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  1. Hey, i used to make PB and bologna sandwiches (yes, i was single back then). SWMBO wasn't at all impressed.
  2. hope all stay well and enjoy this day with family (and friends, if that's allowed) HAPPY THANKSGIVING
  3. rainy today with some slushy build up on the windshield.
  4. When you get ready to board the TPW jet, don't forget your 2020 code book (just in case).
  5. Aluminum isn't necessarily brittle, but depending on annealing, can be very hard (or soft). My 4 aught service wire is aluminum and i have seen a lot of (what i consider to be lesser quality) jumper cables made of aluminum.
  6. As soon as i get my check from that prince in Africa deposited to my account.
  7. That's as bad as using the pinking shears. He'll burn a long time for that one.
  8. would have been more interesting if they were cut nails.
  9. "Weight is about 600 pounds, it can be partially disassembled so you and some strong guys can get it out of my basement." no thanks; let me know when you get it out of the basement.
  10. You'll lean over and whisper in her ear, "honey, i need another router..."
  11. never had a porch swing, but we used to break the chains on the swing sets with regularity.
  12. That was me today when a lens popped out of my glasses just as i got to Aldi.
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