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  1. Cliff

    No Miller, No Rotary Table

    No problem~!! This is a 380 thick 4"diameter 60601 alum disc. I'm making sumpin fer my wood lathe to hold my newest loony idea for a dust hood the slot is to give me positional adjustment
  2. I just grab a beer and keep on keepin on. I endeavor to persevere
  3. Cliff

    Loined Sumpin Bout Mdf

    eating too
  4. Cliff

    Loined Sumpin Bout Mdf

    I doos bes speekin purdy good engrish
  5. Cliff

    Loined Sumpin Bout Mdf

    I also learned that there is a glytch in the site software that refuses to let me use consecutive CAPS in a post's title
  6. The stuff has interesting and powerful sound dampening qualities. I lost my phone. Shaddup~!! stop lafin I was in a drawer of a cheap desk made of mdf. The volume was set to max but while right on top of it I could not hear any more than a faint sound. The applications for this dampening characteristic are wide open
  7. Cliff

    Does The World Really Need This?

    once you use some of these apps that let you reach out past your phone to accomplish things in the rest of the world you find out how much you actually enjoy it. Of course most of the things you listed are things that historically required enormous investment in infrastructure. New locks new switches net thermostats. But fear not. Sooner rather than later these will all be standard issue in the new products because consumer demand is there. I want my phone to be able to connect with my computer when I'm away and see all the security events that my security system detects. I'd like to be able to see who is in my home and whether they are armed so when I call the cops I can tell 'em no residents are in the home and all the robbers are armed - - even give the cops access to my cameras. - - That sort of thing. I'd like to know if I have a flood. I'd like to know if there is a package. I could call some one to grab it off the porch for me.
  8. well I will have to work with it a while. The three shelves will require some kind of protection ,maybe luan on the lower two and half inch on the upper.
  9. Cliff

    Neat Little Scoop

    I may have to make some of the fixtures I see here
  10. Cliff

    Question About Woodsmith 'Tip'

    You called it. nonsense
  11. the stinkin bolts are marked Grade 8. However I can strip em easy with a hand held screwdriver type nut driver. They are typical of the Grizz; Butter bolts masquerading as real hardware. Every once in a while I give one of these companies a chance like the Griz or Horrible Fright and every single time I vow not to do it again.
  12. Cliff

    Yellow Hart Endangered

    well as the self declared killer of last things I better get busy.
  13. Cliff

    1st Acoustic Guitar Build

    great job~!!! nice label too
  14. Cliff

    Finished End Table


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