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  1. HARO50

    Building a Bed Frame

    Hope not! Just dry up a bit. John
  2. HARO50

    Improving On Everything

    Around here the law says you can't take a trapped animal more than a kilometer from where you trapped it! A squirrel, let alone a deer, would be back before YOU got home. John
  3. HARO50

    Largest Domestic Furniture Manufacturers?!

    So..... am I to assume that China bought the U.S.??? John
  4. HARO50

    Useless conversation and other drivel...

    You WOULD like tat one, wouldn't you, @Stick486. Your own personal philosophy! John
  5. HARO50

    Happy Birthday Herb!

    ANOTHER 150-year old! All the best, Herb! John
  6. HARO50

    the Toolbox of America -- Stanley

    I was wondering how long it would take you to notice! John
  7. HARO50

    Useless conversation and other drivel...

    Looks like you got around Kelly on that one. Nice turn of words! John
  8. HARO50

    You Might Find This Interesting.

    Always wanted to take the mule ride to the bottom. Can you still do that? John
  9. HARO50

    You Might Find This Interesting.

    I may get to meet someone from TPW after all! Let me know when you're coming. John
  10. HARO50

    You Might Find This Interesting.

    https://modelaacres.com/ Hope this works! John
  11. HARO50

    Building a Bed Frame

    Offer him a hand saw.... a dull one at that! No sense making it TOO easy for him! John
  12. HARO50

    Gas Range With No Vent.

    REALLY??? All the way out there on the mesa? I thought you'd still be using kerosene lamps. John
  13. HARO50

    Hey, I'm Just Thinking Out Loud but

    Hmmm... I'll have to work on it. John
  14. HARO50

    My Latest Dilema

    I think most of us have some of those! John
  15. I took these pictures this morning, about 1 1/2 miles from home. This guy has quite a collection of old planes and such. Hawker Hurricane in front, Supermarine Spitfire behind. The spitfire, and behind.... a Messerschmitt bf109. Also, note the tank in the background. And this, I believe, is a de Havilland DH98 Mosquito in the making. The gentleman who owns these items is retired. He and his wife run a B&B in their home, and for a hobby, he builds full-size planes, tanks, and even a submarine (It's in hid pond!). He also has a Sopwith Camel and a Fokker Triplane (red, of course!) which were in the shade, so I'll try to get a picture later. He builds these items using discarded aluminum lawn furniture and above-ground swimming pools! And you thought YOU were good at recycling? John

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