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Found 25 results

  1. Dear folks, I was perusing the entire MWTCA What's It Forum and looking for this and that, and I felt a need to organize it by year. The main forum was getting a little long in the tooth, and I was having a hard time finding what I wanted, so I felt if I had a hard time, then guests and members may be having the same issue as I. Please see the newly organized MWTCA Forum, feedback positive and negative is appreciated, and thank you for being here. https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/forum/54-the-mwtca-whats-it-project/
  2. Hello wonderful community! The Shopsmith Forum is now open, thank you to all who helped make this happen. Cheers!
  3. A really wonderful forum for everything "Longrifle". Dedicated the building and studying of The American Long Rifle.
  4. Why a Host? Since this board was created over 10 years ago the Veterans Forum has been a big part of our community. But, the activity on the board has long been mediocre, and I know exactly why! Because most veterans are fine just not talking about their service. Typically their service was long ago, maybe on some far off land, and it was a time of their lives they'd rather keep to themselves, or perhaps they just felt really modest about their service and never felt their service was much to write home about. There are so many more reasons why, if we went into them here I'd never finish
  5. Dear Patriot Woodworker's Just as a friendly reminder, please view our forum guidelines at: https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/guidelines/ Our Guidelines are always accessible by hovering your cursor over the "About Us" navigation at the top of our website and clicking on "Guidelines". And, for your quick reading pleasure, I've picked a few guidelines that are really the most important to remember, as can be seen below, thank you! Respect is the name of the game. You must respect your fellow members. Please refrain from inflammatory and defamatory comments as
  6. Looks like the donation meter has stalled out. Come on guys help John out to keep this forum running. He works hard to keep us all happy, the least we can do is see he makes his goal of at least 1 k . Herb
  7. Dear folks, we are going to start to purge the Free For All Forum of it's thousands of topics, we are having to conserve valuable server space. If you have anything you want to save in the Free For All Forum, please start saving your items as you see fit over the next week. Next weekend the topics will start to disappear, up to the last couple pages. Thank you for your understanding. Attention: @Chips N Dust
  8. Something near and dear to my own heart is reading, and I love reading manuals and how to books about our craft. How would you all feel about a sub forum for reading books for each pertinent forum such as General Woodworking, Turning, Scrolling, etc. In this sub forum we could share the books we read and review them as well and exchange tips on where to find those books for a great price etc etc. Just trying to get a feel for the popularity or not. Thanks for hearing me out.
  9. Woodworking Web is a relatively new forum community run by one of the most experienced woodworking community administrators, Martin Sojka. There are some wonderful projects on display at Woodworking Web.
  10. I see that Fine Woodworking has re-instated their forums https://www.finewoodworking.com/discussion-forum I got on and surprised to see nearly 6000 pages of threads. Then on the third page, I saw one of my posts from 10 years ago. Not organized by topic, but it's there.
  11. Hey folks, I wanted to bounce something off of ya'll. While going through the forums and reading some of the wonderfully awesome content, something I see frequently are titles to the topics that have nothing to do with the topic, or at least not to the observer. For me, it gets a tad frustrating as I wish I could determine a topic by the title, frankly if it's even anything I want to open and read. For example, and I am not picking on anyone here! These are my own made up examples. A topic title "The Best Thing in My Shop" is a title for a topic about a new
  12. @Fred Wilson has been our Scroll Saw Forum host for several years now, and he has done a bang up job in keeping folks happy, and helping out as many as he can. Fred's life has gotten pretty busy this last year and he is finding it hard to get over here as often as he'd like, so Fred is going to relinquish the reins to a new host (yet to be determined), and he is and has been focusing on family and life in general. Fred wants to be a regular ol member now, he'll still come aboard and chime in and hassle y'all, but just know that you can no longer beat up on Fred, since he is no
  13. We are currently in the process of moving our Archived Forums to our live Forums as sub-categories of each. The Archived Forums will still be read only, as we slowly and patiently move them to the live forums after much editing and clean up of each topic is performed. I just moved the Woodworking archived forum to the live General Woodworking forum as a sub category. This will, after the moves are complete, save real-estate on our forums page, thus eliminating the entire "Archived Forums" section.
  14. I just wanted to update folks on the status of Kieth Mealy as our Finishing Forum Host. At last contact it sounded like Keith was up to his eyeballs with life and business and he is just having a heck of a time getting back here with us. Believe me, I know how he feels, sometimes just to squeeze in a few minutes can be a daunting task, and it stays in the back of your head as something you know you need to do, but just can't, then ya start to feel bad about not being able to get it done, and then the task just becomes a pain in the rear to have lurking in the back of your brain, yep, we a
  15. The CNC forum has moved to The Woodworking Discussion Forum. It is now a sub forum similar to General Woodworking, Turners, etc. Thank you!
  16. The forum for Shopsmith users and future users.
  17. What is it A review of our Free For All forum, and an effort to clean up old files and images in order to save server resources. What will happen? A case by case action will be performed to determine what images are useful, and what images may be deleted. In some cases entire topics may be deleted, topics with multiple pages full of memes for example, the memes and frivolous images tend to be many, and take up valuable space on our server. We love the Free For All Forum, but unfortunately, it will have to be thinned back in order to conserve resources on our server,
  18. Home of the American GI Forum of the United States
  19. General forum for woodworking. Special sections for various areas . Nice turning section
  20. Proposal A new CNC forum has been discussed, bantered and messaged about. I am starting to get multiple messages regarding this subject, and I love them! But I just thought perhaps it would be best to put the idea out here, in open forum format so we can collaborate on the idea and discuss how best to proceed, and to have all suggestions in one area. Firstly, I love the idea, we want this to happen, and we will make it happen, but we want to jump in correctly and good. We already have a great start to the CNC Gallery as suggested by @honesttjohn and he has populated that
  21. Announcement On behalf of our entire staff we are pleased to announce @kmealy (Keith Mealy) as our new "Finishing, Tips and Tricks" Forum Host. Introduction Keith has a vast background in woodworking and finishing. He has been with us for several months now and he has proven to be a great asset and mentor to the rest of us who need that little push in the right direction in the realm of finishing. Keith is the past president of the Cincinnati Woodworkers Club and he is currently a finishing instructor for his local Woodcraft store. Keith also comes from a
  22. Sketchup users form for questions about software
  23. Sometimes our home page gets a little long, and scrolling down can be somewhat irritating if you have to do it often. In order to shorten the home page forum you can click on the "down arrow" at the right of each forum header in order to collapse the forum, thus shortening up the home page. Have fun!
  24. John, Again, not a complaint or bug, but rather a suggestion- and it may not be possible. I noticed that when replying to a post the only way to provide a graphic/picture is to upload that to the gallery, then transfer it to the forum topic response. It would be faster/easier, on many occasions, to have the ability to attach a file to the response. As the software is now programmed that process can be done from the desktop- eliminating the upload step.
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