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  1. HARO50

    151 years young!

    All the best on your big day, Herb. Go, Harbor Freight!!! John
  2. Grumpy Cat, the famous feline known for her permanent scowl, has died at age seven, according to her owners. The cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, became famous in 2012 after photographs of her grumpy expression rocketed across the web. A video posted to YouTube followed, which has more than 21 million views to date.
  3. Better ask Santa for a new razor. John
  4. Good work, Steven... as always! Hope it doesn't drive the rent up! John
  5. HARO50

    Birthday Cake...

    All the best on your birthday, Steve! John
  6. A little worse than muskrat. Avoid it at all costs! John
  7. You must live near me! John
  8. It seems to me that the gentleman missed some important facts. While a raccoon relocated to a woodlot may well have a 20% chance of survival, if relocated to a farm, the chances drop to near 0%, depending on the farmer's eyesight. The last thing ANY farmer wants is more of the masked bandits scrounging food. A moot point, since many areas forbid relocating them more than a mile or so from home. And regardless of what anybody tells you, they do NOT taste like chicken! John
  9. HARO50

    Good Clean Fun

    You too, eh? John
  10. Thanks for the video, John. I thoroughly enjoyed that. John
  11. HARO50


    Truth is stranger than fiction! John
  12. HARO50


    YUP! John
  13. HARO50


    I've been there twice. It's an experimental facility testing different makes and ideas. From the parking lot at North Cape, that whir is ALL you can hear. Personally, I don't like the darn things, but I think a lot of their bad rep is made up by the tree huggers to make them sound worse than they really are. John
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