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  1. My daughter got me a couple of things for my birthday, both are quality made from Rocklers. The one I just turned and installed was the pizza cutter handle. I think it is a sturdy built piece and it will cut many pizzas. I used Yellow heart and Red heart. It looks great and cuts real nice. The other gift is still in the box. It is SS measuring cups that require me to turn the handles. I haven't decided the wood type yet, my wife hinted strongly that she would like Purple Heart. She will be using them, so that is what they will be.
  2. I bought this hammer thinking it would be handy to keep close to the lathe. It has a copper alloy head on one end to knock a drive spur in. First time I used it the handle broke, dry rot?, but I thought I would put a handle on it someday. Someday is over a year later but it is here and I decided to make one. I thought this might be better done using offset turning and proceeded in that direction. Got a piece of Hard Maple and went to town on it. Couple hours later I had this. This picture doesn't show it but I made a nice tight fit for the h
  3. I have had a problem for a while in the shop with the crank handle on the planer. It juts out into the narrow walkway between the jointer and the planer and I have an ongoing set of hip bruises as a result. The solution was to turn a handle that has a wooden tenon that I can just insert into the threaded hole for the handle and only when I need it. It probably won’t last forever but hopefully for a while.
  4. This is my latest attempt at an off-center turning to produce an oval shaped tool handle. This was done out of ash. Be kind, I am still learning, as can plainly be seen.
  5. Since my brother and his wife retired, they are spending more time experimenting with various cuisines. I though I'd get them a micro-plane/grater for the kitchen. Rather than just buy the completed item, I ordered the planer/grater and made the handle. In the past, I sent them various kitchen/serving utensils so this handle would reflect the previous designs. The biggest disappointment, with this particular grater, was that the handle was designed to be permanently attached to the grater using epoxy. In my opinion, handles should be detachable so that the metal portions can be ade
  6. How about a broken sledge hammer handle turned into chisel handles. Also a pretty good example of how not to use a lathe but I am learning.https://youtu.be/5dYnNZQn8s8
  7. I get Tom Fidgen's Newsletter in my inbox and I always look forward to it. Tom is a hand made by hand tool guy, long story short, great stuff, beautiful work, I have been following him for along time. In the most recent newsletter he is advertising his new Two Handled Rasps, these are beautiful tools, I want them, I gotta have them, don't know how yet, but some day I'll have them in my shop. These tools just make sense, with their two handles, stitched rasp, these are made for accurate stock removal. I have no horse in the game here, I just love beautiful tools is all. Here they are.
  8. Needed a new type of screwdriver.....lee valley wanted way to much for one of theirs, was out of stock, anyway. Needed a screwdriver to remove these... Called "Split nuts". Decide I could make my own screwdriver, first i needed a 1/2" spade bit Well...Lowes did sell singles. Then dig through the "spares" box, looking for a handle... That could accept a hex shaft, and lock on to it ( yellow "stripe" is a flip out compartment for bits.meh) I think that will do as a start....needed to take this, a saw, and a big cup of water to the shop....and cl
  9. Just think, in less than 2 weeks, we will enter Daylight Saving Time- for those who live in states that utilize this archaic standard. This sees to sum it up- Our Patriot Turners- Member @Thad posted a new project of some handles he was turning. Thad also asked our turners about making ferrules. The handles turned out fantastic! Check out the post here- @Ron Altier Started a discussion concerning using gloves while turning and if that practice was safe. Lots of thoughts and discussion followed- Ron also pos
  10. This is my wife's favorite cooking pot. It has got to be 75+ years old. She got it from her aunt many years ago. The handle has rotted away and she wants it replaced. Not a big deal, however I have some thoughts about the wood and type finish I should use. I should use hardwood for sure, I am concerned about the finish. Maybe an oil? varnish? What would you use around heat and food?
  11. I don't always release the tension on the band saw. Not sure if it is necessary or not but had an idea to add a crank handle on mine. I sent the motor from my radial saw and got the $100.00 rebate and saved a few items before tossing the carcass. The crank handle was one of them and I decided to add it to the tension knob of the Delta 14" band saw. I stuck a piece of 1/2" rod in the lathe and cut the end for a press fit into a thick washer. Took it out to the welder and tacked in for extra support and ended up with this after drilling three holes for mounting bolts.
  12. Back at the end of April of this year, went to an estate Auction. Won a bundle of saws.....one was a bit strange looking... Finally got around to rehabbing it a bit.....Filed the teeth as rip. Got a couple pieces of Cherry to make a blank for a handle.. Metal frame was wire wheeled until it was shiny. Red handle holds the file I used to sharpen the blade. let this mess sit over night Clamps were removed, sander set up. Shaped to fit my hands. . Drilled a couple holes, and installed a pair of saw bolts. Steel frame, merits steel bolts, righ
  13. Found this hammer head at an estate sale and bought it for the novelty of it. I have this hammer and thought I may be able to share the handle with is and treat it as a kit. They both have 3/8" fine threads but the screw driver was too long for the new ball peen head. There is only 2" hollowed out in the stem so I decided to make a handle for it. I found this piece of brass from a candle stick I saved from a previous project. As luck would have it it had 3/8" fine threads already in the end of it. Stuff does go right
  14. Ever need a handle to lift,pour, etc. and made in usa too. https://add-a-handle.com/ Herb
  15. Hey Folks, One of out members is trying to find some plans, or assistance, in making a drawer handle. Our member, Pat Meeuwissen (http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/user/2585-pat-meeuwissen/) is trying recreate this handle- Can anyone steer him in the right direction?? Thanks!
  16. Seems this beat up saw came home with me.... No back on a backsaw? Plate had almost as many dips and curves as the roads down there.. maybe the handle could be saved? Well, this saw has a loose handle, "bolts" are rivets. Unable to tighten things up....I wonder... Holes look close......maybe get rid of the riveted handle? Might just work.... Had to chop up the handle, and cut the rivets off. Shined the brass a bit.. Have filled that little hole where someone used to put a hanger loop through. So, after a few adjustments of
  17. I bought an Easy Hollower by Easy Wood Tools some months ago. I bought it without the handle with the idea of making something special for it. I figured I should make the tool removable since there are other hollowing tools available for future purchase possibilities. I had a piece of 1.5" diameter steel rod out in the metal shop so I cut a 4" piece off and took it to the metal lathe and drilled a .5" hole 3" deep for the tool tang. I stuck the end with the hole in the chuck and turned 3" of the shaft down to .875" (7/8) diameter to be inserted into the wood handle.
  18. Last spring, I picked an old #3 sized plane at a garage sale.....they had just brought it up out of a damp cellar......yellow, fuzzy mold on the wood parts, everything else was a rusty mess. Spent a dollar for it, thinking I could at least get a few parts out of it..... Yeah.....anyway, got things cleaned up. Wood parts on the plane went into the trash can, they were "punky" and gummmy. Got it almost cleaned up, and found some other handles.. And set it aside for awhile......Kept thinking about the rear handle....this one wasn't setting right, bolt didn't match th
  19. On another site I float around in. There is a topic about the handle on a hatchet.....Got to thinking....yeah....I might have one of those strange tools.. No, it didn't come out of one of these tubs.. Lovely looking bunch? The one that is sitting in the Tool Tote at the moment, MIGHT be a bit better.. Used to be able to read the "gold" lettering on the wooden handle.....Official Scout Camp Axe Has a brass screw, takes a flat bladed screwdriver, to adjust the wedge for tightness. Why it has a nail puller notch, who knows.. The best part of the Hatc
  20. A buddy just dropped off a Buck Brothers gouge that needs a handle. TUrning it is no problem but I need to get an idea of the proportions of the original handle- which is missing. This is what I have- If anyone can direct me to a site that would have a picture of this particular chisel, I'd be grateful!
  21. Picked a eggbeater a few weeks ago.. Well the handle was missing the end cap, and there were a few cracks in the handle.. Decided to just remove the bad stuff, and add a better handle, but where to get one? Ah, this strange tool had something I could use.. I can drive that handle off the "speeder bar" screwdriver. Took a bit, finally got it off. The rest of the speeder bar went into the spares box. Took a bit of work to get the old handle off the drill, as they use a pin through the whole end...and it didn't want to be driven out..that is why they make
  22. From the album: Handles

  23. Charles Nicholls

    File Handles

    From the album: Handles

    A few chainsaw file handles I have made recently
  24. Sometime last Yard sale season....I picked a strange looking chisel up for..maybe fifty cents had a cigar band style label, or did at one point in time. Looked like either a Japanese chisel or a Butcher....Handle was splitting at the tang's end. Got to cleaning this "thing" up.. Found some markings on that flat area.......C E JENNINGS with an arrowhead under that, and then a "Made in USA" below that. I also got the back all polished and flat. Should do for now. well a Jennings handle for a tanged chisel did NOT look like this handle.. A
  25. Started out with a saw plate that came in the mail.. 12" long, 9ppi, two holes for bolts. Worked on straightening the tooth line, had two smallish kinks. Got to thinking about maybe a handle, to make saw a little easier? Came up with these two items....one was just a cut-down nest-of-saws handle, the other was what I sketched out on a slab of white oak. I think it looks a bit better. Router bits to start to shape it down, beltsander to sand away all the marks from the DULL router bit. Whole LOT of sanding going on... Finally, it felt good enoug
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