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  1. there are any number of places on the web that sell band saws to just about any size you need (and tooth combination). i suspect even with the virus thing that some of them are open for business (tools and all). You only need your make and model and if you use a riser, etc.
  2. Took the lawn tractor out for a walk yesterday down the drive to make sure it starts and the battery and gas seem to be ok after sitting all winter. talked with both of my neighbors today and they're doing ok (for the most part). everyone just sticking close to home. was surprised the other day that Aldi's had some nice green bananas, but the red raspberries were looking a bit long in the tooth. they actually had TP on the shelf and i let some guy in front of me at the line to he could check out his treasure.
  3. Probably has the keys to the PWW jet, too.
  4. i don't have the blades in here, but they have a hole and a slot. And the problem is, the screw(?) turns, but doesn't seem to want to come out. I'm trying to do as little further damage to this as possible (I'm not always this patient). Correct. nest of saws it is. Think i have 4 or 5 interchangeable blades.
  5. Was cleaning the blades to this saw the other day, and wanted to clean up the abused handle. Pictures below. Bolt and nut in the front the prior owner crushed the wood and the other "thing" which looks like a bolt? or.... which won't come out (at least not easily). Notice no hole on other side for 2nd fastener.
  6. couple of pictures would help show the level of damage...
  7. Really, the same thing goes with a lot of spinning tools. Not much different, but i was using a soft brass wire wheel today to clean up some stackable Great Neck saw blades and it did (as it always does) throw wires. Usually they end up flying off into the garage somewhere, but upon occasion they end up stuck in my hair, clothes, or (like today), in my thumb. I never felt a thing, although usually if they hit my bony head i know (glasses to protect eyes always in place). No, gloves are never an option with a wire wheel. The soft brass is literally soft enough i can stick my hand into it and not have it ripped off like the steel wheel on the other end of the machine.
  8. i had a package i was expecting (temp sensitive stuff) and it didn't show up. turned out whomever was supposed to deliver it to my door had apparently come part way up my drive and then crossed over to my neighbor's place and left the package in front of his barn. you can't make this stuff up.
  9. but what are we going to do tomorrow?
  10. i had a similar (probably smaller) saw blade i used to use on my old mcculloch weed beater. used it to trim off small trees and the wild bamboo across the street (at least that's what i think it is).
  11. did my census the other day and replied "american" on the race stuff. sheesh. still waiting for one of my tax forms to arrive. usually doesn't get here until the end of the month and it's a pain.
  12. yup, that's what the pileated do. seen it many time on the trees around here.
  13. Stopped at the local Aldi the other day and i think they had everything in stock and people were just acting normal (well, as much as they get around here). Didn't need the TP and stuff and everyone was minding their own beeswax. On the other hand, with my bill of rights, I haven't ever needed a permit to protect myself.
  14. p_toad


    You mentioned oak. White oak was often used for buckets and barrels and held liquids for long periods of time. No finish required.
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