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  1. steamshovel

    Is This a Dogs Foot Print?

    I use a low strung electric fence for rock chucks and they act like nothing is there. I just can't get rid of them. I have used shotgun, 22 rifle, pellet gun and they keep coming. They breed faster than I can shoot. The low strung electric works great for dogs. Preston
  2. steamshovel

    Is This a Dogs Foot Print?

    thats big foots small brother and I can prove it if he would hold still so I can take a picture. Preston
  3. steamshovel

    Any of You Ever Own a Toro?

    That is something seeing them old ads. Thats when they were built to last and you could buy parts if they ever broke down. Now they are built to break down so you have to buy another, sorry no parts available. Preston
  4. Steven: I wish you luck with the blood thinners. I have been on them since 1986 and do well with them. I take warfarin or Coumadin or Jantoven. I take 12.5 mg four days a wk and 3.0 three days a week. I have side effects but it beats looking up at grass roots. Preston
  5. steamshovel

    Absolutely Amazing

    This is amazing how good they are at creating. I like to see articles like this. Thanks for posting. Preston
  6. steamshovel

    Shop Dust Fan

    I think I'm on to something. I have an overhead dust collector, window box fan and several box fans scattered around the shop. I have an overhead 2 car garage door and a regular door. All the fans blowing the same way moves a lot of dust but seems like never enough. I got a fan from a home furnace. Put it on wheels, hooked up electrically, covered the places where your fingers might get caught. I use a wheel chuck to keep it from driving around the shop. I placed it behind me and plugged it in. WOW WHAT A WIND STORM. I felt like I was dust free and it was all blowing out the 2 car garage door. I have a couple pictures. Preston
  7. steamshovel

    a New Problem

    Ok put it on when needed. I feel for you. I am allergic to many things also. Preston
  8. steamshovel

    Which Do You Like?

    NICE WORK 7 & 1/2 to 1 Preston
  9. steamshovel

    Box, Bowl, Etc. Trade (Ongoing)

    Do I trade for something small or big? I don't want to ship a 6 foot coffee table or a 5 drawer dresser. I want to trade but I want to be fair. Am I sending out something out that doesn't come close to what I receive. This is a good idea. Maybe something to trade would fit in a certain size box like the P.O. cartons. Preston
  10. steamshovel

    Buying Plywood Router Bits (Undersized)

  11. steamshovel

    the Toolbox of America -- Stanley

  12. steamshovel

    MWTCA May 2018 'What's It' Project

    Its a tethering fixture. It can hold up to four animals always males. Preferably one at a time. The next procedure is quite simple just a quick motion and their voice is now higher. Wait a few months and it dinner time. Preston
  13. steamshovel

    I've Been In The Scraps Again

    There is always a use. That is real nice. Preston
  14. steamshovel

    MWTCA April 2018 'What's It' Project

    Linoleum cutting knife, going and coming. Preston
  15. steamshovel

    Walking Cane

    Very nice job on the cane. Preston

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