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  1. I can't keep up with the strains, but did ask about the new vaccine. I think I'll be able to get re-boosted next week.
  2. I think it was developed for Congress.
  3. Another warm start to the day, it's 57° this morning. After hitting 83° yesterday, we're supposed to be there again today but with more cloud cover.
  4. I don't know to embed this, ut it's pretty funny. https://www.facebook.com/reel/289486560461600
  5. A much warmer 58° this morning, leading into the upper 70s later...then a stretch of 80 days for a week or so. No rain either, which may make this the a record month for dryness. At least the humidity won't be that summer tropical level stuff we sometimes have. It's been 3 weeks today since I mowed and I may have to break down and shorten the weeds (nothing else is growing).
  6. Q: How i can keep cherry from blotching? A: Easy, just paint it.
  7. At least it wasn't too short. I had a bath remodel done by a contractor that cut the rail too short and felt it was my job to call the company and get a replacement.
  8. Turned out very nice, Lew. Both the platter and the engraving. Were you associated with the Intruder in the Navy?
  9. A very crisp 46° this morning before we get into the mid 70s later. The forecast calls for 1, maybe 2, drops of rain possible...which is a lot less then we actually need. Tomorrow we warm up to the 80s and say that way for the next few days. This is actually nice weather to have so I'm enjoying it.
  10. Marie's recovery from surgery continues to go well and I can venture out to the yard and shop for brief periods. Tomorrow I see a surgeon about my hernia and later this week have several more errands to run. Fall/winter prep in the yard has come to a halt pending some rain.
  11. Low 50s and a little fogy this morning, low 70s this afternoon. That looks to be sort of the pattern for the next several days except it will be a little warmer as we go through the week. We're classed as "abnormally dry" right now, but I expect that to be some level of drought later this week. I know I'm scrambling to keep several of the landscape plants alive.
  12. Except for the lack of rain, the current stretch of days have been quite enjoyable....at least to the extant I've been able to get outside. This morning it's 55° and we'll be in the low 70s again with sun and some clouds. There is no rain at all in the forecast. I had planned on mowing last Friday, but now I'm holding off.
  13. I've built 2 that are quite similar to yours, and the family members who got really liked the design. But the embellishments you added to the door and lower drawers really set it off. I love it.
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