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  1. Planning stages of an urn for our dog that we lost last week. Will be very small (she was a 16# dog) and I thought about trying to turn one. But I plan to have someone CNC laser engrave the name, dates, etc on it so I'll be making a flatwork version.
  2. Yesterday turned out to be pretty nice, though some breeze interrupted the sunny day we did get to the upper 60s. It's 39° this morning and once again we seem to be socked in by fog. Another sunny day on tap, and upper 60s. It's time to start prepping for winter, put garden hoses away, run gas out of some machines and out them in storage...but not the mower...I suspect there's a few more times I'll have to mow the lawn.
  3. We a chilly 41° this morning, after a really windy, sunny day in the mid 60s yesterday. Today we get into the upper 60s, and it looks the same for the next several days. This weekend it gets quite a bit colder. The weather has a bright spot, the cool nights, sunny days, and dryness (we are really dry here) will lead to brighter leaf colors when the trees change. PS, an hour later I can see outside, and we are completely sicked in by fog....and I do mean completely.
  4. So it turned out to be windy and mostly sunny yesterday, and today is supposed to be the same....although it will be warmer. Starting at 52°, we're supposed to be near 70. Looks like it will be a nice week coming up.
  5. Yeah, we just saw that here (the Pine Island stuff) as well. Our daughter's friend and here husband survived the storm as it turns out, and their house was not as damaged as most of the others. The friend is coming to Ohio to stay with our daughter, and here husband is going to stay with some family in Michigan. They apparently have been or will be moved from the island by the CG and will then fly north. I have to admit, the information around all this is inconsistent and maybe even incoherent at times....but once they get out they will start assessing what to do next.
  6. Kinda slow there John, look up about 7 posts above.
  7. I went into our local Lowes yesterday. When I pulled in there were 2 large pickups with really big flat bed 5th wheel trailers loaded with bundled/wrapped stacks of sheet goods. Going in Lowes I npoticed the sheet goods section was mostly empty, especially the place where the sheating plywood/USB/etc. was kept. I asked one the blue vests, he told me those 2 trucks out front bought everything they had. Those customers gloated about taking it to Florida and selling for 4x what they paid! Tragedy might bring out the best in a lot of us, but it brings out the scumbags who want to profit from other's misery as well.
  8. I'm just guessing that if "pre" drilling a hole is possible, so is "post" drilling a hole, though I can't imagine it being nearly as useful.
  9. We 49° and may be in the mid 60s later. Lots of clouds though, and some wind from Ian remnants. Looks like there will be some rain from the storm as well, but I don't think it gets as far west as we are.
  10. Congrats Lew, I love Basset hounds. After our loss earlier this week I want to move on getting another dog, but probably next spring. I don't think either one of us could mange to do the housebreaking thing through the holidays and winter. But I really wish we could.
  11. They were long overdue (IMHO) for a huge upgrade....I absolutely despised that platform they had. It was only a short time ago I found out that Martin had written that original software himself. I guess that's why I hadn't seen it elsewhere.
  12. Our daughter has a close friend that lives on Pine Island in FL. I had no idea where that is, so i looked. It's offshore from Ft. Meyers, kinda between Ft. Meyers and Sanibel Island. Anyway, Alissa sent us a message last night that both her friend and the husband were missing, they had decided to stay. Their place was right in the bullseye.
  13. Well, we did hit 60 yesterday. But it was still breezy and cloudy and generally not very nice. This morning is 42° and the forecast is for us to be near 70 today with some sun..uh-huh.
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