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  1. Paul, My request was made in Jest. But, Tanks for the offer. And, you are welcome to drop by at any time after 10/15. See my PM.
  2. We're down to 233 new cases in AZ. Just 1 in our present county and, only 37 in our new county. Our new zip remains without any new cases. Percent of positive tests has dropped to 10. Looking good so far. Schools are opening in most districts as each are able to accommodate the guide lines.
  3. We're just hanging around. Waiting till the 29th to leave here for good. Yesterday afternoon/evening were feted with a going away get together attended by many of the friends we've made over the years. About 50 folks showed up. We were gifted several bottles of home brewed apple wine and a quart Mason jar of apple jack. Haven't uncorked the wine but, that Apple Jack is some fine, potent stuff! Two wee sips was enough. As usual for these get togethers, almost everyone brought a dish or two. Also as usual, it all was mighty good. Took lots of pictures. They'll get viewed often in the next several months. Gonna invoke some bittersweet memories. We're really sad to leave our friends.
  4. No need to guess. Just get a clean diaper.
  5. There's tapers then, there's mudders. But, first there's hangers.
  6. @FlGatorwood, so glad to see you back online and, to read that you guys weathered the storm without major damage or injury.
  7. Doubtful, Al. At least at the elementary level, classroom safety can be more easily enforced. And, by now, HS aged students are already used to the mask and distancing regimes. College environments are a different ball of wax. Our DIL, a 3rd grade teacher, will be teaching half of her class on alternate days. Not a perfect solution but, it's a start.
  8. 469 new cases in AZ, this morning. Only 4 in our present county. And, just 99 in our new county. Not bad as Pima county (Tucson) was a hot spot, early on. Our new zip code has 0 new cases. This Covid thing could turn worse on a dime but, things are looking good for us right now. Masks and distancing seems to be working.
  9. The average low, in the winter, where we're moving, is 40°. We won't discuss the highs. But, we're tossing our windshield ice scrapers! It'll be 86° and sunny here today. While, at our new digs, it'll be 97°. So glad we're moving in the fall! It'll let us acclimate gradually.
  10. Having spent most of my career in educational and medical settings, I have the highest regard for nurses and teachers. Both profession are stressful and, this current Covid mess makes it even more so. The more dedicated ones will always find ways to cope. Those not so dedicated may choose to throw in the towel. Both professions and, their clientele, will be better off without them. This winnowing process is a blessing in disguise.
  11. All you guys with experiences in setting up a shop wanna meet me in Marana, AZ next month? I'll have coffee and donuts!
  12. It's worrisome. Pensacola was smack in middle of the projected path. Hope he and his family got out in time.
  13. Like the strange critter. I built one using a broken bandsaw blade. But, mine was about six blade sections taped together. Spaced apart and in a holder would be better.
  14. Another easily anticipated situation. And yet, they've just today allowed casino bars and others to re open.
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