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  1. steamshovel

    Buying Plywood Router Bits (Undersized)

  2. steamshovel

    the Toolbox of America -- Stanley

  3. steamshovel

    MWTCA May 2018 'What's It' Project

    Its a tethering fixture. It can hold up to four animals always males. Preferably one at a time. The next procedure is quite simple just a quick motion and their voice is now higher. Wait a few months and it dinner time. Preston
  4. steamshovel

    I've Been In The Scraps Again

    There is always a use. That is real nice. Preston
  5. steamshovel

    MWTCA April 2018 'What's It' Project

    Linoleum cutting knife, going and coming. Preston
  6. steamshovel

    Walking Cane

    Very nice job on the cane. Preston
  7. steamshovel

    spraying with roundup, 2-4-D

    I live in Idaho & some of my neighbors are farmers and they mix 2-4-d and roundup together and spray ditches and their banks. They say the two mixed together works better. The ditches are always well manicured. 2-4-D has not been banned around here. I have been doing spring clean-up and somehow someone threw away the instructions on how to mix, I won't mention any names but it wasn't my wife. I will go to the website and see what they say. Thanks to everyone. Preston
  8. steamshovel

    spraying with roundup, 2-4-D

    I have been spraying for weeds on fence lines, ditches, etc. for years and now I am told I'm using the wrong formula. I use 12 oz. of roundup and 6 oz. of 2-4-D mixed with 2 gallons of water. Is this two much roundup and 2-4-D? It's been working fairly good, but it is getting pricy. Preston
  9. steamshovel

    MWTCA March 2018 "What's It" Project

    On second thought and countless days of research is has something to do with wood wind instruments I figured it is to correlate the readings of (an instrument) with those of a standard in order to check the instrument's accuracy with absolute calibration to perfection.. It's hard for me to think at these high levels so please next time do something simple like a screwdriver. Preston
  10. steamshovel

    MWTCA March 2018 "What's It" Project

    It may be a vintage alignment tool. What it aligns, well anything that needs to be aligned. That covers it! Preston
  11. http://www.alloy.com/news/homeless-man-gives-woman-money-repay-amazing/7/ Preston
  12. steamshovel

    PIP River Table

    a masterpiece from the masterpieces. There is a shortcut to Tucson just in front of my driveway. Thats a very nice job sir. Preston
  13. I carry everywhere I go but also I have to think am I doing the right thing. I will give an example I am shopping at a store and I hear a gun shot, I pull my gun and proceed to where I think the shot came from. In the meantime an officer of the law enters the store and proceeds to where the shooting is taking place. I have my gun drawn and am looking for the shooter and the police man sees me and shoots me. End of story. How would the officer know who I was. I guess if he got the shooter also and prevented more people dying my life would be worth it. The officer was doing his job. Preston
  14. I have not had any luck on finding out for sure. I have sent out pic and have had 2 replies not helping. Preston
  15. I think further and the more I do it looks like a wax modeling tool or for a matter of fact they could be used on anything that can be sculptured including mixtures. Preston

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