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  1. David Marks used it as as bandsaw blade guides. I've never handled any of it, but it's some tough stuff according to everything I've read.
  2. We had the upper 50s yesterday, lots of sun, and some wind (nothing like 40 MPH)....all in all, it was a great day. But today and the next several won't be quite that warm. We're at 29º this morning, and will get into the 40s. Even so, we stay dry and sunny and I'm happy to see that.
  3. Did someone buy them from Graingers? I thought Grainger moved the HQ to MN (or maybe it was WI).
  4. 31º this morning heading for the mid 50s and lots of sun! Yesterday was nice as well, although with the wind and 40º temp it felt fairly cool. Not complaining, spring has sprung.
  5. Steve, I'll be honest. I used McFeelys exclusively for probably 10-15 years and loved them...until Graingers bought them out. Now I find they are out of stock (often) and some of the screws are not the quality of what I used to get. Many of them are combo drive (versus square drive) now which I really dislike. But that's just my opinion. My problem is that when I searched for an alternative I couldn't find any I liked so I occasionally (and begrudgingly) buy from McFeelys.
  6. As it turns out (pun intended) my first comment about cherry being hard to turn was based only on using a roughing gouge to get it round(er). Yesterday I work on it a little with the parting tool, spindle gouge, and a carbide scraper and it really was neat how well the wood behaved. I love cherry, now I have another reason to like it.
  7. It is an interesting discussion. I didn't realize Jewitt was a guitar maker I'll bet they are some nice guitars.
  8. I love the smell of new tools in the morning, other parts of the day as well! Congrats.
  9. Maybe a sure sign things are improving, our Waffle House is open again! They closed within a week of the initial lockdown. That aside, the Ohio numbers (new cases, hospitalizations, etc.) do look encouraging.
  10. Well, I was able to work out a way to set the parent leg on a rack right above where I'm turning, much as Jesse and Dan suggested. It was an easy thing ot do, I have a tripod lamp set up, and I just used the stand form it. That same stand will work for the sanding dust catcher. Made another practice run yesterday on doug fir, then put a cherry billet in to rough it round. The cherry is a lot harder to turn (versus the poplar and fir) and I'm pretty sure this one will become another practice piece....we'll see. In the meantime, following gene's suggestion to use a template, I couldn't find my
  11. 18º this morning and moving to the 40s later...with lots of sun, so they say. Yesterday's sunshine was muted by more clouds than the weather folks though we would have. But at least it's dry and the temps are seasonable. Staring to think about the garden already, ordered the bean seeds yesterday.
  12. Still working on turning table legs and the progress is a little slower than I would like. Still, it's progress. But I need to get a dust collection arrangement set up for the sanding part next so I guess I'll be trying to make a stand for a Big Gulp thingy...or maybe I'll just get a large HVAC boot.
  13. After getting into the lows 60s yesterday, we now have most of our snow melted. This morning it's 33º and we get into the 40s today, but at least it's supposed to be sunny for most of the week!
  14. Yeah, those are my choices as well (maybe #4 for the bottom bead detail). I've got my cherry billets but I need to get my sanding DC thing set up, and a rack to hold my example. I'm also going to try and cut a hardboard pattern from those choices above. I've got one or 2 practice billets left to try those techniques.
  15. I dunno, it's something I could do and see of that would help. Clearly my visual interpretation isn't doing it.
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