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Found 5 results

  1. Why a Host? Since this board was created over 10 years ago the Veterans Forum has been a big part of our community. But, the activity on the board has long been mediocre, and I know exactly why! Because most veterans are fine just not talking about their service. Typically their service was long ago, maybe on some far off land, and it was a time of their lives they'd rather keep to themselves, or perhaps they just felt really modest about their service and never felt their service was much to write home about. There are so many more reasons why, if we went into them here I'd never finish this introduction. So I am hoping by having an official host for this forum, that we may interact more as a veteran, and with a veteran(s). We want this forum to be a good place for everyone, non veterans and veterans alike to get together and just talk about all kinds of things related to our veterans. Introduction So, I'd like to announce that @AndrewB will be taking over our Veterans Forum as our new host. Andrew volunteered. At first Andrew was thinking the "Free For All" would be a good fit for him. After he and I spoke a little more we both thought the Veterans Forum would be pretty danged cool for him to take over as well, so really we are getting a "two fer" from Andrew, he'll be hosting the Free For All and the Veterans. I'll let Andrew answer most of your questions if you have any regarding his background in service of our nation, and his experience on other software platforms for hosting and operations. But I can say this, Andrew served active duty Army from 2003 to 2006 and he did his time in the Sandbox (Baghdad from 2003 to 2004) and in 2006 he transitioned to the National Guard until 2015 for a total of 12 years in service to our great nation. See Staff Directory, our new host is listed. https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/staff/ Duties Andrew will be performing the basic duties of forum hosts, such as monitoring topics, looking for violators of our policies, foul language, distasteful posts, images or anything that is not family friendly. Andrew, you have chosen a job that is akin to the Maytag Repairman, since our folks here are the absolute best, the above listed violations are hardly ever seen. Among his basic forum duties Andrew will also be responsible for the following: Posting relevant topics to the community regarding Veterans Affairs. Posting changes in policy that effects our veterans from the House of Representatives to the Executive branch. Reporting on new laws that are passed by our congress. Reporting on laws in the pipeline that effect our veterans. Posting reminders of veterans related holidays, and anniversaries of historic battles and wars. And, if there are more items our members would like to see here, please let us know here in this topic. This job may turn out to be a pretty big job, we may have to solicit help from another veteran for Andrew! In Closing So let's give our friend AndrewB a nice welcome to the host circle, and as a part of our Patriot Woodworker Staff. We are very happy you are here Andrew.
  2. @Fred Wilson has been our Scroll Saw Forum host for several years now, and he has done a bang up job in keeping folks happy, and helping out as many as he can. Fred's life has gotten pretty busy this last year and he is finding it hard to get over here as often as he'd like, so Fred is going to relinquish the reins to a new host (yet to be determined), and he is and has been focusing on family and life in general. Fred wants to be a regular ol member now, he'll still come aboard and chime in and hassle y'all, but just know that you can no longer beat up on Fred, since he is now officially off The Patriot Woodworker payroll and not bringing home his usual six figure salary from us, yet he is now a regular ol woodworker like the rest of us, just enjoying the view around here, and participating at leisure. Fred, thank you sir, for your service to our forum, and your un-ending patience with those of us who needed the help, and it was a pleasure shared by many I am sure, to know you, and to work with you. Thank you Fred, for your service to our community! If you'd all like to stay connected with Fred, you can also find him at his own website http://www.gopopsshop.com/index.php Hey folks, you can still purchase these exclusive Patriot Woodworker plaques from Fred! Fred made a batch of these back in the day and he gifted them to our sponsors as a thank you for their support. To order one please see at Patriot Woodworker Plaque
  3. I just wanted to update folks on the status of Kieth Mealy as our Finishing Forum Host. At last contact it sounded like Keith was up to his eyeballs with life and business and he is just having a heck of a time getting back here with us. Believe me, I know how he feels, sometimes just to squeeze in a few minutes can be a daunting task, and it stays in the back of your head as something you know you need to do, but just can't, then ya start to feel bad about not being able to get it done, and then the task just becomes a pain in the rear to have lurking in the back of your brain, yep, we all been there! We have not had contact with Keith for a little while now so that means he is being driven hard elsewhere, and we should respect that and wish him the best in his business and his family. As you can see in the image of Keith and kids, he is performing a much more important task, sharing his knowledge with the younger generation, and he is teaching the kids how to extract honey! Hey he has other hobbies ya know! I want to personally thank Keith for the time he spent here, his weekly finishing topics and his interaction in forum topics and posts, were and still are highly valued here on TPW, and are now a permanent part of our information structure, and that my friends is priceless. You can't buy information like Keith shared with us, the information that Keith dispersed here in the Finishing Forum can only be gotten from a man in the business, and with years of experience behind him, and you cannot put a value on that my friends. Like our Scrolling Forum Host Fred Wilson, Keith is moving on to being a laid back low key member of The Patriot Woodworker, where the stresses of meeting deadlines with the weekly topic are no more, and the contentious meetings on The Patriot Woodworker corporate jet are no more, and also his six figure salary as well that he earned as host, is no more. But one thing for sure, a legacy of wonderful information and knowledge in the sometimes mysterious field of finishing, has been left behind by our friend Keith Mealy. We wish him the best in all he does, and we hope someday he'll drop on by and just say howdy, we do miss him. If anyone has a direct "Bat Line" to Kieth, please let him know he is thought of highly here, and we are forever grateful for the time he spent here. Cheers folks!
  4. Introduction We are excited to announce that Larry Buskirk is back and ready to assume his duties as the Old Machinery Forum Host! Larry has been a member since July of 2011 along with a small hiatus from us as life happened, but he has returned to the fold, and we are very happy he is back. When Larry first came aboard he demonstrated his keen prowess in the art of restoring old machinery, and he kept coming back to share his expertise with others and a few of his own projects. It wasn't long before Larry shot us a message and asked us "You all should install an Old Machinery Forum!". After much cajoling and convincing us admins, the forums for Old Machinery were born, you can all thank Larry Buskirk for firing up our Old Machinery forums! I had a personal run in with Larry from the early days, I had an old Walker Turner drill press that I started to restore, and the on/off switch box was a mess, the wires were all jumbled and they were disconnected and I could not get it to hook up and start. Larry asked me to call him and see if we could get it squared away, within 10 minutes by just a phone call, Larry walked me through the identification process of each wire, and which wire connects to the other, and by the end of the night I had a Walker Turner that was spinning away! He really knows his stuff folks. Projects One of Larry's projects he shared with us was his Delta 700 Scroll Saw Restoration. Larry has also helped us start a unique file sharing gallery for machinery decals that are needed during the process of getting that old machine back to specs and color. All the decals uploaded into this gallery were done by our Machinery Forum Host. https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/files/category/25-delta-mfg-co/ Just a heads up, when a decal is submitted in the decal files sharing category, they are auto-populated into the Old Machinery Badges and Decals Forum. https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/forum/46-old-machinery-badges-and-decals/ Duties Larry will be hosting all the forums under the Old Machinery category. He'll will be our main go to man for the art of restoring old machinery, or not restoring old machinery! Hey, just post your old machinery topics here, so we can all talk about them and learn. Restored or not, Old Machinery is just flat out cool. Larry will be able to assist members in posting their topics or editing images, or inserting images, correcting up on that post that you wish you had not posted, he will be able to remove or change content for you. And of course his main duty here, is to be here for you while you restore that old machine, bringing it back from the dead. In other words, welcome back Larry! Great to have you aboard, again, and assuming your duties here in the Old Machinery Forums! Now, get to it folks! Dig em up, un-bury them, rescue them from salvage, and take up your neighbor when they offer you an old machine that appears to be useless, because I guarantee you, once you get it in your shop, and you interact here for the resto process, you'll have a working machine that is made better than most machines today, at a fraction of the cost. Cheers!
  5. Announcement On behalf of our entire staff we are pleased to announce @kmealy (Keith Mealy) as our new "Finishing, Tips and Tricks" Forum Host. Introduction Keith has a vast background in woodworking and finishing. He has been with us for several months now and he has proven to be a great asset and mentor to the rest of us who need that little push in the right direction in the realm of finishing. Keith is the past president of the Cincinnati Woodworkers Club and he is currently a finishing instructor for his local Woodcraft store. Keith also comes from a hosting background where he dispensed his knowledge at the ever so popular WOOD forums. "His wide range of woodworking skills make him an excellent instructor and his organization always leads to a successful class. Currently he is teaching Finishing Basics and Coloring Wood. Obviously, Keith can (nearly) do it all, and his classes are always popular." Source: Woodcraft on Keith Mealy We are fortunate to have Keith and his expertise here with us. Keith's duties will be to assist anyone who enters his forum for finishing advice, finishing suggestions, or just to show off that finishing project, or at times even, he'll be here for us as we show off our finishing disasters. Either way I am sure he'll have the guidance you need to help create that perfect finished project. So, please join us in welcoming Keith Mealy to our community as your new Finishing,Tips and Tricks Forum Host. Thank you
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