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  1. Those tiny steep stairs going to the upper level reminded me of the stairs in the old Shillito Hall which went up to the servants quarters on the third floor. I loved that highboy in the one room...
  2. if you can't get that back apart to re-glue, try some nice thin "super" in the slot and clamp it well.
  3. Just sayin'. I have a daughter and SIL down in Texas and with the recent weather and power outages... Didn't think i would have to explain.
  4. Ah, my neighbor was 1st Cav ...nice plaque.
  5. Happy to see you here. Hope things aren't too bad in your section of Texas.
  6. That's the kind i still have with the little knobs that stick out the side
  7. wife has been sheltering with her mom - i've gotten off easy - only 19 + 52/2 years to cover
  8. interesting about the chain. did a quick lookup and found some info from this company https://www.perfectionchain.com/products/weldless-chain/single-jack-chain/
  9. Only thing i ever watch any more is futball. when the kids were much younger and wanted to play soccer i had to learn how to coach and ref the game.
  10. Sorry i have no valid info for you on this. maybe someone else can chime in.
  11. Never a need to apologize here. I'm pretty sure we all understand.
  12. We're glad to see it anyway John. I was going over to my neighbor's to feed the critters there when he arrived and we watched the birds for a while. A pileated woodpecker landed on the one suet and was going to town. It's not uncommon for them to visit our feeders all year long. what i haven't seen since 77 or 78 are the cedar waxwings. they're really pretty birds.
  13. Congrats! Did i miss the end of January and start of Feb?
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