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  1. Probably would have left a bigger dent, too! John
  2. You're only supposed to hit the "SEND" button once, Gene! John
  3. Amazing what can be accomplished with home-made tools. I inherited several of those re-purposed files from my dad. John
  4. After 90% 0f that white stuff had melted, everything is white again! Just above freezing, though, so we shouldn't have to shovel it. Besides, we can't go anywhere anyway! Picture of the front yard.... ...and the back! John
  5. HARO50

    Good Clean Fun

    A new design for the times. John
  6. Started seeing that around here about two years ago, when the Emerald Ash Borer moved in. Several trees were so badly damaged that they were in danger of falling over! John
  7. HARO50

    My other hobby

    That should take the sting out of your decreased work hours! John
  8. As some of you may remember, our son has been fighting colon cancer for about two years now. ANY infection at this point could be fatal! As a result, my wife and I are the only ones allowed to visit, and it is essential that we have no contact with anyone else. Our daughter leaves groceries at our front door, but stays twenty feet down the driveway to speak to us. Hopefully this will all blow over before long. John
  9. I'm curious, John.... are you staying home from your job too, or are you considered 'essential? The other John
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