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  1. It's not something I've ever tried either, but you sure made it look great.
  2. Nothing different, even the TV guy said "cut and paste from yesterday".
  3. My yard has turned a nice shade of tan or light brown....except for the green weeds poking up. Anther dry, hot day with me trying to keep some landscape plants and trees alive. We get up to 90 again today, 4 days in a row and many to follow (apparently). Yesterday we had a slight breeze, same for today though the humidity is supposed to be slightly less today.
  4. 64º this morning at feels nice! Allowed me to cool the garage down slightly (we have a freezer out there and I worry....may have to move it to the front porch). We climb to the low 90s today and many days to come I guess.
  5. How hard was (or is) it to get the 2 pairs of slides aligned? Seems like it would have to be darn near perfect to work.
  6. I'm getting ready to go out and start watering. We have a string of 90+º days on us, including yesterday. That doesn't sound bad to you guys in the warmer climes, but we've had summers that never hit 90...so this is fairly warm for our region. We're at 68º right now and I want to get what I can done before it gets too hot.
  7. I'm pretty sure Mother Nature is down with covid, can't think of any other explanation for the screwy weather we are all having.
  8. Rain all around us, but none here at the house. 69º, moving to the upper 80s, but the best is yet to come...a stretch of 90º days. Should make keeping the garden and landscape plants alive real fun.
  9. Rained last night...for all of 30 seconds. We are definitely stuck in a summer doldrums pattern. The front is south of us, so we aren't likely to get any moisture for some time. Still humid though, 70º right now and will be in the 80s later. Interestingly, that light rain we had Sat. has made the grass/weeds grow enough I may have to mow today or tomorrow. Oh, well. As Frank Sinatra sang: That's Life!
  10. It rained here yesterday from about 9:00A or so until almost 1:00P. When all was done we got.2". Better than nothing I guess. But this morning we are socked in by fog...with a 68º temp and (apparently) a 68º dew point. It looks like today's rain will all move south of us, maybe tomorrow.
  11. It still sounds like you came out way ahead.
  12. The silicone kitchen basting brushes also work well...same properties regarding cleaning, they shed the dried glue. They are a little floppier (is that a word?) but you can cut them back a little.
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