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  1. Roly: It worked. I marked one cutter and moved the chain forward. It took a while but it got the job done. I went to a sears store and they didn't have an answer. They showed me the manual that Larry showed. I got the saw sharpened. I thank everyone for all the help. Preston
  2. Roly: You may have something there Roly. I will give it a try tomorrow morning when it is cooler. I'll let you know for sure. I have been marking with a black marker pen. Thanks again. Preston
  3. Larry: Thanks for all the trouble I'm putting you through. I tried the trigger and the blade won't move. Sorry. Preston
  4. Thanks Larry. I read the manual and couldn't find what I needed. I am trying to find out how to sharpen the blade while it is still on the saw. On my gas chain saw I cam move the blade forward or backward and sharpen. The blade on the battery operated won't budge either way. I have to take it apart and move the blade and sharpen. Very time consuming. Preston
  5. I lost my manual for my craftsman battery operated chain saw mod #900-98023. I need to know how to advance the chain so I can sharpen. My gas chain saw I just move by hand and sharpen. The chain won't advance like my gas saw. Does anyone have one of these saws who knows how to move the chain? Preston
  6. What I'm really trying to do is at 3AM is sleeping. A small hail storm sounds like a dump truck full of marbles. When I was younger I slept next to a 200 HP pump that supplied sprinkler water to potatoes. The idea being when the pump went down and shut off we would wake up and fix the problem. It took a week to go to sleep with that noisy pump, but when you get tired and used to it we slept. I like the idea off paint or rolling something on to hush things up. Preston
  7. I have a metal patio cover and when it rains or even an occasional hail storm and it makes a lot of noise. Has anyone used anything to quiet the noise down? Preston
  8. A shotgun fully loaded and 10 pit bulls works.
  9. found this on the internet, enjoy preston https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/video-thats-a-lot-of-hummingbirds/ar-BBTyqAb?ocid=spartandhp
  10. oak, bacon grease, several coats, polish to high gloss
  11. Holy $#@&%# that looks like it would suck the snot out of a 100 ton elephant at 400 yards. Looks good and I bet it works good! Preston
  12. Welcome to Patriot woodworker Nicoleb. You have found a great site to find out about woodworking. There are many folks on here that are one of a kind. They can answer your questions about wood working or many other things. I like your game table. You found a good one. Maybe I'm due for some good luck. Work on it when you get a chance and take a few pictures to keep us updated. Don't talk to my wife, she thinks I'm outdated. I'll try and keep her around another 57 years. I find old tables at garage sales or where ever. I found a corner table in the junk pile at one garage sale. It was beat beyond belief. There was cig burns all over and white stuff in the drawer. I brought it back to life and it in use in our home. I don't know how old it is but I think it is fairly new. It took a lot of sanding and it had a lot of indents. It sat in my shop for a year and when I was up to it I would work on it. It is worth a lot but only to me. I have fixed up several old tables and have a couple in ,y house yet and have given a few to my kids. I need to take before and after pictures, some of them are hard to believe. Kep us posted on the table> Preston
  13. Now I don't know what size to buy. What size do you have shown? I may go with 3/4 to 1 ". Preston
  14. Thanks for showing how to do this. Now where do I go to buy the tools to make my own? Preston
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