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  1. I'm (maybe) trying to stain my deck. Spent quite a bit of time over the last week cleaning it. This is all a first for me, we've never had a wooden deck before we bought this house....at this point I wish we didn't have this one. Weather condition look acceptable for the process though, so I'll start today unless something else shows up.
  2. Many thanks, Al. Much appreciated for letting us know.
  3. That formula Gerald mentioned is what I've always used after I read the Mickley recommendation. With my last batch I did cange the solvent from turpentine to MS, the turpentine smelled for days (literally).
  4. I was thinking of you Ron, when i saw the new locations. Some of the locations may be of interest to others as well.
  5. Hard to understand what the problem might have been...you just aren't creative enough.
  6. It really is nice, and you may be correct. But packing in walnut stocked rifles and scoped revolvers still seems a little out of place when everyone else has the AR type long guns and 9MM auto handguns.
  7. A couple of years back I posted about a new shooting range opening near me. Ambitiously built, it offered 40 handgun stalls and 3- 100 yard rifle stalls all indoors. All capable of handling a 50 BMG, BTW. I bought a membership (it's also open to the public) wondering if they would go under and I would just be one of the creditors trying to get my money back. I'm happy to report that didn't happen, and in fact they are opening 4 more ranges around the Midwest. The next one is in Ft. Wayne IN. ($10MM, they said), to be followed by Sylvania OH, Pittsburgh PA, and early next year Dayton OH. The one we have is a really nice facility, I would assume the new ones will be just as nice or nicer. So if any of you might be interested here's their website. As for me, I'll probably let my membership lapse nest year. The facility is primarily focused on tactical arms and has a lot of matches (including a humongous indoor training range used by a lot of local Police Depts) for that type of shooting. My firearms interest is strictly sporting arms and I find myself a little out of place there. Anyway, I see this as good news which I think shooting sports are returning as an acceptable hobby. Somewhere I suspect there's some folks disappointed in that.
  8. We actually got almost 1" last night, though most of the forecasts suggested it would be sprinkles. I was glad to see it.
  9. I've never had a reason to do that, but I think Steve is right....it shouldn't be a safety problem.
  10. I imagine Gene wants all he can get, but we are like you Larry...way below average. Jusr 50 miles south they've been inundated...but not here. We did get about 2" last weekend, but that was the first serious rain since early June (I think). Now it looks dry for the next week or so at least.
  11. I said that wrong...he told me not to rely on ONLY the PSA, it still needed to be done....but with an exam as well.
  12. I was in for my annual Urologist visit 2 weeks ago. My PSA was so low he said I didn't need a rectal exam. That's OK (maybe even good) but 25 years+ ago I had to have a procedure called a "turp" (trans radial something or other) and that Urologist told me to make sure I got the rectal every year and not rely on the PSA. It bothers me a little to not have the exam done, just seems like there could be somthing missed.
  13. Gunny, I'm not sure why that guy was in a hurry to get his brakes fixed...he had at least another 300-400 yards left on them! I've seen some worn out rotors and drums in my day, but never any as bad as that.
  14. You only have one choice for this........well, 2 choices. But one of them is to do nothing.
  15. They're popular around here, one of the larger tractor dealers carries them and sells quite a few. I'm sure you'll like it. We also have a dealer that sells the LS, but they seem to be not-so-popular. Regardless, which engine did you order?
  16. Here's mine, thought I did this yesterday....anyway:
  17. The rub that comes up at times is with the shellac not being dewaxed. Polyurethane finishes don't always adhere to it very good.....and sometimes they do. But if it's dewaxed (Sealcoat label) there's no problem at all. If it's not dewaxed, there may or may not be a problem. But as mentioned above, a lot of folks have done this without a hiccup.
  18. Yep I wouldn't disagree with that. but it's hard to follow the logic (for me) of this...we're talking about the name of an insect. What did the bug have to do with all the injustice suffered by the Romanis? Oh, well. By the way; breaking news....someone in Michigan (not sure who) wants to change the name of the Asian Carp (that fish that literally jumps into passing motor boats). It's derogatory to the Asian citizens.
  19. Around here clear pine is priced up there with the expensive hardwoods. Nice bench, BTW.
  20. Gene, will you have to mow during the rainy season (serious question)?
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