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  1. It's a workpiece you made about 1 inch too short. Measure once, cut twice.
  2. Reminds me... R.I.P. Gordon Bressack, Pinky and the Brain writer dead at 68 The Emmy Award winner also worked on Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, and The Smurfs https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/08/gordon-bressack-obituary/
  3. no apologies necessary. you and yours come first.
  4. I've been using the 10" blades on my table saw for years and they DO have a fantastic clean cut. When i found them at Big Lots/Odd Lots years ago I purchased several. Always good to have spare(s).
  5. I guess it's all on perspective. My chest on chest dresser (purchased from what had once been a major manufacturer of good quality solid cherry furniture) did not use runners (that is, mechanical steel/plastic rails at the edges of the drawers). I consider it "high end" compared to most any furniture being made now that uses runners. all in the perspective.
  6. And...that's why i've gotten in the habit of wearing steel toe shoes. Between heavy stuff here, at my neighbors place(s), or at the Restore... so far, so good. Yeah, they're heavier and i prefer the steel toe to the composite, but that's just me.
  7. unfortunately, B&D dropped their commercial tools when they purchased DeWalt, but i've got one of their saws and drills from back then and they are really good tools (as were their top shelf saw blades). you got yourself a couple of nice ones there.
  8. and here it is september already and i have no idea what this is (or, is part of...?)
  9. Seen too many fur-kids go over the years and it never gets easier.
  10. You can't believe the number of folks who come into the Restore to "donate" their old covers, switches, and outlets because... yeah, somebody just HAD to have something "different" The only time i change stuff out is if the old contractor grade switches are popping and i just replace them with industrial.
  11. https://retailleader.com/brookstone-goes-bankrupt-again
  12. And you'll let us know we have to give up the boat and the plane to do all that, right? No problemo.
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