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  1. Cliff


    Something is terribly wrong with everything we are being told. Ammonium Nitrate won't even burn let alone explode if you have just Ammonium Nitrate. One must mix it with a flammable substance to get it to act as an oxidizer. Add sawdust and it'll burn and burn all the way through. Add Gasoline or Diesel fuel and you can get it to explode. There are lots of other things you can add to it to get more brissance in the explosion. But the stuff is not an explosive all by itself. So what happened and why has not one media outlet brought an expert on to explain this?
  2. I don't own one. But I gotta give this kid credit. He's making the parts himself and assembling them himself and doing all his own sales. I've done that. It is a lot to take on. And his gizmo looks pretty cool. Check it out https://www.harmonytoolco.com/the-steady-rest.html#/
  3. why does it say TANOS?
  4. the book is the right idea. I got his DVD and at the time he was going through hell with people pirating his material.
  5. habit. If they can't get fed here they won't likely be here on trash day. They will be at a neighbor's house instead.
  6. Dagblabbit cursed stinkin racoons had a banner year making all manner of extra progeny. The tractor supply can't keep traps in the store they are all gone when ever I go. It was every night I was cleaning up after them. So I made this from 1" square 1/8" wall steel tubing and left over PVC decking. I'm guessing it'll do the job. Stinkin' thing is about a hundred pounds of steel and pvc. They don't call me Lord Overbuild fer nuthin'.
  7. Do you have access to mesquite seeds? If you do I'll buy a gallon of them from you. I saw a video on making a jelly from the seeds and I got a hankering to try it. Just be sure they haven't been sprayed with anything dangerous. Let me know pls.
  8. you didn't say what you did to defend your trees. I kill the buggers. I kill them at every opportunity and I use various methods. I take no joy in it, but they are so destructive Same with deer.
  9. My daughter had to permanently shutter her restaurant. rated among the top 5 in the state and the covid destroyed it - - that and the irresponsibility of the governor who told restaurants that they could re open on date certain and after they all spent anywhere from 50 to 100 thousand on supplies and food Reversed himself the day before they were to reopen. He keeps doing insane thing like this and all of it is Constitutionally illegal. Our government has failed us. Armed with all the best universities and scientists they never came up with anything better than HIDE HIDE HIDE.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1160234954350640/
  11. Yah so far so good Said the man who had just leapt off the empire state building as he passed the 50th floor.
  12. So I bought a used Datyon / Coffing 500 pound power hoist for $150. The thing new is like Two Gees. I want to use it splitting firewood. I already built the crane. But I knew the guy was passing defective junk. He was hiding it by rigging his phony test platform so you could not load it with any weight. Just see it go up and down. So I stuck to my low ball offer; he wanted $300 I knew It was eminently repairable unlike those Chinese hoists that you can get for few hundred on Amazon. So Like I expected it could not lift the 500 pounds. It couldn't life 100. the final drive for the chain was stripped. First thing I did was find a manual from the manufacturer. Then I found a company that rebuilds them. THEY WANTED FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS TO rebuild it~!!! OK So I guess I gotta play mechanic coz I ain't paying that. . Soooooooooooooo I take it apart taking lots of pictures. Bunch of gears thankfully few electronics lots of bearings lots of slip washers weird fits. Keys that are near impossible to see until they are rolling across the floor But I got it apart and figured out what I needed to replace and Sure enough like I expected the parts are available and cheap. So I order the parts. Under 30 Dollars worth. They come. I set about to rebuild. I had to make some special tools used a lathe and a milling machine and a band saw to build 'em. Got it together only to find I gotta take it apart to get some other parts in, you know three steps forward two back. Well it's done. It works great. NOW I KNOW why they wanted five hundred dollars. That thing is a PITA to rebuild if you don't have special tools and some instructions.
  13. This maybe explains some of the issues I've had https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pPKUgpn0CI
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