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  1. Cliff


    It's a free place where you can upload files like PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, ODT, etc etc. You can allow public access access by name or email and you can get a link to use for sharing. IT's pretty handy check it out https://www.google.com/docs/about/
  2. pico farads and capacitance. There is a circuit in the system very much like the circuit in one of those touch pad lamps that are becoming popular. Touch a metal pas and the lamp turns on or off. There is a relay controlling the high power and a little low volt circuit to power the relay The voltage across the blade is in pico farads as it's part of the circuit to power the relay Maybe it's 50 or 60 pico farads. You body had a hundred or two hundred more pico farads in the skin. When you touch the metal of the blade the pico farafds of the circuit jump up dramatically and that is what energizes the circuit Just exactly like whan you turn a lamp on with a capacitance touch switch
  3. Maybe but, that's not how I see it. YA see the robust ferrule adds rigidity to the wood at the end preventing the initial failure of the lumber. One can test it easily enough by building identical test samples one with copper and one with hammered on steel. Then see what weight is required to break each. I'm betting on the steel ferrule.
  4. I had a volkswagen with wood replacing the sheet metal for the front end. Inspection stations lost their minds, police would stop me in the belief that it was illegal ( it just had to be) IT was a real PITA.
  5. I have always thought that preventing the wood from a failing was precisely why a ferrule is used. At least that's why I use them. The stronger material holds the wood tightly. My ferrules are hammered on. It's a substantial interference fit. Which latter point is another reason not to use a soft material with a low youngs modulus because it'll deform easily.
  6. They are actually announcing a slow down in their economy. They are also suffering from US manufacturers having been shifting their sourcing away from China Expect this to resonate across the global economy.
  7. Cliff


    Have you been to that site? Have you figured it out? I Haven't got handle on it yet I am looking for alternatives to being robbed blind by Zuckerberg and of course there is the problem with the Censors there and at twitter. I never liked twitter. It is utterly impossible to have a meaningful dialog. I can call someone names in 140 charcters but I can't engage in discussion.
  8. you can make this yourself but this center finder is pretty cheap https://www.amazon.com/PEC-Round-Center-Finder-MODEL/dp/B00DHMTCRK
  9. there always are. I made mine so that I can wrap my hand around for a good gt rip and long enough so I can tuck 'em under my arm if I feel the need. I haven't done that yet. I prefer steel over copper for ferrules copper is easy to find but will stretch and deform easily which a good ferrule should never do. I dunno what that tool is it sort of looks like a braised carbide metal lathe tool. Have you gotten into looking at tools yet? Thompson is a nice place to start they are made of powdered metal and you can not easily distemper them by being too enthusiastic when grinding http://thompsonlathetools.com/product-list/
  10. What kind of MOA can I expect out say a thousand yards? And how's it do punching paper against the Creedmore guys? Nice pens
  11. Here's a couple pics of the edge close up. Locking in the angle this way really does produce a consistent edge that I never got by hand. Not that I ever had trouble edging a tool but this is mechanical perfection
  12. I was having fits with the fancy pants curvy blade on my Sog Vulcan knife. I'd tried wheels on my lathe with abrasive and didn't really like it. My hand stones were a tad wide to be picking up the concave curves. So I looked at a few different commercially available rigs out there. There is a really slick rig from Russia that lets you do one side at a time. The rig lets you rotate the blade holder.. And there is this format I ended up going with. The factory made version of both of them run into the $300 ++ dollar range, which I thought was a bit ridiculous. The Russian rig really does have the many precision machined parts and engineering that justifies their cost - but it's really all overkill. Really, this whole thing could be made from wood except maybe the part that clamps the blade.
  13. Cliff

    Kindling maker

    aww darn Well after I get the insurance check I'll try that in the new place.

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