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  1. Wow. I’m taking my time reading the descriptions and looking at the pictures, and i’m overwhelmed with the process.
  2. I remember when that happened. That had to be a real tense flight. The picture reminds me of something that aggravates me. People who post youtube videos and photoshop the teaser picture. Or use words in the title like extreme, horrible, scary, awesome … or all of them at the same time.
  3. I rest my case. (and i was joking, in case there was any doubt)
  4. 1/3 is less than 1/4 cuz 3 is smaller than 4 … right?
  5. Ed-H

    Dizzy Bowl

    Nice. I don’t know anything about turning, but i’m surprised you used pine. I would have thought that was too soft.
  6. Nice. So she gives you free rein on wood species and style? My only comment … personal choice ... matte finish not high gloss.
  7. I tell the doc it hurts like Florida. “What?” You know … sunny beaches.
  8. $500 to $100k? I hope you misunderstood. Or he misspoke.
  9. I would run it through the table saw, rip off the pointed end so the new thinnest part is ... 3/16”? Then put a sled of mdf or ply in the planer to raise the effective bed height, and then start planing until you get a consistent size.
  10. I have used turbo tax ever since it came out. Or when i got a computer. In the beginning it was easy, simple. Past couple of years it has gotten “cute” with all kinds of popups and stuff. I guess they are trying to reach a different market. And it is constantly suggesting that i should upgrade to a higher level to get protection. Very annoying.
  11. Ed-H

    Help ID old brace

    I agree, because of the area directly above the chuck. The lancaster seems to have a longer space with some kind of ring. Maybe some markings will appear when i clean it.
  12. Ed-H

    Help ID old brace

    Ok, might have found something. I was looking at a tool collector site in New Zealand and saw a picture, did some digging and found two possible matches. It’s either an Atkins or a Bennett by Lancaster. I’m leaning toward the Atkins based on a couple of details. Patented 1905.
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