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  1. Great tee shirt. I've emailed the photographer. wsj.com @ $4/month. A value in digital content. in advance, sorry if there is a firewall https://www.wsj.com/articles/moscows-invasion-pushes-ukrainians-to-ditch-russian-learn-ukrainian-11659778201
  2. Since we're not allowed to guess, I'll not contribute that it appears to be a tool for stripping sections of skin off of an animal. Like a pig. Chitlins, anyone? A weaver's tool first came to mind, though.
  3. Spent too much money on wood today. Will soon want to 'find' some pre-1920 furniture to tear apart. It don't find itself, so I'll try trolling for treasures. Hitting a farm market tomorrow; there are registered vendors along one stretch and a whole lot of foot traffic past people who bring whatever they want to sell in another area. This week I knocked together a couple of folding tables. Everything is packed, the tables in an art portfolio bag - finally found a use for it - ready for a walk-in.
  4. If you were going to do it again? I could see orders coming in @ $4,000 - $6,000 depending on choice of wood. One small ad plus a web presence. The world is full of gentlemen-luthiers with more money than time
  5. Thanks, guys. Now the 64¢ question: what kind of wood do you figure it is? Old growth white pine? Pinus strobus? I'll tell you what, the shavings do have a nice somewhat familiar smell. I'll definitely be on the lookout for more of this shop's work.
  6. The top of this curb find has become a laundry vessel. 15" D x 14" H x 8+ lbs Nearly all of the wood from the sideboard top was used to make this vessel. It's got one application of SealCoat on the exterior. Things got wonky. The cylinder began moving into a helix, so the rabbeted ledge for the base had to be abandoned. I made that bottom the top and retained part of the rabbet detail in the final. The inside was mostly scraped but I did sand to remove some glue and dripped SeatCoat. I'll scrape the inside again when my forearms heal. The grain becomes dark, crisp, and handsome after a fresh burr.
  7. @steven newman, speaking of planes, is it bad for the blade to knock off dried glue from seams? No different than hitting small knots? How standard are plane irons? My old budget Stanley 14" has a blade which does not get very sharp. Does an old Stanley No. 4 iron swap right in? Thank you for your experience and guidance
  8. Today, haircut, crafting, maybe a swim at the ymca. Gluing the 18 slats sort of corkscrewed. Became 19+ slats in a peculiar helix design. I'm blessed in saving the scraps from cutting 10˚ bevels on the staves, as there were three seams which wanted solid filling. They worked, far better than a glue/sawdust putty would have.
  9. Thanks, John The Gallery is a great resource. My inspiration for this collection came from the Workbench Build Thread of @StaticLV2. Within a response, I referenced a couple of Lie-Nielsen tools, the images linked but not displayed. Pulled a few favorites from AmericanToolbox .com, hosted them in Gallery on The Patriot Woodworker, and Whammo, Hand Tools of Arts & Crafts is born.
  10. Oh, say it isn't true! 10 oz claw hammer sounds like something I'd want! I've tapered down my jobbing service work but in my time was compartmentalized to the hilt. These days it is Channelocks, 6-in-1 screwdriver, flashlight. If that cannot fix it, Red Wing boots for a good kick. Still busted, then the pay rate goes up.
  11. Beautiful bones, Michael. Love the massive beam and tendon construction! RE: LN tools, I'm not sure that lately they are crazy sharp right from Maine. My 3/8" chisel and Violin Maker's Plane were in August 2018, but maybe Covid has crimped the gears of perfection? December 2021 and July 2022 No. 102 and No. 60 1/2 planes were delivered sharp, but not sharp. Even a recent scraper set, $15 previously but now $25, showed signs of fabrication an earlier set did not. These days, sharpening and dressing my tools is a separate bench project. I gear up for it over time, clear the deck, then give honing all of my focus.
  12. Woodman

    Hand Tools of Arts & Crafts

    Select hand tools from the archives, current projects, and into the future.
  13. Is it common to wax wood before applying finish? I internet'd and hear, "Yes, it is done" but how common? A gal asked if I used beeswax on wood .... should have said, "I'm looking into it" but really, I was not sure it was done. I've got a few cans of JCS inbound. A return for a good deed, it seems. Cannot wait to take the wings off the TS and clean up the whole thing with 0000 and wax.
  14. Thanks for the PIP insight, @frenchwwr. I never would have known about a mount toed out of true. @Gerald, I looked your pic for more than a second before realizing that there was a TS hiding in there!
  15. Woodman

    Just a Fun Image

    Nice collection! Nicholson chisel, Estwing hammer, and Clinton shoulder plane? A shoulder plane is likely next for me. I’m still making most rabbets on a table saw!
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