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  1. Get some iron filings from a brake drum machine. Get about five gallons. When you're done experimenting, spread the rest around your trees and bushes. Sure greens them up.
  2. Wanting to bore a deep hole using my Shopsmith in the horizontal mode, I chucked up an 18" extension with a 1/4" spade bit. IIRC, the speed was set at "slow". It was still fast enough to whip that extension across the way tubes. Put a nice dent in one and bent the he!! out of the extension. I figured the dent was enough to remind me not to try that again so, the extension got tossed. Physics never was my strong suit. Apparently neither was/is common sense.
  3. Working with mesquite, holes and cracks are expected. They're just design opportunities to be celebrated with epoxy and crushed Turquoise with a sprinkle of brass filings. kinda looks like gold flakes. I get mine from the key shop in Ace. Sometimes, for a bit of whimsy, I'll embed a small petrified sea creature in clear epoxy. Or just plain colored epoxy can be striking.
  4. Wha!!!?? HF has a special on Geckos?? Do ya still get a flash light?
  5. What is dementia? I knew once but, I forgot.
  6. Sitting on the patio in Tucson. Drinking coffee in the sun @ 66°. Headed for mid 70s. Considering extending our visit.
  7. You got something against color blind folks?...or, maybe dyslexics?
  8. That's going to be a neat box, Steve. Might have to steal your ideas. Then, I could toss that old card board box. well, maybe not.
  9. I know you told us but, memory fades. Where is she headed next. Language school?
  10. Saw a bumper sticker... "Whirled Peas".
  11. Sunny and 53° predicted for today. It'll be 72° when we get to Tucson this afternoon. Then, it'll still be 53° when we get home next Tuesday.
  12. And, back out every so often. I don't know how you'd get a backer on that dog's belly.
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