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  1. Happy Birthday Fred. Have a Great Day and stay healthy and safe!!!
  2. We're all good. We go out for a drive once a week for "our" cabin fever. Strange with no traffic anywhere.
  3. It's been too cold and snowy here to get out. May warm up into the mid 50's this week so I may try to get something done then.
  4. I some times have a small flashlight that I hold in my mouth. Or, it's small enough to hold in my hand to help.
  5. I think we all have a "catch all" spot. When I'm looking for something I have to figure out which spot.
  6. Thanks for the ride along Steve. Always enjoy them.
  7. It's a keeper!
  8. Same thing with latex paint. Not good for a shelf! Set something on it and it will stick!
  9. I know what your going thru with the pins. I had a bone die in my wrist back in '82. They put a silicon one in to replace it. Here about 7 years ago, it wore out and they put a plate in there. Not able to bend it much but I've learned over the years how to get around it. Where there's a will there's a way!
  10. I'm glad somebody has some energy to do things! Like Larry said, I got tired just reading it!!!
  11. I'll put it (you) on my list and see what I can do! Can't promise anything, but I'll try!
  12. That was only 200 miles north of here. We live about 60 miles north of Yellowstone in a 1 horse town!
  13. We had cold and snow, about 1" here in Montana! No shop time this weekend. I'll gladly share this stuff with Larry or anybody else that would like some.
  14. I'll be waiting to follow along with this one. It'll be great!
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