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  1. HARO50


    You realize, of course, that living on top of a mountain puts you MUCH closer to the sun. So you should EXPECT more heat! John
  2. Here I am, late again! Hope your birthday was as great as you expected, Larry! And just in case you get hungry again.. John
  3. Thanks for the good wishes, all y'all. Been a bit busy the last couple of days, what with helping out at the garden center, at my son's place, now heading out to a restaurant with my wife's side of the family, then a friend's funeral tomorrow.... there's just no end to it! John
  4. Oh, heck no.... you go right ahead! John
  5. All the best on your big day, John! John
  6. I think I was on that stretch about 20 years ago! There were 4 of us in my cousin's Jeep, when the roadway suddenly dropped about a foot! about 100' of the right lane had slid down by that much, then stopped. Sure looks like the same area. John
  7. I think "lazy" pretty well covers it. John
  8. I know you meant that as a joke, Al, but I worked with a man who did just that! His co-workers said he'd been asking about insurance values (one finger/two fingers/index as opposed to thumb, etc.), and then he lost his left index finger in a stamping press "accident". When he finally came back, the Compensation people were there asking questions, so he went through the entire sequence again to show them, and, much to his surprise, lost most of the middle finger as well! But he DID get a few hundred dollars and a soft job for life (janitor)! John
  9. Probably a relative! I remember going to the local dump in Algonquin Park to see the bears. One citiod with a movie camera (Yup, it was THAT long ago!) got between a HUGE sow and her cub while filming the youngster. Mamma looked up, saw her baby in apparent danger, and headed straight for the jerk. Everyone watching held their breath, expecting the worst, but she simply knocked him a$$ over tea kettle, barked at the cub, and they were gone! I wonder if he even realized how close he came to heaven that day. John
  10. John Now if we could arrest some of the citiods up here who walk up to a moose with a handful of grass, thinking they're in a petting zoo....
  11. Congratulations on your 28th, John. MIL was POSITIVE we wouldn't last a year! And our 46th was in September. We showed HER!!! John
  12. All the best, Artie! John

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