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  1. Well she's working on it. She's been accepted in U mass amhurst, rutgers and the fourth in the nation Purdue. The last ones she applied to are Georgia and then is USC engineering which is #1 in the nation. She does not want to go to berkley
  2. EDIT I just found out Go here https://www.whoishostingthis.com/
  3. For example this one is run by invision community There are web pages that do not have anything providing that information and I want to learn how to find it. do you know how?
  4. We all age. no one likes to think about it much. But think on it we should. I was manhandling some 20" wide slabs of 2 and a half inch walnut on the band saw. I did a pass following a chalk line. There was a lot of core strength and upper body work to it. I finished the pass hit the kill switch set the slab so it was stable and suddenly the lights started to go out the room swam around and around and I grabbed something to stand upright. There was no warning sign no nagging feeling nothing to let me know something was going to happen It is
  5. In spite of being in a very very dark mood I got some things done. My almost 30 year old Echo 280E tree climbing chain saw was bogging down so bad it couldn't cut twiggs. So I pulled the carb soaked it in a cleaner and ordered a rebuild kit and ordered some o rings to fix the leaking Bar oil cap The gasket kit took for ever to arrive so naturally I forgot where all the p[arts were supposed to go I was surprised that there are no you tube vids on the Echo 280E Carb. Oh well That's why I have a brain I guess. Got it sorted. The throttle linkage was
  6. Cliff


    tell 'em to contact the credit reporting companies all three of 'em and lock her credit That way if any effort is made to get credit using her ID it won't happen if the thief has to go through one of the big three. Of course they might be able to get a used car from one of those no money down tiny sand lot dealers but that can't be hung around her neck because nothing else will match. I have one credit card AMEX and one bank card and I don't carry my SS card.
  7. guys guys it is not my birthday. I did that once It was COLD and they beat the crap outta me thinking I couldn't breath. I don't want to repeat that again. It was terrible. Thanks guys. My daughter gave me a bottle of St george BALLER single malt. It is unlike anything I've ever tasted before.
  8. It could easily be improved. one could trap the router so that it can not bounce up. Angled plates are of course doable Just build a different base or attach a face plate with the angle on it.
  9. the Finns teach computer skills to children using stuff like that and no computers.
  10. at least they are not calling us racist.
  11. I am thinking 8 with a piece that can expand it to over 9. a 28" inset piece maybe. I dunno yet. I gotta put it in place, set the chairs and think about elbow room
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