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Found 12 results

  1. Been looking for clamp rack solutions but haven't had and ideals deals to impress me enough to make it. Can't really find any pictures of these clamps In a clamp rack. Just started using Pinterest this week and couldn't find anything there on these clamps. Open for ideals...throw some pictures if you can find any. Thx.....
  2. Fred W. Hargis Jr


    From the album: TV cabinet

    Clamping this thing together took some effort due to size and angles. I made this jigs to help pull the thing together.
  3. I stopped by a yard sale this morning and picked up 7 braces, 3 clamps, a Red Head eggbeater drill and a boxful of new Schlage hinges, handles and miscellaneous hardware for $30. The box of hardware isn't shown. All of the braces will be shipped to the country of Malawi where we have a missions group. The Malawi men are amazing carpenters and braces are very desirable.
  4. Hi, I just viewed a video from a woodworking E-mail, on the new Bessey I-beam clamps. I cannot find these clamps on their website. Anyway, I wanted to ask a question about this. The video showed the man made a mortise and tenon joint and the tenon was just a bit too big for the mortise. So, he was able to clamp down on the wood planks to make it fit. These clamps are supposed to have 7K pound pressure. I was told to consider moisture when making projects and really don't know too much about it. Never sure how much leeway for the swelling/expansion and when I really need it. So, my real question is this: If this mortise and tenon are that tight, should one even be forcing it in like that, because of the moisture issue?
  5. I am getting ready to glue up a rather large cutting board: 24x48, finished size 23x38. Will need to trim some splits off the ends. In the past, I've use pipe clamps and alternated them top and bottom. This time I'm using parallel jaw clamps. Do they need to be alternated as well?
  6. steamshovel

    old clamp

    I got an old clamp from the garbage can at a garage sale. while I was going through the garbage can looking for free good stuff my wife pretended she didn't know me. When I found this old clamp I shouted honey look what I found. It was just a big hunk of rust and I was getting it down to almost being new and this weather has my door blocked with snow going into my shop. I am closing pictures if anyone knows who the mfg is. Thanks for looking Preston
  7. I don't know if this is just the Lowe's in my area or if this is a company wide sale, but I found these in the isle where the lumber is standing. They were on the bottom shelf almost like they didn't really want you to find them. The are four pack of the 6" Irwin Quick Grip clamps and they were marked $12.64 for the pack. I use a lot of these so I bought 10 packs at that price, I can put them away and use them when I need them. You might want to check with your Lowe's and see if they are putting them on Clearance and hiding them!
  8. Was at a rehab/demo/clean up store......Boss made me buy a lawn mower...walked to the Trading Post next door, and then spent $5.. They had a box of rusty files...5 for a dollar. There were a few coping saws hanging around, all needing new blades...$2 per saw. I picked out five files for working on saws, and two coping saws. A Disston/HK Porter No.10B, and a Millers Falls No. 43. Got them home cleaned thing up, and installed a blade in each saw... Today was another COLD yard sale morning....I did spent..$2 though and..inside the cases? Little bit rusty, but usable. Not too bad a day..
  9. Glue up was going good, added corner blocks as well....had to adjust the base for square.. Diagonal clamp to pull it square. Corner blocks....well they are installed, kind of hard to do on angled corners. At least all four feet touch the floor Top needed a bit of plane work....it did cup a bit. Cup is now leaving the building... Some gaps? Will take care of that after all the glue-ups have sat for a while. Corners need cut into a curve of some sort. Well, Boss wants to go shopping...this can sit awhile til I can wander back down there..Looks like I need to put the #6c back in the till....
  10. A while back I bought a couple of these http://www.craftsman.com/craftsman-12-in-bar-clamp/p-00931482000P And posted that I rather liked them. I still do, but they are not 12" I was doing a glue up of some drawer boxes and wanted to use the clamps to put the squeeze on the Box Joints. They didn't fit. I measured the box measured the clamp it was a mis match But I observed a limiting factor. The factory drove a plastic stop in the bar. The intent is to prevent one from letting the head slip off the end and at the same time serve as a mounting location stop to flip the little clamp end around for spreading. So I drove them out and go a couple more inches out of the b clamps. It was great, I was a genius, Right up to that point where I slipped the head off the end. Oh man getting all the kings horses back together. Ya gotta use a chisel to cut the bond of the orange rubber grip off to get to a screw. They assembled it with screws but hid one under there. Then when I took the clamshell apart to see about getting the head back on SPROINGGGGggGGGgGGG Yah springs went flying. Oh man. I think I may have actually said something harsh like Gosh Durn DagNabbit and other colorful verbiage It was a hour figuring out (a) if I had all the springs and (b) how to reassemble it. this is what the little plastic bit looks like http://i1002.photobucket.com/albums/af143/zydaco/Show and Tell/Plastic bit_zpsuycvacqv.jpg This is what I did to keep the head on and get the extra inches. http://i1002.photobucket.com/albums/af143/zydaco/Show and Tell/Allen screw _zps4gei4ul5.jpg
  11. Well, time to glue some of the pieces into something that at least looks like a table. Cleaned off the bench (!!!!) and worked on fitting the breadboard ends Either the tongues were too long, or the groove was too shallow. Wasn't going to fiddle with the router, so the tongues were trimmed a bit. Glue and a clamp until the joints closed up tight, then add a 5/8" brad into each of the three boards of the top. Right in the center of each, through the grooved part, and through the tongue. I think I might have ticked the Shop Cat off, though.. Ya think? Set the top aside for awhile. Took the base apart....SLOWLY. Marked a couple of the parts as to which end goes where, and which edge was "Up" laid the Ooops side of the base on the bench. Took it apart, spread some glue around, clamp it together, and add some 1" long brads through the glue joints. While it was laying there, dug up some pine scrap, and fashioned a Dutchman Patch. Doesn't have to be exact, but it does have to fill a hole. More on that in a moment Repeat with the other side. Then the fun can begin. Glue and clamps to attach the back to the two sides. Then place the mess on the floor, on it's four feet. More glue, and a few well directed hammer blows to attach the two pieces in the front. More clamps and a check for square.......close enough for Government Work... Might have just enough clamps? Oh, about that Dutchman Patch? Look right beside the bottom clamp, you'll see a darker square showing up. Laid out a stretcher for attaching the top, and to act as a kicker, to keep the drawer from tipping down But I'll wait for the glue to cure overnight, before I go chopping out the dovetails. Stay tuned, the building part is almost done...
  12. Right after I posted about a saw fence to replace a "stock" job-site fence on a few sites, things got a bit crazy. The fence is a home-made "T" square sort of thingy. Just three pieces of scrap. Can be clamped to the rail on a Job Site Saw to replace a flimsy stock one, can be clamped to a board as a speed square, a saw guide, or even a router guide. Kind of fuzzy ( we're working on that issue) but this is set up as a saw guide to do a straight line rip. Anyway, one of the sites this cheap little fence was posted on was The American Woodworker. Project hits/views are now OVER 17,000! Ok, just three pieces of scrap wood? Maybe six or so screws? Maybe this will go "virial"???
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