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  1. 80* for a high, today. The weather seems to be returning to normal for this time of the year. Highs will be in the low 70s and high 60s for the coming week.
  2. New house is a mess. Replacing 100 sq. ft. of carpeting with vinyl plank flooring. So, no turkey at gramma's place, this year. We may opt for a restaurant meal, this year. As soon as the flooring is done, we'll bring a lot of HHG from the shop to the house. Maybe then, I can start shop organization in earnest. Got a lot of wiring and insulation to get done, too.
  3. Yep. 2007. Shop building a year or so later. The shop wiring, as little as there is, probably within the last few years.
  4. So, that's why some electric wire seen in HD has a Budweiser logo.
  5. I discovered some pink plastic outlet/switch boxes in our new (to us) home. Disguised well with white plates. Some of the wiring in the shop runs through blue corrugated plastic tubing. I thought that was for electronics gear. But, what do I know?
  6. 86* and sunny, today. Might be the last of our fairly warm days. Looks like 60s and 70s for next week.
  7. 4471 new ones in AZ. Highest since 6/29's 5450. 562 in our county. None in our zip.
  8. I got 220 in the shop, now. So the air compressor is now functional. Ordered a new 8X10 roll up door. Depending on the manufacturer's stock, it could be installed next week. Or it could be several weeks. Should know more Tuesday. Started that 10X20 room tear down. Turns out that it was the beginnings of a puppy mill or, a kennel for hire. There's eight individual 4' high stalls (?) along the 20' side. Each framed with 2X4s and 3/4 ply for walls. The owner only got around to installing two doors. There's only loose 2X6s and scrap ply across the top. It's very clean. Apparently never used for d
  9. 42* out here @ 05:00. 84* by 15:00. Tomorrow begins a week long run of high 80s and low 90s. Overnight lows in the low 60s.
  10. AZ reported 3046 new ones yesterday. 333 in our county. None in our zip code.
  11. It's 47° now, @ 06:00. Warning to 74° by mid afternoon. Skies are clear as a bell. 83° tomorrow and, low 90s the rest of the week. Phyl's bro and SIL from IL, will be here Monday for a week. Hope they bring light clothes.
  12. This Saturday will see my son and I installing a 220 breaker and receptacle for the compressor. Sunday, I'll be back to tearing out dog pens/shelters the previous owner built inside the 10X20 room he built inside the shop. From the looks of the wood, those dog pens were never used. Plenty of good fir lumber and 3/4 A/A ply to be salvaged.
  13. AZ reported 3015 new ones today. 336 in our county and, 6 new ones in our zip.
  14. I'm all for a compulsory 2 years of paid service. Corps of engineers, military, forestry...etc.
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