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  1. You do a very exceptional wood burning. I have someone who is talented and they was wondering what kind of wood burner to buy. Preston
  2. I am so sorry for all the confusion I caused not remembering and typing it correctly. I have a problem sometimes and it shows all too often. Preston
  3. I think I made a mistake. I meant to say my neighbor that I was giving the wood burner to my neighbor. SORRY Preston
  4. I have a wood burning tool and they are no longer in business (detail Master) is their name. I would like to give a wood burner to someone. Anybody have any ideas? Are there any wood burning sites or clubs that are recommended? Thanks, Preston
  5. When I can't find the table saw and then I realize its the kitchen table. Preston
  6. I forgot to say this. I go to garage sales and that is where I get sanders on the cheap. Preston
  7. I know someone who smokes while he is on oxygen. So far he has been lucky.
  8. That makes me feel a little better. I also have 5 palm sanders plugged into a multi plug that has a lighted toggle switch. I flip the switch and then the sander I want to use. Then shut it off when done. I start out with the course and work my way up to the finer grit to finish. I have all sanders in a chair next to my lathe. I use then on pen blanks and I have had good luck so far. I have done 50 or so pens. I don't have to have to change sand paper all the time. I use my pressure blower after each grit and blow the pen blank and the sandpaper clean and move on. I will take a picture and post it. I have all 5 plugged in all the time but only use one at a time. I don't have enough hands for more. Preston
  9. No it wasn't. I tried in 3 different circuits and it still sparks. I agree about plugging something in that is turned on and instantly picking up power. Preston
  10. I just bought a tool and when I plug the battery charger it into an elect outlet it sparks and they are quite visible. It is being plugged in Properly. I won't name the MFG of the tool, it might not be their fault. It charged the batteries OK. Preston
  11. I have several dead batteries for my hand held drills. They won't take a charge. New batteries are pricy. I had an e-mail from (EZ battery reconditioning program ). They say their method will recharge any battery. Has anyone heard about this company? I like cordless and want to stay that way mostly. Preston
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