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  1. Groovy dado? Not sure it has a better name, but there are experts out there who know.
  2. I always have to be careful with things like this. I like the old squares and don't often see reviews of the newer products. Same thing with levels. That said, i walked past a picture SWMBO had hung, set it level, and then got a level to double check it. Result. WBBN picture of death ray eyes please.
  3. I was at the nearest Micro Center to pick up a new computer (old one is from 2007 and didn't like WinX). I was rather surprised to see the selection of "thread" printers they had there (as well as a large selection of different colors, etc.). Don't know if you have one near you or not, but it might be worth a road trip.
  4. I've got some persimmons i planted out front. Wait until the first frost to eat them, otherwise they're known for their pucker factor.
  5. Love those Naugas. Made a telephoto lens case years ago when i shot a lot of 35.
  6. Did my name break this and now we don't get a January whatzit? Or did it get posted and i can't see it?
  7. Why is your dog in your underwear? Inquiring minds and all.
  8. ya done good.
  9. Reminds me of the celtic knot some folks have done. Nice work.
  10. Thankfully i missed all that adventure. I was off on my own trying to install win 10 over my old win 7 and when it stopped and i woke up i found my computer sitting there with a "no bootable device found" error message. After a few choice words (well, more than a few), i dug out a win7 install disc, got to a point where i could do some repair and plugged in my newest backup drive and did a restore (back to december whatever) and then continued from there (minus whatever i hadn't backed up since december). my bad. next time let me know in advance.
  11. while the lee valley is probably nice, the plain old inexpensive stanley will do the job if you sharpen it right and set to a nice light cut. years ago, my two youngest daughters were interested in making their own suburito (a type of bokken) and i ripped some ash i had into generic blanks for them and turned them loose with the tools. Even with the cheaper tools which were on hand at the time, they both were able to follow the lines and make nicely shaped instruments. That said, I think you would do fine with what you have in mind using. Remember your grain and take nice light cuts. This isn't a drawknife.
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