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  1. A few years ago, I made a new carry case for my wife's Singer Featherweight sewing machine. For those not familiar, it's a vintage model (I think hers is from the 1940's) that is lightweight and portable. The old case was getting worn so I made one out of some quartersawn oak. She takes it with her frequently when she's going to various groups that do a "sit and sew". Anyway, one of her buddies took a picture of it and showed it to her dad and ended up with one like this.
  2. Maybe your old enough to remember your grandparents/great grandparents crank up "Gramophone" with the big horn phonograph or maybe they had the later "Victrola" with the internal horn built into the cabinet or if they had electricity they may have had an "Orthophonic Victrola" AKA as "Electrola" with the Electrola soundbox pickup introduced in 1925. I've been wanting to build a rolling cabinet for my Windows 11 Pro build computer/monitor/usb turntable and after talking a few times with my neighbor "Bruce" he mentioned why not build a "Victrola" style case. We're both fans of the "Golden Oak" era so I kind of liked the idea. The clincher came when Bruce pulled out an old store display of none other than the "Nipper" that stands about 2.5 ft. tall. (I'm still trying to talk him out of that!) That and the fact that I have access to Bruce's salvage furniture pieces he's collected over the years which included this lid and other items. The case will fit on the Larkin desk I'm rebuilding/refinishing which has castors. Guess I'd have to say I heard "His Masters Voice" and the build is on. Here's some of those "Salvage" and "Curb Shopping" items. I've been getting a little done here and there working around the weather and vehicle problems but will have to take some photos later to show what I've got done later when I can. SWMBO is done with car, so I better go change that window regulator so the window will stay up.
  3. Reflecting on this GIANT White Oak documented back in 2018 that eventually passed away due to old age.... It was in Strongsville, Ohio (near Cleveland) and it was over 245" in circumference and 64' tall.
  4. This will likely be the final post for the mission style bed but hopefully more posts will follow for the mission style chest-of-drawers; all apart of the mission style bedroom set. The bed was put into the spare bedroom yesterday alongside the mission style nightstand. Thanks for looking. Danl Posting log for the Mission style Bedroom set journey 1. Help me with my lumber hauling Feb. 15, 2022 2. White oak is here Feb. 28, 2023 3. Moxon vise May 15, 2022 4. TS - tenoning jig May 29, 2023 5. Double tenons June 5, 2022 6. Mission Bedroom set – making progress July 23, 2022 7. Mission Bedroom set – making progress – take 2 Sept. 18, 2022 8. Inlay lines & dots Sept. 30, 2022 9. Mission Bedroom set – Nightstand door Oct. 9, 2022 10. Table saw made dovetail joinery for a drawer Nov. 13, 2022 11. Mission Bedroom set – Nightstand is complete Dec. 23, 2022 12. Mission style bed – prototype March 7, 2023 13. Mission style bed – production -1 May 23, 2023 14. Mission style bed – production – 2 June 3, 2023 15. Mission style bed – production – 3 June 15, 2023 16. Mission style bed – production – 4 June 21, 2023 17. Mission style bed – production – 5 July 22, 2023 18. Mission style bed – production – final Aug. 13, 2023
  5. Gerald

    White Oak Bowl

    From the album: Hollow Forms

    White Oak from a tree a friend planted some 35 years ago with his children
  6. Did you know that the Mighty Oak was chosen as our national tree in 2004? I didn't either! Here is a link to the designation: America’s National Tree WWW.ARBORDAY.ORG Oak - The People’s Choice for America’s National Tree Also, you can find the state trees at our wiki, the list is complete, but not all the trees are in our wiki yet, I am working on it though! Wiki | United States of America State Trees THEPATRIOTWOODWIKI.ORG Wiki
  7. Put some birdhouse ornaments in the kitty for next Christmas. Gives me a little jump on the season.
  8. The walking stick is done and has the first coat of boiled linseed oil on it. I used linseed oil because that's about as good anything for outdoor use and it's very easy to re apply as needed. I really like white oak and walnut together. After a few coats of oil this will get a rubber cane tip on the bottom.
  9. H ace posted some of this but decided to get it as ll in one place. The Church asked me to build a cabinet to replace the one I made a few years ago gift storage of audio equipment in the gym. Original plan was ply and paint it but then fell into 8 oak planks 25” x 12’. Has had termites so most needed 2 inches off edges. not pretty but a little saw work and planing did good and still the price was right. A-bit of two kinds of plane work. Some jointing to get to the next stage Glue up And more glue up
  10. It has been a while since I last posted the progress on my Mission style nightstand. It was designed to allow the side subs, bottom shelf, drawer rail sub, and upper rail sub to be finished prior to assembly. Finish is (1) coat med brown trans tint dye stain, (1) coat seal coat, (1) coat GF gel stain, (1) coat seal coat, and/or (2/3) coats of SW Kem Aqua Plus clear dull rubbed (WB lacquer). The receipt is a Jeff Jewitt schedule which closely resembles the Stickley look. I’m now working on door panel mother-of-pearl inlay and dovetail drawer. . I have started on the bed. All (4) post/legs have been sized and the rails have been planed to rough dimn. I have a need to build a mockup for the leg to rail interfaces. The side rails will be attached using a double mortise , loose tenon, hidden bolt & nut assemble. I also plan to make my dovetails using the TS method. It may be a while before I post again. I have been volunteered to remodel my son’s home bathroom, starting Oct.1 More to follow. Thanks for looking. Danl
  11. From the album: Glenn Davis

    Mortise and Tenon Pegged construction
  12. From the album: John's Shop

    I recently inherited this beautiful workbench. The top is 4" thick, 6.5' long by 24" wide with a tool well at the rear. The top is composed of Maple and Oak billets, there are dog holes and the original owner made his own dogs out of aluminum rounds, they work very well. The end vise is large and very powerful. The cabinet is made of oak, with oak drawers and walnut pulls. I will be using the bench as my primary work surface for all I do, I cannot wait to start work on it. I purchased the hold fasts from a fellow on ebay, he hand forges them and sells them at a very reasonable price. I have already tried them and they truly do hold fast! More than likely I will remove the surface mounted vise as it will be in my way, but it is a nice vise, I'll mount it elsewhere in my shop space.
  13. Every now and then, I need to thin the herd....Lots of cut-offs, thin strips...leftovers...decided to sort through the messy mass.. Too thin, toss....too short (ex-cauls) toss....BIG knots and splits...tossed...which left... These...plus a few "panels" 4 decent ones and a slim one...plus a chunky (can't say FAT) block.. That I could resaw into 3 or 4 strips? Set up the rip-fence on the Zero Clearance Overlay....space between the blade and the fence was ~1/2"...and ran the entire pile through....slices that were way too thin ,were tossed. I did have a shop made thin strip push stick...couldn't find it...made a new one.. And this was the results...some turned out to be 1/4" thick...Might make dividers out of them? I thought I would make a couple small boxes out of this mess...maybe Today's Follies? Glue ups....As sawn, these weren't "tall" enough to make much more than a tray...so.. Match up two longer strips...add glue and 2 clamps..will be either a front or a back..next.. Get 2 more strips ready for glue & clamps....that MIGHT be a lid under there.. Along with 2 for the ends.... So much for using the tablesaw any more, today...let these sit a day....then try for box #2's parts.. Might take a few cuts, first. Then figure out how to join the corners.... Stay tuned..
  14. Cherry and Spalted Red Oak Bowl. 5 1/2 x 9 1/4 One coat of wipe on poly, doesn't start to really shine till the 3 coat and then I add another. It's still on the waste block. I'm disappointed in the contrast, both look great by themselves but combining them in a bowl didn't work for me.
  15. honesttjohn

    Custom oak sign

    From the album: from honesttjohn's Lab

    Guy is restoring a 54 (or 55) GMC pick up. Sign was for his company, started by his late father.
  16. Got the yard mowed just in time! Quick 1/4" of rain. Been hot and humid here for the past week. Our Patriot Turners- @forty_caliber has added a vacuum chuck to his turning arsenal. He received lots of comments about using it from our members- Included in this thread is one of the bowls he made, using the chuck. Check out the way he filled the void in the bowl- Forty also post in the Patriots regular "What's On Your Weekend Agenda" forum about his new coring system for getting the most from a bowl blank- You can read his update and see more images at- @Fred W. Hargis Jr continued work on the pepper grinder he started last week. Fred posted images of the finished prototype and then showed us the final product. It turned out so nice, Fred says he may just make more! @HandyDan turned a beautiful cherry bowl for his sister. I was really taken by the shape. In his post, Dan tells us how he made the blank and did the finish. What’s Coming Up- Cindy Drozda is having Mushroom Box Demo Click on the image for the link to registration and more information. Don't forget, this weekend is the S.W.A.T. Convention in Waco, TX. For The Newbies- A couple of videos for making turning accessories. From Mike Peace, on making and using mandrels- And Sam Angelo on making and using threaded drive blocks- Expand Your Horizons- Here's a really neat project called a "change box", from Carl Jacobson Last week we mentioned videos from Jim Rodgers on making open segment turnings. Here is #3 in the video series- New Turning Items- I expect there will be new turning items being shown at S.W.A.T. We will see what we can spend out lunch money on, soon! Everything Else- Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- Finished up the #3 of 4 box elder bowls. I have to thank @HandyDan for the idea on the rim. I liked the bowl he made for his sister. #4 just came out of the drying box, maybe get that one finished this week. Used the Yorkshire Grit and the Hampshire Sheen as the finish on this one, too. Still have to remove some excess lodged in the worm holes. Safe turning and stay well
  17. Wow, just had the last remnants of tropical depression Fred move through. Got a little over 1.5" of rain in less than an hour but no wind or other damage. Our Patriot Turners- We haven't heard much from @Ron Altier, but he has turned a beautiful ornament made from a matched grain glue up- Here's his post explaining what he did! @Gerald belongs to the Magnolia Woodturners. They often have competition turnings to challenge their members. Gerald showed us a box he turned for the upcoming meeting. In his post, Gerald tells us a little about the techniques he used to create this lovely item! @AndrewB continues working on his Dragon Egg. In this post he shows us the finished sanding/polishing. Your turners gave him lots of kudos on his work- In the Patriot "What's On Your Weekend Agenda?" @forty_caliber posted pictures of a couple bowls he is in the process of turning. This one with some brass inlay- And this one, which has a really neat shape- There were lots of comments and questions following each of Forty's posts. Check out what our members said following each of the entries. What’s Coming Up- Cindy Drozda has and IRD coming up. Click on the above image for the link to registration. Several AAW events. Please click on the images for links to registration For The Newbies- Woodturning Monthly is available from The Woodworker's Journal- https://www.woodworkersjournal.com/woodturning-monthly/?utm_medium=email Bottle stoppers are nice gift projects and can supplement your inventory if you do craft shows. In this video, Mike Peace makes a really nice display piece for those stoppers- If you are looking for a source for bottle stoppers, check out https://nilesbottlestoppers.com/ @Gerald showed us a turned box he made. Here's a recent video from Craft Supplies USA demonstrating the techniques for turning a similar box- Expand Your Horizons- Jim Rodgers has a 2 part video on making open segmented turning. He demonstrates the glue up techniques and shop made jigs that assist in accurate, repetitive steps. And- If you are a member of the AAW, a recent email and magazine articles deal with color on turnings. Here's an excerpt from the email- Considering Color Adding color to woodturned objects is a fairly recent phenomenon. And, according to the late collector Arthur Mason, "There is no question that color can be a valuable design feature in wood art and that it can enhance the beauty and appeal of the work. But it also can diminish the pleasing effects of the natural features of wood. An artist’s decision to use color results from balancing these considerations, as well as from his or her ability to use color to an artistic advantage."* While applying color may not be for everyone, it can make the impact of a piece more dramatic and expand the artistic possibilities for a turned work. This week’s picks encourage you to consider and explore adding color to your work. New Turning Items- Sorry, couldn't come up with any new stuff. If you checkout the "Vendors Showcase" in the What Coming Up section, there are some hints as to what we can expect. Everything Else- Rick Turns list of last week's YouTube woodturning videos- I received a request to turn some bowls for a lady with whom I used to work. They supplied the wood (flame box elder and walnut) got a few finished, still have 2 to go- So far, I am really liking the Yorkshire Grit and Hampshire Sheen. My biggest concern was if finish would "stick" to the Yorkshire Grit finish. I used a piece of hard maple as a test subject. Following the instructions for surface prep- sanding to 240, using sanding sealer and then "sanded" with the Yorkshire product. From left to right, one application and no buffing- Mineral oil/beeswax, acrylic paint, gloss brushed on lacquer, gloss wipe on ploy, gloss spray on lacquer. These are the finishes I use most often. The film finishes seem to be unaffected by the sanding paste. The oil/beeswax doesn't penetrate deeply into the wood. A better test will be something dark like walnut. The acrylic paint would definitely need several applications and then a top coat for protection. Safe turning and stay well
  18. Been a busy week here at the Patriot with lots going on with our turners! Our Patriot Turners- @forty_caliber showed us an oak crotch bowl he is turning. Really looks fantastic- He received lots of positive comments on this one. Here's his post- "Forty" also posted a picture of a rough turned pecan bowl. Some beautiful grain in this one! He tells us a little about it and posted a few more pictures here- @Steve Krumanaker has been busy with several turnings. The first one is a sweet looking bowl that he said ran him through the funnies! Steve explains what happen- Regardless, he received lots of positive comments. Bowls weren't the only type of turnings Steve did this week. He made another vase from the Flame Box Elder log. I love the finish he obtained on this one! Check out the comments from our gang- @AndrewB is setting up to do some resin casting. You may remember, he purchased a pressure pot sometime back. In this post, Andrew tells us about the resin he purchase. He received several comments and questions. I'll be following along on this one!! What’s Coming Up- Click on the above image for the link to more information and registration. Woodturner's Retreat- Click on the above image for more information and registration. For The Newbies- An informative short video from Mike Peace on the chuck held drive center. One of these could certainly reduce the need for removing your chuck- Looking for a fun little project? Carl Jacobson turns some honey dippers- Woodturning Monthly from the Woodworker's Journal is available- Click on the above image for the link to the newsletter Expand Your Horizons- @forty_caliber found an interesting video on bowl drying. The video's author uses a dehydrator to speed up the process. This is "Forty's" post. If you view the video on YouTube, the author has a second video with additional tests. @Gerald has posted several bowls he has turned for the Beads Of Courage group. This video is from Kent (Turn A Wooden Bowl) and demonstrates the turning process as well as providing links for getting involved- While I was at this bowl turning site, I noticed another video on end grain bowls. You can create some really impressive turning when the bowl is oriented in this position. We posted a multi-axis turning from Alan Stratton. He has updated that video with some shop made jigs. New Turning Items- Well, open those wallets! Lots of new items are hitting the market. Navigate to site links by clicking on the images Woodturners Wonders- Ron Brown's new jam chuck kit- Klingspor from the virtual AAW. Kinda long but lots of good information- Vendor showcase- Not new but really handy- Everything Else- A well deserved honor- Rick Turns list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- Finally finished up the little walnut end grain bowl and the large cherry bowl. Both bowls have rounded lips. The bases of the bowls have a rounded foot that mimics the lip. Both finished with gloss poly and of course both were turned completely with Easy Wood Tools. Safe turning and stay well
  19. Hard to believe July is better than half over already. This is about the time when the nightmares, from my teaching days, usually start. Rowdy kids, late turning in necessary forms, missing tools, etc. After the Covid restrictions and the student scheduling, I turned in my substitute walking papers but the dreams persist. Our Patriot Turners- @Gerald Is making good use of a tree they had to have removed. I was not familiar with the "Water Oak" species. Seems it is in the red oak family although the leaves are quite different. Gerald shows us one what I am sure will be many beautiful turnings from the tree. Check out his post for more images- Our continuing thread of "What's On Your Weekend Agenda" listed a couple of turning projects this past week. @forty_caliber posted the beginnings of an oak platter. He tells us the wood is from a neighbor's tree. You can read more about it here- He then added some more progress shots as he worked on the bowl Additional images of this beauty are here- @Smallpatch is almost finished with his really cool steady rest. Check out the positive comment on the picture he posted in the image gallery- What’s Coming Up- Click on the above image for the link to more information and registration For The Newbies- For those of us who rely on "FOG" wood, a chainsaw is almost a necessity. In this short video, Tim Yoder demonstrates two methods of dispatching a log into 2 halves. Somewhere I learned that cutting from/thru the end grain would dull the blade quicker. Maybe that's just an old lumberjack's tale. I do know that if I had done this video, I would certainly have tilted the saw far enough to hit the concrete and really dulled the chain! Mike Peace shows us how to add an interesting detail to the bottom of a bowl or turned box. Carl Jacobson turns a neat bottle stopper top for one of Ruth Niles' stainless steel stoppers. Expand Your Horizons- For the past several weeks we have been offering information on multi-axis turnings. This one is from Alan Stratton. New Turning Items- Hang on to your money. Hoping there will be some new products available soon! Everything Else- Rick Turns' list of YouTube woodturning videos from last week- I did get a little turning done this week and some finishing, too. Four box elder roughed bowl blanks soaked and now in the shavings. Also an elm bowl blank drying. The large cherry bowl is the one I ruined the finish, on the inside, and re-sanded/refinished. The little walnut bowl (blue tape) is still soaking finish into the end grain on the bottom. The white bowl is one I started a long time ago but never finished the inside. It is made from a holly tree that was planted at my school in 1969. They removed the tree a couple of years ago during renovation. The walnut blank (foreground) is waiting its turn at the lathe. This little walnut bowl is drying in the shop made heated dryer- The basement floor must be nice and cool- I've generally considered myself fairly adept at mechanical things. But something has been running me through the funnies lately. Watching videos of demonstrators using the lathe, I marvel at how easily they adjust/replace tool rests. Whether it is changing the height of the rest or replacing one rest with another, They seem to do it effortlessly with a quick flip of the locking lever. This new Jet (1640evs) needs to have the locking lever turned at least one full revolution to release the tool rest post. And, if I remove a tool rest to replace with another, I have to fight to get the post down past the locking wedges. All my tool rest posts are 1" in diameter. I've even chamfered the ends of the post. Lightly sanded each post, lightly sanded the interior of the hole in the banjo. There are 2 Allen screws that contact the locking wedges. I've tried several combinations of loose and tight but nothing seems to make much of a difference. Anyone have any suggestions? Safe turning and stay well
  20. Rough turned oak crotch. .40
  21. Delivered the finished frame ordered by a friend of Mimi's. Their design and choice of wood. I used threaded inserts and bolts to attach the frame to the base in case the glass ever needed repaired Those are the only metal fasteners used in the build. All four edges of the glass set in dados. I modified the original design from 3/4" thick base material to 3/8" thick material. The holder is designed to set on a window sill. To reinforce the top 45° miters, I used a cherry spline. It sort of matches the staff color in the design. I'm told this symbol is called a Caduceus. The Sketchup drawing for the customer- The finished piece-
  22. I just talked to a guy about some wood he wants to sell. He said he has 7 pieces 7’ long, 12” wide and 3.5” thick. He said they are old and dry. He thinks they are oak or hickory. He is asking around $100 for all of it. He is going to send me some pictures tomorrow. That would make a lot of bowls if it is any good. He said there is not any rot or cracks. Wish me luck.
  23. The tea jar lids have been well received at the honey farm. Owner told me the ladies love them. She said a lady bought two of them and remarked: "it's too bad you don't have them to fit the jars your herbs are in". Cindy, the owner said, "I started texting you before she was done talking". Do you think you could make even a smaller size?" So, I'll deliver these in the morning. They are much smaller at only 2" I. D. I did nine of them to start, we'll see how they do and go from there. The jars are pretty small, only 2" diameter at the top. The jars are so small one of my concerns was that the wooden lid would "overpower" the jar and look unbalanced. I kept them as small as I could. Of course that doesn't leave a lot of material to work with. This one didn't make the cut for this batch. In other news, I've been turning with next Christmas season in mind. Little bitty bird parts for birdhouse ornaments. These bodies are about 3/8" by 1/8", heads are probably about 1/8" by 1/8"
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