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Gene Howe

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  1. Gene Howe

    Update on our move to Bowling Green, KY Part 2

    Sound great, Allen. Fingers crossed for ya.
  2. Gene Howe

    Shopsmith Destiny

    How old is that video, I wonder. They might have quit offering it. Or, it's a special order item. I didn't see any of the stability benefits Doug mentioned that I don't get with the Tenryu. They're a very well balanced blade. Try one. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Gene Howe

    Shopsmith Destiny

    IDK. Lemme check. BRB. Nope. The biggest is 1" on their 12" and 14" blades.
  4. Gene Howe

    I had to change my password to get on

    As you know, I'm not too tech savvy. What is the reason a forum would time you out? And, why would a user log out?
  5. Gene Howe

    Shopsmith Destiny

    No wonder you're moving to hand tools. Seriously, they sell decent blades. Don't know who makes them. I seem to recall that maybe they're Forrests. But, ya gotta try Tenryu. IMO, the best blade out there. And, I've tried a bunch. I get glue ready rips and their crosscut blades and miter pro blades are phenomenal.
  6. Gene Howe

    I made my own router table lift

    I know a lot about machinery...if scissors and can openers count.
  7. Gene Howe

    turning Blue ply

    Thanks for the Rustoleum 2X tip, Ron. I'll be trying it.
  8. Gene Howe

    I made my own router table lift

    What...no miter slot?
  9. Gene Howe

    I had to change my password to get on

    Mystery solved.
  10. Gene Howe

    I had to change my password to get on

    Hmm. That's strange.
  11. Gene Howe

    I had to change my password to get on

    Moved it to Bugs and Issues, Jesse. I haven't had a problem. But, my password is saved in the computer. Never have to enter it. I'm lazy and have a poor memory.
  12. Gene Howe

    Happy Birthday Bob!

    Happy birthday, Bob. Enjoy.
  13. Gene Howe

    Shopsmith Destiny

    The only 5/8 hole blade I've had problems with were painted red. Those massive Shopsmith arbors do a good job of damping flutter but, most good blades are so well balanced that it's rarely a problem. There are exceptions...see my first sentence. Due to the hassle of installing the arbor in the blade, most guys have 4 or 5 mounted up in reserve. Doug mentioned 8" blades and, moving in to smaller work, when I need new blades, they'll be 8" ones.
  14. Gene Howe

    Finally got some time in the shop, today

    Artie, here's a couple different screw options. http://www.spax.us/products-overview.html https://www.mcfeelys.com/8-x-3-4-self-drilling-wood-screws-305-stainless-steel-bugle-head-square-drive-qty-100.html
  15. Gene Howe

    Filling holes

    Great minds Gerald...great minds.

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