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  1. Muchas gracias mi amigo del norte!
  2. Stay safe, Dan. Keep the water hoses handy.
  3. A little shop time today. Then a small gathering for burgers, brats and wings.
  4. Now, that's a great alternative glue dispenser.
  5. The weather in Snowflake today is a duplicate of that in Youngstown and Wapakoneta.
  6. Wow! That's terrible. sorry to hear that.
  7. My dad's grandfather rode with Quantrill's Raiders. Not a point of pride. One of Phyl's great great uncles marched with Sherman. His diary was some interesting reading. The Illinois town where she grew up was, at one time, named after General Hooker, who suffered an ignominious defeat at Chancellorsville. The town was renamed Sigel, after another General. He was a German immigrant, as was her uncle that marched with Sherman. Needless to say, most folks in that area are of Dutch or German descent. Phyl's maiden name is Sudkamp. Pronounced Soodkomp.
  8. Our family will be celebrating our nation's birth as we always do, with humble pride and, among like minded compatriots.
  9. Some of Pence's secret service detail tested positive after their advance trip to AZ. You'd think that might have been enough to postpone the trip. AZ ain't safe, guys.
  10. We have a cinematographer coming to do a video walk through for a guy that's interested in the house. He's a trucker and can't get here in person. We gotta leave for 2 hours. There might be another in person showing tomorrow. Didn't really expect one on the 4th. We'll be at a little BBQ gathering around 17:00. It looks like today and tomorrow are about shot for shop work. Might get a few hours in, here and there.
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