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  1. On the old craftsman saw i got from a former work buddy, the nut on the saw was 1-1/16 and i didn't get the wrench when i got the saw so i just used an ordinary combination wrench. still have that wrench sitting out by the saw.
  2. Received my copy on 11/11 at 8:49 AM, but for whatever reason it ended up in my "bulk mail" (spam) folder. I moved it out of there and back to my normal in-box. Only one copy received and bulk mail cleared. Thank you
  3. I have some inexpensive clamps i purchased long ago and lacking the hand strength to crush my MIL chair back into shape... well, some of those handles look like someone took channellocks to them.
  4. Was that the green and yellow kind?
  5. Might be picking up some prefinished cherry cutoffs from a flooring job that someone donated to the local restore. They're getting tired of having it sitting around (no takers) and i'll probably overload the car a couple of times this week and try to find a place to stash it in the garage before SWMBO gives me ...um, grief.
  6. so, a bit late to this party, but how did her friend like it?
  7. p_toad


    Ah, just you. The blade is about 6" and i couldn't find a mark anywhere on the blade or handles. Still pretty sharp.
  8. Squirrels around here have been stashing acorns and hickory nuts like crazy. Maybe they know something we don't.
  9. Yes, several times now. I purchased the 24V system years ago and when the first set of batteries died (after 6 years), i called them up...had to take the batteries, charger and drill to HD at the time, and they tested and said - you need new batteries (no shirt shylock). They sent out a new set and i was good to go for a year. that set died...they replaced them again (4 years on that 3rd set); and when they wouldn't take a charge i took everything back to HD and they said, hey, you don't have to bring them here anymore...just call the 800 number; which i did. They only had one (?) in stock and shipped it right out. called them a couple of months later and they shipped the second one. That was a couple of years back and they're still good. They said to just recycle the previous set. I keep them registered and they have never complained one time about replacing them. Contrary to some complaints i have read, they have been good over the phone and on their web site. I love that heavier than a brick 24V 1/2" drill (set came with circ saw, recip saw, and a light...should have purchased the sabre saw, too). I won't buy the new batteries from anyone...because you can't register them for the LSA. Keeping this baby until one of us dies first.
  10. p_toad


    looks like spline. i have some spline sockets i really like for certain jobs.
  11. p_toad


    That one has built-in hand ratcheting action.
  12. p_toad


    Now you get to see the other sides.
  13. p_toad


    Posted this elsewhere, but saw the picture of the school and reminded me i hadn't posted it here. My bad.
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