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  1. Here I am sitting in one of Johns' chairs when I was visiting both him and Allen a few years ago.
  2. Happy Birthday Steve. Have a Great day!!!
  3. That's why I quit the Wood forum a long time ago. It was "my way is the only right way".
  4. Happy Birthday John. Enjoy your cake!
  5. STILL no wood working. Over 2 feet of snow in the back yard with no place to move it. When it does start warming up the water will come in the back door and down to the basement.
  6. At least it didn't cost you anything.
  7. It's been snowing all weekend so no wood wood working. -2* now. Over the weekend had 2 water main breaks about a block from us. Water from the first one came roaring down the alley and collected along the basement wall. Had about 1/2" that I used the shop vac on and moved stuff to higher ground. Early Sunday morning it broke again but closer this time! More water but most everything was already moved. It came thru the neighbors yard, down the stairs and a bigger area this time! Had a 3" water mark on the garage door and the wheels on the car was up to the rim! The garage is a sheet of ice. Haven't gone in yet to check it out but the dog tried and slid out. The only thing on the floor is some wood. Insurance company and the city have been contacted so we'll see what happens.
  8. That's the same way with our dogs! They think you still have something!
  9. John, That is a fantastic looking cross and desk. Remember when I told you that you would be busier after you retired. That has come true but it's doing things that you enjoy and are good at!
  10. Sorry to hear that Steven. RIP Mom.
  11. Thanks for asking. We're doing fine. Didn't do too many Santa visits this year (our choice). After getting the flu and being in the hospital last year, we wanted to slow down a little and enjoy Christmas! With the weather being about a max of 20* in the shop that has slowed way down for now. Making a few "name" patterns for scrolling when it does warm up a little.
  12. Harry Brink


    Do an on-line search for dewalt 788 parts and manuals. My search shows lots of parts suppliers. Hope this helps. Oh, you may want to take a picture as you pull it apart to help remember what went where.
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