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  1. that is the first time I have seen the adverb "sic" used on an online forum not connected to scholarly pursuits. I've used it a few times but never seen any one else do so.
  2. Q "So Cliff Where'd ya get that slick looking bulletproof vest?" Answer " Why I made it from wood." Q "Wood? Shirly You jest." Answer: "Don't call me Shirly and read this:" https://getpocket.com/explore/item/stronger-than-steel-able-to-stop-a-speeding-bullet-it-s-super-wood?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  3. got some Easy Weld TiG wire. Supposed to let you TIG cast iron. It's suppoosed to allow for NO preheating of the whole part like normally required. When I've welded cast in the past I use a high nickel consumable and I have to preheat the whole entire casting to 900F and then ramp the temp down slowly after welding. Failure to do that has usually resulted in that horrid PING sound as the casting cracks tearing itself apart from the wild expansion and contraction rate typical of cast. So I was skeptical that any weld wire could make a difference. But I tried it on my Sander that I recently made Abrasive belt tension adjusters for. I had to weld in an A-36 Steel plate to ensure that it won't move. And it worked fine. No pre heat and I got it hot gave it about 20 seconds post flow gas and no PING.
  4. the video is not displaying properly link here https://the-axlotal-tank.smugmug.com/The-Machine-Shop/i-RbQq4n4/A
  5. Some time ago I bought a $40.00 sander used and beat, really beat. It'd been owned by a welder. I had to do the bearings. the disk part was wrecked but I wasn't interested in that. But it had an impossible problem. Nothing I could do with the thing would get it to track correctly. - The adjusters were these cheesy cams that moved way too much with too little input. So they were useless. I replaced them with these difficult shop made gizmos that allowed me to use screws to adjust the tracking but it was scary to use because I have to be working inside the thing as it was running. So i decided that an new improved version was in order. Not I can adjust it safely from outside the belt and it is much finer than even the screws I made up a1/4" plate and mounted the adjustment hardware that I designed and machined on it. Then bolted that in a notch I machined out of the cast iron with a little10-32 screw. later i will braze it in place. but it works perfectly now. it's a simple mechanism
  6. I think it is a plumbing tool I've seen one before
  7. Cliff

    Looking for Info

    Well in the vein of DON'T BE LYNNE YAMAGUCHI (see the pdf http://lynneyamaguchi.com/Yamaguchi_SafetyMatters.pdf ) You9 might get yourself something more than a face shield. The energy stored in spinning wood is considerable and a breakaway hunk of wood can crush your skill fracture your orbital socket and drive little chunks of bone into the eye and brain. I wear a hockey helmet with the steel cage mask when turning something that may have a weak spot. and you'd be surprised at how many weak spots there can be. I know people who use riot gear. and speed Turning speed formula According to the late & great Dale Nish …(May he RIP)... his upper limit safe turning speed rule of thumb, …. defined as the maximum safe turning speed RPM, is equal to 9000, divided by the bowl's diameter. (The 9000 number is not RPM, but a derived safety constant number that is generally agreed upon by many turners.)
  8. Cliff


    Something is terribly wrong with everything we are being told. Ammonium Nitrate won't even burn let alone explode if you have just Ammonium Nitrate. One must mix it with a flammable substance to get it to act as an oxidizer. Add sawdust and it'll burn and burn all the way through. Add Gasoline or Diesel fuel and you can get it to explode. There are lots of other things you can add to it to get more brissance in the explosion. But the stuff is not an explosive all by itself. So what happened and why has not one media outlet brought an expert on to explain this?
  9. I don't own one. But I gotta give this kid credit. He's making the parts himself and assembling them himself and doing all his own sales. I've done that. It is a lot to take on. And his gizmo looks pretty cool. Check it out https://www.harmonytoolco.com/the-steady-rest.html#/
  10. why does it say TANOS?
  11. the book is the right idea. I got his DVD and at the time he was going through hell with people pirating his material.
  12. habit. If they can't get fed here they won't likely be here on trash day. They will be at a neighbor's house instead.
  13. Dagblabbit cursed stinkin racoons had a banner year making all manner of extra progeny. The tractor supply can't keep traps in the store they are all gone when ever I go. It was every night I was cleaning up after them. So I made this from 1" square 1/8" wall steel tubing and left over PVC decking. I'm guessing it'll do the job. Stinkin' thing is about a hundred pounds of steel and pvc. They don't call me Lord Overbuild fer nuthin'.
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