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Harry Brink

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  1. Harry Brink

    Update On Our Move To Bowling Green, Ky

    That's great news. Praying that all goes well this time!
  2. Harry Brink

    Allen Worsham It's Your Day

    Happy Birthday Allen!!! Enjoy your Day. I enjoyed my visit with you and Tami. It's always good to get together.
  3. Harry Brink

    Next Up?

    I get tired just reading this! I wish I could get so much done. Good job!
  4. Harry Brink

    Looking Forward To Our Move To Kentucky

    When the glass factory closed and gave us our pensions (me 30 years and my wife 20), on paper it looked doable. Then our rent was raised $300, and no being able to work too hard (bad back) we had to bail out. My son lived in Montana and at the time we could rent or buy a much nicer, larger home. The weather takes some getting use to. Mid 80's in the summer but it can get down to -10 at times. There is NO way we could or want to live in Ca. again!
  5. Harry Brink

    the Pitfall of Retirement

    About the only way I know what day it is because our paper comes only during the week. No paper it must be Saturday and church is the next day. Who cares what time it is. I only wear a watch when I Bar-B-Q so I know when to flip the meat over.
  6. Harry Brink

    Birthday Salute To.

    The dogs are on a diet so I had to eat theirs.
  7. Harry Brink

    Birthday Salute To.

    Here you go John. Our dog had to get in the picture too!
  8. Harry Brink

    Birthday Salute To.

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes! John Morris, you have to remember that Santa is age-less!
  9. Last summer my wife saw a planter built into a head board. She found one at the thrift store during the winter and brought it home. Since it was too cold to get out to the shop to make it, it waited until last week. Had to keep the cost down ( like Steve Newman ) no check until the 1st part of the month, so I used a couple of cedar fence boards and 1 x 1's for added strength. Good place for it to keep the dogs from walking on the plants!
  10. Sorry for your loss. I had a box of scrapes from last summer that I finally tossed and after the trash man same I thought of a use for them. Oh well.
  11. Harry Brink

    Hail Mary

    WOW!!! Looks fantastic.
  12. Harry Brink

    Tabs on the Weather...

    25 miles east of Bozeman and 50 miles north of Yellowstone. It's real nasty on the pass this morning. Ice, blowing snow and cars and trucks sliding off the road.
  13. Harry Brink

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Snowing in SW Montana! Had a couple of days in the 50's and the snow melted away. Now here it comes, AGAIN. Set the all time record with 90 plus inches this season.
  14. Harry Brink

    Saw Hook for my Pull Saw

    I may have to make one of these. I have plenty of scrap ply wood that I could use. I use a lot of 1/4" dowels when I make the toy cars. This would give a better cut than using the band saw. Thanks for the idea.

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