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  1. Send me an address so I can mail a check. I don't use pay-pal. Thanks Preston
  2. They are my favorite. When someone comments on how good they are it only a fraction of the truth. easy Wood Tools has a permanent birth in my shop. Preston
  3. after a few days of boiling it should be safe to eat not bend?
  4. I wrote down the formula and lost it. There was 4 items bees wax, boiled linseed oil. varnish or tung oil, and ? I used it on the sewing machine cabinet I made for my wife 35 years ago. It has worn good.I had a tread on the cabinet here. Preston
  5. Does anyone have the formula for a bees wax finish? I had it but it got lost. Preston
  6. They have a good selection of veneer. I made a sewing machine cabinet from veneer from their site and everybody loves it. That was about 35 years ago. They have been around a long time and I will buy from them anytime they have what I want. I am not affiliated with them. I am a customer. Preston
  7. John, I sent you a message. Preston
  8. Where do I post the name of a dealer I have been buying from for at least 35 years? Preston
  9. If that is a learning experience, you are at the end of the book and me I just opened the book! Preston
  10. It's a puller for something maybe. Check out these. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1CAFB_enUS608US609&q=pallet+puller+strap&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiv-oOzn53nAhVCvZ4KHWg2DsIQsAR6BAgEEAE&biw=
  11. You do a very exceptional wood burning. I have someone who is talented and they was wondering what kind of wood burner to buy. Preston
  12. I am so sorry for all the confusion I caused not remembering and typing it correctly. I have a problem sometimes and it shows all too often. Preston
  13. I think I made a mistake. I meant to say my neighbor that I was giving the wood burner to my neighbor. SORRY Preston
  14. I have a wood burning tool and they are no longer in business (detail Master) is their name. I would like to give a wood burner to someone. Anybody have any ideas? Are there any wood burning sites or clubs that are recommended? Thanks, Preston
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