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  1. It was in the last 2 weeks I think! A bell just rung Postal Tom may be the one. I'm sorry about all this. Preston
  2. Lew: Thats not it. I don't know for sure where yhe post was. It could have been for sale or gifts-wants sections. Thank You Preston
  3. The post was for about 20 or so rounds that he had left over. It was on for a few days and then was gone. I can't remember who or anything else. I'm at that age! Thanks RustyFN @ handyDan. Preston
  4. Some one had some rounds left over from turning on a lathe aprox 5" dia by aprox 6" long. I can't find the post. Can anyone help me? They didn't have a use for them but i have an idea that may work. Preston
  5. Ron: Whatever you make with that make sure you put up a picture for us to see. Would look good on a X-MAS tree and only be seen just a short time. Displayed for all to see would be great. Preston
  6. and a crack and a handle or rope hanging from the bottom and reflections surrounding and a planet on the top right and my PE on it That is nice Preston Edwards
  7. Sorry about that. What I meant was for you to do a search for a ( list of famous Americans who are veterans ). It will bring up many places with info. Preston
  8. Some one sent me a list of famous veterans so I searched (list of famous people who are veterans) and I got this WOW. Now I take back what I said about some of them LOL. Check these out and tell us what you think. Preston
  9. If your Bernadette Is Like My Wife I think you ought to go into deep thought about how many friends and relatives you wish to attemd your final viewing. Heck it was 41 outside and i was racking leaves in my short sleeve shirt.
  10. Thanks for the help. I finally went to grainger and they helpedme a big bumch. They were impressive and they will see me again. I got the part ordered and it may be at graingers monday. Thanks preston
  11. Does anyone use a drill doctor? I need a part and can't find one locally or on line> Model #750SP. The part # I need is #PPO1426PF, sharping tube. drilldr>com is not a good e-mail, it is up for sale. Preston
  12. I have bezels that have 3 prongs. You drill 3 corasponding holes on the edge of the clock dial in the clock. I know there is a template but where. I guess I'll try and make my own. Klockit is a clock site yhat has everything for clocks. Thank smalloatch Preston
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