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  1. Some of the ones, that one include, were supplied by the customers. Most were given to me.
  2. I use short pieces like those for bird feeders and houses.
  3. I haven't been able to do too much this year. I started working on these "name" blocks for Christmas presents. They're cut from a 1.5" square block of a 2x4.
  4. We set a record high of 102* on Saturday and today it was 28* and light rain this morning with a high of 38*. Summers gone and I guess winter is here. The one good thing is that it has helped with the fires in the area.
  5. We're all good. We go out for a drive once a week for "our" cabin fever. Strange with no traffic anywhere.
  6. I some times have a small flashlight that I hold in my mouth. Or, it's small enough to hold in my hand to help.
  7. I think we all have a "catch all" spot. When I'm looking for something I have to figure out which spot.
  8. Thanks for the ride along Steve. Always enjoy them.
  9. Same thing with latex paint. Not good for a shelf! Set something on it and it will stick!
  10. I know what your going thru with the pins. I had a bone die in my wrist back in '82. They put a silicon one in to replace it. Here about 7 years ago, it wore out and they put a plate in there. Not able to bend it much but I've learned over the years how to get around it. Where there's a will there's a way!
  11. I'm glad somebody has some energy to do things! Like Larry said, I got tired just reading it!!!
  12. I'll put it (you) on my list and see what I can do! Can't promise anything, but I'll try!
  13. That was only 200 miles north of here. We live about 60 miles north of Yellowstone in a 1 horse town!
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