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  1. One thing and it's a really big thing, it is an unlikely thing because physics tend to disfavor the hazard, but insurance companies take it ever so seriously. DC ducting that is (a) not conductive and (b) not grounded is not covered by any insurance company. Insurers apply industrial standards and don't give a toss about the fact that you are not industrial. And in fact they can't because they would have to have different standards for an unlimited number of home shops. So they just have the one. If there is a fire and if the adjuster can (and they might) say the ducting is where it started, then you don't get a check. Yes you can mount a lawsuit and present the squads of experts to testify and that law suit will cost you about what the house was worth - maybe more.
  2. I am on a Seetool diet. I see a tool and I have to have it
  3. looks great be careful out there. Lots of guys are meeting their maker with the silliest of slip ups.
  4. I've been carrying since I was like 14
  5. a gallon of Kero and a boat load of rags and I'm still cleaning it I took the table off the saddle is next. Gosh golly [and some things I'm not allowed to say here for fear the Chilluns might be warped and twisted] THIS THING IS DIRTY~!!!!! But tell me what kind of idiot buys a machine with so few hours on it that in the middle of the table where te most wear should be the frosting is still there and the lead screw isn't worn in the center either? I'll tell ya what kind of idiot. the kind who knows the thing hadn't been cleaned in like 30 years and any lube in the one shot lube pump has turned back into Crude oil. And yup it's was black as [fill in the name of the person you hate most]'s heart Images are of the underside of the table
  6. But it's not old. I think it's 1980s vintage So maybe we need a metal working forum.
  7. They tried for weeks to get a higher price but no one had the je ne sais quoi to load it on a trailer. When I found the ad it was 600 OBO I didn't have the heart to low ball 'em.
  8. That ain't rust that's dirt. the reason for the price was the difficulty of the location and they had no way to load it.
  9. $600 flat. Almost no hours on the machine the frosting is still on the ways Guy used it as a glorified drill press. Three hours to the location in CT then two hours to manually roll it into a trailer. Yah rollers and a tiny come along. and three hours home. It's under a tarp in the driveway on the trailer I'm bushed.
  10. the copper jacketed lead is 90 the polymer/copper ones are 65 There's a vid of the polymer/copper ones being fired into a big block of c clay and making a cavity that was bigger than the block things making a 12" x 16" wound cavity
  11. Yes once again the Japanese have answered a terribly important question What tires roll down ski jumps well
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