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  1. That almost sounds like a William Shakespeare play: "The Turning of the Screw".
  2. Sometimes, it is as much about stepping up to the challenge presented to us by someone else, and striving to do the best job we can and also maybe learning something along the way, as it is about helping someone else, which carries it's own rewards. Then it becomes about our own satisfaction in showcasing our best work. There is nothing wrong with feeling good on both levels.
  3. Have you called their tech support to see if they can offer any help?
  4. Actually not bad John. I tried to set it up for sharpening in my Veritas honing jig, but the blade was too short to mount in the jig, so I had my first experience with free hand sharpening. I must have done something right because once I got the depth of cut set right, it cut pretty good. Of course that was with a piece of scrap douglas fir, but still not bad. I had an older model Dremel, the one with the flex shaft permanently mounted to the motor instead of an add-on, and the internal part of the flex shaft broke as I was cleaning up parts of the spokeshave. Looking on eReplacements, th
  5. I promised some spokeshave pictures, so here they are. I'll start out with how it looked when I received it, and follow up with how my re-hab turned out. Sorry about the picture placement. I couldn't get it to work consistently, but at least they are all there. It is probably not as good as Steven Newman would have done, but it does look better.
  6. ??? Please tell me that we haven't changed the name of the web site. Just kidding, my fingers don't always work right either.
  7. As my mom used to say, "Fish and company start to stink after three days."
  8. Have you ever tried to saw from the top of the board with a table saw? I don't think sawing from the other side would work.
  9. I've never used any, but you might research fish eye eliminator.
  10. Lew, good tip. Maybe you could also post it in the Woodturner's Tips section?
  11. Be aware, the instructions on OBG say to heat it to 160 degrees, or maybe 140 to 160. I have a hot plate that works good for that. I fill a can, like an old metal coffee can, 3/4 full of water, and if I'm heating a new, full bottle of OBG, I also put a buffer on the bottom of the can, such as the lid from an empty relish jar, to keep the bottom of the glue bottle from melting due to too direct of contact between the hot plate and the bottle. As glue get used, the bottle will start to float and the buffer is not needed. Just my method.
  12. Keith, that would be an interesting article, but there was no link to click on.
  13. Well, I found out the hard way that when a manufacturer puts a shelf life date on a bottle of glue, they mean what they say. I glued up a project using Old Brown Glue that had a shelf life expiration date of June 2020. I figured it's not that much out of date, what could possibly go wrong? I found out. I went down to my shop the next day to do some more joinery, and every joint I had just glued failed. I said "Oh darn". I got my temper tantrum out of the way, and decided it was time to grow up and fix my project. Reglued using Titebond, and so far, no problems. Of course, I had to clea
  14. Yeah Lew, that's fine with me. That's why I posted it myself, in case you wanted to use it.
  15. This article is from the Carter and Son Toolworks web site, who in turn (no pun intended) got it from the Highland Woodworking web site. I thought someone might be interested. https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/woodnews/december_2005/employee_contribution.htm
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