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  1. HARO50

    Tabs on the Weather...

    I don't suppose anyone thought to warn Allen about that BEFORE he moved?! John Nice picture, Roly! Love the dog in CAMO!! John
  2. HARO50

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Hope he's not in California looking for a house. John
  3. HARO50

    Anyone who thinks the terrorists haven't won

    No, that one is only required in India! John
  4. HARO50

    My war story

    Three days of freezing? Cold food? We used to call that "winter camping", and thoroughly enjoyed it! WHAT WERE WE THINKING??? John
  5. HARO50

    I just received a bad news report

    I hope @Stick486 reads this. I'm sure it'll bring a smile to his face! John
  6. HARO50

    And today we celebrate...

    All the best on your birthday, Pat! John
  7. HARO50

    Veterans Day

    Drove for four hours today to attend services at the cenotaph commemorating the deaths of two brothers, great-great-uncles of my wife's. Alexander Conley, died from injuries received from artillery shell, died in France, Sept. 2, 1918. Arthur Edward Conley, died from the effects of mustard gas, France, Feb. 16, 1918. R.I.P.!
  8. HARO50

    Visit to Al B

    "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." Don't remember where that's from, but AIN'T IT THE TRUTH!!! John
  9. HARO50

    help identfy sandpaper

    Been gone all day, but just checked my stash. (No, not THAT one... my sandpaper stash! ) I have several 2 1/2" wide cloth-backed belts in finer grades, but nothing that resembles the original picture. However, something jogged my memory.... IIRC, the "2" at the end of the number 402 2 would most likely indicate the flexibility of the product. There were three steps, "1" being mildly flexible (1 direction), "2" flexing in 2 directions, and "3" being, well... roughly like a dishrag. The 402, however, doesn't correspond to anything I once knew about coated abrasives. Sorry! John
  10. HARO50

    help identfy sandpaper

    Everyone wants to be a comedian! John
  11. HARO50

    help identfy sandpaper

    I toiled in a bumper factory for some 40 years, where the steel was pickled, 'flat' polished' stamped, finish polished, plated and then buffed to make the finished product. We used a great variety of abrasive belts, from 42" or 48" wide all the way down to 2". Suppliers changed over the years, but I remember using blue belts for quite some time. If a belt snapped, it was garbage, and we were allowed to cut it to a useable size and take it home. I still have a selection in the shop, I'll see if I can find a sample that looks like the picture. John
  12. HARO50

    A different kind of workbench

    They ARE beautiful! We see them every seven years or so. Apparently they come south looking for food whenever the lemming population up North gets a little low. About 25 years ago, as I was coming home from work around 11:30 pm, one flew so low across the road that its wingtips brushed my windshield. I stopped and looked for it in the ditch, but apparently it wasn't hurt. John
  13. HARO50

    A different kind of workbench

    Here too. I heard recently there are only nine pairs left in the province. The pictures are of a BARRED owl, much more common. Sorry for the confusion. John
  14. HARO50

    A different kind of workbench

    Just one more! My favourite. John
  15. HARO50

    A different kind of workbench

    Almost forgot.... the third day was spent on a green metal "squirrel-proof" feeder, mostly watching the ground We were only home part of the day, and I don't know if she got any more. John

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