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  1. Truer words were never spoken! John
  2. I've had the 3-blade head for 45 years, bought it at the same time I got my RS. Always used it with the motor tilted so the shaft was straight down. Used a 2-piece fence, with as little clearance as possible. I made many yards of molding, most of it turned out very good, and not a single mishap. And always feed S-L-O-W-L-Y!!! John And NO, I haven't used it since I built my router table.
  3. Well worth a visit, John! It's a beautiful country. Try to go when no earthquakes are scheduled, though. John
  4. The Ten-Year Pickup Blues! John
  5. Boy, was I wrong! It was only 50 lb. a bag. John
  6. I don't remember the weight, Gene, but they FELT like 100 pounds each! I'll have to check when I go over tomorrow. Took today off. The pickup was in the shop..... a hole in the exhaust, a broken spring, oil change.... Oh, yes, he found a nail in a tire! John
  7. I lifted 2,500 pounds yesterday! One bag of flooring mortar at a time. John
  8. I understand fully! Had to have my German Shepherd put down when she was about 12 due to hip displasia. Best darn dog ever! Tried a cat many years later. Cancer hit her around the age of six. Sweetest little thing. Broke my heart. I'll never have another pet. Goldfish don't count. John
  9. Please accept my condolences. The loss of a beloved pet can be painful. BT,DT. John
  10. Thanks, Gene. I'll see if anything is "over-torqued"! John
  11. My son recently bought a used mortiser, as he will be building several railings for his log home. The seller told him not to leave the machine running when not actually cutting mortises, as it WILL heat up. Also, we noticed a bit of a squeal when the bit is turning in the chisel. So, a question for all you woodworkers with experience in using these machines.... Should there be some kind of lube applied to the chisel/bit? And if so, what is safe to use that will not interfere with the finish? John
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