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  1. There is something so satisfying about building a box that squares up with that last piece. Nice work.
  2. Gene Howe

    Giving Credit Where It's Due.

    Those kudos are well deserved. Good on them guys.
  3. Got the truck detailed, ears lowered, did some last minute shopping for the trip. Had lunch in town. Supposed to be green chilli and cheddar quiche with scones. There was something green in the quiche but it weren’t green chilies. The scones were baked yesterday..... or? Very dry. Wasted $12. Not going back there. On the bright side, a couple from MS is opening a gumbo place in town. Rumor has it Mud Bugs (crawfish) will be on the menu. I think we’re all packed. Staying overnight with son, DIL and new baby, Wednesday. Heading for the plane on Thursday. Alaska, here we come. Well, via Vancouver.
  4. Gene Howe

    Brand Names Are Often Overpriced

    My formula for maximizing profit is to stay out of the shop.
  5. Starting this Wednesday, my shop work is will be non existent for 3 weeks. As will participation on TPW. We're crossing off one of Phyl's bucket list items with a Cruise to AK. No big loss. All I was doing was sanding, anyway.
  6. Gene Howe

    Brand Names Are Often Overpriced

    There are many roads to woodworking nirvana. Some are bumpy, some meander. As long as you enjoy the ride, they're all good.
  7. Gene Howe

    Sikkens Cetol Cedar Translucent Stain?

    Used it on our redwood deck and on a log cabin. It'll hold up against the weather very well. On the deck, we applied two coats about a week apart. Then recoated after 5 years. That was 7 years ago. Still looks good.
  8. Vets who own a woodworking business. Having a dedicated category would be a great thing for them and, for all of us. Dontcha think?
  9. Earthquakes in CA are sorta random. Tax hikes over there, seem to be a planned certainty. Depending on the severity, both may cause a tsunami.
  10. Aren't there a few on TPW? A category for them would be nice.
  11. Gene Howe

    Brand Names Are Often Overpriced

    After seeing the work Newman gets out of the basket cases he has restored, I gotta agree with you.
  12. Fingers crossed, Jesse. But, I'm not holding my breath.
  13. Gene Howe


    No T track on my router table. Can't see the utility.

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