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  1. Made a couple of ornaments today for a giveaway at church.
  2. I recently got a Cedar board for a small box container. I wondered what it would be like to turn. I started turning and my shop turned into a very aromatic zone. I know it keeps moths out of you closets and I also it is not a good idea to breath the dust, so I had all my protection on. I had only turned a small piece and was wondering what I would do with it. Then my wife pulled the car in the garage (my shop) and immediately loved the smell. She asked what I was going to do with the turned piece. I said I had not figured that out yet, so she said "I want it" I think it will go either in a clo
  3. Here are a few more bowls from the past, circa 2015. When I was working for a landscape company in the Florida Panhandle, I was able to obtain free wood fairly easily. These are White Cedar and Live Oak. Both are surprisingly pretty. I especially like the dark brown coloration of the Live Oak. And the Cedar, well its Cedar, need I say more.
  4. Ok, my daughter wants a Lois Keener bandsaw box made from dogwood. The tree we had in the yard was full of holes created by wood borers. So, that all landed in the landfill. But, a neighbor had a 40 year old dogwood that the wood bores tried to make home. When he cut it down, I asked for the trunk. This is the last piece of it that I had. Yea, it doesn't look like much, but let's give it a try. This does not look promising. I'll check one end. Still not looking good and the test cut indicates that this wood is very soft.
  5. As you know we have made cedar tables for Green Egg Smokers as well as several other brands. A few weeks back I was ask if we could build one for a Vision Smoker/Grill. Truthfully I had not heard of that one so I ask them if they had seen a table for one they liked. We got this picture but they wanted the smoker all the way on the right side and shorter to fit a particular space. Got the cedar to the shop and got the frame of the table cut, jointed, planed and began assembly. i decided it needed a little more bling to this table so I b
  6. So that pretty cedar bowl I turned, my first one, got a healthy crack in it after I applied many coats of beeswax to it.. IT has been a number or of weeks since it was made. Can You all explain to me why this would happen so I can prevent it in the future? What did I do wrong? I do plan on just adding some epoxy or resin to seal it up but i am a bit sad that it happened.
  7. This is my first turned bowl made from a cedar we had to cut down. i think it turned out pretty well, but always open to advice and tips.
  8. Hey everyone,got a good question?how do fix warped cedar,I have an old cedar chest my parents left me and the top got wet an warped the wood top,now it looks like a pirates chest LOL,need ideas on how to un warp it
  9. I have been working on this custom green egg table and got it all finished and delivered Saturday. So this is my SketchUp drawing of the table and how it should look. And below is the table that was finished and delivered and the Extra Large Green Egg and a Baby Egg. The table is cedar with a solid top. Between the cedar boards are 1" strips of Walnut. The skirts around the table are Walnut. The outside legs are 4" cedar and the inside support legs are 3" square. Are the shelves are cedar. I use 4" casters and the two in the front are lockable. This was a very n
  10. After getting back from my long road trip, I picked up a load of Cedar I had at the saw mill. I have had to jump into full production of Green Egg Tables as I got behind on orders while I was away. This weekend and through last night we have three table assembled, two finished and one that I need to cut the hole for the egg to nest in. The shop is getting full and I still have two more to build. It has been all hands in the shop and lots of work getting done. The next one I start is a custom with two cabinets and three drawers. It will be 6' in length and 30 1/2" dee
  11. RustyFN


    Going to turn my first vase. It will be small, around 7 high and 3 diameter. It will be made out of padauk and cedar. I am in the glue up process right now.
  12. RustyFN


    I made a new bowl. I am pretty sure the lighter wood is Maple and the rings are Cedar and Bloodwood. It is around 7 inches in diameter. I sanded it to 800 and finished it with beeswax.
  13. I made a couple of these for my family and got another request for a couple more. I made them out of Cedar fencing boards and painted with some fence stain/preservative. I made each finger and then joined with glue. After the glue set, I made a cut thru the knuckle and put in a spline. I also drilled all the way thru the fingers and glued in a small dowel to hold the fingers together. The childrens sunglasses came from the Dollar store
  14. A friend of mine a year and a half ago was camping by this lake with his buddies. A big wind came up abruptly as they were standing around the fire trading great adventures. Suddenly a cedar tree blew over and pinned three of them to the ground. The others rushed to cut the out to rescue them. My friend was the only one seriously hurt. he had a broken right leg and a smashed ankle. To make the story short, after much surgery and therapy he was able to sort of walk and he fell again and re-broke his ankle. They re-did the surgery on his ankle and and it was healing fine and he had a stroke
  15. Good article on outdoor woods: https://www.woodmagazine.com/materials-guide/lumber/outdoor-lumber?cid=369791&did=369791-20190425&mid=20453126205&utm_campaign=wood-online_newsletter&utm_content=042519&utm_medium=email&utm_source=woodmagazine.com I probably have mentioned this before: In the town I moved from 3 years ago, they were looking to replace the wood in the park benches (cast frames). They went to the store that Steve Mickley (prior host of finishing at Wood Forums) and asked for some red oak. He told them, once he found out what they wanted it
  16. On New Years Day we made our rounds and visited family, and we paid ol pops a visit. He lives in the local mountains, there was even a tad bit of snow left from the last snow he had! After we spent a few hours there we ventured up the mountain some more and let the kids roll in the big snow. But here are a few random shots of dad and his shop. Image below is what is leftover of his cedar pile of wood, he loves making birdhouses, and he sells them locally. Next up is his old 70's vintage Craftsman Band Saw And a late model Craftsman Contractors Table Saw he uses for secondary cuts or he
  17. Well, I was going to post this last night after we got to our son and daughter in law's new house that they just moved into, but I had to help my son put together the new sofa/bed that Tami and I were going to sleep on. We got done after midnight so I figured that it would have to wait until this morning. In Part 2 of this project of making a Cedar Lined Walnut Blanket Chest for Nori, my first grand daughter that will be born this coming November, John Moody, Ron Dudelston and I were all at John Moody's house to hang out for a few days and we were building this chest together in John Moody's s
  18. Here are the latest recipe boxes. I found that when the top is cut off that it becomes shorter and the box becomes lager due to the sloping front. this created a slight problem when installing the metal hinges to line up the front of the box with the top. I compensated by going to the Rob Corson wooden dowel hinge on the cedar boxes I like that setup better and will do it on any future boxes. Also will do a separate tutorial on how it is done. Herb
  19. My daughter wanted me to make her an old time santa head that she could hang on her porch. This is what I came with. The back board is about 28" x 11". I built it as I went along, revising, removing, adding, etc. I made it out of fencing cedar. She didn't mention color, I like the . wood grain showing. I hope she likes it,
  20. Don't think I've posted these here, but ran across the photo doing some searching and clean up. These were made from mostly re-cycled cedar (legs were from Restore, slats from old rough-sawn siding). They come apart and the seat slides into the back making a compact and easy to carry package. I keep them in the camper for outdoor seating.
  21. This was a project earlier this summer. I removed the PT decking planks and replaced them with cedar. Also replaced the steps and top rails.
  22. So I had posted a few weeks back about the humidor I was building. At that time I had assembled the outer case and started the finish. Since then I have lined it with Spanish cedar, built storage trays and conditioned the cedar by wetting it with distilled water a few times.
  23. So everything with this was a first time for me. I need ALOT of practice lol. Im a perfectionist so i see every little flaw but pretty happy with how it turned out and first satin ive ever bought or done...........do you guys smell that???? Mmmmmmmmm donuts........
  24. OK, guys. I need some advice. I am in the process of building a replacement mailbox post out of cedar for my mother. What do you fellas recommend as a preservative? I don't want it to age naturally and "Gray" down. However, I understand that stains can be problematic and require periodic renewal. In reality, when my 96 year old mother goes, so do I. The chances of me having to restain the post are slim. As my father used to say, "let the next guy worry about it". In the meantime, I'm looking for a product that goes on easily, does a good job of weather prote
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