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  1. No kidding. we had a very large glass tabletop at the old Restore and it was easily a couple of hundred pounds....a beast to move.
  2. Wait. What? You hit the lottery or something with lumber prices where they are?
  3. I hate to say this, but when i saw that first picture there my mind went places it shouldn't have.
  4. Been avoiding covid like the plague. Actually got my 2nd shot last tuesday.
  5. That'll be coming right after you get the key to the corporate (anything)!!!
  6. I think Kobalt is the Lowes house brand and the craftsman stuff was shoved up their down their throat by SDB. I was so annoyed by this the last time i was at a Lowes i haven't been back.
  7. Probably just as important that you and the kids stay well so she doesn't worry about that. keep on keeping on.
  8. they're not the first to do this. i recall a craftsman many years ago that was plated. i don't have one of those, either.
  9. This has been a bad week. Just found out that another internet friend is gone, too. RIP
  10. My basic understanding is that ladies are supposed to wipe from front to back, but the closest i came to finding out was changing diapers and hosing down the girls at 60 meters.
  11. looks like the little steel building i put up to replace the old one...lawn tractor sleeps in the new one. still delaying tearing apart the old one.
  12. dropped car off for service this morning...hopefully will be able to ransom it tomorrow. not sure i'm allowed to know the agenda for the day.
  13. p_toad

    Screen Spool

    so, if you ever need a good screen tool... https://screen.everhard.com/ nicely made tools (not inexpensive, but will last a lifetime).
  14. SWMBO has been putting something extra in ours for a long time...just has to make sure the bank doesn't just make it the "next payment" instead of payment on the principal. Also, the only payment that ever got missed was one that was sent through the MAIL and the bank never got it. She hand delivers to this day.
  15. back when we used to play with all kinds of wood blocks to build stuff (and knock down). Also had the crenellated alphabet blocks (probably all from Europe) in two different sizes. When my kids were little one of the first things i got them (me) was a set of wood building blocks. We also played with dominoes...good for building, playing, and learning to count. (took me a while).
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