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  1. yes, like i said, messy to clean up, but it did a nice job.
  2. I expect we'll get more neighborhood fireworks tonight. Had some last night and was ready to add my own "booms" to theirs, but they stopped early. Hope all have a safe July 4. My own family... ancestors from my dads side supposedly landed over here in 1751 based on info i have. A bunch of Quakers who got run out of England and spent a generation in Ireland before making that trip across. Kids and wife all sheltering in other cities...wheeeee. I'm having a cold one and it's only high 80s today.
  3. @AndrewB I'm a little concerned about the gaps i see in your glue line (and i'm not a turner so feel free to ignore me).... but my concern is the potential weakness in these gaps and that the whole thing might fly apart on you. please keep us up to date on how this piece works for you and stay protected.
  4. a gallon of evaporust is about 30 at HF. When i was using it on some saw blades, i picked up one of those long, shallow, under-bed plastic boxes (and lid) at wobblymart. the evaporust i poured back in the bottle to re-use.
  5. Glad that you have bees. The clover in the front yard has been so good it smelled like clover honey and there aren't any bees around. spent some time back at the restore today - they're not open to the public on Fridays so it's a good time to work in there. didn't realize i was not drinking enough liquid until i got home and guzzled down a liter and a half of water and my ears stopped ringing (?). haven't seen swmbo for a week so we're good.
  6. part of rust removal is what you have available... if i HAD a bead blaster, i would start with that. Not sand or heavy duty abrasive. I do have a buffer with a brass wheel and a steel wheel. if you are up to taking that down to pieces, a wire wheel will work. Not sure about stuff like vinegar (never tried it), or electrolysis (not tried that either), but have used evaporust and it's not bad, just messy (well, all of these are). depending on the grease level, wd40, carb cleaner....lots of choices.
  7. you might check ikea. i think they have some sort of solid top (not glueboard).
  8. Spent part of the afternoon watering the poison ivy out front. Just as i finished my neighbor got home and talked with him for a while and then decided i owed myself a cold one. Hit the spot.
  9. p_toad

    Good Clean Fun

    i've got an RWS rifle and pistol from many years ago that are just wonderful. Most of the time i just go with 22 subsonic. Speaking of hawks...was out this afternoon at the neighbors after helping him with the hydraulic puller on his wife's vehicle and we watched as a parent was being hassled by the three grown young-uns squacking for food.
  10. A warm welcome to the PWW forums. Take some time to look around at some of the projects folks have posted. Enjoy your time here. Guessing you still have that old guitar and didn't "el kebong" it?
  11. nice, but warm. decided to mow the front yard. smells just like clover honey with all the nice white clover i have out there, but sadly....only 2 bees seen by me and a few others by my one neighbor. i left a couple of big patches just in case they're casing the joint.
  12. i noticed a distinct lack of color. i'm offended.
  13. fairly nice day here so wasted the afternoon spraying 3 gallons of stuff to keep ants out of the house....then 3 more gallons of stuff to kill weeds around the house...then 3 more gallons of bleach water to entertain the moss on the siding.
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