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  1. I was staggerblasted. The material is all Rubberwood. I have a friend in Malaysia, some decades ago we were trying to come up with a way to move tons of the stuff here and sell it. I never found a buyer. I rather suspect all I accomplished was to get the potential buyers t o contact their Pacific Rim connections and go through them. Anyway, Those guys blew me away. No shaping of board, no careful joinery, no steam, bending. They needed a board to bend they pulled it into shape and fastened it home. Extra material hanging off? No issues whip out the power planer. Boards don't come together tightly no worried just fill the cracks with something and the paint will cover all the little defects. I was shocked at the dowel joinery. I would never dare to do it the way they did. But it worked~!!! In fact they were no defects because it's part of the plan the method the skill set includes a way to account for what we'd see as glaring flaws. They slapped that thing together and will take it out on the Ocean and feed their families with it.
  2. I think it has led to a decline in dialog. I am guilty of it. It's so easy to click the like button and move on. I think it leads to a balkanization of members. We don't have to communicate with each other we can just click like and - - well - - ya can't even buy a cup of coffee with a million of 'em. I think it should end. I can't be the only one.
  3. You gotta see this
  4. It gets right under your skin straight to your heart and makes you misty at night thinking on it.
  5. I got the Bosch 12" I was putting a new recreational Deck on and I needed the reach. I like it. I have a Ridge Carbide blade on it and it's unstoppable. The size of the blade is - - - umm - - - well - - it's not for little stuff. It's a little intimidating. I expected I'd use of for segmented turning. Haven't yet. It's a few years old. To be fair I never had a sliding mitre saw. I had the makita chop saw. It's just not the same thing. Ya need a whole different set of personal safety skills.
  6. What's on my Benches? A FREAKING MESS and it's somewhat overwhelming. I had too many emergent projects that had to get done in rapid fire along with a slew of other things I couldn't put off; I just got buried.
  7. Watched it. Supremely well done. Painfully beautiful, Nature Cinematography like no other.
  8. I got the 12" version and you are so correct. The DC on it was at best an afterthought. It depends on the centripetal force of the blade to hurl the chips into a bag. I've built maybe three experimental cardboard iterations of DC collection I think the last one was pretty good but it wouldn't be any good at all but for the honkin powerful Felder RL 160 doing the work.
  9. I ended up with three those tiny little on board SSDs each hold a terrabyte
  10. Waitin' on the memory and the case. Bloody stuff is Expendoliscious~!!!!
  11. Oh that was a mistake~!!!! Now you gotta house and feed them until Christmass. Do you have any idea how much a reindeer can eat? They are kind of cute. Oh~!! I want one~!!!
  12. I can invoke it Ya first load the tools which don't come in the Linux distro ( at least not mine) then you can own it and make the password.
  13. I thought every one put a tpm module on their mobos I've never used it
  14. Because you mentioned it I looked into them. Gigabyte is undergoing a move to get cannonical to certify their mainboards. That's a really big deal. I am going to look into their MoBos
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