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  1. Luckily, we made a Costco run before the "stuff" hit the fan. We have plenty of both. If you don't mind blue paper towels and, rolls of "Butt Coin" so large they barely fit in the holders, you can take your pick.
  2. Pauly, I thought of you when I saw this.
  3. John, in my experience, only overly fast kiln dried walnut displays that brittlness. Properly air dried, the walnut I've used is not brittle at all.
  4. Still sheltering in place while packing out the shop.
  5. Great looking boxes. Really dig that walnut pair. Nice contrast with the maple(?) Tops.
  6. I had several sq. ft. of Lumber Liquidators' prefinished bamboo laminate left from when we did our floors. Used it on a floor cabinet top where light mechanical work is done. Oil, cleaning fluids, grease, etc. don't faze it. Wipes right off. If I ever get around to redoing my WW bench/table, I'll certainty consider using it.
  7. While stationed in Puerto Rico, I got hooked on Bacardi 151 Cuba Libres. Quite tastey. The buzz comes quick, though. In AZ, 151 is hard to find. That's probably a good thing, too. It's strange though, since Everclear 190 proof is so readily available.
  8. That's weird. Have you taken the screw out to see what's fastened to?
  9. I've seen hawks rob Purple Martin nests of eggs and/ newly hatched birds. They use the little perch.
  10. Took advantage of the grocery store's senior hour and went shopping. 06:00 is a bit early for me, though. Was able to get everything on the list except bananas. Not surprising. Even in normal times, they're often out of bananas. stopped at Ace and got a gallon of DNA to fill some spray bottles. We'll keep one in each vehicle. The rest of the weekend will be spent packing up the shop. Boxing smalls, now. Saving the machine for later.
  11. HEIC...JPEG...sounds like Apples and oranges, to me. I've just learned how to operate wife's cell phone. She says it has a camera. Who knew?
  12. High of 43° today. Winds @ 26 MPH. Good day to shelter in place.
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