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  1. https://www.rockler.com/learn/Woodworking-Furniture-Joinery?fbclid=IwAR2Kaj03Ivy9n-kbwIklErbg7bqRSt-hPu-xQK07-DXKS1p3RPrMjAHU89Q What are the most popular furniture joints.pdf
  2. An article and video on how to make dovetail keys for corners. https://www.woodsmith.com/newsletter/2021/01/14/making-dovetail-keys-at-the-router-table/?utm_medium=email&_hsmi=106246662&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9tsc7Aa_zdXnlVKgtQ_SMbhjy7_QOcVS6JEz84gFoxcI25OxV9I-aK45l6VxJxbIJDZFKChBqIkw85JyjB2HEowjoGZzAL47WneQFpJ-IOuOfvA9A&utm_content=106246662&utm_source=hs_email
  3. A test of some common joints under more than one type of stress. https://www.woodmagazine.com/woodworking-how-to/doors-drawers/wood-joint-torture-test-2-doors-drawers Wood Joint Torture Test 2 Doors & Drawers _ WOOD Magazine.pdf
  4. I'm sure glad I can learn a lot about woodworking on the internet. Here's a couple of the first few hits on "types of wood joints" I am going to practice making dovetials [sic] like this and get a good, strong joint. Seems kind of wasteful of wood, though. I will have to wait until I have some turkey legs before I can get a tendon for a mortise and tendon [sic] joint, too. They obviously stole the above from Bob Vila (or vice-versa) I think I will also make some of these very strong dovetail joints. (found at another site 8 joints you need to know)
  5. Well, I was going to post this last night after we got to our son and daughter in law's new house that they just moved into, but I had to help my son put together the new sofa/bed that Tami and I were going to sleep on. We got done after midnight so I figured that it would have to wait until this morning. In Part 2 of this project of making a Cedar Lined Walnut Blanket Chest for Nori, my first grand daughter that will be born this coming November, John Moody, Ron Dudelston and I were all at John Moody's house to hang out for a few days and we were building this chest together in John Moody's s
  6. I have a production project in the plans which will require mortising and bent lamination, so I took the time to build a mortising jig and a beam compass. I will be test driving them after the project design is approved on Labor Day weekend. Mortising jig The mortising jig design is original, but has features borrowed from Jeff Miller and Philip Morley. It is approx. 16”x 30” x 5” with a ¾” x 5” x 36” base boards. The primary materials used are 4/4 maple lumber, ½” Baltic birch ply, and ¾” Prowood birch U-V ply. The red stops are made from scrap cherry painted. The jig c
  7. Just ordered these. Will be waiting my loving caresses upon my arrival. Byrd Shelix for the DeWalt. And, a tapered dovetail jig from Infinity. I see hours/days of fun in my future.
  8. Guys, I got myself a used one of these and was wondering if anyone had one that might have some insights on setup and so forth. I bought at a very fair price and it's in real good condition. Thanks for any input, Pat
  9. Short blog from Chris Schwarz on hand cut dovetails https://www.popularwoodworking.com/woodworking-blogs/chris-schwarz-blog/dovetailing-trick-beginners?k=O5aSyEQDrOJ71MtJucCkmub0UnqR%2BIUKrY3UU4gftQ8%3D&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=pww-kbo-nl-180502-dovetails
  10. steven newman


    From the album: A Stepback Cupboard

    I might need a bit more practice, doing these handcut, half blind dovetails....I donot apply any finish to the sides, or the insides, of drawers....tkes to long for the smell to go away...Ash for the front, pine for the sides, poplar for the back. 1/4" plywood for the bottom.
  11. So I am practicing handcut dove tails. I am up to cut 12, still a few minor things im not happy with but my OCD wont be happy till there are no mistakes!! Below is attempt 12 So my issues here were the knife wall for the middle pin was compressed, you could see from the inside. The finish on the proud parts of the joint was rough. I find that when chiselling out the waste my chisel doesn't seem to cut very well on chop cuts. I literally sharpened them before I started the joint as well!! Maybe I am being a bit too aggressive, or could it just be that pine
  12. As some of you know, my sister has made it her life's work to make sure I get to heaven- fat chance! This time, she has me making a tithe box and shelf for her minister's church. I worked with him thru emails and Sketchup drawings to get the approval on the design/materials/hardware. The box is 1/2" thick birch and walnut stock with hand cut dovetails. Top and bottom are mounted in dados. The top is flush with the sides and the bottom is slightly recessed. The shelf is 3/4" birch plywood with shop made walnut edging. The hardware is a half m
  14. Seems like a new/old process. All sorts & $'s of jigs. Some hand cut theres. DIFFERENT BITS. Differences bout ALL OF IT. JUST A SUGGESTION, OK.
  15. So I had posted a few weeks back about the humidor I was building. At that time I had assembled the outer case and started the finish. Since then I have lined it with Spanish cedar, built storage trays and conditioned the cedar by wetting it with distilled water a few times.
  16. Neat idea for aligning pieces for hand cut dovetails http://www.finewoodworking.com/2005/10/25/a-simple-trick-for-aligning-pins-and-tails?source=w1722enl&tp=i-H43-BC-12U-4oD44-1o-4vrt-1c-4niDc-bErcg&utm_campaign=fine-woodworking-eletter&utm_source=eletter&utm_medium=eletter&utm_content=fw_eletter&cid=3998&mid=71071968
  17. From the album: Old English Plate Shelf

    Finished and ready for delivery. My go to finishing schedule for most of my flat work is water based dyes for color, followed by a coat of boiled linseed oil, then oil based varnish. I still love the warmth and glow of oil based varnishes, it has a warmth that I love.

    © Courtland Woodworks

  18. I got a little shop time yesterday! So I thought I'd make a little something for our daughter's violin teacher, she has taken it upon herself to give our daughter lessons pro bono, but we could not have that so I told every now and then I'd get something out of the shop for her. We are starting small at first so I can get an idea of her tastes, once I know what she likes in her home (mountain cabin with cedar walls) then we'll get more extravagant. I decided on a simple little shaker style wall shelf with sliding dovetails. Of course every project starts out with a plank of
  19. This is a side table I did based on a shaving stand Norm did on NYW. I used sliding dovetails for the side and bottom and to put the top on . The drawers have my first try at handcut dovetails. The only screws in the piece are in the base to attach it to the drawer box and in the drawer runners. The top had a nice figure in it which I did not see till I applied the shellac. Also my first time to french polish with shellac. The garnet shellac (the only finish) will even out the color of cherry so even the sapwood will not look so bright.
  20. Well the historic wood pen turning project is moving along, slowly, but moving. Part of the deal was to make two special presentation boxes for those responsible for securing monies. The main turner involved doesn't have many wood working tools so the box making fell on me. No one had a plan as to what they wanted the boxes to look like. OK, I've made some boxes but I don't feel my skills are really up to what I think they should be for this type of project. Especially with this precious wood. My original design was to have the box larger, but the size of the bea
  21. The April/May issue of Woodcraft Magazine has a great article called "Joinery Class". This particular entry is about Half Blind Dovetails. Within the article is a link to a video demonstrating an easy way to layout any dovetails. The best part is that you only have to make TWO measurements! Check out this video-
  22. Well, some dummy decided he just had to work in the Dungeon Shop this afternoon. Moved the base on to the floor, to be easier to mark other parts for sizes. The plan for today was to add the top and bottom drawer rails to the front of the base...Sooo The wider of the two goes in the top of the legs. Needed to cut a single dovetail to attach the top rail to the leg. made some marks, and made some cuts.. then chopped out the waste with a chisel or two then used this to mark on the leg's top where to cut for the socket. Then repeat the above for the other end of the top rail. Su
  23. Well, went and dug out a few other toys this morning. A "better" dovetail saw, for one the one on the right is a Sheffield "Crown" Gents saw. Seemed to cut a might bit better. Should, I don't think it has been used til now. Dug out a narrow mortise chisel, too. Plan was just to saw down to a line, then chop out the waste. Each set of tails seemed to look better than the last set, so there was some progress, at least. Tried the fit out by putting the box together Not too bad? Next, scrounged a plywood bottom for the box. Had some good 3/8 cabinet stuff, but wasn't the rig
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