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  1. I think I may be married to Phyl's long-lost sister! John
  2. Turn it into an Appy! Black, with a white star blanket. John
  3. Not meaning to be picky, BUT... that's National Pipe TAPER! I learned that when I was a purchaser for a large maintenance department. John
  4. I couldn't say it any better! And the humour section REALLY brightens my day!!! Thanks for being here. John
  5. Interesting! I have the identical item, but a 10" model. Checked the name on it... P S & W. Peck, Stow and Wilcox! Which, somewhere down the line, became PEXTO! John
  6. I was thinking about that, but when I did some calculating, the numbers just didn't add up! The legs would have to be almost 6' long, and would block entrance to the shed when closed. Thinking of two welded upside-down "L" brackets that rotate outward from the sides. That way the arms stay up near the ceiling and against the front of the shed. FWIW, this is the view from the bench. The paper targets are about 85 yards away, while the four "T" structures have assorted yard-sales pots and pans hanging from them, as well as nails through the tops that hold various items such as old fruit or small plastic or metal containers. The flap will be higher, and the arms will, of course, be gone. You can't see it, but there is a big mound of dirt behind the paper targets to stop the bullets. John
  7. If mine looked like that, I'd be afraid to use it! John
  8. Long day today, but it's pretty near finished. He had the kids paint it (not my choice of colour) during the week, but I put on the last few pieces of plywood today. The front open, ready for use. The front supports are temporary, stilllooking for a better solution. This door locks from the outside, ... while this one lock from the inside only. The panel is greenhouse lexan, to let in some light. The gun rack was donated by a friend (they're no longer legal, since all firearms have to be locked up) and is holding my grand-daughter's 10-22. She's an avid shooter, while her brother has not the slightest interest in the sport. And here it is, closed down for the night. The edges of the shingles still need to be trimmed, and one of these nights I'll sneak over there and do the whole thing in camo, which was MY preference in the first place! John
  9. Geeze, I got it BACKWARDS! Spent 15 years in treatment for back pains, but my knees are fine, thanks! Will finish off the shooting shed today.... I HOPE! May try it out,too. John
  10. Got it shingled today. Almost done, if only the kid would stop coming up with new ideas! Will post some more pics tomorrow. John
  11. HARO50

    Good Clean Fun

    Guess I'm a little late for the monkey! Sorry, Gene. John
  12. HARO50

    Good Clean Fun

    No prob, Gene! John
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