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  1. steamshovel

    Home Canned goods

  2. Yes my doctor keeps me up to date. My blood sugar used to run around 200. I give up all the good things in life like ice cream, donuts, m & m peanuts 3 lb. bag. Now I stay around 110. Preston
  3. steamshovel

    Magnets and wood turning

    Steve: I have been looking for the button magnets about 1/2" dia and am not having much luck. Can you suggest a place that sells lower priced-made in the USA magnets? I want to glue one on a dowel to pick up dropped metal on the floor. Preston
  4. Mine was 87 this morning, is that two low? if it is what would I do? Preston
  5. The heck with the wood I'm hoping you are ok. Preston
  6. steamshovel

    Magnets and wood turning

    Steve: That is a great job using the magnets. They are a real showcase to say the least. Thanks for sharing. I like working with magnets and now you have my mind working. Preston
  7. steamshovel


    I have some more pictures to post. I took lots of pictures and many short videos. They kept us busy at first as we all felt it was our fault when we trimmed the tree. Everything worked out fine and we like to think they came back to us the next year. I will post some more pic soon. We are happy you enjoyed the pictures. Preston
  8. steamshovel


    I hate to see the special gifts go south for the winter but I'll see them next spring. Preston
  9. steamshovel

    moulding adhesive on vehicle

    Cal: I went to a shop and for $50.00 they are going to get the job. Thanks for the info. Preston
  10. I'm in. Like they say the late bird always gets the worm. Preston
  11. steamshovel

    moulding adhesive on vehicle

    Sorry, I mean to take the molding and the adhesive off for good. Preston
  12. steamshovel

    moulding adhesive on vehicle

    I have a 10 year old pickup and the molding keeps coming off the doors. Every time I go to the dealership they can't fix it or it costs me to have it done. I got some stuff that you spray on the adhesive and scrape off and it didn't work. Any body have a remedy? Preston
  13. steamshovel


    This is more pictures. I was able to get close to the nest, at first mom would buzz my head but after a few attempts she became accustomed to me and would sit on a nearby branch just a couple feet away while I took pictures. Enjoy Preston
  14. steamshovel


    We have at least 3 females that use our feeders daily. Have lots of males but they are not as regular as the females. The females will partake of the feeders about every 30 minutes and average about 25 seconds recharging at the feeder. We have not seen any hummers in about 2 weeks. Must of gone south. Preston
  15. That is a very nice piece of work. I like to see things like that. Thanks for posting. If I got on a beauty like that it would end up being a big pile of splintered tooth picks. Preston

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