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  1. it seemed to start off a bit slow and then gathered steam and kept going... glad to see it doing (fairly?) well and thanks to all.
  2. just because i was curious....i did a web search for the .65 the saw vise shows costed in the 1911 catalog and that's about $21.00 in today's money. not too shabby, although i frankly doubt we could produce one at that price anywhere in the world these days.
  3. That just kinda scratches the surface of lamp parts that i have on hand...
  4. so, to make this story complete - this is the Stanley 42W saw set which i found at the store...ok, this one cost me a couple of bucks...
  5. interesting....i cleaned up the vise a tiny bit and it shows the number '94' and i found this on another site "ANTIQUE EARLY SARGENT SAW VISE # 94 CLAMP CAST IRON OLD" with the attached pictures so, although i don't know age or production years yet, i do know more.
  6. i wish i could tell you more. i looked it over top to bottom (and yes, i posted it upside down...sorry) and couldn't find a single mark on it anywhere...no numbers, names, etc. everything seems to work (after a fashion) and i want to clean it up a bit and put it to work with the set i just got (it's safe in a box somewhere). i'm guessing the party who put it into the "throw this stuff away" bin had not a clue that it was for holding saws for sharpening and setting
  7. i'm sure some of you already know what this is...i couldn't believe it when i found it sitting there waiting to be junked.
  8. Just so you know (and the doctors can check and verify)...there are supposed to be "open" MRIs that don't require being in the 'loop'. I didn't mind when i had mine, but my neighbor is totally scared of them.
  9. Yeah, the early 72s had the all orange turn indicators and the later 72s had clear with just the orange insert on the outside corner. had a 72 malibu 350 i ended up putting around 239k miles on it and finally had to stop driving when the floor looked like something fred flintstone drove.
  10. i can remember the tons of fish we used to sell at the big boy back when i was in high school. made me hate tartar sauce for years since it only came in gallon jars and we (I) had to hand fill thousands of little paper cups (and put in the caps like old milk bottles used) to hand out to folks with their fish sandwiches. that was mighty good fish back then before the stocks got so depleted they stopped using that brand of fish. it was filet of sole and the ladies who prepped that fish could cut it to within a fraction of an ounce with perfection. i tried it and they just laughed.
  11. any normal 3/8" drive socket. the little button pushes right in.
  12. looks like a hand scutching tool for hemp or flax. with no dimensions it's hard to know more.
  13. and then you end up with things like this....yes, that's a 3/8" square tip on that and the whole thing appears to have been made like that. can't say i've ever seen one like it before.
  14. Ran across these two boxes recently at the restore. the wedges box (who knew they had a name?) and the price on the old hinge box (it's empty)
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