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  1. I think I know the answer to this one....go to that little symbol that looks like a globe well, poop...John beat me to it.
  2. The news reports the temps in my area are about 31˚, but my thermometer shows 37˚. Given i see no frost on the ground I'm guessing I'm in a warmer pocket of air. It's still so dry I'll have to water the new planting today, the next 2 days are in the 70s. I should be able to finish up getting the yard to bed for the winter, but I can't till the garden. it's akin to trying to till concrete. I usually try to till some green stuff into it in the fall.
  3. Think the fumes from the varnish will keep the cats away? Just thinking out loud....it will off gas for months (if it's oil based).
  4. 10 inches square????? oh, you mean the hole in the cat house....sorry!
  5. There's no end to the usefulness of those metric deep well sockets.
  6. Is that just picking up the location from our profile? I think it's a good idea.
  7. I built a Limbert table something like that, only took me 3 years. I had started it at our last house and the parts got wrapped together and moved here. discovered it while (finally) getting all my shop stuff moved into the shop.
  8. I think those Cutech Planers are the same ones that used to be sold under the Steel City tools name before they closed shop. I don't recall reading anything bad about them, but no one stood up and said it was the only one to buy, either.
  9. Welllll, poopie. I did order those hinges, and they showed up yesterday (from S.D., Ca. to western OH in 3 days!) But I now realize I need a way to drill 30mm holes ( 1 3/16") and I don't have one. So now I'm waiting on a bit. I believe I can make them work.
  10. If i were looking for a benchtop, the Dewalt 735 would be at the top of the list....and it would take some incredible news to replace it at the top. The Cutech you linked may well be a fine planer, but what struck me was that the inserts on the helical head are HSS, and only 2 sided. Most others have 4 cautting edges and are 4 sided. Those HSS inserts will dull a lot quicker, and it may not be something you can resharpen. So consider the cost (and future availability) of replacements.
  11. Woke up to 50˚ and rain this morning. I'm sure it wasn't much (rain) but anything at all will help. Supposed to be really windy and temps won't climb out of the mid 50s. Glad I got some yard stuff done yesterday.
  12. Got up to 40º this morning and no frost...after dire warnings that it would be here this morning. Rain chances for tonight are up to 80% with as much as 1/2". Wohooo! Also fired up the shop furnace this morning just to make sure it worked...all's good.
  13. I don't think it is, the bigger one is the 7518 or 7519. I think the 7537 is the 2 1/4 rated model, and it's a fixed base router. The 7538 is a 3 1/4, but it's a plunge (only) model.
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