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  1. 44° for a high today, here in S. IL. Sunny. We head for Tulsa tomorrow. Supposed to be in the 60's. Looks like a couple easy driving days to the mesa.
  2. 22° in southern Illinois. At least where I'm at. Supposed to get to 35° tomorrow and steadily rise to 45 or so by next Sunday, when we head for home. Looks like clear sailing all the way home.
  3. In southern Illinois, it's snowing and the temperature is about 22°. Miserable!!! It's 65° at home on the mesa. On the bright side, there's a truck load of walnut, cherry and, maple wrapped and ready for the return trip next Sunday.
  4. Appreciate it Jim and, EWT! But, no thanks needed. It was our honor to serve.
  5. Been in Illinois, at Phyl's brothers house since last Friday. This morning, Veteran's Day, we attended a breakfast and program honoring Veterans. It was at the local Jr. Hi. School. All the grades were represented and participated with patriotic songs, several local vets spoke, the Amarican Legion provided an honor guard and a 21 gun salute. It was quite moving and, I think the vets were very appreciative. I certainly was.
  6. Remember when the three weeks before Christmas was the longest 21 days of the year?
  7. That was a real punny one, Ron. Loved it.
  8. Not being fans of Turkey, we often smoke a pork butt or beef brisket. Add Cole slaw, pinto beans and corn bread. Mama's from scratch lemon pie, pumpkin pie and/or Boston Creme pie. Simple fixins except the deserts.
  9. That would go in my HOUSE!
  10. 40° at 05:30. Predictions are for a high of 72° and, sunny today. Supposed to get rain tomorrow afternoon. But, we should be close to Amarillo by then. However, it's supposed to be raining there, too. I feel like Lil Abner's Joe Btfsplk.
  11. A sign carving site I visit, claims that a "gun stock" stain does a good job on pine. MinWax sells one version....if ya want brown. Frankly, I'd paint it like Danl posted or follow Gerald's advice.
  12. A marriage made in heaven. Turned out beautifully.
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