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  1. It's 14:30 and hasn't hit the predicted high of 93°. Very pleasant on the shaded patio. Been cutting insulation in the tin can. Not so pleasant in there. Tomorrow's high will be 95°. Gonna have some hot mommas on their day.
  2. Due to the beam spacing in the ceiling, the insulation get cut at about 56". With 15" wide insulation, thats a lotta cuts. If my math is right, I'm going to need about 200 of those 56"X15" pieces. Got a bunch cut. Got 11 more rolls to go. About 6 hours of work. That'll be for Monday. Tomorrow, we celebrate momma's day.
  3. Almost every light we have is LED. As I age, LEDs are a blessing.
  4. Got all the walls insulated. Now, a little cleaning of insulation scraps and bits. Then, start cutting 820 sq. Ft. for the ceiling. Our boys will install those, though. Need to run to the hardware store for another bunch of box cutter blades. I go through one blade per roll. Got 22 rolls to go. Due to the beam spacing, the cuts are all about 56" . With 15" wide insulation, thats a lotta cuts. If my math is right, I'm going to need about 200 of those 56"X15" pieces.
  5. 62° at 04:30. 96° fo the high, with abundant sunshine.
  6. Yeah, the lack of much humidity helps. But, I wouldn't think a drawer front would swell all that much in higher humidity.
  7. Yay!!! Got the wall insulation hung. only took us 12 hours over two days. Tomorrow's task is to start with the lower part of the ceiling. That's 10' and, slopes up to a peak of about 12'... give or take. Thinking of leaving most of the ceiling for our sons.
  8. It got to 96° today. At 8:30 tonight, it's 65. Tomorrow will be our first 100° day since we moved here last October.
  9. I'm no pro but, I use 3 playing card thicknesses on either side, top and, bottom of the drawer fronts.
  10. Gene Howe

    Pet Humor

    He's too young to have figured out where the nuts are.
  11. Are you saying that doesn't work? Even if you crimp it tight?
  12. Gonna be 92° today. It'll be hotter than Hades hanging insulation in the tin can. Oh well, the house has A/C.
  13. Statewide, we're at around 40% vaccinated. Our county is at 35%. We've got a ways to go for that "herd immunity" thing.
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