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  1. Cliff

    truck ramps

    these https://shop.bestreviews.com/products/yaheetech-2-x-75-aluminum-lawnmower-atv-motorcycle-truck-loading-ramp-1500lb-capacity?cid=277776167&aid=1208363384103937&eid=&tid=pla-4579122332981186&ul=&mt=e&n=o&d=c&dm={devicemodel}&dt&sn&adid={creative}&k=&p={placement}&pc={target}&ap={adposition}&msclkid=3e2f9cf271e81baab73ec7038312a309&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=[US] Bing Shopping&utm_term=4579122332981186&utm_content=Dehumidifier
  2. Cliff

    truck ramps

    don't have one.
  3. Cliff

    truck ramps

    I was looking at truck ramps. Generally didn't like what I was seeing. I really liked the Mad Ramp model but it wasn't what I wanted. I really liked the use of the tow hitch to bear the weight though. So I decided to build one using steel or alum U Channel on the sides of 2 x8" for rigidity. So I went price shopping for U channel. It'd cost me more to build my own than to buy one rated at 1500 pounds. So I ordered some factory made ones
  4. Cliff

    Butcher block material?

    and ( get this) The brought it back. It's ok now to use wood . I won't accept a dish in a restaurant that is prepared on wood or served on it for reasons other than hygiene. But apparently the new vogue is to prefer wood over plastic
  5. check it out this gizmo is cool https://www.quadsaw.com/
  6. Cliff

    California King Bed

    a CA bed is just a little longer for taller people. Now a Water Bed has some serious weight.
  7. Cliff

    Air dried VS kiln dried wood?

    Air dried is favored by people who work thin sections and require strength like chair makers and instrument builders and those who steam bend.
  8. Cliff

    "Like" Stinks; it kills conversation

    twitter is getting rid of it
  9. Twitter has figured it out. the Like function is a mistake. Here in this forum I saw it happening on steroids how the like function did more harm than good. It kills conversation. See something you like hit that button and move on. No need to interact with your fellow patriot. The like function is a conversation killer. It brings nothing else to the party.
  10. Cliff

    Glue crack

    Can't have it on the surface. It's gotta be inside the crack then the air drives it deeper
  11. Cliff

    Glue crack

    Hope he has unwaxed floss. I use an air gun to drive glue in.
  12. Cliff

    Router technique??

    looks like a job for a vacuum chuck on the lathe
  13. Cliff

    Unusual joint

    Dunno bout the type of wood But I do know that these don't come apart easily even if the glue fails and they get sloppy. They still don't want to come apart. Sort of like that 40 & 50 year old Polish and Czechoslovakia furniture with M&T joinery but they considerately drove a nail through it and then hid the nail. And when you go to force it to re-glue the joint SURPRISE~!!! you gotta make new parts.
  14. Cliff

    almost a finger

    Good thing ya got ten of 'em eh?
  15. Cliff

    Interval measurements

    what ever method you use. Debug it by laying out with pointy dividers. The divider will let you dial out any error that would be unavoidable when using a marker of any sort

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