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  1. https://imaginewoodworking.com/products/veneer-me-crazy-8-compound-veneering-waterfall-edge?__s=ttiq6ezhncaw8i3cmshp&utm_source=drip&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=VMC!+%239+-+Compound+Veneering%3A+Veneering+a+Turned+Form&utm_content=VMC!+%239+-+Compound+Veneering%3A+Veneering+a+Turned+Form
  2. Man oh man that sounds like work. I am not that person who will tend to things like that.
  3. maybe 6 or 8 inches. The last one was over 2 feet easy maybe 31"
  4. I do like this kid's idea. I'm thinking a rotating version. You put the bottle away and remove it in the upright position rotate the bottle upside down and the spout area never hardens off. Maybe use the original cap or make one from silicone calk and cast it into a bit of wood. the whole thing would need a base with about 2 pounds of lead in it or I'd be knocking it over all the time - - and a handle - and a little beeper so I could call it with my cell phone to locate it when lost and a flashing light so I could find it with machinery running, and a fluorescent pop up flag s
  5. in my hands They always end up getting so clogged I end up destroying the spouts digging the hardened glue out.
  7. I bought those spendy gasoline jerry cans with the spill proof spout and the little cap that attaches like the caps on those bottles. I snapped the attaching bit of poly in like a year.
  8. I lose caps like a poor man loses money
  9. Watch this video. I want to draw your attention to is the glue bottle and stand. A bit of some soft rubber a poly shaft and bob's yer uncle or maybe Bernadette's yer aunt That part is all too confusing.
  10. that's missing a part. There's a winding bobbin that needs to be on the right hand spindle in the lower image. That bobbin is where the flux capacitor wire is wound and spools off into the hollow of the capacitor flux inducing well on the left. the little round ripped bits are adjustable to give the energy of the Zen of the tradesman operating it a conduit to flow into the nascent flux capacitor . Onc the dual bombardment of Chi energy passes from the tradesman to the capacitor you can use it to make your time traveling delorian.
  11. I should try that some time. However you know that toasting it would tie up some of the starch reducing the creaminess.
  12. This is not some exotic original dish. there are millions of seafood risottos, But I made this one up Friday night is date night and I cook. This was on the menue tonight with Steamed artichokes steamed with salt butter pepper and garlic powder. And a nice Chardonnay SEAFOOD RISOTTO - For two very generous servings half pound each monkfish, small bay scallops, small sweet shrimp 10 or 12 cockles in the shell 1 large Leek cleaned and cut in length wise quarters then sliced thinly 2/2 to 1/3 of a Fennel diced. (Egg shaped fennels
  13. Got my lovely missus a new laptop n asus studio book . it came pre loaded with Win 10. I started Win 10 up o it and in the blizzard of stupid questions micorsoft's politburo asked me was a question about advertisements. Seems you can have them spy on you to tailor advertisements to more meet your detected preferences. If you don't specify they will just blast advertisements at you. So let me see if I have this right. Microsoft makes the most vulnerable virus prone unstable vulnerable to malware operating system on the planet AND AND AND they wa
  14. I'd be surprised if one could find such a welder today. Outside of pakistan or india I mean.
  15. Well she's working on it. She's been accepted in U mass amhurst, rutgers and the fourth in the nation Purdue. The last ones she applied to are Georgia and then is USC engineering which is #1 in the nation. She does not want to go to berkley
  16. EDIT I just found out Go here https://www.whoishostingthis.com/
  17. For example this one is run by invision community There are web pages that do not have anything providing that information and I want to learn how to find it. do you know how?
  18. We all age. no one likes to think about it much. But think on it we should. I was manhandling some 20" wide slabs of 2 and a half inch walnut on the band saw. I did a pass following a chalk line. There was a lot of core strength and upper body work to it. I finished the pass hit the kill switch set the slab so it was stable and suddenly the lights started to go out the room swam around and around and I grabbed something to stand upright. There was no warning sign no nagging feeling nothing to let me know something was going to happen It is
  19. In spite of being in a very very dark mood I got some things done. My almost 30 year old Echo 280E tree climbing chain saw was bogging down so bad it couldn't cut twiggs. So I pulled the carb soaked it in a cleaner and ordered a rebuild kit and ordered some o rings to fix the leaking Bar oil cap The gasket kit took for ever to arrive so naturally I forgot where all the p[arts were supposed to go I was surprised that there are no you tube vids on the Echo 280E Carb. Oh well That's why I have a brain I guess. Got it sorted. The throttle linkage was
  20. Cliff


    tell 'em to contact the credit reporting companies all three of 'em and lock her credit That way if any effort is made to get credit using her ID it won't happen if the thief has to go through one of the big three. Of course they might be able to get a used car from one of those no money down tiny sand lot dealers but that can't be hung around her neck because nothing else will match. I have one credit card AMEX and one bank card and I don't carry my SS card.
  21. guys guys it is not my birthday. I did that once It was COLD and they beat the crap outta me thinking I couldn't breath. I don't want to repeat that again. It was terrible. Thanks guys. My daughter gave me a bottle of St george BALLER single malt. It is unlike anything I've ever tasted before.
  22. It could easily be improved. one could trap the router so that it can not bounce up. Angled plates are of course doable Just build a different base or attach a face plate with the angle on it.
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