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  1. A couple of weeks ago I was asked how I cut the angles on my flag cases. Well, today I cut 3 out for my online store so I grabbed a few pictures. Keep in mind that I”m a big advocate of using a digital protractor so that my 45 degree angles at the top are truly 45 degrees and my 22 1/2 degree cuts on the lower corners are truly 22 1/2 degrees. I cut these angles with a tenoning jig. The last picture shows how I join the angled corners. Filament tape is strong enough to let me pull the joint together.
  2. A few years ago, I made a new carry case for my wife's Singer Featherweight sewing machine. For those not familiar, it's a vintage model (I think hers is from the 1940's) that is lightweight and portable. The old case was getting worn so I made one out of some quartersawn oak. She takes it with her frequently when she's going to various groups that do a "sit and sew". Anyway, one of her buddies took a picture of it and showed it to her dad and ended up with one like this.
  3. Maybe your old enough to remember your grandparents/great grandparents crank up "Gramophone" with the big horn phonograph or maybe they had the later "Victrola" with the internal horn built into the cabinet or if they had electricity they may have had an "Orthophonic Victrola" AKA as "Electrola" with the Electrola soundbox pickup introduced in 1925. I've been wanting to build a rolling cabinet for my Windows 11 Pro build computer/monitor/usb turntable and after talking a few times with my neighbor "Bruce" he mentioned why not build a "Victrola" style case. We're both fans of the "Golden Oak" era so I kind of liked the idea. The clincher came when Bruce pulled out an old store display of none other than the "Nipper" that stands about 2.5 ft. tall. (I'm still trying to talk him out of that!) That and the fact that I have access to Bruce's salvage furniture pieces he's collected over the years which included this lid and other items. The case will fit on the Larkin desk I'm rebuilding/refinishing which has castors. Guess I'd have to say I heard "His Masters Voice" and the build is on. Here's some of those "Salvage" and "Curb Shopping" items. I've been getting a little done here and there working around the weather and vehicle problems but will have to take some photos later to show what I've got done later when I can. SWMBO is done with car, so I better go change that window regulator so the window will stay up.
  4. From the album: Oak Computer Case

    Front view of assembled pc with drive door closed.
  5. Plane has been rehabbed...needs a case to get stored in, when not getting used, so....bought some thin pine boards... Clamped them up for about a day...to get them used to the weather in the shop. Today's Laundry Detail meant I was IN the shop, waiting on clothes to dry..so.. Cleared off the top of the bench enough to get a bit of work done.. Blue items are brand new bench dogs, from Kreg.. Laid out a few tools.. Sharpened up the pencils. Checked the Winchester square to make sure it was indeed square...laid out a couple cuts for the Mitersaw.. The Cordless one, of course...and cut a pair of sides for the box ( came back later, and cut a pair of ends, too) This used to be a 24" long plank....threw out the scrap. Cord for the tablesaw... Was never plugged in, didn't need it. Got the marking gauge set for the thickness of the Pine.. Used the Narex 6mm Mortise chisel to set the spacings of the fingers...."X" marks the waste ones... First, I had to shoot some end grain...the 2 ends didn't quite match. Then carry the lines around....time to set up a saw... Geo. H. Bishop No. 10 saw. Lowered the bar until there was 1/2" left...test the cut.. To make sure I didn't cut too deep....then went to work...(decided to just work on one side at a time) Needed a place to sit down, anyway ( back was getting sore) so...about 8 full strokes per cut, or until the saw no longer cut.. Doesn't take all that long to do...all I had to do was make sure the cuts were straight.... Then set up to do a bit of chopping.....Dryer was done, so was my back. Turn the shop lights off, load the hamper up, and head back upstairs...one hour was about all I could get in..today. May try again tomorrow...back willing. Stay tuned
  6. Gunny

    front and side

    From the album: Storage Boxes

  7. Time to put the tool away... In the case of the old Stanley #45, means tear down, clean the parts.. Get the case down off the shelf, open it up on the bench... Kind of empty? Short rods, slitter, cove cutter, match cutter (3/16") spares parts, 2 screwdrivers..bunch of cutters.... Cam rest, 2 long rods, fence, sliding stock,,there are 2 spare spurs in there, and a bolt for one. Leaves just enough room, to lay the main stock in there. Plane is from Roxton Pond, Que. , CAN. and has the SW logo...mid 1920s model, type 20. Close the lid.. And back onto the shelf it goes...for now.
  8. Many years (45?) ago my father-in-law gave my wife an old pocket watch with parts missing. It is an very old Cartier. When I say parts missing, I mean the rear case door, minute hand and more. It is old bent and not worth much. However it is a family heirloom piece. I made a case for it out of a pentagon glass display I found at Michaels. I made a pentagon lid and base for it. I had a few problems with it. The watch face and rear hinges at two locations, one at 90 degrees and the other at 45 degrees. I wanted to display it opened front and rear. I had to find the best way to display it and maintain balance. This is what I came up with. You can't see it, but there is a picture of him on the bottom that can be see if you look down into it.
  9. I've been asked to build a few table cases for individual pocket watches. I've built a prototype that has the appearance of an ant farm. Have any of you built any watch cases that I could sneak a peek at your design?
  10. Has finally came back "on-line".....scary thought... Working out some details to build a case to hold the boxes I have been a-building....and maybe a drawer or two. maybe like a chest-of-drawers? Need to make the sides and top. Might be whatever wood comes into the shop during the build. Might see quite a bit of work done with the Stanley 45, too. Might need to resaw a few things down, too. Start time is after the 5th jan. Doc visit. Will post updates of the build, and the knee. Stay tuned.
  11. In response to a few questions about that little plane....Last spring I went to a little get together down in Vicksburg,MS. Wound up bringing home a Type 20 Stanley 45. Made in Roxton Pond,QUE, Canada. The box Miss Doe mailed it in contained the plane in it's own wooden case. twas a wee bit rusty. The USPS seemed to have tossed the package around on it's way to MS. William tried to repair the damage to the wooden case.....was a bit too far gone. Miss Doe said the plane was mine, as long as I brought it back to life. I even might a new case for it, and cleaned the rustiness away...a before? Yeah... So, I set out to copy this box based on the old cracked and broken thing.. Got fairly close. The insides matched what Stanley had placed in there. I couldn't find the right latch, though. I guess this will just have to do When I made new labels...I messed up. The ones I copied were for the New Britain Stanleys. Old Box had the Roxton Pond label. Compare with the old label. Ok time to open this box up? Tight fit in there. I have to tear it down to get it all back in the box. I did go out and buy a depth stop for the slitter.... But the other two stops came with the plane. So, what is all the stuff below this? The screwdriver is a millers Falls, closest I could get to a Stanley one. Extra cutters, both the long and short rods. If you look up near the end of the screwdriver, there is a very small cutter, so small you use only the main body with it. I think it is a 1/8" cutter? Get some of the this stuff out of the way.. A spare nicker. That pointy cutter is the so-called slitter. And the cutter I modified. Speaking of cutters.. As in the oEM box, there are two rows of cutters. Set into dados into the sides of the box. The BIG wide cutter is to make sash parts for a window. A better look at the cutters? Back row is all straight edged cutters. Front row is the "bead" cutters, that sash cutter, and two match cutters ( 3/16" and 1/4")...... This is one heavy box....I bought the wood and hardware for the box, the extra cutters as well. Most of the rest came from Vicksburg. Not too bad a deal?
  12. About five years ago, or so, while on a rust hunt in Sidney Oh......Spent $5 on a saw, with a metal case.. I fixed the cord, threw out the junk blades, bought a new blade when I finally found the right size and arbor. Not a bad little saw, a little bit lighter than the Sears 7-1/4" all metal one I also have. The Problem? Well, it is the paint job on the outside of the case... Would like to bring this thing back to almost new.....and NOT lose the yellow label part. I can sand and strip the rest off, no problemski...but that label? Case has sat around ever since, looking rather forlorn. I have even used the saw enough that the year old blade is getting a wee bit dull. Ideas on label salvage? I no longer have an "In" with the local JVS, nor their paint shop class. I'm more or less on my own....I think I have the right shade of Rustoleum Green. Might have to see about that BS Yellow colour...
  13. From the album: Yugoslavian Clock Jewelry Case

    The drawers I made with cherry and matched the grain so it had a wavy appearance in the grain with the different shades of color.
  14. From the album: Yugoslavian Clock Jewelry Case

    A side shot of the case. The little door in upper side of the case was so you could reach in and set adjust the gears when the clock was functional.
  15. From the album: Yugoslavian Clock Jewelry Case

    The back of the case is also black velvet. I saved the original clock makers mark (tag) and re-applied it to the back of the case, you can see the slender silver tag at the upper third of the case against the back. Pretty cool I thought.
  16. From the album: Yugoslavian Clock Jewelry Case

    The drawers are outfitted with home made ring slots. I cut a piece of poplar to size, then grooved it, then applied some black velvet material.
  17. From the album: Yugoslavian Clock Jewelry Case

    The hangers for the necklaces are antique cut nails, nothing fancy, I just pre-drilled and set the nails in place with a dab of epoxy. I thought it was a nice idea, and simple. I like simple.
  18. From the album: Yugoslavian Clock Jewelry Case

    Case finished, with components in place, and the bezel glass is installed back home in the door.
  19. From the album: Yugoslavian Clock Jewelry Case

    The case finished. Before I built in the components I simply used #0000 steel wool on the entire piece, then rub it out with a mix of 1 part BLO, 1 part varnish, and 1 part mineral spirits. The natural patina was restored beautifully with just that process alone, I then waxed the case. I then proceeded to install the components I made for the inside of the case.
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