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  1. Did you mean shock and awe-full? Oh, wait...you were talking about the planes.
  2. It's wonderful what you can do with money. I was just looking at a year old copy of Wood and saw this one. Notice it has a living room (entertainment area).
  3. After a not-so-nice day yesterday (rainy, 40, wind) we wake up to 37º and the sun did come out. May get to the low 40s. All in all, not bad for Nov. 23. Tomorrow the rain moves back in (showers) and Wednesday looks to be a wash out.
  4. Prepping for Thanksgiving this week. I do the cooking (mostly) and will still be doing the big bird even though it's only Marie and I. Since we've asked the kids not to drop anything off (dinner dishes) I'll have more to fix than normal. One the other hand we will be packing some turkey/dressing for them to take, and I'll make them a batch of Fanny Farmer mac N Cheese.
  5. That purple is catchy and stylish, I'd imagine the enemy sees you they would be laughing so hard they couldn't shoot.
  6. Ron, did you make any of the Cheeseboards for your store? I ask because the fellow that recommended that hardware to me said he sold 27 over the last 60 days or so.
  7. How about that, the forecast was spot-on for this morning. 37º and a mix of rain and just few flakes. It will be raining for several hours (I guess) and then just become sprinkles.
  8. I don't understand...what's the problem with white and ivory....or almond and ivory? I have quite a few of both (but I'm not an electrician).
  9. That is exactly what I did and thanks for the illustration. It's much easier to do than explain. I had searched a little for such a drawing and came up with bumpkus.
  10. That is good news indeed. Like Gunny said, some of us could share some weight and not be any poorer for the loss. I know that's true for me.
  11. Funny how family situations sometimes take unexpected turns. Hope you like your new lathe!
  12. So our "indigenous people" summer is over, I guess. We're at 44º this morning (still a little over norms) and facing some clouds, light rain, and low 50s...but tonight a front crosses and tomorrow is rain all day. Temps look to be close to normal from here out.
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