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  1. What I'm really trying to do is at 3AM is sleeping. A small hail storm sounds like a dump truck full of marbles. When I was younger I slept next to a 200 HP pump that supplied sprinkler water to potatoes. The idea being when the pump went down and shut off we would wake up and fix the problem. It took a week to go to sleep with that noisy pump, but when you get tired and used to it we slept. I like the idea off paint or rolling something on to hush things up. Preston
  2. I have a metal patio cover and when it rains or even an occasional hail storm and it makes a lot of noise. Has anyone used anything to quiet the noise down? Preston
  3. A shotgun fully loaded and 10 pit bulls works.
  4. found this on the internet, enjoy preston https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/video-thats-a-lot-of-hummingbirds/ar-BBTyqAb?ocid=spartandhp
  5. oak, bacon grease, several coats, polish to high gloss
  6. Holy $#@&%# that looks like it would suck the snot out of a 100 ton elephant at 400 yards. Looks good and I bet it works good! Preston
  7. Welcome to Patriot woodworker Nicoleb. You have found a great site to find out about woodworking. There are many folks on here that are one of a kind. They can answer your questions about wood working or many other things. I like your game table. You found a good one. Maybe I'm due for some good luck. Work on it when you get a chance and take a few pictures to keep us updated. Don't talk to my wife, she thinks I'm outdated. I'll try and keep her around another 57 years. I find old tables at garage sales or where ever. I found a corner table in the junk pile at one garage sale. It was beat beyond belief. There was cig burns all over and white stuff in the drawer. I brought it back to life and it in use in our home. I don't know how old it is but I think it is fairly new. It took a lot of sanding and it had a lot of indents. It sat in my shop for a year and when I was up to it I would work on it. It is worth a lot but only to me. I have fixed up several old tables and have a couple in ,y house yet and have given a few to my kids. I need to take before and after pictures, some of them are hard to believe. Kep us posted on the table> Preston
  8. Now I don't know what size to buy. What size do you have shown? I may go with 3/4 to 1 ". Preston
  9. Thanks for showing how to do this. Now where do I go to buy the tools to make my own? Preston
  10. John: That is the best sandpaper I have ever used. If it was made for steel-so be it. Thanks Preston
  11. Thanks for responding It is about 80 grit. I have had other of the same color but different grits but the same blue color. I sure like it. It last a long time. It was in some stuff I got at a garage sale. Preston
  12. I need some help to find out who made this sandpaper. I think it is cloth backed and very thick. It is blue and has numbers 402 2 on the back.( there is a space between the 2s) I will try and enclose a pic. Preston
  13. I use a 6" fire hose between my ears! Preston
  14. I have some left over spray construction foam, wonder it that would work? It's about $8.00 a can. A foam filled at a local tire store is aprox $30.00. Preston
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