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  1. can i get my participation trophy? we're all winners here.
  2. but all that quality stuff made in pandaville! how can you resist?
  3. The term originates from the H. Rider Haggard novel, "She" (first published 1886). The character Ayesha, known as She-who-must-be-obeyed, the Queen of Death, the White Goddess,of the lost city of Kôr who rules her kingdom with terror, She is the very image of the Femme Fatale. To disobey her or to scorn her is to earn & receive instantaneous death.
  4. those tall racks look like the ones we used to use in food service (yeah, i know, that wasn't the point of the pictures)
  5. just a reminder that this is still going on.
  6. rotate? as in let us see the other side? i don't see anything there that needed a key to open...
  7. just as a follow-up FYI.... i was on another forum and told the following: They are called pinking irons. They are leather working tools. Nice find, I get 15.00 each for everyone that I find.
  8. The pileated here like the suets (i have to put out more stuff tomorrow) and we commonly see downy, hairs, redbellied and had a sapsucker once upon a time.
  9. and i was upset when it went to 30 cents a gallon.
  10. found these and some other tools at the local restore. not sure what they are for, but have suspicions...
  11. to me the best sardines (besides the two layer 20 to the can) were always packed in sild sardine oil; not that stuff they use now (and definitely NOT water) and yes, somewhere around here i still have the long keys used to open those cans.
  12. around here it's invisible
  13. but i don't LIKE spam (just kidding...prefer it fried) on the other hand, i do like braunschweiger (reminds me of liver loaf) - neither of which swmbo can stand...more for me.
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