed my machines. Still, though, it will be a long time before I thickness plane or smooth a board with a hand plane instead of my planer and ROS. And as long as I'm not making $75 pieces of firewood, I'm having fun.
  4. Since this web site is as much about lessons learned as it is about displaying our successful efforts, let me share my ongoing experience, namely that I made two incompatible decisions. Lately I have been interested in trying different woods with which I have not yet worked. My choice was Hickory. I have also wanted to develop more confidence using hand tools instead of relying solely on machines. I decided to make a project for my wife, using hand tools as much as possible. I guess that was a third decision to add to the incompatibility morass. Part of the project involved chopping out mortises using a good set of Marples chisels and my dead blow mallet. I'll leave it at that, except to say that the lesson learned was that if the desire is to practice/develop hand tool expertise, don't start with on of the hardest, densest, heaviest woods available. Oh well, nothing several kits of epoxy can't fix.
  5. If I remember correctly, in Band of Brothers, there is a scene where the squad efficiently takes out a German machine gun emplacement. That was so realistic that West Point used it as a how-to teaching video. Can anyone confirm this?
  6. As long as you read my whole post, then we are on the same page.
  7. Woodpeckers is a good company. They promote USA made products, many of which they make in their own factory. I have many of their tools, the one-time-tools as well as the ones they offer as a regular purchase. Having said that, I agree with Lew, and stick with EWT for my carbide insert tools. Buying from another manufacturer who is just piggy-backing on the popularity and excellence of EWT is like buying a purse made at "Joe's Purse Works" that has a Gucci label on it. Not that I buy purses, just saying.
  8. When I was a kid my dad worked for Beech Aircraft. His lunch box was nothing special, but it was to me, because every day when he came home from work, I would grab it and see if there was anything left I could snack on until supper was ready. There was always something in there for me. I found out years later from my mom that she would pack extra food in his lunch box so that there would be something left for me when he got home.
  9. Thanks John. It's nice to be recognized for my greatest talent.
  10. I saw that article, but I haven`t read it closely. If you guys say it is good, then that is enough for me. I also need a new sled. Adding it to my PIW. (Projects-in-waiting)
  11. I knew there had to be an easier way than mine. I was just thinking as I typed.
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