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  1. That was the wrong thing to say, Fred! I go thru the same thing.
  2. No wood working until it heats up a BUNCH!!! Shops right at 10* now and just can't get it warm. So for now, we'll keep busy with our Santa and Mrs. Claus visits.
  3. Harry Brink

    Prayer Request Box

    Thanks for the info Lew. Maybe next time I'll get one and play with it. I like the idea of using the strip of wood for the catch!
  4. Harry Brink

    Prayer Request Box

    I made one about a year ago and used a hasp to lock it. How does that key lock mount? I didn't want to take a chance and mess up.
  5. And here I thought it was Monday, the 26th. That means another turkey dinner!
  6. Harry Brink

    Fred Wilson (retires as forum host)

    Thanks Fred for all your help and wisdom. Enjoy!!! And remember Fred, Santa is watching!
  7. Harry Brink

    Foot Switch

    I have my saw on a on/off foot switch. I like being able to start or stop without letting go of the wood.
  8. Harry Brink

    Good Clean Fun

    That would drive my wife NUTS!!!
  9. I've been working on the "Christmas Shoe Box" cars. Got those finished and delivered last week. Fun project and for a good cause. Made close to 100 this year!
  10. Harry Brink

    anybody ever have a problem like this

    That happened to me last month. I gave grandson a lot of my tools and several weeks later I needed a pair of snap ring pliers. All I had to do was pass them down! I could have driven 18 hrs to get them back but decided to just go and buy another pair.
  11. Harry Brink

    Heading to Kentucky FINALLY!!!

    Great news Allen and Tami! Enjoy the drive and the new sights. Stay safe. There was a reason for the delays. It's all in HIS time!
  12. Harry Brink

    One tooth less

    A few weeks ago I had 3 teeth filled in one sitting. Bill is $500! No wonder I don't go as often as I should. I'm glad he takes "easy" payments.
  13. Harry Brink

    Update on our move to Bowling Green, KY Part 2

    It's coming together now. You'll be on the road very soon.
  14. Harry Brink

    Blade Alignment

    Always glad to reread Fred's posts. Jogs my memory, what there is left!
  15. Harry Brink

    a Suggestion

    And some of the side effects are worse than what they're trying to cure. Mainly the one about may cause death!

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