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  1. Yeah, one of these days I will join Procrastinators Anonymous, if I ever find my "Round Tuit".
  2. Dave, you beat me to it by about 30 seconds.
  3. Ron, if those are the same aids they gave me, they are also Bluetooth capable, meaning you can stream music directly from your phone to your hearing aids. Check it out. My doctor told me I have been listening to too much phone sex. I now have "hearing aids!"
  4. PostalTom

    Question About Woodsmith 'Tip'

    That's my whole point. Dilution doesn't remove pollution, it just spreads it thinner so that it can't be detected as easily. Eventually, you can't dilute it enough to negate any harmful effects. Head-in-the-sand environmentalism. I'm not an eco-Nazi, but at the same time I don't want my great grandkids having to go to school in haz-mat suits.
  5. PostalTom

    Question About Woodsmith 'Tip'

    The solution to pollution is dilution?
  6. PostalTom

    Lathe Switch Failure

    It wouldn't work, the gremlins are smarter than I am.
  7. PostalTom

    I'm At a Loss for Thoughts but Never for Words

    For the mask, are you thinking of something with some depth? Maybe you could have the two sides, light and dark, slightly raised in the middle with a miter joint running vertically to join them? It's too bad the kids probably aren't classic SciFi fans. Remember the Cylons on Battlestar Galactia? They had that red light going back and forth across their helmets, faces or whatever they were. That would be cool here, but totally inappropriate for an official school plaque. Just rambling here.
  8. PostalTom

    Lathe Switch Failure

    A lot of what I drop winds up under my workbench. I think I have a Gremlin under there that grabs my stuff. I think I actually saw a hand once. We have a surplus store here that has all kinds of stuff, mostly from the aircraft industry here. When I get around to it, I am going to buy a sheet of 4" foam and cut strips to stuff under the edges of my bench so that my drops at least remain in view.
  9. PostalTom

    Rust On My Table Saw---Again

    I was getting rust rings for awhile on my band saw table. Removed my wannabe SIL, problem solved.
  10. PostalTom

    Cheap Router Bit Storage

    Here are the pics. I also included a couple of the router table itself. The table was from a set of plans in Shop Notes. This is the 1/2" shank drawer... and here is the 1/4" shank drawer. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I was using my phone in bad light. Thanks for looking.
  11. PostalTom

    Cheap Router Bit Storage

    The blocks are in a drawer, but not secured. I have one drawer for 1/2" shank bits, and another drawer for 1/4" shank bits. I'll shoot some pics if you are interested.
  12. PostalTom

    Cheap Router Bit Storage

    My first router table was an over-engineered bench top affair. (Ever hear the saying that an elephant is a mouse built to government specifications? Well, I'm that guy.) I didn't have a sophisticated system to store my bits, so I used empty prescription bottles. No way the plastic would damage the edge of the bit, the bit was protected from damage by contacting anything else in the box or drawer into which the bit was very carefully placed, , and the bottles were free. A piece of masking tape took care of labeling. Downside was that most of the bottles not transparent, so a lot of picking up and reading the label was involved. Worked good until I built my current router table, and started using blocks to hold each bit.
  13. PostalTom

    Sroll Sawing?

    Took you long enough to "C" it! BTW, I was using the snipping tool, per your suggestion, that's why it was just a portion of the page.
  14. PostalTom

    Sroll Sawing?

    Is this anything like Scroll Sawing?
  15. PostalTom

    Wooden Pens/Pencils

    The standard pen mandrel uses a knurled nut to tighten up the bushings to the blanks to enable the turning with a dimple in the end of the mandrel shaft, which receives the point on the live center of your tailstock. I've heard if you try to tighten up too much with the tailstock, it can deflect or warp the mandrel shaft. Look into a mandrel saver. It allows the end of the mandrel to pass through the center hole of your tailstock, and it tightens up directly on the bushings. I made that set, just for fun. Be aware that his design seemed to me to be sized for 1/2" square blanks. I didn't realize that until I tried to put in a 3/4" blank, and I couldn't get it in until I enlarged the cut-outs to fit the blank. Although, that may have been a limitation of my chuck, I use a super nova 2. Just FYI. I had a problem with tubes coming out when I was squaring up the blanks to the tubes. Read my post about this on this forum. I got some good advice and it might save you some problems.

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