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  1. It's a cold damp 42º this morning, and won't change much from that through the day. It's also going to be raining all day, pretty lousy weather for a Mother's day.
  2. A week ago or so, I mentioned here that Taylor tools has a Microjig Matchfit sale for 20% off. These are the dovetail clamps that fit into a 14º DT slot machined into a surface. I have wanted some but always balked at the price. Anyway, with the sale I ordered 4 of the clamps (still expensive with 20% off) to try out and they showed up yesterday. I didn't order the Matchfit DT bit, and while fiddling around with them today I found out the standard 14º DT doesn't quite cut a usable slot. To machine the practice slot, I first cut a square bottom 1/4" slot to relieve some of the strain on the DT
  3. Having just went through that (novice turner and table legs) it can be quite a challenge, but a lot of fun. I turned 7 practice legs before I did the real ones...and they still didn't come out that close.
  4. Yesterday wound up being a sometimes sunny/sometimes cloudy day that turned to rain late and stayed that way into the night. This morning it's sunny and cold (35º) and may get to the upper 50s....but at least it's dry...until tomorrow when we have a soaker.
  5. Ron, you might be able to find aftermarket batteries for the PC at about 1/2 the price of the OEM. I've bought some of these aftermarket batteries for my Milwaukee stuff and truthfully for a hobbyist they are just as good. Here's one I found at the 'zon.
  6. You sometimes have to wonder how the trucking companies stay in business with as much stuff as they loose.
  7. We got 1/4" of rain yesterday. and may get more tonight and then Sunday. But it's sunny for the moment and pretty nice.
  8. Much as I try to skip mowing on the weekends (let the folks with day jobs pollute the air, I'll do it during the week) I may have to due to the finicky rain schedule. Otherwise it's mostly puttering.
  9. 39º this morning and moving to the 60s again today before rain moves in tonight. I did get some stuff done in the yard (including planting 10 of my tomatoes ) and may get a little more done today.
  10. Congrats on another trip around the sun!
  11. I'm OK with it raining since we've had a very dry April, but does it have to rain just enough to stop outside work...and still not leave measurable liquid? Such is the case, it's sprinkling this morning and has cooled down quite a bit. 49º this morning and getting into the low 60s...and it will be that way for the next few days.
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