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  1. Current price paid for #1 copper is $3.50 a pound. Price for aluminum (cans) is 40 to 55 Cents. Just saying! John
  2. They wouldn't be using aluminum wire, would they? And would it actually make a difference? John
  3. Doors in old buildings were often built by the owner, with no "standard" thicknesses. This particular spindle would allow for any variation. John
  4. Lots of wind last night! Lost power around 8:00, came back on just before 4:00 am. John
  5. My 45-year old Craftsman (Made in the U.S.A!) still works like a trooper, but if I had to replace it, I'd get a DeWalt 20 Volt cordless like my son has. I've never used one I liked better! John No, I don't work for DeWalt, nor do I have stock in the company!
  6. Aw, that brought tears to my eyes! I wish you two MANY more happy years together. John
  7. Today marks the 45th anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. John
  8. “I am hoping to use this to bore holes in wood.” Are we that stupid? Apparently some of us are! The quote is one of the comments in reply to why you bought a 7/16" drill bit. John
  9. Wasn't Carol Burnett a blonde? jOHN
  10. Thanks for the 'heads up'! I thought it was ME!!! John
  11. You're in my prayers, Al. Hope you're up and dancing again in no time! John
  12. Is that tool in the upper right used to install them or remove them? John
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