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  1. Systems engineering So you aren't looking to actually build the thing. you want to talk about managing - - what? The manufacturing process of the thing? Or managing the thing in it's theoretical service life? Or a managing the facility where many of the things are used?
  2. You can peel material off at such an incredible rate you can't believe it.
  3. air tools expel air thus preventing the dust from buggering up the innards
  4. This book case I started a while back. It was for the lovely missus. I finished ( almost) on the day of the Mass of Christ. She was happy. I have to make up some more moulding to run around the base of the upper half. But that's just a router job. The wood is from a norway maple I took down in the yard. Maple seasons up nicely. The base is rather deep the upper can hols a 12" deep book but I stepped the shelves at just under 10" I can move them up or down. the top half is 4' wide the lower is more. There is a toe kick heater in the base that makes all the difference in the world for that room. The walls are filled with rubble and mortar it's not really insulation That stain on the floor is original to the floor. Some workman went home for the night and left the rag.
  5. I have the $400 Felder Hammer Dado slot cutter. ( $400 in 2005 when I bought it) And I have had a wobble blade And I bought a carbide set of blades with 4 cutters each in various thickness and had 'em bored for my Hammer saw. And I had a Craftsman Chrome-edge set from the 1970s The Craftsman set is the single finest I have ever used. In fact it is so good that one of my first projects for my new Milling machine will be to bore them out to take the 30 MM arbor on my Hammer and use them on that. The bottom of the cut is silky smooth and dead flat, they don't chip out. they are a dream to use.
  6. John  is the  veteran   in this matter a woodworker also?  

    1. John Morris

      John Morris

      Cliff, no sir he is not.

    2. Cliff


      Do you know a veteran who  would like the easy  turning tools?


    3. John Morris

      John Morris

      That is very nice of you Cliff, yes I do, and I'll get you two connected, thanks Cliff!

  7. Oh that's great~!! Nice selection too~!! Now you need to get in to a CVS or any pharmacy to buy a bottle of acetone . I really do like the trick using superglue to get her stick on the shoulder. But you gotta un-stick her at some point So grab a bottle of acetone, that'll do the trick. don't get any in the eyes. Good luck.
  8. oh that's easy. Took me forever. in a sentence: Not what you might think Just tell 'em you like their shoes. If they seem to show interest don't get any dumb ideas, they aren't thinking that. Go slow. You'll be good. Never - ever - use a pickup line. Just use your name when approaching a stranger. You'll know instantly if there's anything there. It helps if there's at least a little contact first like a second or third shared glance. Go easy you'll be good. That's it that is the whole compendium. There is no more wisdom I have to impart grasshopper. Go and knock 'em dead.
  9. nope just a little sniff of a sliver of plastic.
  10. So I know how all of you have been hanging on my every word taking bets on what I might say and daring each other to ask me questions like "What's the meaning of life the universe and and Everything?" Well it's 42 But on another point Hydration. My fingers and feet split and wouldn't heal and would get infected and it was a PITA~!!!!!! They looked like the below images I got on the web. So I tried all the OTC options for topical relief and not one worked at all tried a hydration formula at $19.00 a bottle ya use drops in a glass of water and it sort of tastes like mud - it is minerals. IT WORKED My skin cleared up starting in mere hours And then the people making the stuff let their QC slip. So I looked at the label. Magnesium and some Potassium and a little salt. OK I can find supplements with those things So I dug up the Daily recommended for magnesium ( 300 - 400 a day) and looked for a dosage I could space out over a day's time like twice a day at meals Magnesium Oxide is dis-recommended because it can be rough on the gut. & High doses are too because they make you a bit too loose ( if you know what I mean) so I got 100mg pills. Postassium you can get in a banana. There's no real daily recommendation (Web Md says 4700 mg) but you can do up to 2000mg. I'll find a lower dose on the web , my grocer hasn't got it. And so far this is a golden bullet It's doing the job of keeping my feet an finger tips in fine shape. If yours look like the below images consider supplements. AND FEET
  11. there is a dead easy way Get a known polymer of the sorts you believe yours might be that you want to test. Get just a wee skosh of the stuff from a friend or buy it Hold it in a tweezer and put a lit match to it , blow it out as soon as it smokes and sniff the smoke. NO TWO PLASTiCS SMELL THE SAME and you will never forget a smell.
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