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  1. 68° today. After yesterday's winds, I'll take anything that doesn't blow. What an awful day it was. Some gusts were recorded @ 53 MPH. And it blew ALL DAY long and into the late evening with no let up. Our newly planted trees seem to have survived. They're staked with 3 ea. steel fence posts and hose covered ropes.
  2. What gusts? It's a steady 40+! It's risky just walking to the shop.
  3. 84° today. Then, it drops into the low to mid 70s for several days. Gusts of 40 MPH predicted today.
  4. AZ is at 1284 today. Our county is at 257. Neither number has been this low since last Oct. There have been 1,260,533 first doses administered. Less than 700,000 have received both doses.
  5. Same here, Fred. Only 83 new cases in our county. 863 in the state. Seems to be slowly but, steadily getting better. Most schools are now open 5 days a week.
  6. Depends on which end of the Mason Dixon line you're following.
  7. Peaks and valleys. From below freezing with high winds a couple days ago to a relatively calm 80° today. The only constant is the lack of rain.
  8. Never even got close to the predicted 60°, yesterday. The NNW winds @ 20 to 40 MPH kept it well below 50° all day. It got down to 31° overnight. It's still 31° @ 06:45. But, those northerlies have ceased! supposed to hit 68° about 16:00. No rain in sight.
  9. I has become a mystery. But, take heart. There are "clues".
  10. Our new to us house has nearly finished it's transition from house to home. Yesterday, Phyl hung all the pictures and art work we brought from our home up north. Her sewing room has emerged from a place to store tools to a working quilt shop and office. Kitchen is finally complete to her specs. Now, it's full bore shop construction for me. When we moved, All the woodworking tools and equipment were stored in the metal shop building. It has quickly become evident that there is a need for tons of work to transform this bare metal building to a decent shop. Starting with sealing all nooks and cra
  11. I was thinking of a negative pattern.
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