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  1. Fred W. Hargis Jr

    River Table

    I love that table, somewhere my wife caught a pic of one and mentioned to me how much she would like to have one. I threw out that copy of the mag, so I may have to wing it if I build one...sure hope it's as nice as that if I do it.
  2. There are a few on line retailers that get good marks for their helpfulness. One I've heard loads of praise about (but never used) is Ohio Pure Water. Another one I have used and found to be very good is Discount watersofteners. I bought my last one form them, and will probably get the next one (which I need now) from them. Most of these places sell the entire line of treating equipment, and generally the major brands.
  3. Actually, as I remember it Peachtree was a huge part of the floor space the last time I went.
  4. Woke up to 40º this morning, and after a 48º yesterday, it's supposed to top that today! Lots of rain tomorrow, but at least we don't have to shovel that. Maybe this winter will turn out OK after all.
  5. Cool! Can't wait to see what you turn with it!
  6. It's been years since I've been to one, but I see they will be in Columbus in early March (much better than late Jan. like they used to do). There was so little there the last time I decided not to go anymore, maybe I need to check it out and see if it has grown. On thing that happens is that there's a large woodworking store in Columbus (Woodwerks) that has their own version of a show, usually the same time as the Woodworking Show. Well, I have lots of time to think about it.
  7. That's not unique to this forum, if you peruse enough WW'ing forums you'll notice that there just aren't that many women around. I visit 5 forums regularly, and can count the number of women that visit one my fingers, with maybe one toe.
  8. That's the same switch (and motor) that came with mine, but I never used it (still have it, in fact). I know Baldor warns about switching the motor on/off more than 6 times or so an hour, but I never had any problem with mine in that regard. The amp settings on yours appear to be set a little high (13.5 amps); I just looked at mine and see it's set at 12. It's my understanding (and this may be wrong) the setting should never be more than the motor amps x the SF (service factor), so for that motor it would be 11.5 x 1.15, or 13.2 amps. What I don't know is whether that's related to what your seeing or not. Sorry I can't be of more help. But to give you some perspective on why I changed my motor, mine was pulling 13 amps on my system with one gate open....and Oneida spec'd it should pull less with all the gates open. Oh, the reason I never used the OEM switch was that I had a remote from my previous DC that I used instead.
  9. The Oneida you have is much better built than the units they offer now, they've changed some of the parts (like the elbow going to the filter) to a type of plastic/composite material, and some things you have are now an add on extra, like the wall bracket and the OEM dust bin. You should have no trouble selling it.
  10. Welcome aboard, and thanks for your service (goes without saying maybe, but I'll say it anyway). My only question is "what took you so long to get here?" Regardless, always goods to see new folks show up!
  11. In terms of airflow performance, there is no comparison. The CV has such a large impeller (16" on mine, versus the 14 1/4" on the Oneida) it's an unfair comparison. The CV moves so much air the overblade pick up actually sucks the insert out of my saw. In terms of separation, I haven't used it long enough to really know, but I can say that at this point the gauge I have on the CV shows absolutely no filter build up of fine dust at all, and my visual inspections of what I empty out of the dust bin (55 gallon steel drum) indicate that it gets a very high percentage of the finest particles. Swapping the motor on the Oneida is not a difficult job, except for one thing. Removing the impeller from the motor shaft is nearly impossible without some very special tools. When i did mine, I called Oneida and they said they use a puller....but it's a custom made one for their products. The problem is there isn't room between the fan and the motor to get any kind of puller arms in there. I wound up taking the assembly to a motor shop and they pulled it off. They said the heated the impeller with an acetylene torch to get it off. Now let me mention a few things that you didn't ask about. In my case i changed the motor because the OEM was overloading based on amp draw. Something about my setup had that motor running on the very edge of burning out. Changing it to a larger motor solved that problem...but in no way did the unit move more air. The motors turn at 3600 RPM, when the RPM slows a little they draw more juice to get to their stated speed, that's what my OEM motor was doing. But the larger motor also only turned at 3600 RPM, thus the impeller wasn't moving faster and only drawing the same air flow. So unless your taxing your motor to it's limits (measured with amp draw) it would be of no advantage to change it to a larger one. As for changing to a CV, air flow will be greatly enhanced, but so will noise. My CV will generate about 94 dB when it's on (by itself), and the other tools just increase that. I see CV offers an all-steel one now, if I had known it was coming when I bought mine I would have waited and bought that one in the hopes it might not be so loud. Even so, I'm happy with the change I made and would do it again; but probably stay with the smaller impeller on the CV.
  12. somewhere over NC I suspect, at least at the moment.
  13. and any others who have been away from the shop for a long while: when you cut draw lock joints the dadoes go in the sides, and the tongues on the front/backs.
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