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  1. We're cloudy and cool this morning (34º to start, 44º right now) and won't get our of the mid 40s....but no rain....no wind either, calmed down a lot.
  2. It's also a wonder he was able to walk off from that; I wouldn't have.
  3. When we moved the biggest box of stuff i had was a 10 yard metal container parked out in the drive. Seriously, we ad unopened boxes in the attic from when we moved to this area in 1988. Anyway, I've sorta scrounged up enough plywood to make a couple of cabinets to put under my assembly....might even have enough material for the drawers. Won't be pretty, the ply I'm using needs quite a bit of rehab...but it'll work.
  4. After an extremely warm day yesterday, we wake up to 45° tis morning...but it's still really windy. Nevertheless, it's dry and will be the next several days.
  5. Indeed, well put Gunny. I was unaware that there was a VN veteran's day (head hanging in shame); and I think it is much deserved.
  6. Wew, this morning we've started at 64°, and the wind is howling. We had a kicker of a thunderstorm roll cross last night, but now that's all over toward Dan or further east. So we're dry but windy today (high wind warning) and then things calm down somewhat. March sure is a mixed bag around here.
  7. We had thunder roll through last night, but maybe a lot less rain than predicted. One thing about the rain, you never get the right amount.....and so it is that we are under a flood watch today. But it's 54° early this morning and may get to the upper 60s. More storms roll across this afternoon through the night.
  8. Well, I do have laminate on a number of surfaces in the shop, but not on my bench or assembly table. One fear I have (that may be incorrect) is that the fine edge tools like chisels may be damaged if they slip into the laminate.....but I love laminate for my TS outfeed table (it's actually a piece of kitchen counter top form a house we had some years ago) and the tops of my rolling cabinets, router table, etc. In any case, this one is done....but the laminate might be a candidate if I have to replace it. Gerald, I use that BLO/Beeswax mix on my bench and assembly table, like you said the glue pops right off and it's easy to renew it.
  9. What he said^^^^^, don't think Sears is the only source. In fact if it's a real unusual length, many places weld them to size and the price is about the same.
  10. If you can handle that stuff, you're a better man than most I know that have tried drinking it .
  11. I guess I lied, I do cover my tables with plastic (or something) if I'm finishing on them...otherwise they take the brunt of whatever I'm doing.
  12. I built a replacement assembly table, my old one was over 15 years old and was showing some serious wear and tear. For the new one I planned on putting a sacrificial surface on it (1/4" hardboard) to maybe make it last a little longer. Now I'm rethinking this. Do you use one? How is it fastened? what is it (material)? To me, a bench is made to be used, and if it gets a little damaged that's part of the job. But I always wonder about the sacrificial top. I used to watch the Woodsmith Shop show and always marveled at their wonderful workbench, but they treated it like fine furniture...almost never did anything on it without it being covered by something.
  13. Trying to build a new stand for my assembly table. Not wanting to go get the plywood I would normally use, so I'm disassembling a few things to salvage the wood for the 2 cabinets and drawers the new table will sit on. Gunny had mentioned Glide right drawer slides and I had ordered some of them last week. I would normally use KV 8400s for this, but the slides came and I do think they will do just fine. For the more mundane tasks, we have a machine shed (around here the farmers call a pole barn with a gravel floor a "machine shed".....and that's exactly what this is; covered parking) and I want to put a piece of pegboard up in there to hang some of the stuff. So that's on the list.
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