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  1. Larry, check this Stumpy Nubs video. He did a DC build that spanned 4 episodes, but then combined and shortened them into a 15 job. He talks about 2 blowers starting a little past the 8 minute mark, but you might find the whole thing interesting.
  2. Bob Flexner writes a weekly blog at the PWW website. But there hasn't been anything new since early December. I thought maybe it was just a break over the holidays, but there's still no new info. I can't help but wonder if this is yet another sign of the struggles they are going through. All the printed media is struggling, but PWW did some things to shoot itself in the foot hastening the decline.
  3. Wash, rinse, repeat...but tomorrow we go back above normal temps for a fair stretch. On the humor side, the local news reported this morning that the current cold temps reach all the way down into Florida. So cold they issues a Falling Iguana warning! Seems the cold blooded critters fall out of the trees when the temps drop.
  4. Stumpy Nubs did (if you follow his site, he has the whole story there). He put 2 HF collectors in series, and as I recall was underwhelmed by the results.
  5. 19˚ and today will be only the second day this year where we are below the normal temps. It is the middle of winter (meteorological winter) so I'm not upset.
  6. The stain itself will have some binders in it, so the door with have essentially 2 different "sealers" on it by the time you apply the waterborne. I think you're good to go.
  7. 10˚ this morning, 25 (maybe) this afternoon, but at least the wind has slowed a little. I don't mind winter in general, except for this really cold days...then I hate it!
  8. Nicely done, great idea about enclosing the towels.
  9. Always good to see new members...Welcome!
  10. If that's what it is, I sure would have liked to have one; changing the shoes was a real PITA. Like it was a 4 handed job.
  11. OK, so the forecasters were correct about winter showing up. 13˚ this morning, maybe get to 20 today...and that's it for the next couple of days. Even a slight coating of snow on the ground. Windy as all heck, too. WC is below 0. Ugggghhhhh.
  12. Nice, thin coating of ice on everything this morning, but it's above freezing and still climbing. We were supposed to have about an inch of snow as well, but it got lost somewhere. This storm is the one that Billy Jack was driving in yesterday, and it's heading for the NE. Anyway, we are supposed to get to te low 40s today and then turn much colder for the next several days.
  13. Geezoie...why can't I fall into deals that?
  14. I told him that Max was asking for trouble...and now the used ones will be 1/3 the cost!
  15. I'm being told winter returns this week. This morning it's a cold 19˚ and probably won't get above freezing today. I guess tomorrow will be warm, but then it's several days of normal/below normal temps.
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