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  1. p_toad

    Good Clean Fun

    been there....did that lots of times since my brothers all seemed to disappear.
  2. Having seen what my moms cat did to a rabbit in the back yard (and having to clean it up)...best keep bunny safe.
  3. But if you walk in the door with sawdust on you, you're dead meat.
  4. I hate to be an arse (but i am)... This is not the tapir you are looking for.
  5. you need a bigger drawer and then they don't jam in. DAMHIKT
  6. yesterday was lending a hand to my neighbors - one working on his JLG lift and the other working on his Case backhoe... lots of nice clean fun. today my backhoe neighbor called and asked me if i had a spare sump pump - happened to have one brand new in the box i bought at our local Restore... spent the next couple of hours playing in his septic (well, he did - i supervised ).
  7. NOS Vintage OTC Owatonna Tool Company 400-A Oil Seal Set Kit GM/Mopar/AMC/Ford and stole this picture
  8. never tried it...not sure how it would work on my laser. interesting idea.
  9. you might run over the chair (not with a truck) with a metal detector and check for the presence of other brads and the possible screws hidden under plugs. Can save you some tooling.
  10. if the "vise" part will come out of the tool, remove it and clean the slots. Rescrew the cap after cleaning all the threads and make sure it can go down all the way - i've found some usits that are simply too short (not enough internal threads on the cap) to allow them to be screwed down far enough to allow the vise tips to be forced closed
  11. @Cal NPS is national pipe straight (no taper). several sizes are using in lighting pipe nipples. There are apparently a handful of different NPS standards, but i believe most lights use NPSM which is a mechanical fastening using a lock washer and nut (and i see TONS of lock washers and nuts in use on old lamps i help deconstruct at the Restore).
  12. i have to tell you that my still favorite is my B&D Pirhana blades. 10" of cutting goodness that makes me weep for their stupidity in discontinuing them.
  13. only 70% humidity here today...i think that was higher than my temp.
  14. had a little plastic bucket sitting out...had 6" of water in it... creek is down and ground is barely damp.
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