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  1. I was hoping it would be finished in my lifetime, but that's looking less and less likely. I do think the native Americans should have a monument (or several) to commemorate their place in this nation.
  2. Like the others said: hoping for the best.
  3. To me it looks all the world like a Veritas low angle smooth plane, but the sidewalls appear thicker and shaped slightly different, the knob and tote also look different.
  4. Derek...this is a curiosity question: is the Sawstop available in the Land Down Under?
  5. We .4" yesterday and another .1" last nite. At the moment the dewpoint is around 70 and though it isn't raining it feels like it is. We really need more rain, but at this point I'll take what we can get.
  6. The info about the Bronze plane is interesting. I just saw a LN #4 bronze for sale on another forum. I considered buying it (it was a fair price IMHO) but backed off at the last minute. It did sell within 10 hours of being posted.
  7. Same here, I got so tired of running all over the place to find something I know just click on the 'zon. That said, I'm not a true devotee of the "shop local" way of thinking.
  8. You can check specialty retailers like Nashbar, Performance Bicycle, and /or Colorado Cyclist and find Kevlar belted bike tires. I've never had anything quite that severe on the road, but I've had plenty of flats. I took to carrying a spare tube with me. There was one day when I had 3 flats in about 5 miles, after that I also added a tube patch kit, though it seldom got used. Another option would be tubes filled with that anti leak stuff ( some kind of green goo). I didn't like them very much, the wheel was always seriously out of balance.
  9. If I had the 6 pack I wouldn't have been in the shop.....still solves the problem I guess.
  10. Best to you on your day, and wishing you have many, many, more!
  11. No grain of salt needed, Artie. You are spot on. The SS guard (the small one for the shop vac) just isn't up to collecting dust. I sold mine to a fellow that wanted to mount it on a Rigid saw. In it's place I put on my old Excalibur from the previous saw, and I have a Shark basket for it. SS now sells the Excalibur as their own product, the difference being the paint on it. But a,ost anything would beat the stock SS guard for collecting dust.
  12. I had a Shark Gaurd on my Unisaw and really liked the way it worked, but I had a Bies snap in clamp to hold it. That made removal and installation a piece of cake. So I'm not sure how they work on other saws but they are highly regarded, very expensive, long lead time and likely one of the better solutions for that saw (it looks like they make one for that saw, I checked). The Shark excels at dust collection so if you have a DC they really help with that as well, and that was actually one of the leading reasons I bought the one I had.
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