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  1. well I did a search and found that it's actually pretty common, Which only makes sense since the force really is coming in in a way that induces a motion. Some people claim too much glue causes the slick pieces to slide other's claim more clamping in the thing. I'm doing right angle joints and unless I take an affirmative measure to prevent slippage the wood will move at least 1/16 and some times more.
  2. got a little misty lookin at this thread.
  3. So I'm assembling a carcass. I bought a horrible fright pocket screw tool. It's really pretty good. No complaints about the tool. But I didn't consider the fact of the screws being on an angle. the screws upset the alignment of the parts precisely because they are coming in at an angle. So I'm using a brad gun to stop the movement but it takes more brads than I'd prefer.
  4. I use this method when mounting an axe blade to a handle never thought about using it this way
  5. Itr's a lot of oak And some wildly figured maple Deep Quilt from the look of it
  6. Remember that book case I built the lower half of a while back? No well here's a pic. The heat register face panel hadn't been applied in that one. It's a toe kick heater with the fan. I had to put a whole sepatate zone put on my system just for that sucker. It m,akes a hude difference in that room it's always been impossible to heat on cold days. Well I'm at the upper half milling out the sot mortices https://photos.smugmug.com/Maple-Bookcase/Painted-maple-bookcase-upper-half/i-SkFH8fF/0/85cd04c1/1280/milling the slot mortices-1280.mp4 Making these IT'll be 12 or so inches deep insde 14" outside and 4 feet wide
  7. It's all me. Inspires me to consider building a mill.
  8. Cliff


    There's a book that was written by a guy who purports to be able to teach you what the military teaches people to get to sleep. It is very c very expensive like $400 Now I have known a couple guys in the service in my years. I ain't never heard of no magical trick. I do remember some people talking about Training for pilots to sleep on demand. But it was just talk.
  9. Got a delivery today. Saw some nice crotches in there I may not be able to resist sawing some up for lumber This wood is city clicker lumber. Came from a City out east.
  10. Cliff


    I've had increasing severe insomnia since the 1990s. Dunno why it started. I've tried, Booze, Downers, Ambion, Belsorma, Zanax, More Booze CBD oil, Weed, even hypnotism. Generally things sort of worked until they didn't. Weed was a total waste of money and time I spent nearly a thousand dollars just getting a card and then more than half again getting the product. I have learned that it does help people sleep who can't sleep because they are in pain. But is pain is not your issue then fuhgetaboutit. One thing seemed a Magic Bullet. I was dating a girl who was a stroking Massage therapist. One evening she wanted to show me what she did so she set up her folding table and draped a towell over me and went to work. ZONK~!!!! I was out like she had a magic switch. Anyway I'm on a new path. I went to a hypnotherapist He was a total con artist. They all are. Hypnotism is this foolishness about getting you in a relaxes state so much that you are open to suggestion. Well that's a pile of road apples. BUT it gave me an idea. I was able to sort of zone out. Not much but sort of. So I was open to ideas on the topic. My lovely missus and I have been sick as dying dogs this last week. That Viral Bronchitis that is sweeping up from S America I guess. Anyway She'd collapse on the bed and I'd pass out on the couch with the telly way down low. I noticed that I sort of almost go to sleep with the idiot box making mumbling noises. So I went looking for something I might listen to at night. I found "Sounds of the Sea" It's nice there's surf waves rain birds whales yadda yadda BUT unlike al the idiotic Yoga and Hypnosis recordings I have tried ( and I've tried plenty) there is nothing demanding your attention like a voice telling to engage. I plugged into my smartphone with a bluetooth head set and set it top play and laid down. My mind rambled a bit and then I was gone. Of course a couple hours later I was shot straight up startled because the darn phone decided that it was bored playing the same ocean sounds and went looking for other sounds and was playing really loud DoorBells. Doorbells. They are not even in he same Folder~!!!!! There's nothing else in that folder but the ocean music. Technology~!!!!!!! !@#$%^&^%$#@#$%^%$#@#$%^&^%$#@#$%^& I'll try using my kindle. There's no door bells in there ( I hope) . when I win power ball I'm getting my own private Masseuse. Her job will be to knock me out at night. I'm gonna win, I can feel it in my bones.
  11. so I have been using this thing and I gotta say It is the single best sharpening tool I've ever used.
  12. Cliff


    Oh come on. You are not going to post anything to google docs that in any way puts you at a disadvantage.
  13. Cliff


    It's a free place where you can upload files like PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, ODT, etc etc. You can allow public access access by name or email and you can get a link to use for sharing. IT's pretty handy check it out https://www.google.com/docs/about/
  14. pico farads and capacitance. There is a circuit in the system very much like the circuit in one of those touch pad lamps that are becoming popular. Touch a metal pas and the lamp turns on or off. There is a relay controlling the high power and a little low volt circuit to power the relay The voltage across the blade is in pico farads as it's part of the circuit to power the relay Maybe it's 50 or 60 pico farads. You body had a hundred or two hundred more pico farads in the skin. When you touch the metal of the blade the pico farafds of the circuit jump up dramatically and that is what energizes the circuit Just exactly like whan you turn a lamp on with a capacitance touch switch
  15. Maybe but, that's not how I see it. YA see the robust ferrule adds rigidity to the wood at the end preventing the initial failure of the lumber. One can test it easily enough by building identical test samples one with copper and one with hammered on steel. Then see what weight is required to break each. I'm betting on the steel ferrule.
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